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Pour It On Thick

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It



Genre: Feature

Directors:  n/a

Cast: Dolly Leigh, Ariana Maria, Kristen Scott, Nikki Next, Lola Shy (aka: Aon Flux – she uses this alias for Nubiles films)

Length: 87 minutes

Date of Production: June 20, 2017

Extras: Interactive Menus; Chapter Selections; Web Site Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality:  The video standard nothing to note or thrill oneself with in any manner, though the lighting is perhaps a tad too bright, tends to wash-out at times in the first two scenes, the third gets it better, and as for the audio, it maintains an even level for the most part.

Body of Review: The film contains a series of scenes with no connection to each other, music playing in the background, and just sexual scenes, not necessary a gonzo affair, rather an uninteresting series of scenes.

Scene 1

Scene One:  The first scene referred to as petite beauty, featuring Kristen Scott, and for those who are curious that fourth scene listed on the back of the DVD. It starts with Kristen standing legs crossed in the shortest daisy dukes, and a midriff tee, doing an awkward dance striptease of less than 10 seconds for her lover Tyler (known only from the DVD box) no clue of it actually it is in the film.  This followed by a POV blowjob, with a quick lick of the balls and a smacking of his cockhead on her nipples as he lies on the couch and watches, though at times filmed from the side and overhead angle. The scene seems to hurry by quickly after the fastest suck-fest moved into her on top facing him and the repeated views occurred again, it all seems as if just ‘uh huh’. Soon enough she turns back to the guy and thumps up and down on his thick tool, all again a rushed moment, perhaps because the owners of the place will be back soon, but seriously a few hand slaps on her ass, and annoyance of shaky camera ruin the moment. Gotta hurry, on to her hands and knees with more hand slapping on her ass, with comical facial expressions to laugh at, and again it repeats the same sequence of angles. A brief slowdown of Kristen on her back legs spread wide in the air and slow meaningful plunges, doesn’t last long as he pumps his cum on her tummy (though not clearly shown) and sucks on her fingers.

Scene 2

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Scene Two:  Next scene called Pour It On, starring Dolly Leigh, the same one from the front cover of the DVD, and drenching herself in massage oil while on a dining room table, and shown on the back of DVD as scene one. Once more a quick strip with no real thrill, before plopping down on her stomach to suck the erect cock of Mr. X (okay that’s not his name, no one knows the guy name’s, but calling him some guy a tad creepy.) While Dolly bobs up and down on his rod and his hand coaxes her on, her eyes shift to the camera, and this ruins the illusion, rather than focus her passion for sucking she bats her eyes at you the viewer. Be forewarned a glimpse of poor framing; however it leads a longer blowjob than Scene One. Mr. X climbs onto the marble tabletop and slaps her ass while she coos on her hands and knees as he plunges his cock into her pussy and her sighs and ahs echo in the room, we view it primarily from the side though an occasionally change-up with and overhead view. Dolly then still on all fours pushes back against him and enjoys the carnal lust bestowed upon her hole. Then onto her side, legs spread wide and fucking more of her pussy, while he grabbed her right small tit, as she gazes into the camera, and never really sells the moment or feeling. The camera work for the scene works best when in wide shots or close-ups of the fucking. Mr. X lies on her back and works over the pussy some more, while she coos loudly and rubs her clit and tits grabs, more of the overhead and appearance of the POV shots with zooming issues.

Scene 3

Scene Three:  The title for this scene, Pussy Pleaser, featuring Lola Shy, is in the correct placement on the back of the DVD box. It starts a tad more well constructed, a little heavy petting and the guy  sitting on a couch works on licking her ass, soon enough she’s on her knees for the blowjob, warning he’s spring loaded, that cock pops out of the jeans hard for her mouth and lips. Lola clearly shows where to keep her eyes, on the prize, sucking his manhood, with eager desire, teasing the head with her lips and tongue and working over the shaft, sucking and stroking with passion, and licking his balls. The camera shifts to an over the shoulder shot, but her eyes keep looking at him, even with a close up of her face; she knows the placement, past the lens to him. VERY GOOD – finally. The guy, Mr. Rod (once more no name) lays her on the couch and spreads her wide and tongues away on her pussy, she encourages more pulling his head back onto her pussy, he obliges with a short munching session, before teasing the same hole with his cock. Soon enough he begins drilling, but stops to re-position and continues the thorough thrusts. Then he lays on the couch and she mounts for a piling driving while face the camera, though it doesn’t last too long, but she climbs on top facing him for extending the fuck session.  Another switch in position and she’s on her knees leaning up against the arm of the couch and her fucks her even more deeply, and clearly showing these two had more chemistry the touch each other more, briefs words it all has it all. Before they finish attempt an advance Kama Sutra position great appeal to the camera and viewers.

Scene 4

Scene Four: Next up Sexy Marie, starring Ariana Marie which on the DVD box, actually scene two, to many it might seem nitpicking, but the little things do count, when striving for a film to enjoy or skip. This time it starts with Ariana putting on a show in the shower, and then for a bit of pussy teasing on a couch, though the camera work suffers by poor framing choices. Soon enough the viewers treated to the misaligned POV shots again, by the way, this film’s description never lists that in the genre selection. She performs a blowjob, her eyes not on him, except when he encourages her by pulling her head onto his cock, and brief erotic moment with her eyes closed and parting her lips for his cock.Soon enough, onto her hands and knees on the couch and with the unknown guy giving more instructions he begins fucking hard, holding her firm around the waist and thrusting into her. She gives another quick sucking tasting her pussy off his cock and lies down on the couch and has her impale herself on his cock, in a bouncing quicken pace.He lies on her on her back and feverish works over her clit before a last flurry on deep thrust and summing on her with intense satisfaction.

Scene Five: Lastly comes Slim and Sexy featuring Nikki West with a bit of a dance and twerking, showing off a unique camel toe, and soon enough a sloppy blowjob and throat gagging, while she kneels on an ottoman.She continues the slop fest, and tonguing of his balls, a disgusting mess, with the weirdest overhead POV shot, definitely not a close-up, making one ponder other things, it challenges one to stay interested in the action the screen.  Soon enough some fucking occurs, his long dick leaving a gaping stretch hole, but the camera placement makes little sense and the viewing just becomes a laborious chore, with  shifting camera angles, shaky at times ruins everything the scene never makes that positive connection with the viewer. That's enough, CLICK.

Summary: This film perfect for a party, as no sound required, nothing important said, and really just filler for something in the background, while the images look good, the actions don’t; better success with Pornhub or Tumblr, best option avoid this one, completely.


***NOTE: Pictures used from the only extra, Photo Gallery, far better than images of the film. 

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