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Money Talks 2

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Amateur, 18+ Teens, Gonzo

Director: None Credited




Cast: Adriana Maya, Megan Sage, Jamie Marleigh, Olivia Lua, Bambi Brooks, Kelsi Monroe, Avalon Heart, Kelly Paige, Sasha Bleou, Tony Rubino, Juan Largo, Brick Danger

Length: 4 hours 19 minutes

Date of Release: Jun 12, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Surprisingly good. Audio is clear, which is key since there is a ton of dialog. Video is clear. Lighting, for the most part, is very good considering the scenarios. It's gonzo style, but there's no shaky cam going on!

honey moneystripper pole

Overview: Reality Kings has pieced together over four hours of footage which has two parts per setup. The first part has the crew scouring the streets for random hotties (or customers walking into a store) to see how far they will go for money. The second part involves actual porn performers (even some relative newbies) going the extra mile in the challenges presented. Every scene and every setup is different, so you can check it out in whatever order you like. I wasn't going to cover the random street stuff but the ice cream truck and the balloon scene proved to be too good not to mention. Some of the other street challenges involve getting naked on a stripper pole, or having honey rubbed on your boobs and then plastered with cash. Overall, it's a fun disc! Check this one out!

Scene 1: Jamie Marleigh, Adrian Maya, Juan Largo

Jamie's on a job hunt and she comes into a storefront being manned for the day by Adrian and the Money Talks crew. Adrian thinks she's so hot and tempts her into showing her boobs for cash. Once she's seen how easy it is to earn money from this crew, she continues to push her boundaries by getting lured into licking Mr. Largo's dick for even more cash. She shows off her oral skills and gets turned on by how big his cock is, so she'd like to take a ride on it.

Jamie Marleigh

She and Juan head over to a bench by the storefront window (which has a covering hanging in front of it outside) and continue the blowjob as Adrian removes Jamie's jean shorts so she can take a ride. Soon, she's bouncing on the boner and loving it. The trio moves to the couch where the bouncing continues, Adrian watching closely and admiring the action. As Jamie rolls into position to get banged from behind, Jamie slaps her ass as Juan pummels into her.

Jamie Marleigh

Jamie's eyes are piercingly blue/grey and play to the camera as well as Adrian's smiling face does. Adrian's compliments and encouragement actually work really well in the scene as Jamie does a bit of dirty talking as Juan continues to jam her in different positions. Finally, Jamie drops to get her smiling face covered in thick streams of jizz.

Scene 2: Megan Sage, Adrian Maya, Tony Rubino

Adrian and Tony are running a shoe sale to lure hot girls onto the show and unfortunately, two dudes saw the ad and show up looking for work boots. Thinking quickly, the duo explains what's going on and figure out a way to give them a bit of cash for being good sports. They even get paid to feel up Adrian!

Megan's the next person to walk into the shop and they convince her to let them film her shopping by giving her a Benjamin. As she shops, Adrian gets a bit touchy-feely and the trio gets chatty. They find out Megan's having dinner with some girls that night and more cash comes into play as they see how far she's willing to go to earn some cash for the big night out. She's down to play for big money and soon, she's naked in the store, shaking her ass as her long brunette hair cascades down her back. Tony offers her all they have if she's willing to participate in even more fun. Adrian drops to her knees to show Megan what that might entail and once Megan sees Tony's cock she's all in!

Megan Sage
While Adrian removes her clothes, Megan gets a bit of throat fucking from Mr. Rubino. Mostly undressed and back to aid in the blowie, Adrian's curious to see how Megan fucks. Megan props herself on the desk and Tony gives her the D. She whimpers softly as Adrian kisses her and holds her legs wide for the camera. Lying behind her, Tony lays more pipe into her shaved slit. Her whimpering gets louder as Tony tickles her clit with his fingertips and starts pumping faster and harder. Megan takes the reins and shows off her rodeo skills as Tony plays with Adrian's pussy.

Megan Sage

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Adrian keeps her eyes on the cameras to make sure they are getting good angles as she slaps Megan's ass and spits on it while she rides. The girls kiss as Tony throttles Megan as she bends over the desk, Adrian holding Megan's hair off to the side. Megan started playing for money, but soon she's begging him not to stop as she starts hyperventilating while orgasming. Her face is aglow as Tony's pounding continues; her eyes are alight as Tony pops on her face and tells her she can take two pairs of shoes as a bonus!

Scene 3: Bambi Brooks, Brick Danger

Bambi comes to the auto shop that the Money Talks crew happens to be running that day. She's there for a job interview and they take her into the back office to get to know her. She's a bit stunned when her interviewer, Kelsi whips her tits out but she's intrigued at how the daily bonuses are structured around cash payments based on flashing skin and giving blowjobs.

Bambi Brooks

Bambi is definitely cute as a button and the team finally cons her into showing her pretty, round, boobs and letting them touch them. She's feeling pretty comfortable around the team and mentions she has a boyfriend. Kelsi asks how big his dick is and Bambi whips out her phone to show her a picture. Kelsi approves but swears she can have a bigger one right now for $800. Brick whips it out and Kelsi strips to make the interviewee feel comfortable. Soon, the girls are just wearing panties and twerking in tandem. The crew convinces her to embrace the "no boyfriend" policy and she gets right to stroking Brick's boner. Taking it into her mouth, she shows that she's a willing participant and Brick's eager to fuck the 4'10" cutie.

Bambi Brooks

Since she's now on company time, she lies on the couch and Brick starts laying into her tight little hole. Kelsi sits on the couch watching intently as Brick bangs into Bambi's box. Brick's getting into this little spinner and starts manhandling her around, tossing her into the air with his cock still inside of her. He tosses her back onto the couch and powers into her, her eyes widening and getting glassy as he jams her with mucho gusto. She smiles really wide as her boobs are bouncing around while Brick continues his box banging.

The tiny little tart hasn't even broken into double digits in her number of credits at IAFD yet, but I have a feeling she's going to be hitting a lot of producers' radars! Her face is radiant and joyous as they roll through different positions. She's an active cowgirl, her small, juicy ass eager to rock and roll. She's loving Brick's dick and just pounds up and down on it. The action is so hot that Kelsi has to lean back to masturbate because her pussy is so soaked just watching. Brick throws her down for a final dog pounding and then tosses her to the floor to coat her face as Kelsi showers her with cash and asks if she can lick her face, which she does.

Balloon Scene: Kylie Cupcake, Sasha Bleou, Marsha May, Ocean Pearl

This scene is very simple to describe and great fun to watch! The setup is very simple: Kylie rounds up three girls and gives them $200 each to come back to her place and check out her balloon pumps while naked. Of course, these aren't ordinary balloon pumps, they have giant pink dildos attached to them. The girls barter for a bit and finally agree that since they are already naked, they might as well fuck these dildos for $400 each. Each pump is attached to a stool and the girls have to squat over them and fuck themselves until the first balloon pops. Marsha finds hers a bit too thick to fit well, Ocean has some issues at the beginning pumping all the way down, and Sasha is just fucking herself into oblivion. Once the balloon pops, they set it up again and ride them in reverse! Hilarity ensues.

Scene 4: Olivia Lua, Adrian Maya, Tony Rubino

Adrian and Tony have taken over a juice bar for the day. Tony tries his hand at running the juicer and fails miserably as the pair banter about it. Unfortunately, while they are trying to figure out how it works, a guy and girl walk in and place orders. Somehow, Tony's able to crank out two juices that the customers actually seem to enjoy. Let the games begin!

The cash comes out and they convince the lady to let them feel her tits, over her shirt. Her longtime friend is amazed that she agrees to do it and he's never gotten to do it. Cash talks, I guess. Her friend is ecstatic when she agrees to unleash her globes and let Adrian eat fruit from between them. He even agrees to hold her as she leans back and they eat strawberries off her nipples. The friend is ready to lose his mind when they proposition her to let them fuck her with a banana; he's at the right place at the right time. Ultimately, she refuses that offer but agrees to blow a banana. The customers are feeling a little weird by now and decide to bail with the $500 they made before things go too far.

Olivia Lua

As Tony and Adrian experiment with some juice concoctions, Olivia strolls in. A quick C-note thrown on the counter has her agreeing to be on the show as Tony points out that her highbeams are on. She's reluctant to try her hand at the game since she has a boyfriend. Adrian has her stand and show off her long, lean body for the camera as Tony whips up a specialty juice shot. She's afraid to show her boobs, but agrees to lick juice off of Adrian's nipple. Somehow, the team ropes her into getting Tony's cock into her throat as Adrian holds her hair. Even Adrian gets sucked into joining in on the sucking. Olivia's warmed up now and ready to play for big money. She gets stripped down and kneels for some deep throating as Tony mouth fucks Adrian with a peeled banana.

Olivia Lua
It seems that being naked and sucking dick in a juice bar has gotten Olivia all wet and soon, she's propped on the bar stool getting torqued into by Tony's love stick. She's enjoying a deep dicking when another customer enters, freaks out, and leaves but she and Tony keep on fuckin'. Adrian locks the door and then heads back to help spread her legs. It seems that Olivia's forgotten all about her boyfriend and is enjoying a good banging. She has turned into a long and lean sex machine, her tiny titties bouncing as she gets banged from behind. Tony decides to use the narrow bar to lie on so she can show him her riding skills in which she works herself into a glistening sweat. They swap places and Tony works himself to a finish, juicing all over her face on the floor.

Ice Cream Truck Scene: The crew has an ice cream truck and they cruise the streets in search of some hotties willing to get a whipped cream bikini. They find two hotties, one chocolate, and one vanilla, that are up for the challenge! It took four hundred but they end up with two big-boobed girls in the truck that are covered in whipped cream! Next challenge: find a girl willing to eat a donut off of a guy's cock. It takes quite a bit of negotiating but Avalon Heart finally agrees to do it for $700. As the negotiations continue and the price gets upped, she agrees to finish the job by blowing him. Removing the donut remains and licking the frosting off, she gets to work. She's never able to get balls deep but she is thorough! Kneeling on the van floor she takes his load into her mouth with a smile.

Scene 5: Kelly Paige, Adrian Maya, Tony Rubino

Adrian and Tony have taken over a boutique clothing store. Kelly comes in looking for a blue dress. She finds a really cute one right away, but since the dressing room "is broken" she's going to have to try it on in the open once the camera crew is explained and money is exchanged. Luckily, she's wearing a smokin' hot panty and bra set underneath her clothes! Adrian helps her shimmy into the tight little number she picked out and more negotiations take place for the removal of her bra so it fits better. Boobs exposed, Adrian joins in on the fun and more cash comes out. With more cash doled out, titties touch together as they explain the nuances of the show.

Kelly Paige

Adrian demonstrates their definition of "fun" by sucking Tony's cock and the trio agree on a sum for 30 minutes of "fun". The girls strip down and share a peter popsicle. Tony fingers Kelly's bald beaver for a moment and Kelly finds this the most interesting shopping experience ever as she watches Adrian deep throat Tony. It's such a strange idea that she tries some squats on Tony's cock! She licks her juices off his dick so that Adrian can take a spin as she plays with herself while squatting on the floor eyeballing the balling session. She's "literally never done anything like this" but is happy to assume a doggie position on a bench so Tony can pump her from behind.

Kelly Paige Adrian Maya

Apparently, she has voyeuristic tendencies and wants to watch him take Adrian that way, which of course he is glad to do. In fact, he takes her a couple of ways with Kelly helping out by rubbing Adrain's clit before assuming her position at the pole. Her whole pubic region is wet from rubbing herself as Tony drills into her, making her cum. With a quick position adjustment, Tony pulls her into him hard while pumping furiously making her cum again. Adrian supports her head and neck while Tony fucks her furiously. Everyone's skin is starting to shine as Adrian and Tony help her get into a reverse cowgirl for another ride. Adrian, of course, also takes the same ride as Kelly diligently rubs her clit. Adrian climbs off and Tony jerks himself to completion on the girls' tongues much to Kelly's delight!

Final Thoughts: I was prepared to hate this! Once I popped it in the player and saw it was over four hours of semi-amateur porn footage I expected the worst. Luckily, my frown was turned upside down quickly. It turned out to be like one of those weird, foreign game shows that you stumble across while channel surfing. For some reason you leave it on for ten minutes and all of a sudden you're binge-watching every episode of it. Honestly, I picked it up only because Megan Sage was in it. As it turns out, Adrian Maya is the star here. She just shines on screen in roles like this! Not to discount Megan by any means...she also shines in her scene! In fact, everybody on this disc is just fun to watch. Whether they are actually in a credited scene, or not, doesn't seem to matter. The people they catch on the streets and proposition are, for the most part, video gold. The girls and guys that are in the credited scenes are just as golden. The scenarios that are put into play are as real as any network show that has ever tried to do a similar format (but family friendly, obviously) and that's why this works so well. It's goofy, it's fun, it's pretty girls getting big dicks in seemingly random situations.

Most of the ladies here aren't yet porn household names which mean they aren't yet oversaturating their market which is always good. The actual scenes here require some acting skills, and it is delivered by all. Nothing seems staged, although it is obviously set up beforehand as to what's going to happen. Overall, I enjoyed it. The chapters are set up in a way that you can watch the random street encounters or the scenes themselves. That's a bonus because you probably don't want to view this as a marathon! This is one of those flicks that I was expecting to write a couple of sentences about and tell you to skip it, but I went the other direction! I rambled on quite a bit before I let you know that I'm Recommending this one for your stash.

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