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Interracial & Anal 4

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 33 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Anal; Big Cocks; Gonzo; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: DVD Cover Girl Marley Brinx with Anya Olsen, Jillian Janson, Roxy Raye, Prince Yahshua, John Johnson, Joss Lesscaf, Flash Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer; Website Info; Popshot Recap


Interracial and Anal 4 brings the best of both worlds to the porn screen, putting tight, pink ass holes up for punishment by big, black cocks and it’s all a pleasure to watch. With the high-quality production and great close-ups in this film, there’s no question that these black cock anal whores can only be satisfied when their rectums are gaping and their mouths are dripping in cum. That’s basically what happens in the four scenes in this flick, starring Marley Brinx, Anya Olsen, Jillian Janson and Roxy Raye, and I highly recommend you watch it. Flash Brown, Joss Lesscaf, John Johnson and Prince Yahshua master each girl’s ass, drilling, stuffing and pumping them, making the girls cum, squirt and beg for more. Jillian’s anal takedown with Joss Lescaf is the hottest scene of the flick, especially with the great close-ups on the downward doggy action deep in her ass. Director Greg Lansky assembles four great scenes with cinematic views of black cocks wedged deep in tight, pink ass holes that you’ll want to watch from start to finish.

Scene 1:  Marley Brinx and Prince Yahshua

Marley covers Interracial and Anal 4 with Prince and this 22-year-old Canadian pornstar hosts Prince’s big, black cock in her ass hole until he pops in her mouth. She’s been in the biz since 2015 and has racked up a number of noms across the industry. In this scene, she is a successful fashion blogger and her main goal is to break into the industry. A top fashion brand approaches her for a cross-promotional deal and she is determined to land it. After lots of phone calls, she decides to set up an in-person meeting to get exactly what she wants. The meeting is with the fashion brand’s lead marketing director, Prince. She gets dressed in the brand's sexiest lingerie and models it for Prince. He is blown away by the way Marley looks and she assures him that the millennials will be very excited about the outfit. Now that Marley has his attention, she tells him that she wants an exclusive, three-year deal with the brand. Prince explains that he needs more convincing before that can happen. Marley knows she can convince him. He gives her another outfit to wear and leads her to his bedroom. When she sees his hard cock, she gets worried that it won’t fit all the way in her ass. Prince lies down and tells her to suck it. Marley does a great job eating his dick. She closes her eyes and licks his cock, telling him that she told him she would be great at this. Marley jerks his dick back and forth with both hands while she savors it in her mouth.

She lies on her stomach and looks up at Prince while he fucks her face. She loves the way his cock feels as he thrusts it down her throat. She turns over onto her back and takes all his cock in her pussy, missionary style. Prince holds her legs back and drills deep inside her tight pussy. Marley screams out as his big black cock stretches her pussy. In a matter of minutes, Marley is cumming all over his cock. Her ass hole is up next and she watches him spread her rectum with his dick. She mumbles to him that she loves the way his cock is filling her tight ass hole. Prince slams her sphincter missionary style. Marley closes her eyes and tells him to keep ass-fucking her just like that and to make her hole gape. There are great close-up shots of Marley’s pink, gaping ass hole. She asks him if he likes fucking her tight ass hole and tells him if he gives her a three-year contract, she’ll give him three years of her ass. She turns over to ride his hard pole cowgirl style up her bum then after ass to mouth, she’s on her hands and knees for his cock. We get a birds-eye view of Marley’s ass hole getting slammed by Prince’s prick. “Oh, it feels so good. I love your big cock,” are the words Marley moans out as Prince explores her ass hole. A round of downward doggy gets his cock deep inside her and it makes him cum. He pulls out and Marley quickly kneels and opens her mouth. Prince’s spunk spills out into her mouth and on her chin. She sucks and swallows, asking him if he likes that.

Scene 2:  Anya Olsen and John Johnson

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The always open for anal, Anya Olsen, gets her ass hole stretched in this scene with John Johnson. Anya has worked across the industry and fans will recognize her great anal work. She got into the business in 2015 at 21 years old and hasn’t looked back with over 80 credits to her name since then. The chemistry between these two is hot to watch and John’s big, black cock fits perfectly in her tight, pink ass hole. When the scene opens, Anya explains that she has been married to the love of her life for almost two years now. He’s thoughtful, cares about her needs and always provides for her. Her sex life is good, but Anya has a little secret that her husband doesn’t know about. She loves to watch porn when he’s at work. Her favorite porn to get off to is interracial porn. She loves watching black men with their big cocks fucking white women. One day when Anya is masturbating on the couch and watching porn, her husband walks up and surprises her. He asks her if this is what she’s up to when he’s away. Anya is embarrassed and admits that she loves watching porn and she has fantasies about it. She is surprised when her husband tells her he’s Ok with this because he has had fantasies about other guys fucking her too. Now with the door open between the two of them, Anya admits that she is interested in John, the black guy who keeps hitting on her at the gym. Her husband tells Anya she can do whatever she wants with him, but she has to let him listen in. She takes her husband up on his suggestion, brings John home. She puts her cell phone on speaker so her husband can hear everything.

She makes out with John while helping him strip out of his clothes. Her husband gets turned on listening to Anya fulfill her secret fantasy. Once she pulls his pants down, she jerks his cock and kisses him, telling him his cock is getting so big. She has him lie on his back then she sucks his dick, telling him his cock feels so good down her throat and she wants every inch of it. Anya sucks and massages his balls. John tells her she’s such a nasty girl. This makes Anya smile and she tries deepthroating his big, black cock. She spits all over his dick then tells him she wants him to fuck her face. John makes her choke with his prick as he pulls her hair back and holds her head still. Anya makes an even sloppier mess with his cock, drooling all over herself. She gets in doggy position on the bed and John licks her pussy and ass crack from behind. Anya closes her eyes in ecstasy right as John sticks his dick in her pussy doggy style. She moans, “yeah, baby; nice and slow,” as John’s cock glides in and out of her snatch, stretching it out. She wants more and more of it, ordering him to give it to her. His cock is slamming against her walls now, making her grip the sheets and cum. He chokes her then fucks her in a downward doggy that keeps her pussy wet and stretched. Anya takes over the fucking now, riding him cowgirl style after sucking up her pussy juices off his cock. He squeezes her ass cheeks together as she bounces up and down on his big, black pole. John pulls out and spanks her ass with his big cock then sticks it back in her tight pussy. He fucks her ass hole missionary style, leaving a round, gaping hole each time he pulls out. Anya screams in pleasure as John drills deep in her anus. He continues his anal exploration in Anya’s hole, fucking her reverse cowgirl style until she begs him to cum all over her face. Anya opens her greedy mouth wide and John pops in it, giving her the cum she begged for. She promises to swallow every drop of it as she sucks and savors his cock in her mouth.

Scene 3: Jillian Janson and Joss Lescaf

Jillian Janson is no stranger to a Greg Lansky flick. She has graced a number of them across the various studios. This Minneapolis-born starlet has been fucking on film since 2013, racking up over 230 performer credits since then. Jillian is also hungry for cock and the bigger the dick the better. She gets perhaps one of the industry’s biggest black cocks in this scene with Joss and he shows her no mercy, drilling her tight ass hole with his long dong. The downward doggy toward the end of the scene is hot to watch as Joss stuffs her ass balls deep. In this scene, Jillian works as Joss’ assistant. He’s a successful businessman and Jillian is doing well, but Joss is always hitting on her, making the work environment weird. She admits to herself that she likes the attention she’s getting from him. One day, Jillian is really stressed at work and her boyfriend cancels their dinner date, making her day even worse. Joss notices her stress and offers her a glass of wine to help her de-stress. He sits next to her and hits on her even more than even before, rubbing her thighs and legs. Soon, Jillian is succumbing to his advances as he kisses her on her neck and pulls her panties aside to rub her pussy. Jillian lies back in pleasure, enjoying her boss’ interest in her. She puts her drink down and tells him they shouldn’t be doing this because she has a boyfriend. Joss tells her he doesn’t care about her boyfriend. Jillian straddles Joss, grinding her body back and forth in his lap. They kiss passionately and Joss squeezes her tits. She tells him her pussy is getting so wet for him. They go to the bedroom where they strip each other out of their clothes. Jillian kisses his stomach and chest until she has his big, hard, black cock in her hand. She can’t believe how big his dick is and she doubts it’s going to fit inside her tight, little pussy. She lies on her stomach and starts sucking his cock, telling Joss how his dick is so much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Joss fucks her mouth, forcing all his girth down her throat and making Jillian drool and gag. When he lies on the bed, Jillian continues to wrap her lips around his mega meat, enjoying the way it’s stretching her throat.

Joss lies her on her back, pulls her panties off and eats her pussy. Jillian’s head falls back in ecstasy as Joss’ tongue wags back and forth across her clit. He fingers her pussy at the same time, making her wet. Jillian takes the first round of Joss’ big, black cock in missionary position and he pumps her pussy, drilling it deeper and faster with each stroke. Jillian mumbles on about how deep his cock is inside her. It feels so good, she tells him not to stop. “Fuck me like that, baby,” is what she says. The pair gets into an interesting position with Joss squatting over her while she’s in missionary position and fucking her pussy as hard as he can. Joss pulls out and sticks his black dong in her ass hole. Jillian is still lying on her back and as Joss fucks harder and harder, she can’t hold back anymore. She cums and squirts in ecstasy, drenching herself and Joss in the process. There are some great close-up shots of Jillian’s ass hole getting stretched by Joss. He turns her on her side into spoon position and spreads her ass hole to fit his girth. After a round of ass to mouth, there are some incredible close-up shots of Jillian’s ass hole in doggy and downward doggy being completely stuffed by Joss’ big dick. Jillian takes all his meat deep in her ass. Jillian swallows his meat in ass-to-mouth fashion then rides it up her ass in reverse cowgirl position. Joss goes back to ramming her tight ass hole missionary style, slamming it full of his cock. “Cum all over me and cum in my mouth,” is what Jillian tells him. She wants to taste him. Joss pumps her pussy until he’s ready to pop then he pulls out, beats her pussy with his dick then jerks off on her face and in her mouth, shooting a hot load down her throat. Jillian sucks his dick, swallowing the remaining cum and telling how it tastes delicious.

Scene 4: Roxy Raye and Flash Brown

Roxy Raye closes out this flick in the up-your-ass fashion that you would expect, opening her rectum wide for the big black pole that is Flash Brown. She takes it all and swallows his cum after rounds of anal drilling. Roxy is a real estate agent and she shows Flash a great house. She tries to convince him that this house would be perfect for him, but Flash is still on the edge. He’s debating between this house and another one, but he promises her that he’ll make a decision real soon. Roxy tells him she knows he’s been conflicted about which house to choose but there’s something in the master bedroom she wants to show him. She leads him to the bedroom and tells him if he signs today, she has an extra bonus for him. He’s curious about what the bonus is. Roxy walks up to him, rubs his cock and tells him if he signs today, she’ll let him fuck her ass. That’s just the offer Flash needed to hear. He kisses her and helps her out of her clothes, turning her around to unzip her dress. He stands behind her, squeezing her body and tits and kissing her neck. “I’m so fucking turned on right now,” is what she tells him. “Put that big fucking cock in my mouth.” Once Flash drops his pants and reveals his hard pole, Roxy kneels and puts it in her mouth, calling it a beautiful cock. It’s so big, she can barely fit it in her mouth. Flash feeds her face with his dick, making her choke on it. She continues to lick it from stem to stern, tasting his balls and running her tongue all the way up his shaft.


He turns her over into missionary position, sucks her tits then penetrates her pussy, drilling it so fast she creams all over his cock. Roxy holds onto his arms, moaning in ecstasy as he pumps her wet snatch. She fingers her clit while her pussy gets stretched. He pulls out and puts his cock in her mouth and watches her suck the taste of her pussy off it. Roxy begs him to fuck her ass hole. He pins her legs back missionary style then squeezes his dick in her tight ass hole. Roxy’s ass is so tight, he has to work it in there slowly. He drills her hole until his cock makes it way deep inside her then he starts fucking her harder and faster. Her ass hole is completely stretched now as Flash fucks it in spoon position. She braves his long, hard pole in reverse cowgirl up her anus and Roxy takes it balls deep. She stuffs two fingers in her pussy while his cock slams her creamy ass hole. After ass to mouth cock sucking, Roxy goes for a big cock ride up her ass in cowgirl position. Flash’s prick disappears deep inside her rectum. He tells her he’s about to cum. Roxy drops to the floor and opens her mouth with her tongue hanging out. Flash pops on her tongue and his cum drains down her mouth and cheeks. She wastes no time grabbing hold of his cock and sucking it clean of cum. She looks up at him and asks him if she convinced him that she’s the best realtor. He agrees that she is.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Interracial and Anal 4 for its great shots of tight, pink ass holes left gaping after being ravished by big, black cock. It turns out that this anal ravishing is the only way the starlets in this flick can reach the height of ecstasy and it’s a pleasure to watch them on that journey. Marley Brinx, Anya Olsen, Jillian Janson and Roxy Raye star in this anal feature, getting their rectums slammed open by anal annihilators Flash Brown, Joss Lesscaf, John Johnson and Prince Yahshua. Each starlet braves the big, black monster cocks of the guys and gets off when their pussies and ass holes get stuffed, pumped and plowed. Jillian is especially pleased with Joss’ mega dick, and she shows how much pleasure she’s in by squirting all over herself while Joss works his cock deep inside her ass. This flick is full of great close-up shots of anal domination and the overall cinematic view of the action makes each scene even more tantalizing. Director Greg Lansky incorporates his trademark high-quality techniques, making this flick hot to watch from beginning to end.

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