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So Stunning

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: Foreign, Asian, Gonzo, Japanese, Sex Toys, Bush

Director: Not Credited, but he's in every scene I believe.


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Cast: Yui, Konomi, Yuka, Ena, Kana Fujishiro

Length: 3 hours

Date of Release: June 6, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent HD footage. The lighting is nothing to write home about and there is a ton of handling noise due to the handheld camera. The last scene has some odd pixelation in the corners once in a while. All dialog is in Japanese. No subtitles are available.

Overview: Three hours of POV footage that covers five young Asian girls over the course of four scenes. I'm pretty sure the same guy performs and films in every scene. Cover model Kana Fujishiro opens up the disc and Konomi closes it out in a threesome with Yui. I don't know who is who in that scene, as I couldn't find much (if any) info about the girls on this disc. This disc may not appeal to the masses but I'm sure it will find its way into the hands of those that seek out semi-amateur POV footage of Asian babes.

Scene 1: Kana Fujishiro

Kana Fujishiro

Cover model, Kana, is sitting around in her traditional school girl outfit as our camera guy plays with her hairy, wet hole in closeup. She giggles as he shows her her own stickiness and then he starts pinching her nipples, which she seems to enjoy. Lying back on the mattress, she gets her hole fingered some more, her hips pulsing towards the sky. Rolling over, to show off her nice ass, the digital exploration continues. Our camera guy's hand is soon soaking wet, but his cock is not yet hard. Kana corrects that problem with her mouth, sucking and licking him to stiffness and then moving on to service his nipples.

Kana Fujishiro

Our guy moves on to plugging away at her pussy with his pecker, his pubic hair as bushy and black as hers. She lies on her back, blouse opened, whimpering, as her man plugs away using her skirt as a handhold. The camera is wide enough to showcase her entire body, except for when it jumps to a closeup of the action; her juices coating his cock. She mounts him to grind slowly, back and forth, as he lies still. An edit has her presenting her ripe, young, derriere for some doggie action. He shoots the action from behind and then swings the camera out for a profile view of it and then it's back to missionary. That's what drives him over the edge and he unloads inside of her. The camera moves in for a tight shot of him sticking his finger in and playing with his jizz. Kana hops in the shower for a quick cleanup as the two banter in Japanese, giggling.

Scene 2: Ena


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We find Ena with her hair bleached blond. Our guy is reaching into her shirt to check out her cleavage and she helps him out by removing it and her bra to show off her grapefruit sized globes. They converse as he works her nipples to stiffness and pulls off her jean shorts. He teases her nether regions, peeking beneath her panties and then she takes his sword into her mouth. Her sharpened fingernails are brightly colored and have embedded jewels in them. They grasp his rod softly as she mouths him. She works his shaft and sac ever so slowly. After losing her panties, our camera guy goes finger spelunking; her boobs jiggle, as does the camera. Ena holds her legs spread, shrieking softly, so he can work her with three fingers. Like the previous scene, he displays his wet hand to her and the viewer. That's when the Hitachi comes out.


The hum of the Hitachi is drowned out as her shrieks get more frequent and louder. He works the head of it slowly around the wetness that lies beneath her bush, her screams becoming nearly continuous tones. Ena lies motionless as the vibrations penetrate her deeply. The Hitachi is followed by missionary hammering, the handheld camera swaying with every stroke. The camera motion is worse in doggie, as he tries to swing it wide to pan up her body to her face and back. Leaning forward, she bounces in cowgirl, her hair dangling inches away from the lens as it bounces along with her. Missionary is the final fuck position, the camera held above her, swaying as he strokes himself to blasting onto her hips and tummy.

Scene 3: Yuka


Yuka and the guy are leaning against a wall, sitting on the bed. She's clothed head-to-toe and he is wearing a robe. He has the Hitachi in overdrive, pressed tightly between her legs. The filming is being done with a stationary cam set across from the couple. The guy aids the Hitachi with his free hand, placed inside of her tights. He occasionally glances eerily at the camera and finally trades the Hitachi for it. Her round ass is shown off as she kneels on all fours, her striped, ruffled panties filling the frame as more Hitachi action goes down. A smaller wand is employed once her panties come off. That wand is replaced with his own once he determines she is wet enough. Once his wand is working its magic, it is joined by the previous one, held underneath her, against her clit.


The pair opts to spoon softly for a bit, the tag of her shirt sitting between the lens and his face. His face appears each time he lifts his head to sweep his shaggy hair aside. A wired remote, presumably for the camera, lies next to Yuka. Fumbling around, our guy grabs his mini-wand again to aid him in his mission. The camera view closes in on the lower half of her body and then zooms back out whole body as his banging continues. She lies on her side as he grabs the cam for some handheld shots as he slides in and out of her. She blows him for a while which includes a nauseating camera move as he rolls over so she can lick his ass. Then, she climbs onto him at which point he turns the camera sideways so he can fit her in frame. It's a fairly disconcerting viewpoint, especially after the mini-wand joins in at the foreground. He finishes himself off in the crack of her ass after a few quick thrusts into her in doggie. She cleans him off with her mouth and smiles.

Scene 4: Konomi & Yui

The camera leads the girls up a walkway, through a very nice traditional Japanese building, along a garden path where they stop to dip their hands in the water feature, and finally to a bedroom where they find the guy. The trio has a conversation in which they smile and laugh. The guy films from near ground level as the ladies lose their clothing and jump in the shower for a quick rinse. He follows them in, their voices booming against the tiles. The shower has a large window that overlooks the grounds, and they seem to admire the view. One of the ladies climbs into a large clay pot for a soak as the other gets her pussy played with before joining her. Music fills the air, seemingly from a building in the distance, as the trio play titty twister during the ladies' soak.

Konomi & Yui

With bath time over, the towel-clad ladies join the guy on the bed where they joke around and provide him a foot massage. They massage their way up to his limp manhood which they toy with until it is firm. Their conversation continues as they kiss and lick his love stick. He returns the favor by having them sit abreast and diddling them. Kneeling side by side, they get prodded with his finger; Demand .the camera moving around its viewpoint between their faces and the action. The darker haired girl gets the Hitachi action first, writhing and squirming as her girlfriend teases her with it. Her bush is shaven and stubbly in contrast to her friend's who is au naturel.

Konomi & Yui

The trio take turns vibing and fingering each other. The brunette sounding seriously wet during her fingering. Once again, the guy plays in the wetness. Afterward, he has the ladies lie face to face so he can wand them simultaneously. That elicits a flurry of moans and gasps as some weird pixelation creeps into the upper left corner of the frame. The guy has lost his stiffie, and the ladies revive it with their mouths. Once erect, the hairy bushed one goes for a ride as her lady friend licks her ass. She works her magic on his wand and then gets nailed lying on her back. Next up is her raven haired gal pal who oils up his shaft before sliding onto it. It must be one of those lubes that reacts to air because her friend goes down below to blow air onto their pubic regions as the weird pixelation migrates to a lower corner of the screen. As the young lady bounces, her friend helps out by wanding her and then her plowing moves to missionary. Her boobs jostle about as she gets jammed. An edit switches the missionary out to the other girl who gets a nice thick creampie in the end. As it oozes out of her her friend scoops it up and plays with it admiringly.

Final Thoughts: JAV 1 Models is a studio I have reviewed before. I advised you to steer clear of that title, mostly due to a seriously annoying robotic camera mount. Thankfully that thing didn't make an entrance into this flick. What did make an entrance, for me, was a longing for this title to end. The scenes just seemed to go on and on and on. The last scene clocks in at over an hour and while everyone seemed to be having fun, I found myself watching the counter as much as the film.

It's no secret that I am not a fan of POV, handheld stuff. I'm just not. That is exactly what this is, except for those few moments where it gets laid aside to film the action. When I say action, I mean someone on camera pretty much lying motionless while their partner puts forth a bit of effort. This is way different than most of the stuff I watch, which is much more hardcore. Here, the girls are pretty and likeable, they just don't have a commanding presence. Overall it comes off as fairly amateurish. It seems as if it is a guy with a camera (known as a GWC in the modeling world) that wants to film pretty girls and get some action in this case. I know there's a niche out there that loves amateur stuff, and this might appeal to them, especially if they are into Asian ladies. If this genre is your cup of tea, then Watch On Demand. However, for the average viewer, I'm sure they can find much higher quality videos to kill three hours with. Skip It

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