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Art of Anal Sex 5, The

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 46 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Anal; First Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Lena Paul, Natalia Starr, Holly Hendrix, Eliza Jane, Jean Val Jean, Mick Blue, Christian Clay

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap; Website Info; Interactive Menus


Lena Paul covers another hot anal feature from the Greg Lansky vault and this is a flick I highly recommend. The Art of Anal Sex 5 shows that Lansky still knows what it takes to create four sizzling hot scenes of rectum rooting that you’re sure to watch again and again. Watching girls like AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly Hendrix, get an incredible ass stretching from the Italian cock of Christian Clay on the kitchen countertop makes this flick worth it. But, Holly’s scene isn’t the only one percolating with heat. The closing scene with Eliza Jane begins with an old-fashioned round of ass spanking and cock sucking with AVN’s Male Performer of the Year, Mick Blue, in front of a great bookcase in his office. Mick finishes her therapy session in his bedroom blowing out her ass hole out with his cock until she screams in multiple assgasms. Lena’s big boobs hug Jean’s cock in rounds of titty fucking before his cock owns her ass hole then fills it with cum. Natalia Starr crawls back to her old boyfriend, Mick, in search of cash and he makes her pay for it with her ass hole. The storylines behind each scene are great, the girls are insatiable for a cock in the ass and the production quality of each scene is very high. This flick is another great study in anal sex from the mind of Greg Lansky.

Scene 1:  Lena Paul and Jean Val Jean

In this flick opener, Lena Paul gets her ass plowed by Jean Val Jean. She explains that her sister had just broken up with Jean. He was such a womanizer and cheater and he never took responsibility for anything. Lena says that Jean has always been a player and her sister made a big mistake by trying to be serious with him. Lena knows that you don’t date guys like Jean, you just have fun with them. Lena's sister sends her over to Jean’s house to get her things. When she gets there, Jean offers her a drink. Lena can’t help but realize how hot Jean is, but she is there for one thing and one thing only, to get her sister’s stuff! Jean leads her into the living room and talks about all the changes he made to the house. Lena cuts him off and says none of this has anything to do with her sister’s stuff. She’s here to get her sister’s stuff. Jean stands behind her and hugs her body while working her top off, exposing her big boobs. Lena tries to fight it at first, telling Jean that they shouldn’t be doing this, but she’s so turned on by him, she succumbs to the feeling. Jean pulls her dress off and spanks her big ass cheeks, then puts her in doggy position on the bed and eats her ass hole. Lena can’t believe he’s eating her ass the way he is and it feels good. Lena closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of Jean’s tongue then she says she wants to taste his cock. She kneels and sucks his dick, telling him, “now I know why my sister was moaning all the time. She opens her mouth wide and Jean fucks it, making her drool all over her big tits. Strings of spit hang from her lips and Jean’s cock as he bangs her throat.

Lena wraps her knockers around Jean’s hard cock for a round of titty fucking. Lena is enjoying fucking her sister’s ex so much she's beside herself. Jean can’t stop sucking her 32DDD jugs. Lena lies on her back with her legs open, welcoming Jean’s dick inside her bushy pussy. She says, “I can’t believe I’m fucking you.” Jean bangs her pussy, holding her legs by the ankles. It feels so good to Lena. She looks up at him with her mouth gaping open and her big boobs bouncing back and forth. She’s cumming already from his fucking and tells him, “don’t stop! I’m gonna cum all over you!” That’s when she creams all over his cock. There’s a hot close-up of Lena’s hairy cunt as Jean’s cock drills in and out of it. He pins her thighs back against the bed. These two have great chemistry and the way the scene is shot makes the sex between these two sizzle. Lena stays in missionary position, spreads her ass cheeks open and smiles as Jean penetrates her ass hole. “Do you see how much my ass hole is open for you?” she asks him. Lena’s anus is gaping open now and Jean admires it whenever he pulls out. Jean opens his leg up and the camera zooms in close from behind on Lena’s cock-packed ass hole. He drills it balls deep, keeping her moaning in pleasure. Anal spoon fucking is next followed by another round of missionary up the ass.

Lena’s sensation takes on new heights when she kneels on all fours and Jean squats over top of her and drills her ass hole. There are several great close-ups of her gaping, juicy ass hole that seems to be begging for more cock. “Keep fucking my ass! Keep fucking my ass!” is what Lena screams out. She cums again from the anal pounding which makes her toes curl. She does ass to mouth then climbs on top of his cock for reverse cowgirl fucking up the ass. Lena rides his hard prick then marvels when he fills her ass with cum, leaving her with an anal creampie. When he pulls out, the cum drains out of her hole. Lena doesn’t allow his cum or her ass juices to go to waste. She sucks his dick, slurping up everything.

Scene 2:  Natalia Starr and Mick Blue

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This scene with Natalia and Mick features domination and spanking and great anal romance. When the scene begins, we learn that Natalia has been married for two years but she’s not in love anymore. The only thing she loves about her relationship with her husband is the money, but she is realizing that her husband isn’t worth nearly as much as he let on. Eventually, he drowned himself in debt and put her in a terrible situation. Natalia has never worked a day in her life and she’s not about to start now. She pays a visit to her wealthy ex-boyfriend, Mick. She needs shopping money and maybe a car and she knows he’ll give it to her. But Mick surprises her by making her crawl across the floor toward him. He wants her to submit to his every word. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the money she needs. Natalia gets on her hands and knees on the bed and Mick punishes her. He pulls her panties off, smells them and spanks her ass cheeks until they turn red. He admits that he misses her, and then he starts spanking her even harder. She kneels in front of him and waits eagerly as he unzips his pants. When his hard cock springs out, she licks it like an ice cream cone then sucks it. Mick guides his dick in and out of her mouth while Natalia looks up at him with her big, beautiful, blue eyes. She tells him she has missed sucking his cock. Mick feeds it to her until she starts gagging. They kiss then Natalia takes her cock sucking skills to the bed where she sucks on Mick’s balls and licks her way up his shaft.

With his cock fully lubed by her drool, she sits on it cowgirl style and goes for a ride. It’s a slow ride at first as she mumbles to him that she missed his cock so much. Mick works his cock deep in her pussy and spanks her ass while she rides him. Natalia picks up the pace, slamming her pussy up and down on Mick’s hard dick. She licks her pussy cream off his cock then lies on her back where Mick eats her cunt until she cums. He tongues her ass hole too, fingering it and getting it ready for him. Natalia gets her fill of Mick’s cock up her ass missionary style. She is a thing of beauty lying on her back with her legs spread open while he drills her ass hole. His dick is like a missile spreading and stretching her ass hole. “That feels so good! I love it when you fuck my ass!” are all the words Natalia can barely get out. Mick spoon fucks her ass hole then Natalia swallows the taste of her own ass  in a bout of ass-to-mouth cock sucking. Mick plows her tight ass in reverse cowgirl position, banging his balls against her pussy. She orders him to stick his dick all the way in her ass. More ass-to-mouth cock sucking soon turns into doggy style drilling in Natalia’s ass. Mick stuffs every inch of his dick deep inside her rectum, making Natalia close her eyes and cry out, “it’s so deep inside me!” Mick goes into overdrive drilling her ass hole doggy style until he’s ready to shoot his load. He pulls out and pops in her open mouth, covering her tongue in jizz. She swallows then sucks his cock, looking up at him and telling him “I can’t believe you just fucked my ass.”

Scene 3: Holly Hendrix and Christian Clay


AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly Hendrix, is a naughty anal whore in this scene with Christian Clay. When the scene opens, Holly is hanging out with her best friend, Katie. She is enjoying hanging out with Katie but she’s enjoying seeing Katie’s dad, Christian, even more. She thinks he’s so hot and she sees the way he looks at her. She just knows he wants her. Later that day, Katie remembers that she’s got to go to her dance class. She has a big recital and she can’t miss practice. She’s got to leave Holly for a couple of hours. As soon as Katie leave, Holly’s heart starts pounding. She knows Katie’s dad is home. She strips out of her clothes and puts something sexy on. We watch her get dressed in a skimpy outfit as the excitement builds in her. She walks into the kitchen in her panties and top and asks Christian if he’s ever fucked one of his daughter’s friends before. Christian is shocked she would ask something like that, but Holly tells him, “come on.” “Don’t play games with me. I saw the way you looked at me.” She rubs his chest and then his face and soon Christian is under her spell. They kiss passionately and he lifts her over to the kitchen island, sits her on it and pulls her panties off. Holly’s pink pussy sits in front of Christian’s face and he eats it then licks his way down to her ass hole. “Right there, right there, right there!" is what Holly yells.

That spot where Christian’s tongue is dancing in her hole is driving Holly crazy. He stuffs her pussy with two fingers and finger fucks her until she cums. He eats her wet pussy some more then Holly decides it’s time to suck his cock. She kneels on the kitchen floor and sucks his hard dick. “Baby, you’re so nasty,” is what Christian tells her. She jerks his meat in and out of her mouth and drools on it. They make a pinky promise never to tell Katie about any of this. Holly takes her time licking and sucking Christian’s dick from the head of his cock down to his balls. Christian fucks Holly’s throat, leaving a trail of drool as a result. She stands up and bends over the kitchen island in standing doggy position with one leg up over the counter. She grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy, moaning almost immediately as Christian’s cock rams her tight pussy. He squeezes her ass cheeks and slams her hole. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” is all Holly screams out as she looks back at him. Holly likes to be fucked hard and Christian knows just how hard to give it to her, stretching her pink pussy with his cock. Christian lifts her into standing cowgirl position on his hard pole and walks her to the living room, bouncing her up and down on his dick. Once there, Holly climbs off and sucks his cock more while Christian finger bangs her pussy.

Holly gets comfortable on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and sits there while Christian rams her pussy. She shivers and shakes in ecstasy, telling him “that’s good, that’s good!” After sucking him off, Holly introduces her ass hole to his cock in cowgirl position, getting her hole stuffed. The doggy style anal fuck that follows is hot to watch as we see the action close-up. Holly’s pink, gaping ass hole is pummeled by Christian’s big hard cock. He jams her hole with his prick, stuffing her ass balls deep and leaving Holly melting in pleasure. Ass to mouth is followed by more doggy fucking and now Holly’s ass hole is open wide and gaping. Missionary style anal sex is followed by more reverse cowgirl up the ass. “Come on baby, fuck it,” are Holly’s words to Christian. This sends him into another round of hard pounding up Holly’s ass that leads to a pop shot in Holly’s mouth. She gobbles up his spunk and licks his cock, telling him that she can’t believe she fucked her best friend’s dad.  

Scene 4:  Eliza Jane and Mick Blue

Eliza’s anal exploration with Mick is the hottest scene of this flick. The sexual tension and chemistry between these two is a turn on to watch. When the scene opens, Eliza shares that her parents really suck. A couple of weeks ago, they found some weed in her jacket and sent her to see a therapist. Eliza is addicted to breaking the rules and she doesn’t know why. For as long as she can remember, she has never liked being told what to do. The more in trouble she gets, the more excited she gets. She goes to see a therapist, Mick. In the first session, Mick mostly listens to everything Eliza says. He doesn’t say much. At the end of the session, he explains that there’s a new therapy that he thinks will be great for her. He tells her that because she was never spanked as a child, she has developed problems with discipline. He proposes spanking her now to put her in a position of vulnerability. Eliza doesn’t know what to make of his proposal, but before she knows it, she agrees to the whole notion. Mick orders her to take off her panties and bring them to him. She gives him her panties. He smells them then tells her to bend over his desk. He flips up Eliza’s skirt, rubs her ass cheeks then spanks them hard, again and again. Eliza's ass turns red from the punishment and she squeals each time he hits her. Pretty soon, she understands the consequences of her actions. He tells her to get on her knees, unzip his pants and take out his cock. Eliza sucks his dick, moaning as she tries deep throating it. She jerks him back and forth and squeezes his balls while licking his dick and asking him if this is OK. “Look at me when you suck my cock,” is what Mick tells her. She looks up at him then licks his balls. Mick tells her to open her mouth and keep it open. That’s when he starts fucking her throat and making her gag. “Lick my balls and stroke my cock at the same time,” is the latest order from Mick. After more face banging that makes Eliza choke, Mick pulls up her pants and tells her to come to his house later this afternoon so she can finish her therapy.

Later that day at Mick’s house, Eliza is on her knees sucking his cock. He bends her over the bed and spanks her firm ass cheeks, turning them crimson again. He fucks her throat then she grabs hold of his cock and beats her face with it. She licks and sucks it, jerking it with both hands and working hard to deep throat it.


Eliza’s therapy now turns to fucking and Mick fucks her naughty pussy cowgirl style. Eliza begs him, “yes, please, please, please!” She is learning her manners already as she rides his hard pole. Eliza gets to the toughest part of her session, taking Mick’s hard dick up her ass. She sits on it in reverse cowgirl position and rides it, screaming out as he punishes her tight ass hole with his prick. “It’s so deep in me,” is what she says as his cock disappears into her hole. He fingers her clit while banging her ass hole. Eliza climbs off and sucks his cock in ass to mouth fashion then takes another round of reverse cowgirl up the ass that makes her cum. She’s such a good girl, bending over doggy style on the bed where Mick fucks her ass hole fully. He fills her rectum, slamming in and out of her wet butt. Eliza is left spiraling into ecstasy. She turns over onto her back for missionary fucking of her ass that leaves her hole stretched and stuffed even further than before. Mick bangs her hole harder and faster then he pulls out and pops on her tongue. Eliza licks her fingers which have cum on them then she sucks his cock and rubs the cum from around her lips into her mouth. She swallows, telling him he tastes so good. “I hope you think I made progress today. This is the perfect therapy,” Eliza tells him.

Final Thoughts:

The Art of Anal Sex 5 is another great study in anal banging and it has all the right elements to make this a flick I highly recommend. Director Greg Lansky packages sexual heat into all four scenes with his selection of anally insatiable girls, the high-quality production of each scene and the hot, hard anal sex that leaves the flick’s starlets screaming in assgasms and anal creampies. The big boobed Lena Paul covers the movie and she opens the flick with a chemistry-filled scene with hard-cocked Frenchman Jean Val Jean. Lena visits him to collect her sister’s things but she succumbs to her attraction for him and her ass hole becomes a gateway for his throbbing cock. Her gaping ass hole is stuffed full of cum after Jean drills it to no end. AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly Hendrix, works her magic on the kitchen counter with Italian stud Christian Clay. Her attraction for her best friend’s dad is overpowering and she takes it all the way with him in a sensational over-the-counter fuck that stretches her tiny ass hole. You’ll find Eliza Jane’s anal romance with Mick Blue incredible to watch, especially the scene opener in Mick’s office. He gives Eliza the best therapy for her problems, an old-fashioned spanking over his desk followed by a skull fuck that leaves her drooling. He finishes her therapy in ass banging style that cures Eliza of her problems. Natalia Starr also fucks Mick, her ex-boyfriend, in a scene that has her crawling back to him, literally. Soon her ex's cock is wedged deep in her ass hole with no end in sight. I highly recommend The Art of Anal Sex 5. The storylines are great, the ana sex is hot, the girls are a pleasure to watch and the production quality is high. Greg Lansky's latest installment in anal sex is a true pleasure to watch.

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