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Natural Beauties Vol. 4

Studio: Vixen.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Janice Griffith with Jill Kassidy, Amarna Miller, Ashlee Mae, Xander Corvus, Charles Dera, Seth Gamble, Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer; Cumshot Recap; Website Info


Voted the prettiest girl in porn by the 2016 Spank Bank Awards, Janice Griffith graces the cover of award-winning director Greg Lansky’s latest flick in the Natural Beauties series for Vixen.com. Janice stars in Natural Beauties Vol. 4, carrying on the tradition of gorgeous, natural models fucking their way through four highly-produced scenes with engaging storylines. Born in New York, Janice has been in the porn biz since 2013, racking up performances in over 130 scenes. She fucks Xander Corvus for the very first time in the opening scene of the movie and it’s a hot one that leaves Janice plastered in jizz. The other natural beauties in the flick are Jill Kassidy, Amarna Miller and Ashlee Mae hosting the cocks of Charles Dera, Seth Gamble, and Jean Val Jean. Lansky doesn’t disappoint in his trademark cinematic approach to porn coupled with top class production standards. The storylines are short and interesting, the sex is organic and hot, the scenes are all shot well and the quality of the camera work means that we don’t miss any hardcore moment. I highly recommend this movie. Lansky and Vixen.com are a great match for porn fans.

Scene 1:  Janice Griffith and Xander Corvus

When the scene opens, we find Janice getting dressed in front of a mirror. She has just graduated college, and rent has gotten really expensive in the city so she found a roommate, Xander. He’s nerdy and does his own thing, but after a few months, Janice and Xander have become really good friends. One day, Xander is really down on his luck. Janice tells him to open up about it. She wants to hear about it. Xander explains that the girl he was supposed to go out with, stood him up. Janice doesn’t understand why this keeps happening to Xander because he’s cute. She decides to help him better his confidence game. Xander is sitting depressed in bed. Janice joins him and tells him it’s time she helps him turn things around. She pulls down her top, revealing her tits then she kisses him while sitting on his lap. Xander flips her over onto her back and pulls her panties off. He kisses her again before pulling off his shirt. Janice jerks his cock which is hard already then gets to work sucking it. She sucks his balls first then licks her way up his shaft to his dick head. Janice has a hungry cock sucking mouth and she gorges on Xander’s fat meat, leaving trails of drool dangling from her lips. Xander lies flat on his back with his legs sprawled open, enjoying the view of Janice eating his meat. She works on deep throating him, coming up for air and spitting on his cock.

This kiss again briefly and Janice wastes no time sitting on Xander’s big, hard pole. She rides it cowgirl style and Xander grips her ass cheeks and pumps her pussy, working his cock in and out of her snatch like a piston. His balls bang against her pussy as she screams, “fuck, fuck, fuck” and “please, please, please.” We get great close up shots of Janice’s pussy getting banged. She is in so much pleasure, her eyes are closed and her mouth is gaping open. His drilling of her pussy leads Janice to her first orgasm, cumming on his cock while it glides in and out of her hole. She climbs off his cock and sucks it again. This time Xander fucks her throat, making her gape even more. She rides his pole in reverse cowgirl position, enjoying getting her pussy stretched. Janice cums again on top of him, screaming, “I love it!” The reverse cowgirl fucking between these two is intense and it makes Janice cum again. Doggy style fucking ensues following by cunnilingus. Janice is on her back and Xander is tonguing her cunt, keeping it wet. He licks circles around her clit, making Janice’s body shake. With her still in that position, Xander drills her pussy missionary style, pumping his cock all the way in her box. He pins her legs back against the bed and continues his dick drilling. Janice begs him to cum in her face and that’s when Xander pulls out and shoots off in her mouth and on her face. She runs her fingers through his cum and licks them, swallowing his load of jizz.

Scene 2:  Ashlee Mae and Charles Dera

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Starlet Ashlee Mae has been in the biz for over a year with under 20 scenes to her credit. She bangs cock veteran Charles Dera in this scene, who has been in the game since 2005. This pairing makes for a hot scene full of chemistry, great sex, and great shots. When the scene opens, Charles is telling Ashlee that her gate should be fixed by Tuesday. Ashlee is happy to hear it. For the past few months, she has been renting a beachfront property in San Diego. She is so glad she found a place like this because it’s so hard to find great housing. She has been renting the place from her landlord, Charles, and he’s been really good to her. After Charles tells her about the gate, he leaves and Ashlee takes a shower. She gets frisky in the bath and starts fingering her pussy, masturbating against the shower stall. It turns out that Charles left his cell phone in the house and he comes back in to get it. He hears the shower running and curiosity gets the best of him. He takes a peek around through the door to see Ashlee fingering herself. After a few minutes, she sees him and is so embarrassed. He apologizes for peeking at her. Ashlee gets out of the shower quickly and tells him he scared the shit out of her. She can’t believe he was standing there watching her. She asks him if he likes watching her. Charles says he couldn’t help himself. Ashlee tells him she was thinking of him and she’s glad he got a good view. Their bodies slam into each other in a spontaneous moment of passion that has them twisting and turning around in the hallway, kissing each other up against the walls. Charles fingers Ashlee’s pussy as she stands and leans back then he drops to his knees to eat her cunt. Ashlee has surrendered to the feeling, running her fingers through his hair as he tongues her and telling him it feels so fucking good.

Ashlee gets on her knees next to suck Charles’ cock. He stands in front of her and fucks her throat, thrusting his dick in her mouth in slow strokes. Ashlee gags and spits up then continues to jerk and suck his meat. He tells her he has been waiting for this for so long as he bangs her tonsils with his prick. Ashlee sucks and licks his balls then opens her mouth wide for more throat banging. She loves how hard his cock is. Their attraction for each other continues to build and he turns her around in standing doggy position against the hallway wall and starts fucking her from behind, spanking her ass cheeks in the process. Ashlee leans against the wall, enjoying each stroke and thrust in her wet cunt. They take the action to the bedroom and pick up where they left off, kissing passionately. Ashlee isn’t through sucking his cock and she shows him how much she enjoys eating his meat. Charles lies on the bed and Ashlee devours his dick, swallowing his balls too. He tells her to ride his dick and she does, sitting on his hard pole cowgirl style. She slams up and down on his cock as he tells her to take that fucking dick. Charles work to drill his dick deep inside her, pleasuring her pussy. Reverse cowgirl is next, and Ashlee takes control of the fucking. After a while, Charles starts pumping her pussy hard and fast and that sends Ashlee to the point of no return. She’s cumming and she’s cumming hard. She climbs off and sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then gets in doggy position over the edge of the bed to get her pussy pumped from behind. Charles bangs her hole, spanking her ass cheeks and keeping Ashlee in pleasure. Charles pulls out and Ashlee gets on her knees to catch his cum blast. He shoots on her cheeks and lips and she rubs his cum into her skin and mouth, telling him she loves it all over her.

Scene 3: Jill Kassidy and Seth Gamble


The 20-year-old Jill Kassidy bangs Seth Gamble in the third scene of the flick. Fans nominated her for AVN’s hottest newcomer in 2017, although she didn’t win that award. The Dallas-born starlet has been fucking on camera now for a year. The scene begins with Jill telling us about this really hot senior she met. His name is Seth and she can’t wait to get him alone at the house. She’s got the whole place to herself all week and she plans to use it to her advantage. Her dad makes her promise she won’t have any boys over, but she breaks that promise almost immediately, inviting Seth over to have drinks with her by the pool.  These two are really having a great time, playing with each other in the pool. With both of them soaking wet, Jill decides to go for it. She kisses him and learns that he is just as attracted to her as she is to him. She didn’t think they would go so far, but everything feels so right and natural. They strip each other naked in the pool and soon Jill is sitting in the water sucking Seth’s wet cock. She works his cock in and out of her mouth and asks him if he likes that. Seth loves it and encourages her to keep sucking him. She works on his balls next, licking them all over then runs her lips back up to his cock, telling him she has wanted to fuck him for so long. She invites him to her room and continues kissing him and jerking his dick. She assures him that her dad isn’t coming back anytime soon.

Jill gets on her knees again to suck his meat then bends over on all fours on the bed, hugging his shaft with her lips. She looks up at him with her big, beautiful eyes while massaging his cock in her mouth. Jill goes from sucking his cock to riding it cowgirl style, finally making her fantasy come true of fucking the senior she had a crush on. Seth’s cock disappears deep inside Jill’s cunt, making her moan. He bangs her and fast, causing Jill to cry out that it feels so good. She’s cumming already as she bounces up and down on his cock and Seth tells her to taste her cum off his dick. She sucks him off, swallowing the taste of her own cum then climbs on top again, riding him cowgirl style. Jill goes on a hard pounding reverse cowgirl cock ride next and craves more of the taste of her own pussy off his cock. She sucks it then bends over doggy style for more drilling in her pussy. Seth puts her into missionary position, opens her legs up and eats her pussy. He spits on her clit and works his tongue around and around her clit. Jill moans uncontrollably as he starts fingers her cunt. He fucks her missionary style then pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and all over her chin and chest.

Scene 4: Amarna Miller and Jean Val Jean

Spanish starlet Amarna Miller is a sultry vixen and she closes out this movie with a scene full of hot sex with Jean Val Jean. The Madrid-born babe is no stranger to porn, working in the business since 2012 and racking up a few industry nominations over the past couple of years. She opens her scene speaking in Spanish. She talks about how she traveled across the U.S. to celebrate her university graduation. She finally settled down in L.A. She always dreamed of being in L.A., so this is perfect for her. She found the perfect room for rent in Jean’s house. She thinks he’s a super accommodating guy and he’s also hot. She would love to bring back a story to Madrid about fucking him. She pretends that the hot water in her bathroom isn’t working. Jean looks into it for her and tells her it’s just a matter of turning the knob the other way. Amarna tells him she is so grateful for his help. Then she decides to show him just how grateful she is by cornering him in the bathroom and kissing him. Jean enjoys her advances and watches as she drops to her knees and kisses his cock in his pants. She unzips his pants and takes out his already hard cock, calling him hot. Amarna puts his cock in her mouth and starts sucking it, then pulls his pants down to get more of his dick. She worships it, speaking in Spanish to him with his cock still sitting on her tongue. The bathroom blowjob continues as Jean leans back against the shower stall.

After kissing her some more, Jean drops to his knees to eat Amarna’s pussy. She holds on to the towel rack while Jean tongues her cunt, holding onto her thighs while he eats her. Amarna closes her eyes in ecstasy as Jean sucks on her clit. He’s making her cum from the cunnilingus. They pick up the action on the bed, both kneeling together and kissing each other some more. She continues to suck his cock, lying on her stomach between his legs and licking his dick all over. She whips her tongue around his dick head and smiles at him, telling him how much she loves it. She asks him if he’s ready to fuck her. He’s ready. Amarna sits on Jean’s hard cock cowgirl style and she lies her head on the pillow in front of her while Jean thrusts deep into her pussy. He grips her ass cheeks and spanks them while he stretches her pussy open. Amarna is sexy as she speaks in Spanish to Jean while riding his cock. The cowgirl ride gets harder and deeper and Amarna grips the bed sheets in pure pleasure. She eats more of his meat then lies on her side for a drilling in spoon position. These two are still passionately kissing each other as Jean’s cock spreads Amarna’s pussy open. She gets in doggy position and smiles as Jean drills her pussy. He says, “you’re so fucking wet,” as his cock dives further and further in her pussy. He pulls out, looking at her gaping pussy then turns her over on her back to eat her pussy some more. After tonguing her cunt, he fucks it missionary style, keeping her mumbling in Spanish. Jean bangs her pussy then fills it with cum, stuffing her hole with a warm creampie. He pulls out leaving a stream of cum pouring out of her snatch. Amarna sits up and sucks his cover, tasting both her pussy and cum off it.

Final Thoughts:

Porn fans will remember the sexy Janice Griffith after her 2016 win as the prettiest girl in porn at the 2016 Spank Bank Awards. The sexy and inviting Janice is the DVD cover girl in director Greg Lansky’s latest installment in the Natural Beauties series for Vixen.com. Janice is an all-natural goddess in Natural Beauties Vol. 4 and she’s not alone. Starring alongside Janice are Ashlee Mae, Jill Kassidy, and Amarna Miller. Capturing the coveted spot in a Vixen.com flick is a win for porn starlets who become celebrated for their natural beauty. Janice is a New Yorker who’s been in the industry since 2013 and has more than 130 performances under her belt. She fucks AVN’s 2017 Best Actor Xander Corvus for the very first time in the first scene of the flick and it’s a hot one. Her greedy mouth is insatiable in sucking Xander’s cock and she is fully committed to ecstasy once he bangs her and splatters her face with Jizz. The other starlets are coupled with Charles Dera, Seth Gamble, and Jean Val Jean and their scenes are steamy too. Natural Beauties Vol. 4 is classic Lansky, featuring his trademark cinematic view of sex and his top class production standards. The storylines are short and build to the sex relatively quickly and the overall camera work, lighting, and backdrops add to the sensation of the film. I highly recommend this movie. These natural beauties don’t disappoint.

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