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Assistant - Lynn Vega and Val Dodds, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/29/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The coming together of women who love women is not something I would say that is rare in this business. No, it is more along the lines, that women who really love women, do not really get a chance to explore their passions for pussy in ways that satisfy their hunger. Val Dodds and Lynn Vega are two performers who are known in their short time in this business, as the woman who simply love the taste of a female with a passion. Lynn Vega makes her Girlsway debut and Val Dodds adds another amazing character to her arsenal of wonderful acting experiences. Fans have been treated to some of the most dazzling faces that took off to super stardom from this series and website in my opinion. The real question I had going into this scene, was, can Lynn Vega actually act? Number two, could Val Dodds amazing ways transition into something magical in a step daughter setting. We are about to find out.

Lynn Vega and Val Dodds

Website: Girlsway

Scene Length: 45 Minutes

Director: Stills By Alan

Story Inspired by Girlsway Member: Karlman

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Mother/Daughter, Older/Younger, Feature, Seduction, No Toys, Soft and Sensual

 Lynn Vega and Val Dodds

The Set-Up:

As always, Alan takes us into a story with force and style. The action shots and up close views of Lynn Vega on the phone firing her assistant and the outside view of her characters beautiful house is crisp, clean and well shot. The movement of the camera to showcase her gorgeous looks and sinfully sexy attire is shown to the fans with some mind blowing sharpness. Val Dodds is the step daughter, ease dropping on her gorgeous step mother looking to actually take the place of the assistant she just fired. Lynn Vega does a flawless job of executing her lines, as does Val. They both interact with this amazing chemistry. As a seductive foot massage begins to get physical, the facial expressions, the body movement on both women truly take you into the fantasy. As we see Val get topless on command in order to win a trip with her step-mom to Cancun, both women reveal their one of a kind bodies in the industry. Lynn Vega, from top to bottom begins to showcase these sexy freckles that you did not see in the up close shots. Val has the sexiest skin tone of almost any girl in the business. Lynn's athletic body is put on full display by the camera crew.

 Lynn Vega and Val DoddsThe thing that really popped out at me with this intro was how both women could play that card of forbidden sex. You get this vibe as Lynn seduces Val, that just gets your motor running full force when it comes to fantasy. Lynn, is the dominant older woman, knowing exactly what buttons to push in order to get what she wants and Val submits reluctantly in the best of ways. The build-up has something that lies beneath all erotic day dreams.

It is something that does not have a description but you feel as if the way Lynn is about to take charge, is simply going to leave you breathless. You are itching to see her naked with how well she portrays her characters sex appeal for the camera. Lynn has the inexperienced Val begin to move higher and higher up her thighs with the message until, Val begins to suspect that there is a hidden agenda to this "interview." I was truly in awe by how Val portrays the innocent girl being taken advantage of.

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She proves herself to be a true woman of fantasy when Lynn has her begin to lick her pussy outside some of the sexiest panties you have ever seen on a porn set. She fumbles, is reluctant and Lynn adds that little extra something that has her showing Val the ropes in the kinkiest and most forbidden way. What comes next is something that just has build up galore, with maximum payoff.



The Sex:

Lynn Vega and Val Dodds

Once again, first time viewers will be treated to seeing Lynn Vega's hard, sexy body that is laced with freckles almost from head to toe. As an adult film critic, I have never seen a body as luscious and tone as this in a very long time, with something so unique that when you see her dress fly off and her bra drop below her navel, you will wishing to play connect the dots with your tongue all over her gorgeous body as a viewer. I'm getting ahead of myself here dear readers. To give the credit were it is due, Alan and crew bring you right smack dab into the action but present a very sensual take on mother/daughter sex. The beginning portion of the oral delight is done with only Val completely naked and Lynn being tongue stroked through the easy access slit in her panties. It is as hot as it can get with your clothes on, that is for damn sure. The camera moves from Lynn licking her lips in delight to Val getting faster and faster with her pussy licking. As Val slips her panties off, what awaits you dear reader is one of the most beautiful kitties you may have ever seen. Alan keeps the girls on a seductive, slow pace. The temperature in the room is brought up to a slight boil and not a speed blazing inferno, this adds so much to the fantasy the viewer in encapsulated in. Val Dodds, what can you say about a woman who stays in character this well? As her character begins to fell comfortable with the whole situation, you see Lynn guide her on how to finger a pussy, then suck a clit. The up close camera shots are pure heaven, expecially when we see Val begin to suck hard on Lynn's throbbing clit. I truly love how Alan stuck with this angel during the meat and potatoes of the sex portion of the scene. Lynn keeps the directions headed to kinks-ville as she informs Val that her work is not quite done. Val begins to lick on Lynn's hard nipples and just as if he was sitting with you, inside your laptop or computer, Alan brings you right back, up close and personal with Lynn's amazing breasts and sexy, ultra hard nipples. The side view of this action is mouthwatering indeed. Lynn's purrs of pleasure are something very unique too. Her sexy voice adds som much to this role and action.

 Lynn Vega and Val Dodds

As the sex keeps flowing, we see Lynn begin to get in the mood for a taste of Val. The way that miss Dodds continues her amazing character portrayal is splendid. She is hesitant to let Lynn lick her slit up and down. The steamiest action in this scene happens when you are not looking. You can see Lynn pinching and squeezing Val's tits as she licks her pussy, then, as you see Lynn begin to give Val the return favor, beads of cum are visible as Lynn sucks her box hard. It is just epic to see two women enjoying each other this much. The camera follows Lynn's every tongue stroke from one of the coolest POV shots. There are few things as cool as getting to see one porn star fuck another with their tongue in this world known as adlt cinema and when you see the way Alan presents it to the public, one can only stand back and cheer.

Lynn Vega and Val Dodds

The close up shots, the smile on Lynn's face, the sight of watching Val's head tilt back in pleasure as the tongue fucking gets quicker and quicker, it is simply dilectible to the porn pallet in ways few portray these days. The gals continue the fantasy with some very sensual kissing. The wait to see these women kiss is built up very well. You feel it is coming on and at the beginning of this forty five minute scene, there is a sense that you might not get to see this magic, then Lynn's character leans in and tongues Val's other lips and they have a moment of pure delight while caressing each other's skin. The scene comes to a close with one of the coolest sights I have ever seen in an adult film. Lynn is positioned on all fours after she talks Val into pushing the envelope even more. Val begins to lick her beautiful asshole with reluctance that leads once again into pure pleasure. The sight that must be seen is watching Lynn’s pussy constrict with soft orgasm after soft orgasm as Val strokes her asshole with the tip of her tongue. Looking closely, you see Lynn’s wet pussy contract in and out and as each lick gets harder and faster, you see that delicious cum begin to build up in her pussy right before Val rubs her kitty to make her scream. When the tides are reversed and you see Val get her turn, her perfectly tanned body is put on full display for the fans. The up-close shots bring you once again to see just how much these two love women. Lynn’s lapping with her tongue is wide and deep and watching Lynn spit in her wide asshole only to watch it drip down to her amazing box is what this business is known for when it is done this right. The ladies end with some tasty scissoring action and when all the steam has left the room, you see that the sensuality that fueled the beginning of the scene has left every viewer feeling exactly as they should after seeing a Girlsway scene.

 Lynn Vega and Val Dodds


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

 The huge selling point of this scene is how well these two beauties stay in character. Lynn Vega and Val Dodds where perfectly cast as the hard bodied, athletic older woman and the younger, natural blond beauty who has innocence and desire within her beautiful blue eyes. This is the kind of taboo and passion that Mommy’s Girl has come to be known for. These two women and the way they present the fantasy to the fans is exactly what made Mother\Step-Daughter sex the huge draw it is in the porn world today. Alan takes you on a journey that is a mix of both old school and new, showcasing up close shots, with those little niches that have you feeling as if you are right there next to the porn stars as they lick each other’s pussy. The only miss I think was the amount of kissing but I truly believe that the vision that Alan had in this scene was something new and bold. It contains little things that make the scene watchable over and over again. It has two woman that crave the touch of another female and it shows as each second ticks by and each woman’s lust gets stronger and stronger for the other. This is a scene of lesbian sensuality and seduction with a pair of performers that never sell their characters short and never take the fans out of the fantasy. Just like I mentioned before, when you catch all the little things there are to see in this scene, I truly believe that you will be checking your pulse, making sure that you are still among the land of the living, instead of floating high above the clouds in a world in stars, after these girls take you to a place that fantasies truly belong and bring out pure admiration within the viewer who watches them.

 Don Juan DeMarko



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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