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Blacks on Cougars #15

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 6/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 52 minutes

Cast: Alyssa Lynn, Amber Lynn Bach, Cammille Austin, India Summer, Jewels Jade, Lexington Steele, Rico Strong, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, Charlie Mac, Moe Johnson, Rob Piper, Leya Falcon (uncredited), and Loni Legend (uncredited)

Directed by: Billy Watson

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock, Cougars, Gangbang, Interracial, MILF, Orgy

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: Alongside their flagship "Blacks on Blondes" series, in conjunction with "Interracial Pickups," DogFart's 15th DVD volume of their "Blacks on Cougars" series reiterates not only the uncannily prolific nature of the series but also its lasting appeal. The series is based on a thin concept of experienced cougars/MILFs having sex with one or more black men, and through the years, DogFart hasn't been afraid to experiment with the possibilities of such a thinly veiled idea. Blacks on Cougars #15 is an affirmation of their desire to continue to try new tricks.

Scene 1: Alyssa Lynn and Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele stops by Alyssa Lynn's house to look over some books with his friend of over a decade, despite Alyssa's bulging cleavage being a source of distraction for Lex. As the two lustfully - and naughtily - lock eyes, they agree that this affair cannot be known by Alyssa's hubby. Lex happily obliges.

Alyssa is a sultry, silver-haired fox, whose blowjob technique is gentle but firm. When she's on her knees, she's at her most physically adept, gargling and stroking Lex while the band of her diamond ring glistens against his dark penis. She eventually ceases to spread her stocking-clad legs for Lex to feast between them and then eventually to insert his long, legendary cock. Alyssa is fun to watch while she lies on her back, her legs in the air parallel to Lex as he thrusts into her with her lacey panties fastened around her knees amidst a complex but alluring combination of lingerie and pantyhose.

Her tits jostle and sway against his face when she rides him, pausing to get back on her knees to receive Lex from behind, softly licking her nipple in the process to show true appreciation and arousal all around. Alyssa has great energy and owns her cougar-moniker, emboldened by her shimmering hair and gorgeous skin.

To end things, she can't help but flinch and quiver when Lex uses his big dick to slap her cougar pussy, to which she even responds a few times with a soft "eep" of pain and pleasure. Lex concludes by spraying a medium load on her beautiful face to cap off a solid opener and a fine commitment to the DVD's title. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Amber Lynn Bach, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, and unnamed male performer

Showing just how quickly DogFart's "Blacks on Cougars" series can change up, what follows Alyssa and Lex's thinly plotted scene comes one with a denser plot and more of the former characters. Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, and one of their pals are gathered in an apartment when the attractive and busty Amber Lynn Bach drops by to collect rent money, as her husband is the landlord. Before she demands what she's owed, she remarks about how neighbors have complained about the rowdy activity, to which Isiah credits the abundance of "snowbunnies" that are in and out of the apartment at all hours of the night.

When it becomes clear that the boys don't have money for rent, Amber shows she's willing to settle the score with them, but only if she's given the opportunity to become a snowbunny as well. Unsurprisingly, the guys are happy to oblige her request and, in a matter of moments after mentioning it, Amber finds herself on her knees with her eyes filled with big black dick. She bad-mouths her husband as the men eventually move to the kitchen and disrobe her, licking her breasts and slapping her bottom as it's snuggled in pantyhose.

And thus, the train begins with Isiah getting sucked by his landlord's wife while Jovan pounds her from the back, the men rotating in an orderly, single-file fashion that has Amber aghast at the sizes of all their dicks. "Your fucking husband probably pisses on his nuts," Moe explains as he attempts to enter Amber, "this pussy is too tight." Furthermore, Amber can barely take Isiah without squirming, which prompts him to move her to the granite countertop.

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With Amber on her back, she receives more dick than she can handle from all the guys fighting to get a piece of her cougar-self. It's fun how Amber tries to make conversation through gritted teeth and a shameless smile of pleasure, all while trying to make sure she's accessible to all the men. Moe provides for much of the comic relief, but all of the guys rarely stop conversing - like in most DogFart scenes with multiple male talents - so the conversational banter helps lighten the mood as well as institute an aggressively casual, even playful vibe.

"I hope I don't get pregnant from this," Amber says when Isiah cums inside of her, but it's not enough to stop her from herding the boys over to empty their loads on her face. They coat her in their cum, and Amber, as shameless as she is, has only one request for next time - more guys. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Cammille Austin, Rico Strong, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Jovan Jordan, Rob Piper, Charlie Mac, Leya Falcon (uncredited), and Loni Legend (uncredited)

As soon as the previous scene fades to black, Cammille Austin's scene not only opens but kickstarts immediately. Cammille and a group of black men - everyone from Rico Strong, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, and more - are playing pool, and Cammille is trying to take a shot with one cock in her mouth and another in her vagina from behind. What unfolds is a sweaty, dimly lit, but unbelievably ribald orgy that has most of DogFart's primary castmembers going to town on Cammille as well as enjoying the company of the scene's "fluffers," Leya Falcon and Loni Legend, respectively, only when their woman of the hour is too busy to accept their dick.

Leya proclaims herself as a warmup to fuck the "whore" Cammille, who always manages to look sweaty, exhausted, but never down and out. The guys rock Cammille in every position, scooting her bra and panties to the side to grab hold of her breasts and have sex with her all at the same time. Isiah and Rico, in particular, fuck Cammille while to others get Leya to deepthroat. Whenever one of Cammille's hands becomes free, another guy, usually Rico or Rob, bop over to fill it with their dicks.

Cammille is tirelessly but rewarded with a sexual experience she won't soon forget. The guys all play with Cammille's many piercings, on her nipples and on her clit, mainly as the latter limply dangles on Isiah's cock while she blows Rob and jerks off Rico and Jovan. She's hardly given a break or even a moment to catch her breath, but the way she handles everyone at once is remarkable. She's scooted from the pool table, to the love-seat, back to the pool table, and finally to a leather couch, each time enduring some completely different, naughty sex-act.

I know it's Cammille's show, as she's the one who owns the name that belongs in the disc's title, but it's a bit of a shame we hardly get any glimpses of the always energetic Leya or Loni, who remains enigmatic throughout the scene, never showing her face. Nonetheless, the presence of the two supporting performers is always felt as we can often hear remarks from Rico or Rob about the ladies' immaculately cocksucking skills.

With that, Cammille is absolutely railed in doggystyle as we get to our home-stretch. On the pool table, Rob, Rico, and Moe jump atop of the felt and get the MILF to choke down all of their dicks, sometimes two of them at once. She's thanked with a rough missionary followed by savage fingering that narrowly makes her squirt. A late-in-the-game DP ensues at the right time, as does an airtight, and a satisfying sensory overload begins to conclude when Rob finishes inside of her, letting the other gentlemen know it's time.

Like most DogFart scenes, Cammille's forty minute romp ends with the guys taking a rest behind her while she stares at the camera while in the foreground. Rico remarks about how the talented cougar took about 68 inches of dick during one scene, and all Cammille can do is smile and hope she's back again next year. Not only a talented woman, she's a brave, persistent one at that and the star of debatably the best scene on the disc. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: India Summer and Dredd

Self-proclaimed size-queen India Summer waltzes over to the camera, speaking in a hushed, arousing voice as she talks about her excitement and willingness to find out if relative-newcomer Dredd's dick is a monster or a myth. Given his reputation and the continuity of this disc, there shouldn't be a need to contemplate that question.

But if you needed proof, India finds out within moments of meeting him that his penis is for real. Contrasted to her head and hand, Dredd might as well be the side of a baseball bat, and that's one of the many things India calls his penis as she tries to fit more than a third of it down her mouth; even her hands barely encapsulate his girth. Like the seasoned size-queen she is, however, India knows how to make Dredd go wild, with succulent slurps and a prowess in gripping his penis that would send an inexperienced lad into a premature frenzy almost immediately.

India looks ravishing to say the least in her black lace bra and panty combo that accentuates her pale skin in a way that makes it appear even more milky white. "That's a heavy piece of meat you have here," she tells Dredd as she goes to insert it inside herself. "My panties are gonna magically fall of I'm sure." It takes almost a minute for India to situate herself on his lap, but once she does, she gorgeously dribbles her butt on his lap, going inch by inch for ease and maximum pleasure.

She eventually makes his penis sloppy from her mild squirting in reverse cowgirl, and her pussy devours his penis in a way that younger, less experienced women probably couldn't. When they move to the bed, she surprises with a dirty little rimjob before Dredd bends her over and dives into her twat. It's great to watch India finger herself in reverse cowgirl while taking Dredd deep inside her ass, as both prompt a sloshing sound that show how happy and poised India is to meet the man, myth, and legend, much less really get to meet him.

India's two-hand blowjob technique eventually leads Dredd to clearly bust in her mouth, and being that India is so professional and skilled in nearly every sexual situation, she sucks like a vacuum so that we barely see a drop. She assures us, however, that it was a worthy and refreshing load. "That is a man cock with a man load," she whispers to the camera, licking her lips and closing the scene with the same elegant mannerisms she used throughout the scene. 4/5 stars.

Scene 5: Jewels Jade, Isiah Maxwell, and Rico Strong

Blacks on Cougars #15 concludes with a humorous scene that's remarkable in how consistent and dedicated it is to its central plot. Jewels Jade is a buxom Realtor looking to cop another luxurious listing for her already extensive and reliable portfolio of homes. The home in question belongs to Isiah Maxwell and Rico Strong, who have had it for the last four years and have used it as a prime location for adult films. This fact isn't lost on Jewels, who plays dumb during the boys' innuendos made right in front of her.

When Jewels finally proposes a $1.5 million pricetag with a 3% commission, the boys are skeptical, until they realize that she knows what goes on inside the home's four walls. She prepares to make the boys a real offer, as a result. "I'm a 3% girl," she tells them, "and I got three holes I'm willing to give up." With that, she makes sure Isiah and Rico know she is serious when she lowers her top and lets her unbelievable large tits fall out of her blouse as she prepares to feast on the men.

She sucks both Isiah and Rico fairly intensely, as the current commission offer sits at 1.5% and goes up incrementally by .1% each time Jewels does something to the guys' satisfaction, such as squirt on their dicks, lets them play with her vagina, or simply lets Isiah put his penis in her asshole. There's an enjoyable and communicable push-pull resistance between Jewels' desire to close a deal and Isiah and Rico's desire for noteworthy pleasure, and it gives a short scene some considerable life beyond a conventional threesome that concludes with double penetration.

Eventually, an anal-DP is what solidifies the 3%, which causes the men to seal the deal with two strong cumshots right on Jewels' tongue, after which she cannot conceal her smile (about the deal or the sex she just had, I cannot say). Such an ending helps fittingly conclude a splendidly compelling little smut-short with an amiable dedication to its narratives that's rare to see nowadays (and it even infuses a sensual cheating subplot, as well). 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

By now, after reviewing a handful of recent catalog releases, I thought I knew what I'd get with DogFart DVDs and that was a slightly above-average showcase of interracial pornography. What I didn't expect from Blacks on Cougars #15 is that the company is dedicated to invigorating a pleasant sense of variety in one of their most popular series, hiring terrific, experienced women with unique sexual prowess and features that make them lively and irresistible as part of a nearly three hour compilation.

The standouts here come in the form of both Amber Lynn Bach and Cammille Austin, though it should be said that no performer at hand, male or female, phones in their roles. Amber keeps her sense of humor and her desire to converse throughout her scene readily apparent, while Cammille rips through enough sexual positions and cock to stun and sedate even the most tireless nymphomaniac. Meanwhile, India Summer continues to assert that she's one of the most attractive mature women in the business, while Alyssa Lynn has the look of lust and prowl in her cougar-eyes as does Jewels Jade as she submits to both Isiah Maxwell and Rico Strong in hopes of getting a terrific reward.

Blacks on Cougars #15 is kinetic, a lot of fun, and wonderfully entertaining on top of being a total turn-on for a number of reasons, its variety perhaps being the biggest.

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