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Double Anal FTW

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Anal, DA, DP, Tattoos, Threesomes

Director: Joanna Angel


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Cast: Holly Hendrix, Charlotte Sartre, Joanna Angel, Nikki Hearts, Alexa Nova, Steve Holmes, Ramon Nomar, Tommy Pistol, Mr. Pete, Markus Dupree

Length: 2 hours 3 minutes

Date of Release: July 3, 2017

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet Info

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good. I viewed this on an advanced screener and once I found a player that it seemed to like, the viewing was great. Crisp and clear audio and video. 16:9 widescreen.

Overview: The title says it all, really. Joanna Angel gathers together some Burning Angels that are ready to take two rods in the rear. She pairs them up with some quality talent and they go at it, no setups required. I guess she didn't want to miss out on the fun, because she even enjoys some double dicking herself in the opening scene, along with AVN's 2017 New Starlet of the Year Holly Hendrix. Holly also took home an award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene that year and it won't surprise me if this scene gets nominated for that award and others again this year. Fans of Double Anal and Double Penetration will surely want to check this out and perhaps add it to their permanent stash piles.

Scene 1: Joanna Angel, Holly Hendrix, Markus Dupree, Steve Holmes

There's zero setup to this scene that is set with the foursome on a white couch. They all get naked and start going at it. The girls start things off with licking and sucking which progresses rapidly to Joanna getting her ass drilled. Just another day on the set of a Burning Angel Production, folks. Before you know it, the ladies are stacked atop one another, with Holmes at the bottom of the dogpile. The guys drill randomly. Double Penetration, Double Anal, Ass-to-Mouth. One girl, then the next. As Ted Nugent would say, "It's a free for all!"

Joanna Angel & Holly Hendrix

The camera trains in on the action in a fairly wide shot, which keeps Markus' head just out of frame quite a bit, Steve's face buried underneath the pile of inked flesh. Miss Hendrix contorts her way to the top of the stack to get some tonguing from Miss Angel, who currently has two cocks deep in her back door. The camera pulls back wider to bring everyone into frame as Holly gyrates on Joanna's face. Holly drops back down to rub her gal pal's pussy, the triple play of stimulation brings Joanna to the verge of ecstasy, tears of joy ready to pour out at any second amidst her squeals and giggles. Folding her in half allows Markus and Holly to drizzle their spit into her open rectal orifice before the guys start rootering her again.

Holly Hendrix

It's a foursome fuck flurry filled with face, ass, and titty slapping as Holly assumes the pole position, Markus taking bottom rung on her rectal ladder with Steve taking command of her front slit. Joanna's not even 5'0 herself but she seems to tower over the tiny Miss Hendrix who can't be much more than 2 feet long when folded in half on her back. Steve joins his buddy in Holly's back hole, and adds a couple of fingers to really showcase Holly's anal repertoire. Wait for it...here it comes...the airlift DP dance with Joanna on ball sucking duty! Holly gets greedy and gets more double anal on the couch; the lovely ladies ending up on the floor for the final facial splash.

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This is an intense fourway fuck session that I'll keep my eyes open for come awards time!

Scene 2: Charlotte Sartre, Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte's scene opens with a fast montage that involves a fancy, black, double-edged dagger, her pink fishnets being ripped open, a tattoo getting added to her body, and the guys groping her. The montage fades and the groping turns into a standing spitroast of Miss Sartre with Mr. Pete in the rear. The guys swap ends and Steve explores Charlotte's butt hole with his finger, followed quickly by his cock. Mr. Pete positions himself on his back so Charlotte can slide her back door onto him as she plays with herself and Steve slaps her pierced nipples around. Ready for action, Miss Sartre tosses her boots to the floor so Steve doesn't get knocked out as he plunges into her.

Charlotte Sartre

Mr. Pete is already breaking a sweat and he isn't even actively pumping into Charlotte's ass yet. Steve takes over bottom derriere duty while Mr. Pete prepares to join him. Charlotte's squeals approach the upper threshold of human hearing as he does. Steve reaches over her to put two fingers into her front hole and then pulls out so Mr. Pete can do the same. Charlotte flips over to face Steve and shrieks loudly as the guys take her ass in that position. Her shrieks turn to ecstatic moans and then soft prayers. Her smile is wide and bright as her dual buttbang continues. The trio pauses so she can taste herself off of Steve's schlong while Mr. Pete enjoys some vigorous, solo, vaginal action. She likes that and begs him to do it harder. Steve takes a turn with the quick slit stroke as she impales her throat on Mr. Pete's peter. That's worked them both close to cumming and they jerk themselves furiously as she drops to her knees. Steve's the first to drizzle his dick load onto her, with his buddy following almost immediately.

Scene 3: Nikki Hearts, Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes

Nikki's scene opens in a stoboscopic view of her and the men in suits, a final flash highlighting her on her knees swapping swords in her mouth against a flat white backdrop. The guys wrap their ties around her throat, using them as reins to pull her back and forth. Steve decides his should be used a wrist binding and ties her hands behind her back. The trio moves back to the sword swallowing action, slobber streaming from Nikki's mouth. She stands, Ramon having her bound hands jerk his cock while Steve whips her playfully with his belt. Ramon struggles to drop her drawers but once he's got them around her knees, he starts the boning, Steve's belt clenched between her teeth.

Nikki Hearts

The threesome forms a human ass-licking centipede, with Miss Heart in the middle; Ramon finally yanking her pants completely off. Let the spitroast commence! Steve steps out of frame to strip, Ramon plugging away happily with his pants still on. He too stops to strip, with Steve taking over Nikki's nookie nailing. Backlit by a huge window, the butt banging begins with Steve taking the first turn. Hoisting her up, Steve positions her for Ramon's rod in her anterior hole, his firmly planted in her posterior. Her body is almost as white as the backdrop, except for her ink; contrasting against Mr. Nomar's deep tan.

Charlotte Sartre

With Holmes holding her in a half-Nelson, Nikki begins her DP action in earnest. She pauses for some stick slobbering, turns over to face Steve as she rides him, while Ramon ramrods her rear hole. Steve wants to check out her sphincter and lies her on the floor, to piledrive into her pooper. Ramon likes that idea and they swap places for a moment and then Steve steps in to stretch both of her holes wide with his fingers. Ramon cartwheels her back onto the ottoman and then explores her rear orifice with his cock, Steve stepping into join the jam session. The trio tumble through more double anal positions before blasting onto Nikki's nakedness. She drains their dragons with a smile.

Scene 4: Alexa Nova, Tommy Pistol, Steve Holmes

Alexa's scene opens in a colorful, zoom-filled montage of her jerking off her joytoys as they paw at her. She's attired in purple and black lingerie which complements the colors in the room and the flashes onscreen. As the tease sequence stops, the pawing and groping of the redhead gets more intense, only subsiding as she drops to swallow their swords. Her nipples are ready to cut gemstones as she takes them both into her throat. Pulling her up, and her g-string aside, Steve explores her anus with his finger and then starts pumping into her while Tommy takes off his belt to whip her softly.

Alexa Nova

The boys flip her around so Tommy can try out the holes of this alabaster-skinned beauty while she slobs his friend's knob. Tossing her into a spoon position, Steve slides into her sphincter, her leg high in the air as she sucks Tommy's pistol. Her sequined, disco platforms get displayed as they reverse their roles with Tommy taking on butt bang duty. The threesome switches it up a bit, contorting Miss Nova to their liking; Tommy getting some head as Steve gives her the tongue treatment. Steve takes some slit time in her widespread position and then he goes back to banging her butt as Tommy plays pattycake on her pussy.

Alexa Nova

Finally ready  for the final level, Steve takes his position on the bottom of the dick duel that's about to go down in her derriere. The guys get inventive and lie ass to ass on the floor, burying their boners in her squatting butt hole. That position doesn't last very long, the trio moving back to the couch for a more traditional DP; Miss Nova's eye makeup now streaming down her cheeks. Steve takes some solo time in her rear garage and then Tommy parks his alongside. (I'm paraphrasing the dialog here, those weren't my words) Tommy shows off his flexibility with a leg stretch that straddles the two below him, throws up a quick victory sign (or something) and then they all jump off the couch for the finale battering.

Alexa was new to me, but she's a stunner with piercing eyes and I look forward to more stuff from her.

Final Thoughts: Fans of Double Anal acrobatics will love this one! One male performer appears in every scene (Steve Holmes in this instance), which is not an uncommon occurrence in titles like this. These are trained professionals on a closed course, so consistency is a key factor. He is joined by other top male talent: Tommy Pistol, Ramon Nomar, Markus Dupree, and Mr. Pete. I'm calling out the guys first here, because let's face facts folks; there's not a lot of guys out there that would even try this. These guys give it their all.

Of course, in order to pull off sexual stunts like this, you have to have very willing and able ladies. Joanna Angel, Charlotte Sartre, Holly Hendrix, Nikki Hearts, and Alexa Nova are those ladies here. They make this look like a walk in the park, which I can assure you it isn't. Everyone on the disc is having fun and that is captured and translated via Mike Quasar's lens very well. If you are thinking of buying this disc, Double Anal FTW, then I assume this is your cup of tea and you'll find it tasty! Highly Recommended. If you are a more casual viewer that picked this up because of the cute title in your couples-friendly sex shop then you may want to downgrade my rating a tad and check it out online during an adventurous weekend.

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