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Cum On My Tattoo 7

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Tattoos

Director: Joanna Angel
Shot By: Mike Quasar Editing By: Small Hands



Cast: Marley Brinx, Leigh Raven, Rachel Rampage, Victoria Villain, Joanna Angel (Non-sex), Small Hands, Jessy Jones, Steve Holmes

Length: 1 hour 44 minutes

Date of Release: June 6, 2017

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet Info


Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good. Camera work is ultra-solid. Lighting is on point, audio is near perfect.

Overview: Burning Angel is back at it in the realm of gonzo scenes. Here, Joanna Angel has picked 4 inked starlets to get drilled by her husband and a couple of other popular male performers. As usual, the camera is in Mike Quasar's expert hands and he wields it as if it were a samurai sword cutting right into the scene. Joanna's husband, Small Hands, provides the editing and soundtrack with a deft hand and a good ear. This is a Burning Angel title that fans of tattooed girls will definitely want to check out.

Scene 1: Marley Brinx, Small Hands

Marley Brinx

BAM. Right off the mother fucking bat, you know this is going to be one of those stellar Burning Angel scenes. Marley just lights up the Porn Valley skyline in some alternative/BDSM couture. Mike Quasar's camera is on point making it look like she's doing a photoshoot for Italian Vogue and Small Hands' titling and editing make it look like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show team is either in the editing bay with him, or they need to start worrying about their job security. Small's rock riffs burn into your eardrums, as expected. I'm not sure why he uses all the distortion on the drums, but I've come to like the sound.

With the tease fading, we find Small Hands in his music room when Miss Brinx struts in and he asks if she wants to check out his vintage import record collection. As enticing as that might sound, she just wants him to cum on her tattoo. She gets him naked and starts bobbing in her BDSM couture from the tease. Small Hands expertly starts pulling her hair up off of her face like the seasoned porn pro he is.

Damn! For once, I was actually prepared for some great scripted scene that Joanna snuck into one of her gonzo flicks...perhaps it will come later when I forget to be prepared for it.

Marley Brinx

After shoving his cock into her mouth a few times, he pulls her black panties aside and ramrods her a few times then yanks them off for some cunnilingus while Miss Brinx wriggles her way out of her bra to leave only her leather harness and stockings on. Getting into doggie, her small ass gets slapped by Small Hands as he methodically puts his manhood in and out of her hole. In one of his trademark moves, he yanks her head back with her hair and wraps his hand around her throat as the action intensifies. Her smoke-shadowy eyes glaze over as she reaches back to pull his cock deeper into her. Getting the hint, he starts ramming harder as she gazes up at him.

Her raven-Esque patch is featured prominently as he yanks on her harness while hammering her in missionary. They kiss passionately as their groins grind, her false eyelashes monstrously long. Quasar's camera captures all of their ink in exquisite detail as the ecstasy-filled fucking goes on in one position after another. Drool drips down Marley's chin as she rides in reverse before Small manhandles sideways to pummel into her from an alternate angle, and then again into another position. He's working up a sweat, his hair becoming tousled but he isn't done yet. He lifts her to the ground (yes, I meant to say that) for some quality pile driving action, her ripped nylons providing a nice targeted V for him. Tossing her back onto the couch, he starts yanking on her pubes to her delight as she begs him to cum on her tattoo. She's gripping her hair in ecstasy when he yanks her arm down to comply with her request.

Scene 2: Leigh Raven, Steve Holmes

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Miss Raven's bummed that they are outta coffee and Joanna turns her onto this app that will deliver anything. Soon, her delivery addiction is out of control and the living room is filled with wonderfully useful and useless stuff. Of course, it won't stop there, she needs some cock too and her faithful delivery guy is happy to oblige. Steve leans back on her newly acquired dinosaur plushie so she can get busy slurping.

Leigh Raven & Joanna Angel

Miss Raven is ravenous and sucks it with abandon and Steve's happy to return the favor. She starts tossing her newly delivered items aside as Mr. Holmes gets naked so he can work her over properly. She seems so grateful as she expresses her love for the giant cock he has delivered. She's about to jump out of her skin with delight as he starts smacking her ass. They are having a ton of fun as he drums on her butt cheeks and she impales her throat on his member when he switches the slaps to her facial cheeks and pierced boobies.

Leigh Raven

Enough with the foreplay, Holmes gets to hammering into her. Her screams and grunts captured very nicely as the two play slap face with each other while fucking. The duo goes at it in a number of positions, Leigh's tats filling the frame at times and wide shots providing great coverage of the super intense session. Hair pulling, tongue depressing, and finger-assisted fucking ensue. Steve wants to try something and rubs his cock on Raven's head stubble. More raucous romping follows, grunts from all around as Leigh manages to peel off everything but her stockings. Steve's ecstatic when Leigh gets into a position to lick his ass and balls and he gladly returns the favor on her ass hole. A final, ass-smack filled, furious fuck session brings Mr. Holmes home all over her chosen neck tattoo.

Scene 3: Rachel Rampage, Small Hands

As far as I can tell this Rachel's first adult film and of course we find her tromping through the snow in nothing but an unzipped fur-lined coat and a leather harness, knocking on the door that will be opened by Small Hands. You see, she locked her keys in her car...and she's cold, she needs to come in. Luckily Small Hands is a modern man and has two fires, analog and digital, for her to warm up near. She warms her nude body by the real fire and her hands by the TV above it as he looks on. She stretches all her parts so that she can get warm inside as well as out while the distortion drums kick in for the montage sequence. She's pretty sure his fires are broken because she doesn't feel any warmer. Her only option? He's going to have to cum on her tattoo. He scopes her ink out to see what the options are and gets busy licking and fingering her love hole. Rachel's a girl built for comfort over speed, with massive globes and a firm ass to match. Her lips are large and lusciously red. Small Hand's eyes burn bright as they move to the couch and he unbuckles. Again, he quickly pulls her beyond platinum white hair away from her face as she starts to face fuck him. he gives her some throat thrusts with his cock and hands as she stares up into his peppers.

Rachel Rampage

Holding her ass cheeks apart in doggie, she presents herself for the drilling which he gets right to. She looks back at him as he rams her and instinctively flips her head back toward the camera side so we get her profile from both angles. Not bad instincts for a brand new girl! She's obviously not new to sex though, Hands doesn't toy around with her...just hammers hard using her harness and hair for leverage. Their eye contact and chatter are near constant as he crams his cock in and out of her, his hands wrapped around her neck.

She wants to be treated like an (unintelligible because he's shoving his hand into her mouth) and smacking her. Moving his cock to her mouth, he rests his green socks against her thigh because well...he's Small Hands and that look works for him. The pair goes at it fast and furiously, eye contact and banter as constant as the face slaps she is receiving. The intensity of their connection is like liquid in the air as she mounts him and starts slamming herself onto him without a care in the world. AS she pauses for a breath, he rams her at light speed showing that he can take whatever she's got and give it right back. Our cameraman, Mike, pulls out wide enough to get the socks back into frame. I don't know if that was intentional, but it actually kind of completes the composition of the shot.

Rachel Rampage

I don't know who this girl is but I'm here to tell you that if you like rough, hardcore sex scenes, you better keep your eyes out for her name in future releases. She has big tits and a bigger appetite for crazy hard cock ramming. Her vocalizations of her orgasms get smothered by Small's hands but you can bet they were authentic, or she's one hell of an actress! Small Hands has been playing softball with his throat and breath play and she's had enough of that crap. She tosses down the gauntlet and lets him know if he's gonna play that game, play it right. I think he realizes that he's not going to win that game without this turning into a snuff film. The girl's just as freakin' hardcore as they come. He backs off his attempts to choke her to her satisfaction and switches to hard titty slapping while pumping himself ever harder until he manages to cum on her tattoo and warm her up.

Great hardcore action. Not for the timid.

Scene 4: Victoria Villain, Jessy Jones

We find another adult-film newbie (as far as I can tell) getting herself off with one of those fancy, curvy, probably scientifically designed, vibrators. A knock on her bedroom door has her neighbor showing up and asking her why she masturbates so much. You know, that's a logical question after a knock on your bedroom (not front) door. He also wants to know why she has so many tats and she explains that is so random dudes can cum on them. Game on! Jessy's quick to jump on the bed and drop trou so she can get busy. She's into spitty Bj's and covers his dick in spittle as she gets mouthfucked while still wearing her black top. Her massive gauges dangle from her ears but he wants to see her tits. Now naked, she gets tossed into doggie with the camera close in as her neighbor has her vibe herself while he rams her, bed squeaking.

Victoria Villain

She works her big round ass up and down on his dick, to his enjoyment and she's so glad when he asks her to suck her juices off of it. Her rodeo ride is enthusiastic, the bed's springs attesting to that fact. She does remember to flip her hair out of the way as she rides and then swallows him. The new brunette vixen is a bumper, grinder, and undulater. Her neighbor Jessy is a methodical cock slammer that gets aided by her fancy vibe in her desire to orgasm.

Victoria Villain

Jessy likes her tats as well as her tits and pays attention to the latter while dicking in her spoon. As they kiss in doggie, her forked tongue is revealed while he slows down his pace in and out of her wet pussy. Mr. Quasar loses focus momentarily as they switch to a cowgirl ride and he decides on the DOF desired but it is cured quickly enough for most not to care, the bed squeaking being the more objectionable A/V issue. Victoria wants him to cum on her tattoo and moans out that request as he pumps away in missionary while he pulls out to coat her intricate chest and neck tat with his load.

Final Thoughts: Marley Brinx comes out swinging for the bleachers! After watching the whole thing, I may have had her close out the disc but that's an artistic choice. Joanna Angel assembled two Burning Angel's here that should be familiar to fans of inked ladies and tossed a couple of new ones at us. She does that sometimes. Woohoo! There's not a lot I can say to wrap this up. It's a tight-knit creative team that includes Joanna Angel, Small Hands, and Mike Quasar along with some new and familiar talent. I don't think I've come across a film that they put together that I really had an issue with. They are filmmakers first. The fact that they shoot fuck films is okay because they shoot some of the best in the industry.

Yeah, I missed out on an extended sequence where Small Hands gets to shine in a comedic/dramatic role in this one...but that's why when they show up it always catches me off guard. He has a couple of tiny bits here but nothing like some of his other work for this studio and others. Marley's a favorite of mine, she just looks so good on film! Leigh Raven seems to be steamrolling her way to the top of the industry using Burning Angel titles as her steamroller, and that's okay with me. The girl looks good, she's believable and she always has fun during her scenes. The newbies introduced here are also attractive and will appeal to those fans who prefer their girls thicker than the ones in the first two scenes. Variety is the spice of life, my friends... You know where this is going if you are a regular reader. I've got nothing to fault here in this gonzo title, Highly Recommended.

I'm gonna have to ask Small Hands HTF to refer to him when using just a first or last name. It's difficult (and improper) to call him Small when you are talking about his dick and Mr. Hands is just, well, weird I think.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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