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Cuck 'Em All 2

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 59 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Cuckolds; Black; Affairs and Love Triangles; Fetish; Wives

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring September Rain with Yasmine DeLeon, Daya Knight, Daisy Ducati, Nat Turner, Jovan Jordan, Darwin Slimpoke, Dirk Huge

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Cuck Em All, Interracial Big Booty Battle, I Like Black Girls 4, Ultimate Desires; Website Info; Popshot Gallery



Cuck Em All 2 features four black starlets and their sissified, white husbands who are left cowering in the corner watching their wives get fucked by big, black cock. There’s no way these tiny husbands could ever satisfy their wives this way and the girls' black boyfriends are out to show these humiliated husbands what it really means to fuck their wives. In the end, the husbands are left with their mouths wide open, cum swapping with their fully satisfied wives and swallowing each black guy’s jizz. Cuckold fans will enjoy this adulterous flick featuring September Rain with Yasmine DeLeon, Daya Knight, and Daisy Ducati. These girls get their famished pussies filled by black cocksman Jovan Jordan, Darwin Slimpoke, Dirk Huge and Nat Turner.  September covers the DVD with her black cock satisfier Slimpoke. September can’t help herself to Slimpoke’s dick when he arrives. She dominates her husband into submission, making him watch her fuck this famous rapper. Yasmin DeLeon has a great scene with Nat Turner, the insurance salesman. He fucks Yasmin in front of her husband, cums in her mouth and watches her spit his spunk into her husband’s mouth. Nat explains that this is the danger of what could happen to Yasmin if her husband doesn’t buy home invasion insurance. I recommend this flick. Daisy, Daya, Yasmin, and September all fire up their scenes with great sex, the storylines are funny and the husbands cower and swallow cum.

Scene 1:  Daisy Ducati and Dirk Huge

When the scene opens, Daisy is busy making out with Dirk on the couch, kissing him and running her hands all over his body. He grips her firmly around her neck, then pulls her bra off and kisses her nipples. Daisy can’t wait to experience the pleasure that Dirk is about to give her and her body shivers as he runs his fingers down her panties and fingers her clit. He takes those fingers from his pussy to her mouth, making her choke. Soon, he has her panties off and she is bent over doggy style. He licks and smacks on her pussy from behind, telling her to spread those ass cheeks open. Daisy moans and laughs as Dirk’s tongue drills her pussy. Right then, Daisy’s white husband walks in the door, sees Daisy getting her pussy eaten and asks her what the hell is going on. She tells him not to worry about it. She found a real man on date-a-con-dot-com. Her husband sinks to the floor in disbelief as Daisy sucks Dirk’s cock. “Look at how big his cock is,” she turns to tell her husband. Then she greedily sucks his cock again, stuffing it all the way down her throat. Her husband looks on with his mouth gaping open. “Look at how fucking big his dick is,” Daisy tells her husband. She pays no attention to her spouse and puts all her attention on Dirk’s cock. Dirk spits down her throat then puts his dick back in there. Her husband yells out that Daisy has never even sucked his cock before. Daisy says she would never touch that fucking thing.

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Daisy bends over doggy style on the couch and opens her ass cheeks wide. Dirk stuffs her pussy with his dick then pulls out, turns her over onto her back then eats her wet pussy. He fucks her in the same position while her husband watches. Daisy is finally getting the pleasure she has been longing for. The camera zooms in close on Daisy’s pussy getting slammed by Dirk’s dick missionary style. Daisy’s husband crawls closer to her in continued disbelief as Daisy’s pussy gets stretched right in front of his eyes. After Dirk stretches her hole, he sits on the couch so she can suck him off again. Her husband is kneeling and watching the action so close up that Daisy spits on his face after deep throating Dirk. Her spit drains down his face as she gets into doggy position for more dick drilling. Dirk fucks her hard then sits her on his cock cowgirl style. She bounces up and down and rides his pole before turning over to get fucked missionary style some more. Dirk pumps her pussy hard and fast then pulls out and pops in her mouth. His cum puddles on her tongue. She spits all of Dirk’s jizz into her husband’s mouth and makes him swallow it.  

Scene 2:  Daya Knight and Jovan Jordan

Daya is lying in bed with her husband, telling him how much fun she had with him today. She talks about going out next weekend to watch Shakespeare in the Park. They talk about making a party out of it. Her husband asks her about the black guy she was talking to the other day when they went out. It seems like she was only interested in the black guys. Daya reassures him, telling him he shouldn’t be worried because she loves his little, tiny penis. Her husband worries that she may not be satisfied with him. Daya tells him they just need to spice up their sex life. She handcuffs his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed, telling him that she’s going to have fun with her little white husband. Daya tells him she’s got a big surprise for him on the other side of the door. She opens the door and introduces her husband to Jovan, who walks in with his big black cock.

Daya screams at her husband, “You think I want Shakespeare in the park? I want dick in the hood!” She tells her husband to be a good little bitch and watch her suck Jovan’s big cock. She forgets about her husband and focuses on Jovan’s dick, sucking and slurping all over it as she lies on the bed next to her husband. Jovan pulls her panties off and plugs her pussy with his big cock. Daya moans in pleasure and tells her husband to take fucking notes. Jovan gives Daya the big dick fucking she has missed for so long. After jamming her hole missionary style, he helps her on top of him so she can ride his pole cowgirl style. “Oh, this is a real dick!” is what Daya moans. Jovan grips and spanks both her ass cheeks, keeping her in pleasure. Jovan chokes Daya around her neck then tells her to kiss her fucking husband. She gets fucked doggy style right next to her husband then she lies on her side for spoon fucking in bed. Her husband is left watching his wife get her pussy stretched by big, black cock. Jovan pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and on her face. She kisses her husband, giving him a taste of Jovan’s cum and tells him this is what a black guy tastes like.

Scene 3: Yasmine DeLeon and Nat Turner

When Yasmine’s husband comes home, he’s surprised to see her sitting on the couch with Nat. Yasmine explains to her husband that Nat is from the insurance company and he’s talking to her about the different options available. Yasmine is concerned about a home invasion because her husband can’t do anything to protect her. She tells Nat to show her husband what would happen if a big black guy like Nat were to come into the home. Nat says he would grab Yasmine in her pussy. He demonstrates by rubbing Yasmine’s snatch. She tells her husband that he can’t do anything to stop Nat from invading her pussy the way he is. She sits on Nat and he pulls her bra down and licks her nipples. Yasmine continues her demonstration of what would happen if a big, black man were to invade their home. She strips down and bends over doggy style on the couch to suck Nat’s big, fat dick. She licks and sucks his dick slowly as Nat explains that the insurance plan would protect Yasmine from these things. She beats her face with his hard dick, surprising her husband at how nasty she can be. She rubs her lips with his dick while her husband looks on and cries.

“This is a cock and you have a fucking toothpick,” Yasmine yells at her husband. She drools all over Nat's cock then stands up in standing doggy position in front of Nat. He spreads her tight cunt with his cock, working it in her hole while her helpless husband watches. Nat bangs her hole as she screams, “pound this fucking pussy.” When Yasmine lies on the armrest of the couch, Nat continues his exploration of her snatch. Her pussy is creaming all over his cock. Nat pulls out and eats her wet hole, spanking her thighs while his tongue spanks her clit. Yasmine and Nat fuck in reverse cowgirl position and we get great close-up shots of that action. She turns around into cowgirl and slams her pretty ass up and down on his dick. Yasmine sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then bends over doggy style on the couch for more banging. Nat slams her wet pussy while her husband sits on the couch and cries. “Right there, right there,” is what Yasmine mumbles, telling her husband that Nat is hitting her fucking G-spot. He spreads her box then pulls out and orders Yasmine to her knees. She tells her husband to watch Nat cum in her fucking mouth. She opens her mouth and Nat shoots in it. Nat tells her husband to go get a check for $2,300 for insurance protection so something like this never happens.

Scene 4:  September Reign and Darwin Slimpoke

September is all dressed up and she’s worried about whether she looks good. She asks her husband how she looks and he says she looks great. She looks out the window in anticipation of Slimpoke arriving. Her husband asks her why she’s so nervous. She tells him it’s just that she hasn’t seen Slim in so long. So much has changed. Slim went to jail and September wonders if everything will be the same. Slim arrives in a huge, black Escalade with bodyguards. He’s a bigger than life rapper and he walks in smoking weed. September puffs the smoke out of Slim’s mouth and tells him how much she missed his dick. Her husband goes off to fix Slim a drink, but his wife is having fun with Slim just like old times. He pulls her panties off to the side and fingers her pussy. She says she wants to get a taste of his cock again. September grabs his dick, squeezes it and sucks it, moaning each time she bobs her head up and down on his meat. She spits all over his cock, lubing it up just as September’s husband walks in on them with drinks. Her husband yells at her, wondering what the fuck is going on. September tells him she’s sucking a fucking rapper’s dick! “Sit your ass down and watch how a black man fucks me,” September screams to her spouse.

She gets back to work sucking Slim’s pole while her husband sits in the corner and watches. September sits on his cock cowgirl style and bounces up and down on Slim’s long, black pole. Her pussy creams all over it as she rides him. Slim spanks her ass as she bounces up and down on him then he turns her over into missionary position for more fucking. He bangs her pussy missionary style while September looks up at him in ecstasy. He pulls out and feeds her his dick, fucking her face until she gags and drools. Her husband is in disbelief at what he’s seeing. September squirts on Slim’s cock when he fucks her doggy style on the couch. Cock sucking is followed up by cowgirl fucking, then September drops to her knees and sucks his cock and balls until he cums. Slim holds her face in place as he shoots his jizz on her tongue. Her husband says, “please don’t tell me about a high school reunion coming up!”

Final Thoughts:

“Shut up and watch how a real man fucks me then swallow his cum!” That sums up what the horny wives tell their twit husbands in Devil’s Film’s Cuck Em All 2. This flick features September Rain with Yasmine DeLeon, Daya Knight and Daisy Ducati fucking in front of their disgraced husbands. These girls’ pussies are famished from their no-dick spouses, and black cocksmen Jovan Jordan, Darwin Slimpoke, Dirk Huge and Nat Turner show up to fill them up. Each starlet dominates her sissified husband into complete submission, making him watch and learn as she gets fucked by her black stud. When her cocksman pops, she catches the load in her mouth then spits it in her husband’s and watches him swallow. I recommend this flick. Cuck fans will enjoy watching September cream all over Slimpoke’s dick while making a mockery of her husband. Yasmin DeLeon puts on a hot show with Nat Turner in this funny scene about home invasion insurance. Nat slams Yasmin’s pussy in front of her husband and after splashing her with spunk, he explains that the home insurance will protect his wife from invasions like this one. The scenes are good, the storylines are funny and the husbands are humiliated.

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