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Interracial Blowbang Vol. 13

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 7/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Content: 3/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hour, 53 minutes

Cast: Ashley Adams, Madelyn Monroe, Mae Meyers, Miley May, Rico Strong, Jovan Jordan, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Jordan, and various unnamed, uncredited male performers

Directed by: Billy Watson

Genres: Big Cock, Bukkake, Gangbang, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Not only one of DogFart's many separate ongoing series, "Interracial Blowbang" is also a separate website from the DogFart name, existing largely as its own, long-running entity. With that in mind, the thirteenth volume of this series goes for more of an affirmation of continuity rather than an opportunity to compile a special, subversive showcase of the website's content.

Scene 1: Ashley Adams and ten unnamed male performers

We begin on a very simple note. Ten men are shooting dice and gambling amongst one another, talking loudly and professing their horny desires as they socialize around a stripper pole, which will soon become a nice supporting player to Ashley Adams. Ashley is currently locked inside a metal cage though that fact is of little importance to her. When duty calls, it calls in the form of several large black penises that slip through the cracks of the bars for her to suck. Despite limitations, Ashley goes "cock-diving," as one man puts it, and does so effectively enough to prompt swooning reactions from most of the men.

When she's free, she immediately flaunts and twirls around the pole as the guys grip and slap her, almost a bit too excessively. What unfolds is an intense deep-throating session where everyone gets a little bit of the eye-watering fun in addition to talented blowjobs, something Ashley has proven herself skilled at. She loses focus a bit when she's smacked around a bit too much, and whenever her crotch is fondled, her O-face couldn't be hidden with a mask.

While some guys let her control the rigor of the blowjob, others control her, moreso when she returns to lie on top of the cage to suck off the guys upside down. From the looks of the editing - as DogFart often doesn't include the full scenes on their DVDs, leaving their entirety behind paywalls of their respective websites - all the intercourse is edited out, for after we see her go wild, she is then on her knees ready to receive the guys' loads.

She sits petting her clit while taking load after load, some guys even surprising her with a quick deepthroat moments after cumming. Ashley is forever spirited and the scene, running at barely half an hour, doesn't go too long-winded with its concept and is nice, breezy fare that manages mostly to satisfy. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Madelyn Monroe and eight unnamed male performers

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Following her first DP scene, the cute and perky Madelyn Monroe tells one of the DogFart men that while she declines to do a gangbang scene so soon after, she has no problem doing a blowbang scene. Of course, he's happy to make her wish come true, winding up eight men eager for Madelyn to work her magic on them simultaneously. "It's like Christmas," Madelyn exclaims as she sees her male talents swarm and grope her upon her arrival.

Madelyn gets on her knees and the guys instantly line up to get their dicks sucked. She exhausts herself by deepthroating them all upon seeing them - consider it a new formal greeting. Madelyn takes nearly every guy all the way down at least once, and once she's turned upside down for a brief minute to fellate three penises put before her face, all bets are off when it comes to her technique.

Moe Johnson is the one courting her deepthroats during this time, doing his usual test on the talent to see how deep the girls he works with can go. Madelyn has at least five exceptionally great moments of deepthroating here before she must sidestep such a gifted trait to favor more simple blowjobs. Her eyes and unkempt hair say it all by the halfway point of the scene. She gets tired but never lazy, giving it her best given how frantic these scenes can so often be.

Following that, she is given many thick, messy loads to keep consistent and compliment the overall tone of the scene. Barely three loads in and Madelyn's face is glazed, and she can't stop talking about how filthy of a girl she is the entire time. The gooey finish here, on top of Madelyn's endlessly effervescent demeanor, elevate this scene to the most memorable on the disc. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Mae Meyers and nine unnamed male performers

Mae Meyers informs us as she moseys through a junkyard that it's her twentieth birthday, and unlike last year, where her present was a limp, unappealing white penis, this year, she wants to try a black penis, preferably "nine or ten" she adds. On that note, she is greeted with nine dapper gentleman, who all sing to her for her special day while presenting a cake.

"Now what I really want for my birthday is all your cocks," Mae says overwhelmed. The guys can't disrobe quickly enough and have her crawl on all fours in assembly line fashion before she services them all. Mae's blowjob technique is noticeably different than the stars in the previous two scenes. She's decidedly rhythmic and mannered, handling three men at once without issue. She doesn't go deep like Madelyn, nor mix her sweat and drool in the mix like Ashley, but she functions well on her own merits and goes back and forth between two men at one point at breakneck speed.

Unlike before, the guys give her a bit more free-range to operate and do her work. When the guys leave during the aforementioned two-men-tradeoff, Mae cutely leaves her arm outstretched, wagging her fingers blindly while reaching for another penis. The guys then place her atop a garbage can to take turns having sex with her before moving to have her suck their dicks. Mae is tasked to do a lot here, and the guys' virtuous patience comes through in their desire to wait in an orderly, single-file line to take turns on Mae.

All the built-up arousal makes the guys finish all over Mae's face practically in unison, one after another. Just when Mae is cum-covered by the end, drenched and happy with her birthday present, three more fluffers appear out of nowhere to finish on her face. Mae is a fun personality, but the scene moves significantly slower than the previous two, and the setup sometimes feels artificial or forced. It might be the lack of chemistry this kind of material boasts, but it's no fault of the performers, who are operating in quirky and sometimes uncomfortable conditions. 3/5 stars.

Scene 4: Miley May and ten unnamed male performers

DogFart favorite Miley May, who gained national notoriety when she played the twerking, "Wrecking Ball"-era Miley Cyrus in a couple of the company's scenes, rocks high-waisted, fuchsia shorts with brazen confidence. She talks about how interracial relationships are taboo where she comes from, but that doesn't stop her from having the desire to suck and fuck ten black men and receive their loads in a basement with immense amounts of graffiti.

When she enters the basement, the guys are thrilled, putting her to work right away. Like Mae, Miley bears the same kind of consistency and ability to handle an upwards of three men at one time, always making good use of both of her hands and her oral skills. "Put your throat into it," she's told at one point, but judging from her prowess the entire way through the scene, I don't think she was needed to be told that any time afterwards.

The men can't keep their hands off of her pussy and hair as they get fellatios en masse. Miley overworks her throat early on and has to channel her most inner-energy as the guys continue to round up and hound her for more oral action. Makeup and tears start running down Miley's face, but she laughs a lot of it off as a way to show not only her commitment but her enjoyment of such an overload. The men eventually position her atop a trash-can to ride her and get elevation for their respective blowjobs. She balances the two actions very nicely; Isiah Maxwell, for one, clearly has a fun time having sex with her and she's so thin and nimble, the men hoist her legs in the air effortlessly.

During the blowbang, Miley gets drenched to say the least, with semen mixing in with her makeup that undoubtedly prompt a hell of a cleanup. There's a picturesque popshot over her nose that drapes down her cheekbones that probably serves as the best cumshot of the disc, and Miley deserves the round of applause she gets at the very end of the scene. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

One has to be in the right frame of mind to watch a lengthy blowbang/bukkake compilation in one sitting, and not in the same frame of mind one needs to be in to watch and enjoy car-sex or something a little bit more obscure. As a heterosexual man, you come to the conclusion that you'll be watching a lot more ejaculating penises than even intercourse, which really makes the disc and content rely on the charisma and spirit of the performers given the constraints and overall "slight" nature of the premise.

Interracial Blowbang Vol. 13 has the charismatic female performers, but it doesn't have the charismatic male performers. Its setups are either contrived or just generally lackluster, and the men don't have personalities let alone credits on the disc. Yes, there's fun to be had in watching Ashley Adams and Miley May, porn sweethearts with beautiful faces and bodies, get drenched and laugh it off, but there's not much else besides that, and that's where this thirteenth installment falters.

The stamina is admirable, the commitment on behalf of all the performers goes unnoticed but should be praised, and the effect is occasionally arousing. Just, unlike the premise, not consistent enough, making the editors and director Billy Watson wise to keep this under two hours and paced pretty quickly overall.

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