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Adventures With The Baumgartners

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Couples, Threesomes, Polyamory, 18+ Teens

Screenwriter/Director: Kay Brandt Producer: Red Bud
DP: Mike Quasar


Chapters Menu

Chapters Menu


AJ Applegate - Gretchen
Anikka Albrite - Mrs. B
Sara Luvv - Ronnie
Edyn Blair - Daphne
Katy Kiss - Paige
Mick Blue - Doc (Mr. B)
Xander Corvus - Vince
Derrick Pierce - Ari
Ricky Johnson - Ty

Length Disc 1: 2 hours 33 minutes Disc 2: 2 hours 29 minutes

Date of Release: May 19, 2017

Extras: 16:25 minute BTS; 26:31 minute Bonus Scene featuring Cherie DeVille, Reena Sky, and Danny Mountain; Photo Gallery; Previews, Free VR Scene, Club Offer, Web Info, Phone Sex Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great. Hi-Def capture with a widescreen presentation. Audio is crystal clear. The accompanying soundtrack works nicely with the footage.

Overview: Adam & Eve bring back the Baumgartners in this follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed Babysitting the Baumgartners. Like that one, this one is a screenplay adaptation by Kay Brandt of a Selena Kitt novel. While technically a sequel, it isn't necessary that you see the first one or that you are familiar with the evolving Baumgartner universe.

This story starts with the Baumgartner's former nanny, Ronnie, and their current nanny, Gretchen, living together. They face the same problems all twenty-somethings do. Finding jobs, making rent, and meeting new friends and love interests along the way. As the story progresses to disc 2, we get a glimpse of what the adults in their lives are up to these days, mostly having sexual relations with the Baumgartners. AJ Applegate fans will be well-served here as she has plenty of screen time devoted to her. She gets girl on girl action and participates in a four way romp session. She shows off her acting chops as well!

As this is a feature, I won't get into the storyline much beyond that. Note, this is a 5-hour movie with 10 sex scenes in it, so this review will be fairly long out of sheer necessity in accurately reviewing the sex contained within!

Scene 1: Anikka Albrite, Edyn Blair

Edyn and Anikka share some alone time with a nice bath. They are planning on a threesome with Anikka's husband which means that Edyn has to get her crotch shaved to please him properly. Miss Albrite gets right to work with a disposable razor, trimming Edyn's fiery mound into a nice little patch. After a quick rinse of the shave cream, she takes some time to explore the newly barren lands with her tongue. Miss Blair's breath sounds are funneled right to your ears as Anikka works her magic and the pair move to the bedroom as the soundtrack cues up some soothing guitar and saxophone music.

Anikka & Edyn

Anikka continues her lesbian lick session, lapping quickly on her lover's slit and then rolling over to get her just rewards. The redhead rewards her with some tonguing of her own and then climbs onto her face for some more serious munching. The ladies trade places and then start grinding crotches as their passions progress. Plenty of panting and whimpering brings the duo to a climax and they fall next to each other, caressing each other softly as they discuss possible future adventures.

Scene 2: Sara Luvv, AJ Applegate

Sara & AJ

Sara and AJ wake to the sound of Sara's text message from her personal trainer. Since they have some time before their day starts, AJ mentions a dream she had that revolved around Sara kissing a guy. As the pair cuddle face to face, they share intimate thoughts and touches. As the intimacy grows, the warm covers get kicked off and their bodies mesh together. Before long, Sara is gripping AJ's head, pulling it tighter into her crotch as her body tensing in orgasmic bliss. Sara returns the oral favoring as she climbs atop her girlfriend into a 69. She follows that up with more tonguing while finger AJ who has her legs held high. The blonde's body starts to take on a sheen as she too, tenses as she cums. Sara's finger and tongue assault continue as AJ straddles her face and they share AJ's juices during a passionate kiss before they have to start their day. Before their days start though, they take a quick shower together, bodies pressed together as the cameras swap between wide and close shots, shooting through the clear curtain as water beads down its length.

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Scene 3: Katy Kiss, Ricky Johnson

Katy Kiss

This scene happens simultaneously with scene 4. The action seesaws back and forth between the bedroom and the hallway.

Katy's new beau comes over to watch movies with her, AJ and Ronnie. Their flick watching becomes a makeout session and they head off to the bedroom as AJ and Ronnie exchange astonishments. The bedroom couple strips down and Katy starts blowing and stroking her man to stiffness as her roomies peek in on the action from the hallway. Soon, her ebony stallion is pumping into Katy's long, lean, alabaster body. First in missionary, then in doggie and quickly followed by a reverse ride from the redhead. Katy rubs her clit as Ricky pounds her from below. Turning around, she bounces high and hard on Ricky's Johnson. Holding her ass cheeks apart, she spreads herself wide as she impales herself over and over before licking her juices off of him. Ricky manhandles to the other side of him so he can get to slamming in spoon, Katy's nipples erect as she rocks herself back into reverse cowgirl for more grinding. In missionary, Miss Kiss screams that she's going to cum all over his cock but he pulls out at that exact moment to cover her red patch with his seed.

Scene 4: AJ Applegate, Sara Luvv

Sara & AJ

AJ and Sara are horny in the hallway and soon Sara has AJ leaned against a wall to get her pussy ravished orally, AJ's leg straddling the hallway to press against the far wall so Sara has complete access. AJ muffles her mouth with her hand to keep from screaming and the duo trade places. Collapsing to the floor, the ladies rub loins together; AJ's tennis shoes squeaking against the wooden floor. Bracing her hands on opposite walls, Miss Applegate straddles Sara's face, panting softly and deeply. The expressions on her angelic face are priceless as they express their love for one another.

Scene 5: Sara Luvv, AJ Applegate, Katy Kiss

Sara, AJ, Katy

Our trio is hanging out at home and having a ladies night in. Their thoughts of watching a movie quickly devolve into a lesbian threesome. Blonde AJ is sandwiched between the brunette and the redhead on the couch who are busy peeling off their respective clothes. Hopping off the couch, AJ is the first to completely shed her clothes and she helps Sara do the same. Katy flips into position underneath AJs crotch and gets busy as Miss Applegate rubs Miss Luvv's clit. AJ really enjoys it when Katy rams her fingers into her and she spreads the love by doing the same to Sara. AJ drops off the couch to lick Katy's coochie while Sara finger rams it roughly. With Katy flipping over, her two roomies share licking duty as they kneel on the floor. Sara leaves Aj to go it alone while she climbs atop Katy's face. AJ takes that extra room to start exploring Katy's ass with her finger. Meanwhile, up top, Sara is having a gut wrenching orgasm. Climbing back onto the couch, AJ shows off her famous apple booty while Katy devours her snatch from the floor. The trio tumble from one position to another, tongues and fingers flitting from one hole to another as their breathing gets heavier by the moment. Finally exhausted they crumple together on the couch as the credits roll.

Scene 6: Edyn Blair, Mick Blue, Annika Albrite

Anikka & Edyn

Edyn and Anikka finally get to share Mick as promised earlier. They are nude and cavorting on the bed as Mick watches from a bedside chair, stroking himself. He gets a bit lonely and decides to join them. As the Performer of the Year lies between his real life wife and her friend, the ladies get busy licking and sucking. The trio shares genuine chemistry as they smile and laugh with one another. Anikka's eager to see Mick's cock in Miss Blair and so the redhead climbs aboard. Anikka offers up encouragement and dirty banter as her hubby bangs her best friend. Not content to just watch, Miss Albrite lies down to get licked by Edyn who is busy getting drilled in doggie. Mr. Blue takes his wife's friend in one position and then another, Anikka getting her snatch eaten during most of them. Finally, Mick fires onto Edyn's face and Anikka congratulates him for a job well done as she kisses her friend.

Scene 7: Sara Luvv, Ricky Johnson, AJ Applegate, Katy Kiss

The three roomies have invited Ricky over for a night of four-way fun. Once the foursome is in the bedroom, they start peeling one another's clothes off. Sara and AJ are quick to wrap their lips around Ricky's dick while everyone wriggles around into position. Aj moves up to grind on Ricky's face while Katy takes his pole into her throat. Sara's getting lonely so she is the first to jump onto his log. AJ's the next in line, followed by Sara again. This time she gets it in doggie so she can taste her roomie's box. He's fucking her hard and she's screaming for more.

Sara, AJ, Katy

The foursome evolves into a pile of twisting flesh as Katy finally takes pole position. She's getting drilled from behind and making out with AJ as Sara rests her face near Katy's ass, leering up at Ricky. She abandons that post in favor of sitting on the headboard as the ladies form a lick chain while Ricky continues ramming. Lying on his back, Ricky chooses to choke fuck AJ as Sara sits on his face. One after another, the girls ride his rod finally pressing their faces together for his pop. Sara gets the brunt of it, with Katy missing out on it all together.

Scene 8: Xander Corvus, Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv

Xander throws Sara onto the bed, rips off her pants and buries his face between her legs. She's wet and he starts fingering her furiously which leads to her throating him. They lose what's left of their clothing and Xander does some ass licking before giving Sara the dicking. She cums fairly quickly and rolls over to get banged some more. Mr. Corvus is pumping like a piston, their gazes locked onto each other. Sara covers her mouth to stifle her screams as the bed squeaks with each thrust of Xander's sword. Sara goes for a high, hard bounce session that gets some more dicking in doggie. Xander's ramrodding is relentless, he only pauses to taste her occasionally. Holding her leg up in missionary, he unloads all over her body.

Scene 9: Edyn Blair, Derrick Pierce

Edyn Blair

Edyn's showing off her new lingerie to her husband and he seems glad for the little striptease. She's soon lying atop him, rubbing her body down his and then bobbing on his boner. Once he's nice and hard he plunges into her unshaven slit which is an obvious continuity error. Pressing his hands down on her globes, he pounds into her. He takes some tongue time downstairs and then bangs her from behind. Climbing aboard, she goes for a rod romp, her round ass jiggling before she moves to sit on his face. Derrick gives her the D in spoon and then missionary. Edyn giggles and grunts as he grinds away. She's screaming for more as he hammers her in one position after another, her boobs flailing wildly. Derrick finally pulls out to cover her bush and they head off to the shower for some lathering and slathering time.

Scene 10: Edyn Blair, Mick Blue, Annika Albrite, Derrick Pierce

Anikka & Edyn

What starts as two married couples making out on the couches quickly progresses to a wife swap and things move to the bedroom. Edyn gets her pants pulled off and ass licked while Anikka busies her mouth on Mick's boner. Turning around, Mick shoves his cock into Miss Blair's throat while Derrick undresses. Once undressed, he slides into his wife while Mick takes a position on the bed, sniffing his wife's panties while Edyn blows him. Let the free-for-all begin! Edyn's getting plugged from both ends while Anikka oversees the action, the foursome laughing and joking as they jockey for position. Miss Albrite seems content with sucking a dick here or there but never getting penetrated. Edyn on the other hand hops on one dick then another. She's busy getting banged in missionary by her husband as Mick coats his own wife's face with jizz. Derrick follows suit, his dragon juice dripping down his wife's chin.

Final Thoughts: It's another steamy couples-friendly flick from Kay Brandt and company. It's an exploration of the evolving relationship Ronnie (Luvv) and Gretchen (Applegate) have together. Ronnie's the former nanny and lover of the Baumgartner's (Albrite & Blue) and Gretchen is their current nanny.  We are introduced to some new characters that throw some curve balls into the storyline and help to advance the plot line. The story never quite wraps up into a neat little bow, hinting at the possibility of future installments in the Baumgartner universe.

This story clocks in at over five hours split across two discs. The first disc is focused on the young adults while disc two features a bit of what the adults are up to these days.

Mike Quasar directs the photography and as expected, the overall look and feel of the movie are really good. The lighting and sound are both on point. There aren't as many exterior shots in this one as there was in the first one, but the few that exist are shot really well. There's a number of extras packed onto disc 2, including a bonus scene to bring the total number of sex scenes to 11. Even at $30 that makes each scene less than $3. You can't stream them alone for that price, so you might as well buy this one! I'm going to Highly Recommend it if you are into story based porn.

AJ Applegate fans will like this one much more than the first one, where I think a lot of people felt she was robbed of screen time she deserved. She gets that in spades here and I'm expecting some award noms not only for her but for this production in general. Fans of Sara Luvv might be disappointed to learn that she has stepped away from the industry to further her education.

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