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Lesbian Beauties 18: Black & Blonde

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/2/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

It had been a while since a film caught my eye with such potential. The trailers to Lesbian Beauties 18, was one of the best I have seen produced at the midway point of the 2017 year so far. Brandi Love looks to be in hitting on all cylinders and the cast around her is simply top notch. Dana Vespoli, she is a woman who is taking the term "adult film" and creating a new type of cinematic masterpiece with her writing and production work. Dana I think understands the term "fantasy" better than almost anyone I can think of in the business. Sweetheart Video has prided themselves in bringing some of the most "true" forms of passion you will find anywhere in the adult entertainment business. Rarely have I seen this company not deliver the goods to paying fans. I think every situation has a chance to fail, no matter how star packed a production can be. The thing I really wanted to see, was if porn super star in the making, Kira Noir, could go blow for blow with established porn super star Brandi but I also wanted to see the pairings of Sarah Banks and Anikka Albrite. I was dying to truly see Yasmine De Leon, woman said to offer killer sex on set by other stars she has worked with, get a piece of another performer who has the same reputation in Lyra Law, one thing is for sure, this film has a lot to live up to with many high expectations.

Brandi Love and Kira Noir

Film Duration: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

Director & Writer: Dana Vespoli

Cameras: Matt Holder and James Avalon

Date of Production: February 15, 2017

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, No Toys, Story, Older & Younger, Interracial, MILF


Scene 1: Brandi Love and Kira Noir

The Set-Up:

Brandi Love

First things first. You will notice that the cameras and lenses are spectacular. The viewer is getting crystal clear shots and glimpses into their fantasies. It all looks so beautiful from start to finish in this scene.

The set looks splendid too, as we find ourselves as perverted flies on the wall in a "shrinks" office. Kira Noir is as professional as it gets with her character.

The ability to fool the audience into believing that sex is not the first thing on her characters mind is amazing. She does a bang up job setting up this role.

Brandi Love, my goodness, can this woman portray the sassy, seductive character better than anyone or what?

Her lines are so well timed and the way she is constantly nipping to get Kira naked is heart stopping. Brandi is looking better than ever as well. When you see her walk into that room with her sexy heels and her skin tight skirt, your imagination may just get the best of you. This scene is absolutely one of the best focus points of "hard bodies" in the adult industry.

The story goes, that Brandi is simply looking to be a bit devious. Her character is the smart ass, rude, take no prisoners style of fantasy that every person dreams of.

Kira, she puts on something so spectacular for a woman still gaining ground in the acting department. This is one of her best roles to date. The action moves qucik and the wonderful story will have you panting as these ladies get down to business.



The Sex:

Brandi Love and Kira Noir

Brandi Love, she is a woman that always brings her A++ game to every role and every sexual encounter recorded on film. One of the true definitions of how good this gal is, shows when she begins to lick Kira’s kitty, the camera is set on showing her amazing backside, with her gorgeous ass peeking out and showcasing these beautiful panties. She instructs Kira to strip with a motion of her finger and in two swoops, she stands and has her skirt falls to the floor, revealing even more of her gorgeous body. That is what Miss Love brings to the table every time.

Kira Noir

Kira Noir, she manages to keep her role as the doctor, the predominant driver in the fantasy. She always has hesitance but then, she also lets her character get deep in the role and it shows in moments where both women kiss after looking into each other’s eyes and again when she has Brandi sit on her face. The camera angles get you into some very beautiful distance shots but this scene does not have as much “close-up” beauty as the other three in the film. The thing that sells this scene is the bodies on these babes. Kira Noir, she has a body sculpted to precision with one of the nicest asses you may have ever seen, Brandi, what can you say about miss Love? She has some of the most amazing breasts in the business, her tan lines are the cherry on top of this athletic body that simply screams to fans in ways that drive them batty with lust. Dana ensures that you fans get every simply look into what makes these ladies that. The nastiness factor is wonderful in this scene. The dirty talk just fuels your fantasy with an extra burst, just like nitrous oxide in a street race, like when Brandi tells Kira to “taste her pussy” on her lips as they kiss wet and passionately. The positions are heavenly as well, especially the fact that both women sit on each other’s face, you see both women shot showcasing their backsides as they chow down on some pussy. This scene is one that popped out so much in the trailer and on the box cover, it does not disappoint. There is something to the way that two great performers can either make or break a film and these two simply set you up for a wild ride that gets even bumpier as you go further along. In these types of opening scenes, you wonder if the director can keep that momentum going and if there is something that can top what you have just witnessed especially when you have been sent to heaven by super stars of the adult world who truly know how to make a fantasy come to life.

 Brandi Love and Kira Noir

Scene 2: Sarah Banks and Anikka Albrite

The Set-Up:

Anikka Albrite

Dana Vespoli once again keeps the action going as you still have sweat beeding down your forehead from the previous workout, as the second round of action begins. The attire of Anikka Albrite is simply a character in itself in this scene. Her curvaceous body is on display for the fans imagination. When we see Sarah Banks walk into the room, we see that these two women can act their ass off and give that oomph in their walk that only the sexiest women on the planet can stride with.

Anikka is the ex and Sarah is the current squeeze of a dead beat. Anikka is in the house to gather her things and Sarah is the surprised girlfriend who shares a bit more in common with her man's ex than she thinks. The story is very quick in the scene and rightfully so. Anikka is the epitome of precision with her lines.

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The way that she delivers them, the way she interacts with Sarah, it is something wonderful by itself. After the ladies begin to see how much they have in common, the scene moves to the bed in a flash. The set-up is good and I mean jam packed into a tight space in the best of ways.

These women build the fantasy with their amazing acting skills and as you see Sarah move in for that first kiss and their lips meet with that sweet sound of lesbian passion, you simply sense sex of the most splendid kind is in the air. What follows, is something just beyond yummy and earth shatteringly wonderful. The way they come together and begin a sexual tease for the fans and viewers, it is something only the true superstars of porn can do.



The Sex:

Anikka Albrite and Sarah Banks

These women waste no time in getting each other naked. Anikka's body is looking as naturally beautiful as can be. Her boobs are simply looking amazing at every angle in this chapter of the film. As a viewer, you are itching to see Sarah grab them and pinch them at every possible moment and she fulfills that fantasy to the max. The kissing is kinky and tasteful. The women get hot and passionate but never cross that sacred line of bullshit and fantasy that not many studios even knows exists. Sarah Banks. Wow, what a woman.

Anikka Albrite and Sarah Banks

Her body is sculpted of this sensational, sweet chocolate texture. Her tattoos add so much to the fantasy, especially when we see Anikka glide her tongue across her gorgeous derriere. That is not were the stunning camera angles stop either. As we see Sarah get more and more hungry for Anikka's flesh, we see her glide Anikka's leggings off to reveal a treat that is just the tops in the biz. The up close spectacle that is Sarah Banks eating pussy in this sequence is mind blowing. The lip sucking and slurping will have your leg shaking with pleasure just as quickly as Aniikka's. Dana can always bring that forth in her casting and movements across the scene with her camera. The ability for these two ladies to gel and almost become one with their steamy kissing and never ending caressing and touching, makes this the hottest scene in the film, hands down. Well, I guess perhaps I should say that it is not as easy as that may sound in a Dana Vespoli flick to pick the sexiest scene of the bunch. The person that seals the deal is Sarah Banks. When you add the side camera angles and Anikka’s always amazing sex drive, this chapter of the film goes from great to grand. Some of the most unique positions include some shots that Dana simply does better than almost anyone in today’s adult film industry. The shots of Sarah sitting of Anikka’s face are something that every fan will be sweating in the summer heat from by just the amount of delicious screams, moans and body jolts.

 Anikka Albrite and Sarah BanksOne of the even sexier angles is when Sarah begins to straddle Anikka and rub her pussy against hers. This camera angle, this position, it has lost some steam in the industry I think. You see these two begin to kiss while sliding up and down each other’s leg and the first thing in the audiences mind will be just how gorgeous this angle is. It shows both performers’ bodies to the fullest extent for what made them both famous porn stars. When it comes to the true basis of what makes this scene the best of the bunch, it is the kissing. These two use their tongues in ways that will have the viewer moving up and down, left to right as you follow the action and sensuality. I cannot express how you will be glad that you spent money to see such lovely women enjoying each other’s tongues and touches to the fullest extent. Annika, Anikka, Anikka, ….. you simply do the things that drive human beings wild and if it is any indicator how well she can pull off a scene with this short of a time frame and an even lesser amount dedicated to the set-up, I have no doubt this is going to be another big year for her come awards season in January.


Scene 3: AJ Applegate and Tiffany Tosh

The Set-Up:

AJ Applegate

The scenario is, big bootied beauty AJ Applegate is a personal trainer and that Tiffany Tosh is a young model trying to stay in shape for producers.

I like the theme of this shoot. It has a realism that fans will never know about this industry. Yes, the acting is outstanding as these girls show a little insight as to what they deal with to stay in shape and become the women of our fantasies.

AJ is the veteran performer who sells this scene to its maximum capability that it can be. Her attire is sexy, your eyes will be fixated on that beautiful booty of hers as she consoles Tiffany when she finds out she has an eating disorder and does what she does in order to meet the producers demands that every model, in every industry has faced at one point in time. Tiffany Tosh has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen in 2017.

When you see her spinning around to show AJ her body, your mind will be in a place far, far away. Miss Tosh is one of the new actors in the business that showcases a look that very few red blooded human beings could look away from. Dana knows that we as viewers, are just chomping at the bit to see these ladies get naked together. Once the sex starts, things get hot and heavy in a way that I do believe every girl/girl fan will love. The way AJ plays her character and consoles Tiffany, it is pure brilliance when it comes to acting. AJ has that ability to show many sides of her character and turn these roles from innocent to sexual deviant in a heart beat and in a very tasteful manor. AJ has had a hell of a 2017 and you can tell that she has put so much focus on these little things when it comes to acting. She hooks you like a angler in a raging stream. That is how good this scene moves from set-up to sex.



The Sex:

AJ Applegate and Tiffany Tosh

AJ Applegate, my goodness, this woman lives for these types of shoots, at least that is how her enthusiasm translates onto film. You see her eyes going up and down Tiffany’s body as she takes her clothes off, sucks her nipples and begins to tease her pussy through her panties, sucking hard and leaving those panties soaked after the teasing is over and the action truly begins. The camera brings you in to see a topless AJ just munching and sucking like there is no tomorrow, all while showcasing AJ’s money maker in the best of ways. These types of angles show just how much the director knows what the fans have come to see. The entire time I am saying to myself, “I sure hope they give AJ’s booty the air time it deserves!” ……and boy oh boy they do indeed. Tiffany shows a little inexperience in the role but it does not take away one bit from the scene.

AJ Applegate and Tiffany Tosh

It gives off a vibe of innocence and softness that this has but does not let it hinder it in one way. As we follow AJ on her path to sexual gratification, we see just how much she loves women. I truly mean that, one thing that I have come to find out, is that when AJ Applegate is cast in a girl/girl scene, it is almost always money! AJ carries the scene and adds those little things that fans love. As we see the scene go on, Tiffany gets a lot more comfortable and one of the best angles of the films consists of AJ almost pinning her legs behind her head as Tiffany sucks her clit hard, never letting her mouth deviate one centimeter from her hood. The angle is scorching hot and seeing AJ moan and squirm with pleasure makes this scene become that much sexier and alluring. This scene is great and when you see the fact that at the end, Dana has kept the story in this small constricted space but added the appeal of these two performers, things just make the viewer melt into a puddle of warm goo. The kissing is delectable, as is the attention AJ gives, sliding her hands all over Tiffany at every corner and during every moment of the scene. AJ truly steals the show and she gives a big reason why her star and status just continue to grow every day in the adult film world. She took this scene and helped her co-star make something grand. She makes everything look natural and the soft way she brings Tiffany into everything has such an arousing a\effect in every sense of the word. This is a scene that completes this film even before you get to the end. It showcases that innocence and soft dominance. Not in a sense that AJ gets aggressive but that she brings a woman into the land of seduction with ease and not force. That is not an easy role to pull off and these two beauties do just that.

 AJ Applegate and Tiffany Tosh

Scene 4: Yasmine De Leon and Lyra Law

The Set-Up:

Yasmine De Leon and Lyra Law

The end scene gets to the point fast but boy does in leave a lasting impression. Yasmine is a gal opening her home to the ever so beautiful Lyra Law. After discussion of the house rules and that there are now "boys" allowed after sundown, we discover that Lyra is a lesbian. The scene has some beautiful shots, like a low camera angle of Yasmine answering the door, showcasing her long, gorgeous legs. The lighting is great, at least up until the action begins.

Staying on the story for the time being, we fast forward a bit to see the alluring Lyra crying in her bedroom having just been dumped by her girlfriend. Yasmine comes in to give a sympathetic shoulder and this is adult cinema, so you know exactly where this is going to go.

The strong points of this scene are both performers abilities to keep the dialogue grounded. It is short, simple but you get a sense that these women know how to get things rolling in any character situation. Soon, viewers are treated to some of the hottest girl/girl spit swapping you may ever see in the year 2017. When you see Lyra sucking on Yasmine’s tongue, strap on your seat belt, this ride is going to get wet, nasty and everything in between very quickly!


The Sex:

These two women, my oh my do they enjoy the company of another woman. From the instant, you get this feel that these gals simply enjoy that nasty side of lesbian sex and it shows in their eyes. Dana has some of the grandest camera angles of the film saved up for the grand finale. One of which is a close POV shot on Yasmine watching Lyra suck on her pussy as she gazes deep into her eyes. The camera movement that takes you from a sensual kiss to Lyra licking and kissing her belly button, the inside of her thighs and the teasing her kitty, is simply fantasy at its best. The sex is intense in this scene and is very well performed and shot very well.

Yasmine De Leon and Lyra Law

One of the best views is watching Yasmine on all fours and having Lyra lick and lap with the up most aggression and want. That camera angle is very hard to sell and look sexy but these ladies get it done right, you even see Yasmine do the same thing for Lyra as it becomes her turn to taste the goods. It is truly the passion that these two have for each other that turns every second, every angle into something you cannot stop watching until the end. The only thing that kept this scene from being the tops is the lighting is a bit too bright and takes away from the action just a tad. You have moments where the glare and brightness catches your attention instead of the babes that are kissing and fondling one another in front of you. Back to the wonderful things in this scene, the breast worship is wonderful. You see a delicious side angle of Yasmine’s hard nipple and the you see Lyra’s long tongue come in to flick and lick at will. It is sexy and it is nasty. These two indulge in every inch of the other person and you see the trivial things that show they are having such a wonderful time, like Lyra rubbing Yasmine's slit as she cums and then seeing Lyra move from asshole to pussy as she cannot help herself during some fantastic oral on all fours. The scene ends with such passion and as things fade to black and the end credits begin to role, you have this sense that you are coming back into reality after a long, distant voyage to a land of erotica and pure bliss. That is how intense, real and beautiful this scene translates to the viewers idea of what fantasy really is. These two put on one hell of a show and no matter the angle, no matter the position, these two truly create a fantasy that is guaranteed to make any person weak in the knees.

 Yasmine De Leon and Lyra Law

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Sweetheart Video, the white case says it all about this company. By this I mean that Sweetheart does not have any filler, any fluff. There is no poster or artwork on display on the inside of the DVD cover to try and catch the purchaser with some gimmick. It is smart business yes, but it also says something about them letting their product and films speak for themselves and Mile High Media. This film delivers from opening trailer to end credits. The behind the scenes featurette could have been a bit longer with more performers being showcased and aside from some lighting issues mixed with some small bumps brought on by inexperience in certain aspect of Tiffany Tosh’s performance, this would have been an XCritic Pick instantly. With that said, this film is a definite must own. It is not just something for the fans of each girl, it is something that has what true porn fans desire. Passion, lust, nastiness, as well as softness, allure and seduction. The acting of every performer is simply grand and when you see that these babes fuck as good as they act, you become immersed in what Sweetheart Video is trying to bring to you. You become sucked into the product for almost two hours, you journey off to a place that leaves the real world behind with this film. There are times when things have short set-up and long, there are times where the girls get fast and steamy and other times where they get sensitive and slow. This film brings you a showcase in the grandest form and all I can tell you as a critic dear reader, is that this film will not go un-watched in your collection if you buy, it will get repeated viewing, because these fantasies become burned into your memory forever by how well the production is brought to you the fan and meets your guidelines not the producers. That ladies and gentlemen is true adult cinema and it's finest.

Don Juan DeMarko




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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