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Studio: Trans 500 Studios » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Six months ago, in January 2017, I first reviewed trans500.com and recommended that you to join it. That review is copied below if you'd like to read it.

I like Trans500 even more now than I did in January...mainly because the studio's executives listened to me and actually acted on my recommendations! Wow! What an experience...that a studio would actually care what a poor old critic like me has to say. 

Soon after my first review was published in January, I got an email from the site's owner asking for a Skype meeting. I readily accepted and told them of my experience with their site...the desktop version was great but there was no mobile version available. Thus, it was nearly impossible to enjoy the site using my iPhone. To my great surprise, the owner acted on what I said and a very nice mobile site is now available.

Here are some screen captures of some of the pages as you'll see them on your phone. From left-to right, you'll see the home page, the update page, the video page, and the photo viewer. Pretty awesome improvement as compared to six months ago!


In my previous review, I also mentioned that the photo sets featured on the Trans500 site didn't include images of the girls' orgasms. To me, sex isn't over until everybody cums at least once. So, to say the least, I was disappointed that the photo sets didn't document the girls' pops. The studio listened to me about that, too. See for yourself in these recent creamy photos!


Trans500 has kept all the positive aspects of its site and improved those minor issues that I identified. I'm very happy with the improvements Trans500 has made to its site. Thus, I'm increasing my recommendation of the site from "recommended" to "highly recommended."

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Here's my original review for your convenience.

Trans500.com is a network of six sites that cover the trans woman world from these perspectives:

The trans women featured on this group of sites are primarily international, but some of our native US trans women are prominently featured as well (including Must-See Girls Aubrey KateJonelle Brooks, and Venus Lux

This review is based upon my visits between 12/27/2016 and 01/10/2017.


  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): The homepage, shown above, displays first the site's most recent updates. Click on any of the thumbnail photos and the scene page, shown below, appears. From the homepage, you can also search for your favorite models as well as the site's most popular performers, check out special deals, and peruse related VOD and other sites. 
    • The overall look and feel of the homepage is OK, but feels somewhat dated. Perhaps it is time for a face lift.
    • I find the scene pages (shown below) to be very effective. Note the major navigation tabs (movies, photos, and comments) as well as the applicable search categories (you can even suggest your own tags for the scene!). I really like the links that let you quickly download different resolutions of the movies (up to 1080P). Even better, the links show the filesize...something that you'll find valuable if your hard drive is close to capacity). If you'd prefer to not download, you can also stream the movie in full 1080 HD quality. This is impressive and very appreciated.


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  • Ease of Navigation: Overall, I find the navigation of this site to be quite intuitive. I never found myself lost or wondering how to get to the content I wanted.
  • Speed: I had no problems watching or downloading the movies, even using my iPhone's Sprint LTE connection. The speed is even better with wireless or with my desktop.
  • Responsive Design: None...and this is a serious recommendation on my part. PLEASE, TRANS500, rework this site to be responsive to the end-user's device. When I load this site on my phone, the image, which was designed for a desktop computer, is so small that I have to pinch the screen to enlarge the image so that I can click the links. Even worse, individual photos do not automatically fit my screen. In many cases, the photos froze Safari so I had to log out of the browser and then back in. Real work needs to be done on the site's responsiveness!
  • Content provided: As you can see from the screen captures I've provided, each video scene comes with accompanying photos, text that gives you an overview of the scene, a method for you to comment, and the scene's ratings. That's solid!
  • Frequency of updates: By way of example, in December 2016 the site posted 12 updates (including behind-the-scenes featurettes). That volume of updates is above average for similar sites and is very appreciated.
  • Cost: The costs of the various levels of membership are shown below. If you have the money, go with the Lifetime membership. As a reviewer and judge for trans women awards programs, I've enjoyed Trans500 for several years. I've never grown tired of it.





These comments are based upon my review of five non-BTS videos that were posted between 12/27/2016 and 01/10/2017. Four unretouched screen captures are shown below to give you an idea of the quality of the video image and a look at some of the recent trans women who have graced the site.

As a result of reviewing these five scenes, I've absolutely fallen in love with Karla Carrillo. She's shown in the bottom-left capture below and the bottom-right capture in the pops collage farther below. In addition, the scene page for her Trans At Play scene is shown above. Her personality (she loves what she does!) accompanied by her unusual and extremely large (and very prolific) cock, make her adorable.


  • Size (resolution): Three resolutions are available for all the recent scenes: Low Quality (640 X 360), Medium Quality (1280 X 720), and High Quality (1920 X 1080).
  • Downloadable? Yes. I really appreciate being able to download everything so that I can enjoy the content I purchased off line.
  • Available as Video on Demand? Yes, in both Medium (1280 X 720) and High Quality (1920 X 1080). 
  • Approximate length: The movies I reviewed ranged from 19:26 minutes to 31:34 minutes. Average time, then, is about 25 minutes.
  • Storyline/acting: Some of the scenes I've reviewed have a bit of an introductory storyline. The "dialog," however, is in a foreign language (sounds like Portuguese to me), but there are (very poorly translated) subtitles in English. Most of the scenes are strictly gonzo with a tease preceding the sex.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes...and very good solos, I might add.
    • Trans woman/genetic woman: I did not encounter any of this type of scene.
    • Trans woman/trans woman: I did not encounter any of this type of scene.
    • Trans woman/man: Yes. The hard-core scenes are almost exclusively TS-boy couplings.
    • Group: There are a number of threeway (TS-boy-boy) scenes.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: OK, but not great. I wish that trans woman sex-scene directors would pay more attention to the girl's make-up and hairstyling...you know, like they do on major porn sites. The trans women featured on trans500.com are average to very pretty. But, they could be more lovingly attired and made up. For example, virtually every trans woman has had breast enlargement surgery that resulted in scars. Why not use a bit of concealer to reduce the appearance of those scars? Those of us who love trans women want to see them at their best.
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: In three of the five scenes I reviewed, the girl ejaculated. Screen captures of these pops are shown below.
  • Compression artifacts: None that I noticed.
  • White balance/lighting: As you can see from the eight screen captures that I've provided, the girls' skin looks reasonably attractive in the scenes I reviewed. So, the white balance is acceptable to good. On the other hand, the same captures show that the light used during video capture is too contrasty. This lighting results in some harsh shadows and does not do much to enhance the overall appearance of the girls. I recommend that the trans500 directors spend more time setting up flattering lighting for the girls.
  • Camera angles/motions: Reasonably well done...for porn scenes. I didn't notice any excessively inappropriate camera movements and there were no camera angles that made me dizzy. Solid...but not "Hollywood" style.
  • Audio: No problems.
  • Editing: For the most part, the editing makes it feel as if you are with the performer(s) non-stop throughout the scene. The editing felt natural and appropriate to me.
  • Problems encountered: I encountered no problems viewing or downloading these scenes.




These comments are based upon my review of five non-BTS photo shoots that were posted between 12/27/2016 and 01/10/2017. Five unretouched photos are shown below to give you an idea of the quality of the video image and a look at some of the recent trans women who have graced the site.


  • Size (resolution): 1500 X 1000 (landscape photos); 667 X 1000 (portrait photos). In my opinion, the photos are too small and the size is more applicable to monitors that were sold a decade ago as compared to today's high-res devices.
  • Downloadable? Yes
  • Type of Photo Shoots Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Trans woman/genetic woman: I did not encounter any of this type of scene.
    • Trans woman/trans woman: I did not encounter any of this type of scene.
    • Trans woman/man: Yes. The hard-core scenes are almost exclusively TS-boy couplings.
    • Group: There are a number of threeway (TS-boy-boy) scenes.
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: The photosets I perused for this review included between 194 and 362 images. The average number is about 290 images.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Same comments as I made regarding the videos above.
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Not in the photosets I perused.
  • White balance/lighting: Unretouched examples are shown above. Note how the girl's fleshtones range widely and, in some cases, those fleshtones are not flattering. Also notice the same harsh lighting that I described above in the videos section.
  • Problems encountered: The photos do not size properly when viewed on my iPhone. When I try to resize the images, Safari locks up on me. I think the site needs to pay attention to responsive design.


  • Preview of video/photoshoot content: Yes. each scene page has descriptive commentary about the scene. I found these commentaries to be accurate. They do not inflate or misrepresent the content of the scene.
  • Blogs: You are allowed to post comments about the scenes.
  • Stories: No. 

Commentary and Recommendation

Overall, this is a solid site. However, I recommend that the site's owners look into updating it so that it responds appropriately to different screen sizes (mobile vs. desktop) and potentially refresh the somewhat dated look and feel of the site. The issues I had with the site on my iPhone is why I gave this site a 3.0 (C grade) evaluation for Ease of Use.

I like the scenes and the trans women represented on the site. Most of the girls are quite attractive and their solo and sex scenes are well worth watching. I do, however, recommend that the video directors spend a little more effort on makeup, wardrobe, and hair styling and that they light their sets in a way that is more flattering to the girls' fleshtones. This is why I gave this site a 4.0 (B grade) for quality.

Trans500 gives you solid value for your money. Updates are frequent and the site has hundreds of scenes going back to 2004. You'll never run out of trans woman content if you subscribe to trans500.com

Dr. Jay

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