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Secret Package, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Family Rollplay Vignettes


Cast: August Ames, Jelena Jensen, Mindi Mink, Uma Jolie, Rebel Lynn, Elexis Monroe, Tanya Tate, Kylie Page

Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 2 hrs. 5 min.

Release Date: April 10, 2017

Extras: 22 min. Behind The Scenes doc., Photo Gallery and a trailer for Mom Shrink


Overview: Here is another great collection of scenes from Girlsway Network's Mommy's Girl. As with all of Bree Mill's productions it's marked by terrific writing, expert direction from Stills By Alan and phenominal performances. With only just a few minor technical flaws it's another in a string of essential titles from people who truly care about delivering the best.


Scene One: “The Secret Package” starring August Ames and Jelena Jensen


In one of the best performances I've seen yet from August Ames, the titular scene is a comedic take on the supernatural and voodoo and features August playing the ditzy blond housewife to a tee. When she hears noises outside her house she automatically thinks it's a rapist and calls her husband who's out of town on business. He tells her to call his mom who lives right down the street. When his mom, Jelena Jensen, arrives she assures her there is no rapist but a mysterious package on her doorstep. August opens it and finds an ancient book of spells and a cheap Barbie knockoff doll. After reading a passage from the book Jelena offers to take it to a museum. She takes the book and the doll to the next room and that's when we discover Jelena is actually a witch and the book is hers. She then reads from the book and casts a spell on the doll. August is now completely under her control. Jelena blows on the dolls face and August feels it. She snips off a piece of the dolls hair and a clump of August's hair falls out. This is when Jelena decides to have some fun. She rubs the dolls tits and August feels it, blaming it on her detergent. Then Jelena starts rubbing the dolls crotch, and August starts going crazy on the couch. With the camera shot squarely on her pussy August starts orgasming. The site of August convulsing on the couch is just so weird but at the same time so completely hot at the same time. An amazing sequence that has to be seen to be believed.


Jelena keeps rubbing until August is at the brink of cumming and then stops. This is a act called “edging.” Bringing the woman to the edge of cumming and then stopping. Think of it as female blue balls. When August asks whoever is doing this shy she doesn't let her cum, this is a cue for Jelena. She comes back into the room and starts hitting on August, which August tries her best to resist, Jelena being her husband's mom and all. However, August is so horny now she finds it more and more difficult to hold back. Jelena rubs and kisses August, sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy. After bringing August to the brink again Jelena starts stripping and the now overheated August starts sucking her gorgeous tits, pinching and licking her beautiful pink nipples. Jelena edges the more and more frustrated August again before Jelena starts eating her pussy. Jelena munches and rubs August bringing her to the edge again before stopping, absolutely torturing the poor August.


Jelena then pulls August down and sits on her face. She rides August's face until she cums in her mouth and then starts scissoring her. She bumps her pussy against August's until she cries out she's going to cum, and then jumps off. Poor August is begging Jelena to let her cum. Jelena bumps pussies with the now sobbing August and they finally cum together, August bucking and convulsing like crazy as each wave upon wave of ecstasy zeros in on her pussy.


This is such and amazing scene with terrific performances between the two ladies. But it's obvious this is August Ames' showcase. Her comedic timing is just flawless in this, not to mention arguably one of the hottest scenes she's shot yet. Just the sequence where she's on the couch by herself is just so bizarrely enticing, it's something that just needs to be seen to be believed.


Scene Two: “Dress Up Daughter” starring Mindi Mink and Uma Jolie


This scene pairs the great Mindi Mink with new comer Uma Jolie. It's a great scene but unfortunately it wasn't mastered very well to dvd. I don't know if the scene is like this on the website, but there is a flutter throughout about 90% of it that's a little jarring. Nevertheless, this is just a slight technical flaw, You can excuse it since the scene is so good. It's about very cute blue eyed Uma Jolie visiting her friend Bobbi but instead is greeted at the door by Bobbi's mother, the always wonderful Mindi Mink. Mindi, who's turned on by Uma's cute little young figure, asks Uma to model some shorts for her. Mindi keeps making more and more adjustments to them, all the while leering over Uma. She eventually gets Uma to take her shirt off. This leads to Mindi asking to smell the now befuddled Uma's panties. Reluctantly she hands them over and Mindi shares hers. They then start playing with each other's tits and Uma marvels at Mindi's big boobs. This is followed by some nice sensuous kissing and fondling before Mindi starts tenderly and gently stroking Uma's pretty young pussy.


She tells Uma to call her mommy and to say “don't stop mommy” as she starts licking her pussy. She gently and playfully licks and sucks Uma's pussy and clit until she very sweetly cums in Mindi's mouth. Mindi then lays across the bed and Uma goes down on her hairy pussy. They hold hands as Uma devours Mindi's cunt until she cums.


They then go into the inevitable scissoring position and they rub their pussies together. Each such a beautiful sight seeing Uma's young tight body as it bumps and grinds against Mindi more mature well seasoned frame. This is a very good scene with terrific performances from both the always great Mindi Mink and the fine newcomer to watch out for Uma Jolie. Too bad the picture flutter is so distracting. But that is a minor flaw.


Scene Three: “Shower Creep” starring Rebel Lynn and Elexis Monroe


On the Girlsway dvd The Nosey Neighbor there was a scene with Elexis Monroe and Kimmie Granger where Alexis played Kimmie's mom who liked to sniff her panties. This very funny scene is a sequel to it with Rebel Lynn playing Kimmie's sister and just finding out about mom's fetish. Now that Kimmie has moved out it's Rebel's panties Elexis is huffing. As Rebel is on the phone scolding Kimmie for stealing her panties, Kimmie reveals to Rebel about mom. Rebel can't believe it and calls her a liar all the while Elexis is outside her window with her panties in hand and nose. The wonderful Elexis is a lot more perverted in this scene, masturbating while watching Rebel pee before she gets into the shower. Completely naked Elexis corners Rebel in the bathroom and tells her it's all true and she wants to have sex with her. Elexis grabs the shocked Rebel's sweet young titties and feels her pussy before chasing her to her bed. Once there Elexis can't keep her hands off of Rebel all the while still sniffing her panties. Rebel tries to resist mom's urges, but when she starts rubbing Rebel's pussy with her panties she starts breaking down. Resistance becomes more and more futile until eventually Elexis' mouth is on Rebel's pussy.


Elexis licks, sucks and virtually devours Rebel's pretty shaved pussy until Rebel has multiple Earth shattering toe curling orgasms in her mouth. With Rebel's panties in her mouth Elexis lowers her hairy mature pussy down on Rebels face and Rebel fervently rubs her pussy while she eats Elexis'. After making Elexis cum in her mouth they scissor each other, with a great shot of Rebel's cute little young ass as it she grinds her pussy against Elexis'. They have multiple orgasms together as they go through a series of pussy bumping positions. Another great scene with the wonderfully comical Elexis Monroe and very pretty young Rebel Lynn whose look kind of reminds me of the legendary Chaisey Lane, IMO.


Scene Four: “Not In That Dress” starring Tanya Tate and Kylie Page


In the final scene the absolutely beautiful blond Kylie Page is getting dressed to go to a party. She puts on a very low cut dress showing a lot of cleavage from her gorgeous tits. She goes to show her mom, one of my favorite mature performers, the stunningly gorgeous redhead from Liverpool Tanya Tate. In Tanya's beautiful British accent she scolds Kylie telling her she looks like a cheap hooker, and that she's wearing a slut's dress. She tells Kylie to go change into something more conservative. She goes and puts on a black dress then comes back and rummages through Tanya's closet where she finds an even skimpier all white two piece that's even sluttier than what she was wearing before. She calls Tanya a hypocrite just as she's walking out of the bathroom. Tanya overheard her mocking her and tells Kylie if she wants to learn how be a slut she'll teach her. Tanya grabs her by the ear and throws her to the bed and tells her the party will have to wait until she's done being her little slut. Kylie is all into it and they start making out. Things escalate quickly as the take off their tops and start sucking on each others amazing tits. They then lay down together and Tanya rubs Kylie's pussy under her panties until she cums on Tanya's hand all the while Tanya sensuously kissing Kylie while she moans with pleasure. After Kylie's toe curling orgasm they kiss for a little before taking off their skirts and Kylie starts kissing Tanya's beautiful black stockinged leg. She works her way down to Tanya's gorgeous shaved mature pussy and simply devours it. Tanya makes the greatest O-face and her hips gloriously twitch as wave after wave of ecstasy hits her pussy and she cums in Kylie's mouth. Watching Tanya convulse as she cums is such a thing of beauty. Kylie then gets on all fours and Tanya finger bangs her pussy with her thumb. Tanya licks Kylie's juices off her thumb after she cums, and then sits on Kylie's face.


She rides Kylie's face to Chicago having another one of her incredible orgasms. Tanya's beauty and the intensity she displays simply can't be missed. Tanya then climbs on top of Kylie's pussy and they start scissoring. Tanya bounces on top of Kylie's pussy, bumping and grinding it until they both cum. What can I say? Yet another great scene Mommy's Girl. While Kylie Page isn't the best actress and her performance during the speaking parts are very wooden, she makes up for it by being so very pretty with a terrific body and her performance in the bed is top notch. In contrast the strikingly gorgeous Tanya Tate is the whole package giving another terrific performance both in and out of the bed. Simply another great scene.


Overview: With only just a few flaws (scene two's picture flutter issue and Kylie Page's acting), Bree Mills and crew deliver yet another winner. I am not overly emphasizing the August Ames performance. She given us some memorable scenes before but this one takes the cake. While the what I call “ghost fucking” concept is nothing new, August plays it with such terrific comedic zeal that I don't think I've ever seen it played out so wonderfully. And I don't want to take anything away from the other actresses also.  Elexis Monroe always plays a terrific perverted milf, while Tanya Tate is such a stunner in her performances. Despite the minor flaws that is a great disc. Highly Recommended

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