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Best New Starlets 2017

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Dreadneck

Cast: Elsa Jean, Holly Hendrix, Kimmy Granger, Adria Rae, Melissa Moore, Manuel Ferrera, Mick Blue, Isiah Maxwell

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Website Information


Elegant Angel has put together its annual Best New Starlet flick, featuring four of AVN’s nominees for best new starlet this year. This year’s girls were all vying for the 2017 crown and the winner, Holly Hendrix, is one of the four girls in this movie and she has an incredible anal session with Manuel Ferrera. To say this flick is hot goes without saying. Director Dreadneck creates a tantalizing fantasy showcasing these four young chicks in everything from solo tease sessions to girl-on-girl to interracial to mind-blowing anal. The scenery, camera work, lighting, and production all add to the sultry mood of the flick. Elegant Angel has been putting together the Best New Starlet DVD since 2012 and has captured on film the most talked about new girls in the biz each year since. In this movie, Kimmy Granger bangs AVN’s Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue in the hallway, shouting, “use it, use it,” as Mick drills her tight pussy. Melissa Moore experiences Isiah Maxwell in a sizzling interracial scene and Elisa Jean, Melissa Moore and Adria Rae give us the girl-on-girl scene of our dreams that begins with a three-way tease at the pool. AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly Hendrix, closes the movie in its final scene with Manuel Ferrera, taking his big cock deep in her ass. Overall, I highly recommend Best New Starlets 2017. This is the kind of DVD avid porn fans should collect annually to commemorate each year’s best babes.

Scene 1:  Kimmy Granger and Mick Blue

San Diego-born Kimmy Granger has been in porn since 2015. The 5’1”, 99-pound starlet knows how to steam up any scene she’s in. She calls herself “your favorite little mattress actress,” and when you see her in action, you’ll know why. When her scene opens, she is in an interview setting answering questions about being nominated for Best New Starlet. She says the whole thing felt unreal. She didn’t think that going up against all those beautiful girls in the industry would be possible. She knows how hard all these girls work. She figures her fans had a lot to do with her nomination and she made a conscious effort throughout the year to do her best on film. She says she’s familiar with Elegant Angel’s Best New Starlet movie and she’s glad to be in it. Being nominated became a game changer for her. She wants to push herself now to get nominated for even more stuff. Some of the highlights she has enjoyed this year are the number of box covers she has been on, meeting lots of new people and the photo and video shoots she’s been on. Her advice for upcoming starlets is to always respect yourself and don’t push yourself to do something that other people want you to do. Kimmy says she couldn’t be happier because she has always listened to herself. As far as a career after porn, she says she doesn’t think much about that because she has big plans to do lots in this industry. She wants to own her own production company one day.

Next, we see Kimmy in a bikini walking across the patio, overlooking the dramatic foothills in in the background. She pulls her bikini top off to the side, revealing her nipples and she rubs them with her finger. Kimmy does the same with her bikini bottom, pulling it off to the side so she can play with her pussy. She bends over doggy style for the camera, shaking her ass and looking back at us seductively. Kimmy knows how to work a camera all by herself, inviting us in with her pretty eyes. She takes her solo tease indoors against a brick wall and continues to dance, twist and shake her body. We get a really good close-up of her twerking ass. AVN’s 2017 Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue joins her, walking up to her and kissing her. He lifts one of her legs up and fingers her pussy, turning her on right away. Kimmy turns around into standing doggy position, leaning up against the wall and Mick eats her pussy from behind, running his hands all over her body while he tongues her hole. She puts a leg up over his head and her eyes roll back into her head as Mick smacks on her cunt. She drops to her knees, biting his cock through his pants and waiting eagerly for him to take it out. Mick sticks his dick in her mouth and she sucks on it, jerking it with both hands and spitting on it. Kimmy plays with the trails of spit hanging from Mick’s cock and from her lips. He fucks her throat, making her spit up more. He holds her head still while he thrusts his cock to the back of her throat. Mick stands her up, holding one of her legs up and fucks her pussy. Kimmy spanks her own ass in pleasure, telling Mick she loves his cock. He bangs her pussy in standing doggy position as Kimmy yells out, “use it, use it!”

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The sex between these two has gotten hot and heavy quickly, putting Kimmy in the pleasure zone. After another round of leg up fucking. Kimmy gets on her knees to suck Mick’s dick, deep throating him. Mick skull fucks her, making her gag, then fingers her cunt until she squirts. They get into an interesting cowgirl round of fucking with Kimmy squatting on top of Mick’s cock and Mick drilling her hole from underneath. He takes her to the couch and continues fucking her cowgirl style. Kimmy shows why she was nominated for the best new starlet, grinding and bouncing her body up and down on Mick’s hard pole. These two have fun and enjoy each other’s bodies, fucking cowgirl style. Kimmy cums all over Mick’s cock, drenching it in pussy juice, then she goes on another dick drill, this time in reverse cowgirl position. Doggy on the couch followed by spoon fucking keeps Kimmy’s pussy stretched. She sucks his dick and rides cowgirl again before taking her horny hole outside with Mick where they fuck in a leg up, overlooking the foothills. Mick fucks her so hard, Kimmy puts her hand over her mouth to cover up her screaming. She quickly drops to her knees just in time to catch Mick’s cum as it shoots in her mouth and on her tits. She sucks him off again, licking his balls and swallowing his load. Kimmy ends her scene playing in cum.

Scene 2:  Melissa Moore and Isiah Maxwell

Melissa Moore got into the biz in 2015 and has racked up over 120 scenes for multiple studios. In addition to being nominated for AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet, she won the Spank Bank Awards for Cuckold Connoisseur of the Year Stealthiest Pervert. She was nominated in 2016 for AVN’s Fan Award for Hottest Newcomer as well. Melissa says it felt so good to be nominated and she was so excited to know that people love watching her in porn. She loves Elegant Angel and is excited to be in this year’s Best New Starlet video. Melissa enjoys oral sex a whole lot and admits that she has a really wet mouth. Since being nominated, Melissa realized how dedicated her fans are. They reach out to her and she reaches out to them. She says she is saving something special that she might do on film this year or next year. She wants the time to be right. Melissa’s advice to girls who want to be best new starlet is not to do anything you don’t want to do and to have the right people around you who will support you throughout your entire porn experience.

Melissa moves to her solo tease. She has on a bright pink swimsuit that has both her boobs out. She spits on her nipples and rubs the spit in, bouncing her boobs up and down at the same time. She pulls her swimsuit aside to get at her bushy pussy. Later takes a dramatic walk down the staircase to meet with Isiah who is waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. She walks up to him and kisses him. Isiah goes for her tits first, sucking her nipples then fingering her snatch. She unzips his pants and pulls out his cock and gets to work, using her wet mouth to suck it. She slurps on his dick, working her lips all the way down his shaft. Isiah calls her a good girl, telling her he loves it when she chokes on his cock. Melissa's pretty, pink swimsuit is covered in drool now that Isiah is banging her throat. He puts her in standing doggy position and penetrates her pussy from behind. Melissa grips her ass cheeks and tells him to fuck her tight pussy. He slams up against her ass, drilling his dick deep inside her. After another round of dick deep throating and balls sucking, Melissa gets in doggy position over the couch and gets her pussy slammed. The best new starlet nominee sits on Isiah’s cock, riding it reverse cowgirl style. She grabs hold of his balls and squeezes them while bouncing up and down on his cock. “Oh, fuck! You make my pussy so wet,” is what she screams out to Isiah who stretches her pussy out. She takes another cock ride cowgirl style then lands on her back for some missionary style moves, telling Isiah to fuck her pussy good. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock then lies on her side to host his dick in her pussy in spoon position. Isiah pulls out, stands up and pops in her mouth and on her face. Melissa gets a thick coating of cum on her tongue and scrapes the rest of it off her chin in her mouth.

Scene 3: Elsa Jean, Melissa Moore, and Adria Rae

Adria Rae is next up, telling her porn story and talking about what it was like to be nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet. She was totally surprised and so excited to learn that she was nominated. She thinks she got the nom because she really worked a lot this year. She worked with so many people all over the industry, and she figures that people like the way she performs on camera. She was being herself in every scene she did and fans knew it. This year’s AVN Awards Show was different for her from last year. So many people recognized her and came up to her. Her life has changed since she was nominated. She thinks her biggest step this year will be to do more anal. For the future, she wants to keep the momentum going. She doesn’t have a goal yet, but she just wants to keep the ball moving and later start looking at going after Performer of the Year. Guys with a sense of humor are the kinds of guys she can’t resist. She admits that her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi. She can sometimes spend all day talking on her phone and getting off on her Hitachi, then repeating the whole thing again and again. Elsa Rae talks about being at this year’s AVN Awards and it was different for her than last year’s. She was so excited to be there. She says she believes she was nominated because she worked her ass off the past year. She shows up on time and has all her stuff. Her special talent is about being herself. She promises to do anal when she starts liking anal and she wants to do a blowbang. There’s a lot of stuff she hasn’t done yet and she’s looking forward to experiencing all that. Her advice for new starlets in the biz is to be yourself; show up on time and don’t rush anything. She loves to do 69 with girls and she loves it when a guy pees in her pussy.

Elsa, Melissa, and Adria and all dressed in black bikinis near the edge of the pool dancing and teasing us with their bodies. When Adria turns around and pulls her bikini bottom off to the side, we see a purple heat butt plug stuffed deep in her ass. The girls take their flirty behavior indoors to the couch where they sit side by side, exploring each other’s bodies. Adria is in the middle and Elsa and Melissa pull her bikini top aside to play with her nipples. Adria is busy rubbing the girls’ thighs and working her hands closer to their pussies. Elsa and Adria suck Melissa’s nipples. Soon Elsa is the center of attention as Adria sucks her nipples. Melissa holds Adria’s bikini aside so Elsa can finger her clit. Adria moans in pleasure as Elsa rubs her pussy. Elsa bends over the couch doggy style and gets spanked before the girls pull down her bikini and eat her pussy from behind. Adria tongues her cunt while Melissa tongues and spits on her ass hole. Elsa has become the pussy du jour of Adria and Melissa’s greedy mouths. Adria still has a butt plug buried deep in her ass hole. The other girls work on her next. Stripping her down and sharing her pussy. Elsa tongues Melissa’s cunt until she cums while Adria sucks Melissa’s tits. Elsa and Melissa play with the butt plug in Adria’s hole, pulling it out and shoving it back in her ass, much to Adria’s pleasure. Elsa cums when the girls share in eating her pussy, then it’s Adria’s turn to get her pussy and ass hole tongued. Melissa and Elsa play an incredible game of taking the butt plug out of Adria’s ass hole with their teeth and sticking it back in there. The girls tongue each other then all three wag their tongues all over Adria’s butt plug, finishing up their hot threesome.

Scene 4:  Holly Hendrix and Manuel Ferrera

AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet is Holly Hendrix and she has the hottest scene in this flick, getting fucked in the ass by Manuel Ferrera’s giant dong. She says she came into porn with a with a goal. She wanted to do everything from anal to gangbangs to whatever. Her mentality was to go big or go home, and that’s what led to winning Best New Starlet. She says she carries herself differently now because she knows new models coming into the industry are looking up to her. She doesn’t pressure herself about any of this because she doesn’t consider this work. She says, “I fucking love what I do.” She woke up this morning wanting to fuck everything. Holly has a strong passion for what she does and she tells herself that she can do whatever she wants to do. She has her eyes on doing another showcase movie and she’s launching her website. She wants to do a mega gangbang, too, and she has dreams about being surrounded and fucked by 14 big, black guys.

She starts her tease looking out the window in a sexy black, skin tight outfit. There’s no crotch, making her pussy easily accessible and Holly takes advantage of that, fingering her pussy right away and stuffing her finger in her mouth. She turns around, showing us her ass as she grinds her body around and around. We get a great shot of her pussy from behind. Holly finally pulls her outfit down around her thighs so we get a full view of her tits and her pussy as she walks toward the camera. Manuel is sitting on a chair and Holly walks up to him seductively, climbs on his lap and kisses him. She straddles him and grinds her body around and around on him, telling him she can feel his cock getting hard for her. She takes his cock out of his pants and it’s hard. Holly licks his shaft then puts his dick in her mouth, working her lips down his shaft for a deep throat. She can’t breathe with all the cock down her throat. When she comes up for air, Manuel chokes her, then he stands up and puts his dick in her mouth again, banging it. Holly tells him he has a big fucking cock. She sucks his balls then focuses on his cock again as Manuel tells her not to stop. She tears her clothes off her body, sits on a chair and opens her legs wide. Manuel licks her pussy then annihilates it with his prick, choking her around her neck the whole time. Her wet pussy creams all over his cock as she begs to be choked some more. She cums as her eyes well up, telling Manuel he feels so fucking good. She says she wants to feel his cock inside her fucking ass.

Manuel flips her over onto her hands and knees doggy style and drills her hole, before leading her over to the couch where she sucks his dick and licks his ass hole. Holly gets her pussy stretched cowgirl style then is ready for anal. Manuel spreads her rectum, drilling her ass hole in spoon position and it makes Holly cum again. She screams, “stuff me, stuff me, stuff me!” The anal love continues in reverse cowgirl position with Manuel’s thick prick stretching Holly’s tight little ass hole. She does ATM, tasting her ass off his cock then licks his balls and ass hole again before Manuel fucks her ass hole in a deep-drilling doggy style pounding that leaves Holly’s mouth gaping open. We get hot views of Holly’s ass hole from behind as Manuel’s dick disappears deep inside it. More doggy, missionary and spoon fucking up Holly’s ass over the edge of the armrest keeps Holly screaming and cumming. She tastes her own ass off his cock again before hosting more of his cock up her ass cowgirl style. Manuel fucks her in a squat thruster position that leads to a big popshot all over Holly’s tongue. She smiles as his cum blasts her mouth. Holly swallows and sucks his cock, telling him this was the best fuck and it’s what she likes.

Final Thoughts:

If, as an avid porn fan, you haven’t already been doing this, you should. That is, you should be collecting Elegant Angel’s annual Best New Starlet flicks. They just released their Best New Starlet 2017 and when you see it, you’ll know why keeping a flick like this in the DVD collection is a must. The movie features AVN’s 2017 nominees for the best new starlet, including Holly Hendrix, Kimmy Granger, Melissa Moore and Adria Rae. Holly eventually won the award and is the reigning Best New Starlet of the Year. This flick is directed by Dreadneck, and I highly recommend it. Dreadneck creates a sexy and sultry flick with his high production levels, great backdrops and scenery and great camerawork and lighting. To top it off, he has four of this year’s hottest babes in front of the camera who do their magic with the cocks of Manuel Ferrera, Mick Blue, and Isiah Maxwell. You should take a look at Elegant Angel’s previous Best New Starlet flicks as well. They began producing this series in 2012.

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