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Anal Beauty 7

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 44 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Blair Williams with Valentina Nappi, Moka Morea, Vicki Chase, Christian Clay, Jean Val Jean, Xander Corvus

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer; Popshot Recap; Website Information


Director Greg Lansky is on his seventh installment of the Anal Beauty series for Tushy.com and Anal Beauty 7 maintains Lansky’s high-end focus on the art of anal sex. Blair Williams is the featured starlet of the flick, enjoying getting her ass hole annihilated by Italian big cock stud Christian Clay in the first scene of the movie. Hot Latina Vicki Chase, multi-continent starlet Valentina Nappi, and Moka Mora join Blair in this exploration of anal. In addition to Christian, industry studs Jean Val Jean and Xander Corvus use their pricks to penetrate each girl's tight ass hole. Each of the four scenes in this movie is a stylized vignette of lustful attraction followed by eye-popping anal banging. The overall production and camera close-ups create hot hardcore moments in scene after scene, especially when each girl’s rectum is left gaping open. I highly recommend this movie. Blair’s performance is a turn on and starlets like Valentina Nappi and Vicki Chase add more heat to the movie, especially when reaching their peak causes them to mumble uncontrollably in Italian and Spanish.  

Scene 1:  Blair Williams and Christian Clay

In this scene, DVD cover girl, Blair Williams, is a hard-working waitress. She does well on her job because she picks high-end establishments. She knows that these establishments attract men with money. One of her favorite customers is Christian. He always tips her well and loves flirting with her even with his wife sitting at the table. One day, Christian invites Blair over to his place to spend some time with him. His wife is out of town and he’s lonely. Blair is going to meet him because Christian is her biggest tipper. The pair enjoys wine on the couch when Christians pulls out cash and asks Blair what her price is to spend time with him. Blair seizes the moment to get as much money as possible, telling Christian that he has to keep in mind that she will miss time at work if she spends time with him. Christian realizes Blair drives a hard bargain and he pulls out more cash, throwing hundred-dollar bills on the table. Now, Christian is in the ball park. Blair is all his. He kisses her and pulls up her dress to finger her pussy. Blair decides to show him her wares. She stands up and does a striptease for him, pulling her dress off in front of him. Once naked, Blair kisses him again and starts rubbing his hard cock through his pants. When he unzips his pants, Blair spits on his cock and starts sucking it. She’s bent over doggy style on the couch, blowing Christian off while he fingers her pussy. She grips his dick with both hands and licks it all over, leaving trails of spit bubbles all over his shaft. Christian’s finger fucking is making Blair’s body shake. She moans as he stuffs her cunt. She works her lips all the way down his shaft, deep throating his meat and coughing and gagging as she goes down.

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Back in the bedroom, these two continue their oral pleasure, kissing each other. Blair talks about how much Christian’s cock is going to fill her pussy all the way up. She deep throats him again, lubing his dick completely with spit. She sits on it cowgirl style and rides. Christian grips her ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on his cock. Christian’s big cock is filling Blair all the way up and she closes her eyes in pleasure as her pussy gets stretched. Blair rides him faster and Christian starts fucking her harder and that’s when she cums, screaming “oh fuck!” Once Blair reaches her high point, Christian starts drilling her pussy some more, using his cock like a piston thrusting in and out of her wet hole. After cumming again, Blair climbs off his cock, sucks it then tells him to fuck her in the ass now. She straddles him cowgirl style and guides his big, hard cock deep in her ass. Blair rides his dick, getting her ass hole plugged and stretched. Soon, Blair has worked his cock far up her ass hole and she’s in ecstasy. Christian spanks her ass cheeks and holds them open while his cock spreads her rectum.She as an assgasm from Christian’s pounding. After ass-to-mouth cock sucking, Blair rides his pole in reverse cowgirl position up her ass then bends over doggy style for more anal pounding. Christian squats over her ass hole and sends his dick deep down her hole. We get great shots of Blair’s gaping ass hole when he pulls out. He fucks her throat for a few minutes, having her taste her own ass, then he goes back to stretching her sphincter.  Blair moans in pleasure then turns over into missionary position, holding both legs back and watches as Christian’s cock pummels her ass hole. He squats again, butt thruster style, and punishes Blair’s ass hole. The camera zooms in close, positioning Blair’s ass hole full screen as Christian’s cock bangs it. She squirts then drops to her knees for her hot cum delivery. Christian pops on her tongue. She blows bubbles with his load then swallows it while admiring his dick. “I told you you’d get a lot for your money,” she tells him.

Scene 2:  Vicki Chase and Jean Val Jean

Sultry Latina vixen Vicki Chase has a hot scene with Jean Val Jean that all begins with Vicki dressed in black lingerie recounting her decision to crossover to Hollywood. She explains the whole thing in Spanish as she gets dressed in the mirror. Vicki is a telenovela actress who has an audition for a big budget movie in Hollywood. She is prepared to do whatever it takes to land the role. Jean is the producer of the film and he told Vicki that he likes what she has to offer. Vicki takes one look at Jean and knows that he’s the playboy she has heard about. Jean thanks her for stopping by to audition for the role. They are outside at the pool when Jean offers Vicki a glass of champagne as she prepares to get in the pool. Jean likes Vicki’s confidence and he watches her strip down to her bathing suit. Director Lansky gets cheeky with all the dramatic elements of a great telenovela complete with sound effects, descriptive text, and grand actions. Vicki walks toward the pool but can tell by the way that Jean is looking at her that she has him right where she wants him. She turns around and walks up to him and kisses him then helps him out of his shirt. Jean kisses her and helps unsnap her bathing suit while pulling it off her. Once Vicki is naked, she focuses on grabbing hold of Jean’s cock. She pulls his hard dick out of his pants, jerks it back and forth then tells him she wants to suck it. Vicki leads Jean back inside to the bedroom, massaging his dick the whole way. Once there, these two kiss like two long lost lovers. Vicki never stops jerking his cock the whole time and reverts to Spanish to tell him how much she likes this.

Vicki is soon on her knees with Jean’s prick in her mouth. He fucks her throat, making her drool like a loose faucet.  “Me Gusta,” she explains as Jean drives his dick to the back of her throat. Vicki sucks his balls, making a sloppy mess of his manhood. Once Jean lies on his back, Vicki continues to eat his meat and swallow his balls. She gives him a sloppy, wet kiss then sits on his cock cowgirl style. She glides up and down on his shaft slowly at first then Jean takes over. He grips both her ass cheeks, spanks them then fucks her pussy hard and fast, stretching her hole. She moans out in Spanish, telling him how good his cock feels. Jean starts fingering her ass hole while he fucks her, getting it ready for an anal injection. Vicki is ready for her anal expedition. She turns around and sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position, taking it deep in her ass hole. Jean bangs Vicki’s ass hole, leaving her screaming. We get great close-up shots of Vicki’s gaping ass hole when he pulls his cock out of it. Vicki sucks the taste of her ass off his cock then gets in doggy position where Jean makes her ass hole gape and stuffs it full of four fingers. He squats over her ass hole and spreads it open with his hard cock. He bangs her hole balls deep. Vicki looks back over her shoulder, squeezing her eyes closed as she gets fucked. They kiss passionately until Vicki lies on her back with her legs spread open. He fingers her pussy hard, making her cum then he plugs her tight ass hole with his dick. Vicki fingers her clit while he fucks her ass. Jean pulls out and blasts Vicki’s face with cum. She rubs her fingers through his spunk and works it into her mouth then plays with it, asking him if she got the part.

Scene 3: Valentina Nappi and Jean Val Jean

Multi-continent and curvaceous porn starlet Valentina Nappi puts on a steamy performance with Jean Val Jean in this scene. American and European porn fans alike find the Italian-born Valentina a hot, sexy performer who pushes the limits. She won 2017’s Spank Bank award for DP Dynamo of the Year. She has been nominated year after year for her performances across the industry and has won some of those awards. Having been in the industry for roughly five years, Valentina has racked up over 300 performer credits to her fans’ delight. When this scene opens, Valentina is getting dressed in the hotel bathroom’s mirror, wearing nothing but lingerie. Her curvaceous body is on full display. Talking in Italian, she explains her plight. Her husband has dragged her here to Los Angeles for another one of his business trips and has left her sitting around for the week with nothing to do. As usual, her husband puts his business first and their marriage is nothing but an afterthought. Valentina can’t even remember the last time they had sex. At least at home, she would fuck around when her husband was on the road, but here at the hotel, there’s nothing to do and the place is empty. This time, she decides to do something about her horny feelings. She orders room service and is pleased to see Jean deliver it for her. She leads him into the bedroom, talking in Italian while admiring his body. Jean has no idea what she’s saying to him but it all sounds like fun. Valentina takes off his shirt and kisses him then she pulls his pants down and jerks his cock, continuing to kiss his body. She takes off her bra, revealing her nice tits. The two continue to kiss and admire each other’s bodies.


Valentina drops to her knees and sucks his cock. In no time, she has it completely lubed up with her spit and she’s deep throating it. She works his cock all the way to the back of her throat, running her lips down his shaft to her balls. Jean’s cock is putting a smile on Valentina’s face. She grabs hold of his dick and beats her cheeks with it then puts it back in her mouth. Jean helps her by fucking her throat once she opens wide. She sucks his balls and licks his ass hole then bends over doggy style to get her own ass hole tongued. Jean spreads her cheeks open, making her ass hole gape then he stabs it with his tongue, making Valentina’s eyes roll back into her head and her feet curl. He turns her over into missionary position, eats her pussy then fucks it, holding her legs down as he slams his body down onto hers. He pulls out, eats her wet pussy then fucks it again, making Valentina beg for more. Her ass hole is up next and she gets it stretched missionary style. Jean thrusts his pole deep inside her anal cavity, leaving Valentina moaning in pleasure. She lies on her side for anal spoon fucking, continuing to mumble in Italian as Jean makes short work of her tight ass hole. He pounds her hole then pulls out so she can suck on it in ass-to-mouth fashion. Valentina focuses on deep throating his cock again before sitting on it cowgirl style up her ass. Hot doggy style fucking deep in Valentina’s ass leaves her crying out in ecstasy. Jean drills her ass hole, thrusting his cock in her rectum balls deep. When he pulls out, she opens her mouth wide as Jean straddles her and pops in her mouth and on her tits. She sucks his dick, satisfying her oral fetish for cum, telling him it’s so tasty.

Scene 4:  Moka Mora and Xander Corvus

Relative newcomer Moka Mora is a looker. She’s been in the biz for about a year with less than 25 performer credits under her belt. She’s been making the rounds at big industry studios; landing DVD covers as she moves along. In this scene, she gets her pussy and ass hole stretched by fan and industry favorite Xander Corvus. When the scene opens, we learn that Moka has had too much to drink while out with her friends. She has a crush on her roommate’s boyfriend, Xander, and when she was drunk, she texted him and told him how she feels about him. She didn’t hold anything back. Xander stops by the house and Moka is so embarrassed. She apologizes to him, telling him she was drunk and out of her mind. Xander tells her not to apologize. He actually liked the whole thing and he has an attraction for her too. They kiss and Moka can’t believe they’re actually doing this. He lies her on her back, spreads her legs open and starts licking her pussy. Moka holds his head in place, running her fingers through his hair as he smacks on her pussy.

Moka returns the favor, sucking his cock and balls. She licks his dick from his balls all the way up his shaft, keeping her big pretty eyes on Xander’s. She lies on her stomach near the edge of the bed and Xander stands up to fuck her throat, guiding his hard pole across her tongue. Moka starts to gag and spit up on his cock. Moka dines on his dick for longer, trying to deep throat it but choking before she can fit it all the way in her mouth.

She sits on his dick cowgirl style and rides it slowly. Xander helps her glide up and down on his cock, ensuring her pussy is stuffed completely. He stretches her pussy further and further and starts banging it hard, making Moka moan. Xander’s balls slap against Moka’s ass hole as he fucks her cunt. She climbs off, sucks his dick then takes it deep in her ass hole in cowgirl position. Xander continues her hard pounding of her hole, thrusting in and out of her tight ass, stretching and spreading it wide. The rectum rooting continues in spoon position and full-screen close-ups put Moka’s banged ass hole in the spotlight. She tells him how much she loves his big, hard cock. He rams her ass hole missionary style as Moka holds her legs open. She orders him to cum on her face. He pulls out and blows his load all over her face, tongue, and tits. Moka smiles and swallows his load, telling him how good it tastes. Then she sucks his cock, telling him they’ve got to do this more often.

Final Thoughts:

Anal Beauty 7 gets a highly recommended rating from me and it’s a flick you should add to the anal shelf of the porn stash. Multi-award-winning director Greg Lansky, who in many ways set a new bar for the quality and photographic style of porn production, doesn’t miss a beat in this seventh installment of his anal series for Tushy.com. This flick won’t disappoint, especially when DVD cover girl Blair Williams gets her ass hole blown out by Italian cocksman Christian Clay in the opening scene. The squat-thrusting doggy style fucking of Blair’s ass hole makes for some of the hottest moments of this movie, especially when Christian pulls out, revealing Blair’s gaping pink ass hole. You’ll enjoy watching sizzling Latina Vicki Chase share her story in Spanish and reach her orgasm in Spanish as Jean Val Jean stuffs her rectum balls deep. The multi-continent fan favorite Valentina Nappi always steams up her scenes with her curvy body. Jean spreads her ass hole all the way out, stuffing it deep with his hard cock. Moka Mora brings up the rear, getting banged in the rear by Xander Corvus’ big, hard dick. The interesting vignettes, high-end production and style and the ass-stretching hot sex make Anal Beauty 7 another Lansky flick worth watching.

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