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Trans Men Adventures

Studio: VIP Digital Media » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Transsexual, Transgender, Queer

Director: James Darling
Additional Filming: Amy Bexxx, Courtney Trouble
Cast: Michelle Austin, James Darling, Chance Armstrong, Fritz Von Fuckup, Parker Reed

Length: 104 minutes

Extras: There is blooper footage and photos.     

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Trans Men Adventures is a multi-nominated film by superstar director-performer Michelle Austin. In this showcase production, Michelle is paired with a fine group of guys with pussies. James Darling is a top-notch performer who deserves more exposure and credit for his amazing work.

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Scene One: A Chance Workout. Chance Armstrong is working out at the gym. I like the background music. It's has an upbeat and quick pace. It puts you in a good mood. It makes me want to run around. Afterwards, he arrives back home and wants to fuck his lady Michelle Austin who is lounging in a chair. I really liked that he immediately sucked her cock. I would had done the same thing. The couple have good chemistry as Chance sucked her boobs and he speaks to her at times. Next, I started to get a hard on when Michelle sucked the man's pussy. I could imagine her tongue orally pleasuring me down there especially since she does it so gently. The attractive woman doggies her man next. Her screwing pace increases nicely as she smokes her cigarette. Then, they look at each other and agree to fuck in the bedroom. Michelle mishes Chance with additional energy. She does a pretty good job as she is able to get good leverage on her partner. I enjoyed seeing her wearing that white pearl necklace. Next, Chance uses a strap-on to fuck the hot woman. Michelle bounces on him well. Michelle looks very pretty in her golden/blonde/brunette combination hairstyle. She really feels that cock during the doggie moments as Michelle moans with solid emotion and breathes quite heavily. It makes me want to fuck her too. Next, Michelle resumes the screwing role. Afterwards, she cums on his hairy torso.


Scene Two: Dorm Room Fuck. Residential advisor Fritz Von Fuckup gets frustrated that Michelle continues to smoke and drink in the dorm. When he finds out that the coed enjoys looking at pussies, he shows her his. Then, she shows him her dick. Immediately, we see Fritz sucking her meaty plaything. My mouth gets all wet as soon as the long haired brunette troublemaker sucks his pussy. I like seeing her lips tugging and sucking it. Once again, Michelle's lengthy and time-consuming gentle and soft delivery makes it hot. You can imagine the tingling sensation that Fritz is feeling. Afterwards, Michelle gets her dick sucked by him. I like the slurping sounds that he makes. A doggie screw follows by the woman. Her asshole and pussy eating motion increases when Fritz is in doggie position. Later on, Michelle looks very cool stroking her cock as she prepares to unload her jizz on her fellow coed.


Scene Three: Mr. & Mrs Beaver. Michelle Austin, dressed in a pink dress, pleasures her husband James Darling when he gets home. They are in the backyard. After giving him a bottle of Coca-Cola, she gets down on her knees and sucks his strap-on dick. Next, the happy man undresses and removes the sexual toy to show off his nice looking pussy. Then, he sucks her big tits and moves down her yummy body to reach her crotch. He eventually sucks her hard dick. My mouth gets all watery. Michelle gets turned on by his actions. As his cock suck persisted, James applies more passion. I got more turned on when the roles were reversed and Michelle was giving head to her partner. The close-up shots of her oral work are hot. She does a very good job focusing on his clit. Her time-consuming effort turns James on very well. After they kiss softly and romantically, James gives head to Michelle. I enjoyed watching her take in all in. He sticks her dick in him for a cowgirl ride. Michelle doggies him next for a while. The scene ends with the woman jacking off on his tail bone. I enjoyed watching Michelle shake while stroking herself.


Scene Four:  Grindr Hookup Fuck. Michelle is hooking up with Parker Reed in her hotel room. She looks very beautiful and sexy in her low-cut dress. Their lengthy kissing activity on the bed is hot. He is a lucky guy. I'd like to kiss Michelle for a long time. I started to get a hard on when she undressed and started to suck on Parker's penis-clit. The camera work is pretty good as it provides different angles of her stimulating sucking activity. Afterwards, the guy sucks the woman's tasty cock on the bed. I was surprised that she backed off from caressing the top of his head during the oral treat. She sucked him afterwards and then, doggie him with a good solid delivery. Parker could really feel it and Michelle knew it. Later, the attractive woman jacks off for a long time until she cums on him. Then, she watches him as he played with his own pussy for a while.     
Final Thoughts: This film is a very good showcase production for Michelle Austin. I liked seeing her act in these scenarios. Also, it gives good exposure to trans men performers. I consider James Darling the prince of San Francisco porn. The best performance in this film, however goes to Michelle and Fritz Von Fuckup. Throughout the film, I enjoyed the different looks of Michelle. Moreover, I love how she gently sucks her male partners. It would be amazing to be that person on the other end of her pleasuring treat. One thing that I would had liked to have seen more of are her legs. She has hot legs especially in heels. Nevertheless, I recommend this film. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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