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Teens Love Anal 5

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 6/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Anal, 18+ Teens

Directors: Unknown


Chapters Menu

Cast: Dakota Skye, Holly Hendrix, Kat Dior, Sophia Grace, Yhivi, Eric John, Richie Black, Ike Diezel

Length: 2 hours 37 minutes

Date of Release: March 27, 2017

Extras: 3:11 minutes of trailers, Photo Gallery, Cumshots

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good. There are a few focus issues sprinkled throughout the runtime, and a few microphone overloads, but nothing that is a dealbreaker.  Shot in HD, presented in the usual 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen.

Overview: Team Skeet presents five young hotties in a series of vignettes that all have a setup before the action begins. This is the fifth volume in this popular series for a reason. Each setup is different, and each is decently scripted. It's a  nice touch.  The action is good, and it's filmed well for the most part.

Scene 1: Dakota Skye & Richie Black

Dakota's back! She took a little break, but now the fan fave anal princess is back in action, having dropped the Skye from her preferred moniker according to her Twitter account. It seems she's trying to figure out exactly what to call herself these days, having multiple monikers across the social media universe.


Her scene starts with a quick interview and is followed by a tease where she oils her ass up and then ass fucks herself with a dildo. Richie enters the scene and helps her ram it in and out before she drops to blow him, delighted that he has an upward bending cock. Staring into the lens and drooling, she gets balls deep on her cocksman. Her first penetration happens in doggie, with Richie's thumb buried deep in her booty. Sooner, rather than later, he replaces his thumb with his cock, which seems to further her delight. Her moans and praying are interspersed with the ambient noises of traffic, airplanes, and the nearby birds as he plunges in and out of her exit hole.


Turning onto her side, she rocks her ass back and forth on his ramrod as she cums. As she flips onto her back, cock still in her ass, she looks a bit cum drunk already as she rubs herself rapidly while he continues the pooper rooter. Her little landing strip is featured prominently as she climbs into a reverse cowgirl, still praying constantly. Her hips undulating on him brings him to the point of no return and she graciously receives it on her face while thanking him.

Scene 2: Holly Hendrix & Ike Diezel

Holly Hendrix

AVN's 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly, has a thing for her sister's boyfriend and devises a plan to seduce him. That plan goes into action while the three of them watch a TV show and her sister falls asleep on the couch. Like a fish to water, she's bobbing and slobbing on his knob moments later. Luckily, her sister is a sound sleeper as she starts to get loud when he starts fingering her ass hole and she puts it out there for him to fuck it right there.

Holly Hendrix

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Soon, he's banging into her butt hole, the couch banging and squeaking; her squealing and moaning while her sister naps feet away. The pair moves dangerously close to her sister as she takes the top position and rodeos forward and back before he tosses her to the ground to unload all over her smiling, giggling face. He leaves the room quickly as his girlfriend wakes and realizes what is all over her sister's face and runs off to chase him down.

Scene 3: Kat Dior, Unidentified male

Kat Dior

Kat's boyfriend owns a Lambo, but he won't fuck her in the ass! That's why she turns to his roommate when he has to bail unexpectedly. He does think she has a nice ass, and that's enough encouragement for her to start slobbering on his schlong. The pair gets naked and she lies on her tummy, first his face, and then his cock, buried in her Latin ass. Each of his hands is as big as one of her ass cheeks and he uses them to smack them repeatedly. He drills her relentlessly, with her calling him "Daddy", her voice wavering as he pummels into her.

Kat Dior

Lying on her back, she looks up into his face as he ass fucks her. He's breaking a decent sweat so he sits down so she can bounce on his rod. Her squealing and moaning continue as the camera momentarily loses focus. Back and forth, grinding and bouncing, Kat rides like a world champion begging him to give it to her harder. Her screams to Daddy and her god finally bring him to fruition as he pounds her in spoon. She eagerly catches most of it in her mouth

Scene 4: Sophia Grace & Eric John

Sophia bounds into the room where her stepdad is reading and announces that she's so excited that she and her boyfriend are finally going to do something they've never done before. She lies on the couch and LOLs at the texts her man is sending to her. She relays an anecdote to Stepdaddy who doesn't think it is all that but nods his agreement with her reaction. Having dropped her phone while laughing, she bends over to pick it up as she leaves the room. Noting she is pantiless and sporting a buttplug, Stepdaddy finally takes some interest in her unbounded glee. Later on, as she naps, Stepdaddy tiptoes in and checks closely to verify that indeed she does have a buttplug in. The two have a serious conversation about her buttplug and the fact that she's not ready for anal sex. He's going to have to show her the difference between a tiny rubber thing and a dick pounding into her asshole, so they head outside to practice.

Sophia Grace

He bends her over an ottoman and replaces her plug with his tongue, offering constructive advice along the way. Holding the plug next to his pecker, he demonstrates the difference and she realizes his cock is going to need to be really wet before they begin. She starts licking and sucking his shaft; he has her lick his balls for good measure, just in case. His advice is delivered in a very straight manner but comes off as fairly hilarious. Her eye contact and natural banter with Eric is really good as she gives him a fairly lengthy blowie and then stands for a passionate makeout session. After making sure her pussy is wet, he has her bend over and pour some lube on his cock. Once lubed up he plunges right into her back door. Their banter continues in a teacher-student fashion while he fucks her tight little ass. The joking continues, sounding almost as if Dan Akroyd (or someone similar) wrote the script.

Sophia Grace

He gives her butt hole a break and eats her pussy for a bit and then lays his pipe into her pooper again. She squeals with delight at the dicking, overloading the microphone a bit. Her hand grips his in a death grip as he pummels into her back door. She starts talking dirty and he encourages her to make sure she does that with her boyfriend. As she cums multiple, he warns her not to expect younger guys to be able to do that "this is not a typical experience". He then sits in a chair so she can practice rear end rodeo riding. As she does that, someone walks into frame and quickly ducks behind a column realizing their mistake. It's a lengthy log ride in forward and then reverse, the anticipation building for the next inevitable one-liner. He finally unloads deep in her ass and she hurries off to her date as final jokes are exchanged.

Scene 5: Yhivi & Unidentified male


Yhivi and her boyfriend left school early on her birthday so he can finally bone her. She's ready but he's a bit nervous. Once they are naked, she slurps on his cock to alleviate his fears. He's still worried that her parents are going to show up but he's finally ready to go all in. They've waited four years before having sex and he takes the 50/50 shot at her holes while she's in doggie. Her smile turns to astonishment as he guesses wrong but she decides to go with it as he continues to stroke in and out of her ass. She decides she needs to taste it and goes back to blowing him. They then decide she should try a reverse cowgirl like he saw in a "very educational" movie.


Climbing on she positions her ass in pole position and he starts pummeling into it. They fall onto their sides, the rear cushion of the couch sounding as if it was Velcroed to the bottom cushion. Yhivi's eyes take on a dreamlike look as she rocks herself on his rod, her dark love patch pointing towards his pecker. Her tiny boobs bounce as he ass fucks her, the pair trying out different positions that they have seen over the years. The guy never does make it into her front hole, which was the original plan; he just continues to ram her in the rear. A final, furious, pumping session in doggie causes him to coat her back and ass with his load.

Final Thoughts: It's probably not going to make it to your "Top 5" discs when it comes to anal action, but the female star power here is undeniable. From Dakota's opening scene to Yhivi's disc-ending scene, it's packed with young hotties. Holly Hendrix, Kat Dior, and Sophia Grace occupy the scenes in between those two and they are all good! Sophia's performance with Eric John is something you will definitely want to be able to hear the entire time, so don't mute it!

Kat & Yhivi both have scenes with guys I couldn't identify. I hate that! Why can't every studio credit the male talent?

If you aren't familiar with at least 4 of these females then you are either new to porn, or you need to broaden your horizons! They all have tons of fans for a reason. Yhivi has left the business, luckily there still seems to be plenty of footage of her that hasn't been released. Overall, I think most viewers would like to add this disc to their collection. Depending on your tastes, I'm sure you'll find at least two scenes that will have quite a bit of replay value for you. For that reason, I'm going with a Recommended rating.

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