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Dirty Family

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/16/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, MILF, Older Men, Family Roleplay

Director: Craven Moorehead
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills


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Cast: Brett Rossi, Jill Kassidy, Kenzie Taylor, Lily Adams, Alison Rey, Simone Garza, Marcus London, Derrick Pierce, Ryan Mclane, Jessy Jones

Length: 2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Release: June 6, 2017

Extras: Scene-specific Slideshows, Menu-Selectable Trailer, 14:28 minute BTS

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Condoms: None.

Audio/Video Quality: Superb. Anamorphic widescreen presentation of a high-def capture with multi-camera setup. Audio never overloads, dialog is crisp.

Overview: Pretty Dirty brings us four scripted scenes of some devious characters getting it on behind someone's back. There's always an instigator, a negotiation, and ultimately someone giving into temptation. The last scene is much longer than the previous three, and I stop with any plot details halfway through. If you like Pretty Dirty's style, then make sure to check this out. If you haven't seen a Pretty Dirty title before then this may not be the best you'll find but it is as good as any introduction to them you'll find.

Scene 1: Brett Rossi, Jessy Jones, Alison Rey (non-sex)

While Jessy is involved a TV show, his girlfriend is having a breakdown and trying to talk to him. Brett stands idly by, rolling her eyes at the way her daughter is acting. When her daughter storms off she sneaks in and starts blowing Jessy who is sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. He keeps them closed, to enjoy her new techniques and the titty fucking she gives him. Momentarily opening his eyes, he freaks out to see it's Miss Rossi working his cock.

Brett Rossi

Brett tells him to man up and forget about his nagging bitch girlfriend. Once he sees the buxom blondes nude body he gives in to her wishes as she climbs aboard his love vessel. As he adjusts his legs to leverage into her, the couch lifts and then drops back down. His gaze flicks between her bosom and her pretty face as she has her way with him and then he throws her to the couch so he can enjoy the taste of her.

Brett Rossi

Her bald snatch is displayed nicely as she rides him in reverse, their eye contact good as she grinds on his groin. Moving into doggie, he takes the time to slobber on both of her holes before plunging his pecker into her. She likes it when he smacks her pretty ass. He starts fucking her harder at her request and her soft moans grow in volume. Her pretty hair starts to flatten as the action continues as her makeup remains flawless. She's getting slammed in spoon when Alison walks in. Brett wants Jessy to jettison his load all over her face and Alison stares on in astonishment as he does it.

Scene 2: Jill Kassidy, Marcus London

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After returning from her honeymoon and enjoying a nice dinner with her mother and stepfather, Jill puts the moves on her stepdad, Marcus, in the kitchen. Before he can object, she's on her knees with his cock in her mouth; her mom and husband twenty feet away. After a close call, they postpone the tryst for a few days, at which time we find Marcus' face buried in Kassidy's ultra-fine ass.

Jill Kassidy

The room awash in daylight and furnished in white, Jill's dishwater blonde locks shine. Her lithe, tanned body is well-defined against the white of the couch as the action is swapped between three camera POVs, Marcus' tongue lapping away as she pinches her nipples. Marcus trades his digits for his tongue and you can hear her wetness as the palms blow softly outside the windows. The pair swap places so he can enjoy her mouth on his member as his finger play continues.

Jill Kassidy

The duo share sexual compliments as the lengthy BJ continues, Marcus expressing his desire for her to slide up and down his dick. Her ass jiggles as she rides his jimmy, Marcus providing it with little love taps as she does. Her rodeo skills are shown in forward and reverse her navel piercing gleaming in the daylight. In between positions, she demonstrates her oral skills; Jill's waiting for him to fuck her in her favorite position. That's when he starts tapping that ass in doggie, their eyes locked together. Gripping her tightly, he starts slamming harder and harder, faster and faster. He's not ready to blast yet, it's a slamming in spoon that serves as the launch countdown to the blastoff of his boner batter in all directions, covering her face.

Jill and Marcus maintain a natural, fluid conversation. The chemistry is good, their relationship believable.

Scene 3: Kenzie Taylor, Derrick Pierce

Kenzie's noticed that her stepdad has been checking her out. When she buys some new yoga pants, she plops herself down on his lap to show them off and asks to see his cock. He denies everything and tries to push her away. Her nipples are as hard as her eyes are pretty; her quest for his cock continues. Batting her lashes, she bullies him into showing off his boner and manages to convince him to let her rub it with her feet.

Kenzie Taylor

Derrick's face shows a good amount of shame as he continues to flipflop between his desires and his morality. Kenzie's face radiates as she convinces him to rub his cock on her yoga pants. With enough naughty prodding from her, Mr. Pierce rips apart her yoga pants and starts pumping away. Morality abandoned, Derrick starts drilling the buxom blonde while she talks dirty and releases her D-cups from their Lycra prison. Using her hair as a handhold, he exposes Kenzie's face fully to reveal her flawlessly made up face while managing to get ball's deep in his stepdaughter. Her moans and groans are interspersed with more dirty banter before she flips around to taste herself off of his phallus.

Kenzie Taylor

Her dirty banter continues along with their banging in multiple positions, their gazes continuing to meet. Her eyes glaze and roll as he romps her in missionary, her banter turning to near screams at times. Her globes roll and bounce like her eyes as his invitational vaginal intrusion marches on. She needs a good ride, and hops on to showcase her dark bush as she bounces, ass slapping to his body. Her bouncing and nearly non-stop Daddy-talk finally bring him to the brink and she hops off to get her boobs splashed with his seed.

Scene 4: Lily Adams, Ryan McLane, Simone Garza (non-sex)

Simone and Ryan dated back in high school but haven't seen each other since then. They quickly hit it off again and get hitched. When Lily (Lola) comes back home, Ryan's eyes get wide at meeting her. She makes some goo-goo eyes at him and soon, they are having fun together, playing around on a daily basis. Lily flirts openly with her mom's new husband and Mom's not really a fan of it. As Lily storms out of the room during dinner and Mom's tone turns serious about putting her daughter in check, an ominous high-pitched tone enters your ears. Think tornado siren, or air raid siren, but continuous, not rising and falling. Cue soundtrack music and husband and wife making out while watching girlsway.com on the projector.

Lily Adams

Enter Lola, in a tee and panties. She barges in, demanding to watch the movie. She gets comfy with a blanket that she stretches over herself and Ryan, kicking her mom to the curb. <PLOT DETAILS END HERE>

Lily Adams

Lily and Ryan enjoy some cunnilingus, some cock sucking and plenty of fucking. There is ass-slapping, fingering, and more hand-assisted fun. Lily's face glows as she gets gunned by Ryan, cumming in short, hard, breaths. A bedside lamp sparkles on the side of the frame as the little slut slams herself up and down on her stepdaddy. She goes for a wild ride, their bodies slapping and slamming into one another. Clad only in a pink and blue choker, she fucks the shit out of her stepfather. She's Daddy's dirty, little, whore and they both love it. She cums and cums again, with him finally losing it on her face.

Final Thoughts: Pretty Dirty is one of those studios that can be tricky to review. Here, we have four independent scenes with a common theme. Three of them, I felt I could talk about in a play-by-play manner. The final scene, which is much longer than the others, not so much. I feel I have to give you the setup - but then it becomes a fielder's choice as to when not to reveal any more plot.

The real thing with this studio is their attention to detail. From the scripts, to the casting, and the crew, everything has a place and it is well thought out. This team uses multi-cam shoots for coverage. That requires some forethought into set deco and such, and they always have that nailed down. I can't recall any significant technical flaw they've ever missed. Audio, video, lighting...it's all on point. Needlepoint precision in most cases. Performers? They don't hire subpar. Period. These people can act almost as well as they fuck, which is really fucking well. Bree Mills can write a script, that's been demonstrated many times over, and Craven and his crew of merry cameramen can eek out every nuance of a performance during a setup or a sexual escapade. Once again, I have to give Pretty Dirty the nod and Highly Recommend it. 

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