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Women Loving Girls 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Feature, Lesbian

Directors:  Eddie Powell

Cast: Karlie Montana, Kylie Page, Chanel Preston, Brett Rossi, Cherie DeVille, Kristen Scott, Violet Starr, Moka Mora

Length: 105

Date of Production: Apr 27, 2017

Extras: Slide Show, Trailers, Behind the Scenes


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Fine, no problems to report.

Body of Review:First, lesbian adult films, a favorite for many, this one contains great eye contact, wonderful framing, but the title is a bit misleading, when one reads it, they might think that the women seduce the girls, with a hint of domination, encouraging their shy desires. However none of that actually occurs, moreover the girls set the terms, the hints, and take the position to become more aggressive, i.e. going after what they want, rather than waiting for the taking.


Scene One:  Karlie Montana and Moka Mora

Scene 1

A simple setup for the first scene, (a quick note none of the stories connect with each other aside of the increase passion and desire) Moka is living with Karlie her boss at work. Moka comes home from the grocer in a killer little outfit, and hears the erotic sighs of her boss and sees her rubbing her pussy while deeply inhaling the scent of Moka’s panties, which obviously upsets Moka. Quickly Karlie chases after her and confesses her intimate desires and love for her; from there they begin making out, with Karlie taking control early on, but Moka never resists, who would those oral skills on full display. They heighten the passion quickly but erotically with a forceful tongue lashing in the bed that brings a new degree to grinding, and allows Moka to suck deliciously on Karlie’s tits before swirling her tongue repeatedly over her nipples making the rock hard to cut glass. The camera work captures every flickering motion and arching contortion of them, which becomes thoroughly refreshing, the passion they conjure feels very natural. Karlie gives a lesson on how to eat pussy correctly, the camera focuses tightly on the licks (take note guys) because Moka won’t be out done with her skills as she turns Karlie over and works her pussy with a vertical lick fest. Two interesting mentions, first both want to taste their own juices and hence suck each other’s tongue, and the order from Karlie to Moka to suck on her fingers as if sucking a cock to swallow her juice.

Scene 2

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Scene Two:  Chanel Preston and Kylie Page

Scene 2

Kylie is a babysitter, and wearing the ideal schoolgirl outfit, checkered short skirt, white blouse, grey sweater, bow tie and of course the matching hair ribbon as well as the mandatory while knee highs, and she's has many desires for her boss Chanel. Thank goodness Kylie doesn’t wear the jeans or sweatpants to cover her incredible beauty. Kylie enters Chanel’s bedroom who just exited the shower wearing a towel and they begin a discussion on lesbian sex, sleeping and satisfying girls sexually, Chanel admits when younger she engaged in it and Kylie hints of done it with girls her age, seeks an older more mature lover. Now this gives the perfect setup for the educating an inexperienced girl, commanding, seducing her, but as Kylie who grabs the towel, she backs Chanel against the wall. The kiss starts quickly and passions flow nicely, before Chanel pushes Kylie on the bed and moves her fresh white panties to the side and nestles her face into the pink center of pleasure. She starts a slow tonguing lesson, and keep wonderful eye contact always with Kylie, though Kylie, not seemingly shock with the expert passion, just a tad blushing or mixed emotions taken the scene to a new level. Soon enough Kylie’s turn and she appears to know the route and the performance pleases Chanel very much, too bad not more verbal cues or instruction, or even a brief hesitation to allow for the customary guidance often found in the situation or GirlFriends or Sweet Dreams films, needless it does work well and she delivers. Chanel then has Kylie on her hands and knees, and works over her pussy from the rear, lightly touching her puffing swollen lips before then licking and fingering more aggressively. However, before the scene closes out Chanel straddles Kylie while on her back and centers her pussy over her face, finally asserting some dominance and Kylie delivers wonderful passionate licks all with lovingly eye contact.

Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene Three:  Cherie DeVille and Kristen Scott

Scene 3

The third scene has Cherie giving her younger client a massage (a popular scene of late) mixed with a bit of voiceover from Kristen about the break with her boyfriend. Then Cherie asks her if she ever considered being with a woman, stating once a women tastes and is with another one, they never go back. The massage continues with Cherie rubbing, forceful and then softly unhurried, the fingertips dancing across her upper thigh, and nothing aggressive, the touches become more rhythmic and enhance with more intentions. Kristen removes her towel and sucks on Cherie’s fingers before moving Cherie’s hand to her pussy for some deep pleasure from the heat excels and their embracing for a love making session. Cherie uses her crafty tongue and lips to make erotic passion, her hands equally grope Kristen’s breasts and playfully tease her nipples, allowing for the heavy breathing and arching back, stiffing her posture with her firm ass off the table the power of lesbian sex. She must be hitting the right spots because Kristen's ass lifts off the table! Cherie opens her to the pleasure of a tongue flickering blast of ecstasy, and one, which shows the usage of fingers to the hilt, rubbing upward for the newest of many future pleasures, with some delightful ass-licking. Kristen learns to lap, lick, and please her new lover, while Cherie straddles her in a position of power and dominance, both with incredible facial expressions and makes for the usage of the commonplace Hitachi a tad useless, but they work to share it between them heighten their sensitive pussies to overflowing wetness.

Scene 3

Scene Four: Bretti Rossi and Violet Starr

Scene 4

Violet starts it all off with more of a voiceover as found in the other scenes, about how of they met and now due to issues and reason the relationship sadly ending and with that once last passion fuck session. They quickly unclothed each other and begin their session and working each other tits with frenzied licks. Brett gives Violet a great tease through her silky panties all to hear her purr in pleasure and sigh in agony, a heaven and hell game, fret not any true torture of waiting too long, she dives into her bare pussy for a fine tonguing. Violet welcomes it all with a grind against her face, and wiggling of her body a sight to enjoy and the enjoyable sounds of pleasure fill any room very well. They finish a bit different mutually helping each other achieve pleasure by sitting next to each other. All in all a nice solid finish to the fourth scene, guaranteed not the last these two find themselves sticky sweet with each other they definitely enjoyed their tongue-lashings and teases.

Scene 4

Scene 4


This is the second in the series of the Women Loving Girls series, and far better than the first with less emphasis on toys, though a occasional vibe not a bad choice, clearly not a toy box of exploration, the chemistry and passion between the women all works very well. However one must note it is not a domination flick, and that manner never enters into the film, and while it could have come in the form of guidance or even seduction it still works very nicely even without it. No major plot points, quick setups and right to the passion driven sex scenes, all for the finger fucking, licking talents of pussy, tits and ass, all to enjoy.

Scene 1

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