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Dream Pairings: Chapter One

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dream Pairings. Many studios have claimed such fame since the dawn of the adult industry. Girlsway is adding a twist that I have never seen in my years following the XXX Business and writing about wonderful cinematic fantasies. There is a series of three short films basically, all written and cast by three of the most unique porn starlets in the adult world today. Not just of one age group or genre either. This group has it all and in my opinion. It adds so much intrigue that the starlets themselves, actually get to cast who they work with. Making this film truly a look into the fantasy of a porn star. If you follow these lovely ladies, you will notice that each scene's theme fits who they truly are as performers. No matter if it is Bree Daneils talk of the spirit realm and astronomy, or it is Uma Jolie describing how much she loves a particular super star, you actually are getting something that these women put deep thought into and passions of who they are inside. Now, the true question of ths film, will it be something that these women truly get to toy around with? Or will this simply be a studio using these gorgeous ladies to sell a look from what their perspective is of what their alter egos should fantasize about? Let’s find out shall we!

Dream Pairings Box Cover 


Approximate Run Time: 3 Hours 50 Minutes


Director: Stills By Alan


Cameras: Stills By Alan, Craven Moorehead, Billy Visual, Curious Judas, Matt Holder


Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Story, Porn Super Stars, Some Toys, Squirting

 Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross

Chapter One: Jenna J Ross and Bree Daniels:


Scene Features: Toys, Great Acting, Story, Fingering, Intense Orgasms


The Story:

Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross Shots of these gorgeous biker boots worn by lesbian superstar Bree Daniels open this film with a thunderous score and view. Jenna J Ross is simply masterful as the "bible thumping" sibling, who has compassion and warmth for her step sister, who seems to be struggling with a world trying to change her lesbian ways. I can't even begin to tell you how good a job Jenna does acting this part. She becomes the character, she transforms into this innocent, quiet and still loving sibling, to a troublesome, deviant and devilish step sister in Bree. As we start the first path to sexual gratification, you see this truly dark intention in Bree's eyes. It is both sexy and diabolic. It hooks the viewer from second one. Bree truly creates a controversial subject and I love it. When she brings in the dialogue, "pray the gay away" I truly see something bold. Something you will not see anywhere else than in adult cinema. As a very dark score takes us to the bathroom where Bree begins to show a plan to strip her over religious sister of her pure spirit, the facial expressions on each woman is magnificent. Bree begins to masturbate as she cons Jenna into washing her back, then moving her touch up front. The cameras move gracefully from each lady’s face and their emotions to a far angle of the water rippling as Bree rubs her slit all in the same time frame of Jenna rubbing her breasts with a wash cloth. The dialogue is done to perfection when you see worry and resistance come over Jenna as she realizes what is going on. Jenna jumps with shock in herself to pray and Bree keeps her focus upon her innocent meal she wishes to devour. The camera brings up a wicked shot of Bree walking naked to interrupt Jenna's prayers. She steals Bree's crucifix and begins to toy with her mind. This plot is sinfully delicious as you see Bree seduce Jenna. The fans will not know what is hitting them as the sex portion of the scene begins to take shape, that is how well-crafted this introduction is.

Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross 

The Sex:

Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross As we see images of crosses dangling in front of beautiful nipples ad pussy lips, the fans jaw will be on the floor before the first kiss takes place. This sex scene is defiant of what a girl/girl sex scene should be. As Bree begins to seduce Jenna, the way that she teases and prods her flesh, is as kinky as it gets to warm things up. Jenna masterfully begins to melt into a new shade of character as Bree stands behind her, removes her dress and pulls aside her cute panties to finger her. The moans start to get louder and louder as things get more and more aggressive! The pussy licking is as real as it gets in this scene dear readers. Bree is truly one of the best when it comes munching, sucking and fucking pussy. Jenna's moans and firm grasp of the bed sheets, is something that will get your engine running from the start. The dialogue of seduction is orgasmic. As you see Bree begin to finger Jenna's wet slit and the sounds of her wet pussy gushing as she fingers faster and faster will truly bring any fan to their knees. The way that these two girls stay in character and ask one another, "how can something be so wrong, that feels oh so right?" The true brilliance in this scene is all in the actors. When you see Jenna tell Bree she is enjoying the pleasure while she touches her flesh after orgasm is something delightful and dark. The ladies kiss so wet and playfully as Bree sits on Jenna's face. The hesitant Jenna simply moves this scene into a realm that few can. When you see Bree’s, fiery hair come into focus as she begins to lean back and ride Jenna's face, you too will let go of more than ever imagined as the passion kicks into over drive. Watching Jenna work her tongue and magic is glorious beyond belief, especially when you see such reluctance in her eyes. Bree fingering Jenna's wet cunt just makes this scene go from tame and artistic to nasty and intense in one stroke of Jenna's tongue. This scene and its views of multiple orgasms are beyond what the doctor ordered for any girl/girl fan, especially when it is an opening encounter. This is truly a dream pairing. One that is both light and dark, intense and imaginative to the max of any fans day dream. As this first look down the rabbit hole of chapter one ends, you get to see Jenna really unleash her skills in the realm of lesbian cinema. The way she devours, licks and sucks Bree's pussy will have you begging for mercy and praying to a higher power yourself.

Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross Part 2:


The Sex & the Story:

The visual implications of trivial things, with big meanings is huge in this scene. From Jenna's dark attire to the crucifix dildo and the one most people miss, Bree's shirt of astrology. This is indeed a very cool touch to the scene. It makes for an enriched feel for this chapter. Jenna is lost, having enjoyed the fruits of her sister so much, it is causing her to question her faith. Jenna steals the show acting wise for the entire film. When Bree comes up to her quarters as she is praying, she poses the question if she would like to worship in the house of Bree? The fireworks really come out in the darkest and even more sexier manor. As Jenna chooses the calling of the flesh, we see some remarkable things that push the cinematic boundary. Jenna deepthroats the crucifix dildo with ease. It is very hot and it will be something that has you watching every step of the way. Bree looks on with the most seductive and sinister look as Jenna gags multiple times on the big flesh like cock. Jenna soon gets into reverse pile driver with ease and watching that woman contort her body is just a small insight as to why she was built for this business.

Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross

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The use of toys creates something totally fresh in this pairing and keeps the audience’s attention as well. This film features some very rare types of occurrences during sex. In this chapter, Jenna is getting pounded hard and as she quivers and moans on the floor her pussy cums hard, literally sucking down the dildo with this grasp and release of air. Jenna literally sucks down Bree's fingers with her pussy during orgasm too. The noise is so fuckimg sexy, I can not get it out of my head and neither will you for a few weeks. It is one of the hottest things you will ever fucking see! Then you see Jenna begging to have Bree shove her cum drenched fingers down her throat. Her descendance into darkness just gets better and better. As it becomes Bree's turn to sin, the gyrations and body thrusts will turn a person from stone to putty when watching Bree Daniels get fucked by Jenna. The talk of fucking a crucifix and lines like, "Jesus fuck me!" it may be too much for some viewers but I say, you need to be open minded to let this scene display what it's intent is. This is simply two actors creating fantasy and if you look at things as such, you will enjoy this scene twenty times more immensely because of how good the acting and sex is. When you see that trickle of white cum squeeze out of Bree's pussy all while her eyes roll into the back of her head in orgasm, you know that things are simply going to get hotter in this scene. The girls take turns sitting on each other's face and when Bree gets her turn, the camera zooms in for some up-close shots you simply must see. Once again, Jenna contorts her body so beautifully while she masturbates and licks Bree's hot slit. The breast play in the closing parts of the scene is so well captured from everything from light and audio, to the performers orgasmic reactions. The end 69 action is so fitting for two performers who truly became one to create a fantasy. The action is steamy, the acting is superb. Bree creating a realm for Alan to take us into, that is truly something magical and fans will be dazzled I guarantee. The way each woman quivers and has their energy drained will have your equally out of breathe and dehydrated as you get ready for round two of another story from another amazing adult film star turned writer.

 Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross


Scene 2: Written and Cast by Uma Jolie


Part 1: Uma Jolie and Mia Malkova


Scene Features: 69, Tongue Fucking, Seduction & Trickery, Minor Scissoring, Big Booty


Uma Jolie and Mia Malkova The Story:

We are brought into this tale of fantasy with a great kooky score and a beautiful Uma Jolie walking into an ambush set-up by a crazy Mia Malkova, hell bent on stealing her virginity. The scene is one gorgeous piece of work. Flower pedals lie upon the bed, the room is perfectly lit and when you toss in a Mia Malkova looking as amazing I have ever seen her, paired with Uma Jolie, dolled up in what is the equivalent to how every person would picture her in this type day dream. It is the makings for something yummy in the bowl, waiting to be stirred. The story keeps its pulse going throughout the film, which can truly be something hit or miss depending on your actors. Uma and Mia, they have a very playful connection. Their characters are both very sensual and mysterious. Uma Jolie, with that body and those eyes. You would not be deemed a fool if you simply bought this film for that aspect alone. Alan and the crew also put Mia's beautiful booty on display with angles that are just what every porn fan drools over and demands. The teasing is also a big bonus in this chapter of the film. Mia's panties are on almost the entire time, leaving some wonderful things to the imagination.

Uma Jolie and Mia Malkova

Mia's pussy licking skills are that of a hungry nature. Her mouth is literally pressed up Uma's kitty during every view of oral pleasure. One of sexiest shots, is watching Mia suck on Mia's pussy and as she tilts her head back during orgasm you see Mia fully arched, with her chest coming up off the bed in an acrobatical gem of stance that is impossible to do but looks sexy and easily done by miss Malkova. As the tempo picks up, Uma herself begins to take things up a notch as well but I think she did not get enough of the spotlight in this delicious dream pairing. The camera crew had to be massive in this film, for instance, the switch from one camera to the next during some steamy 69 actions goes from Mia's delicious looking slit being stroked up and down, to Mia's face in a completely flustered state as she orgasms. It is a brilliant piece of camera work and editing. Uma shows one of sexiest tongues in the industry as the scene winds down. Mia's moans of passion bring the fantasy home for almost any fan. Seeing Uma's wet fingers glisten in the light, along with amazing pussy licking, do enough to save this scene in terms of equality to showcase something for both performers. Mia's amazing ass is the true unsung hero of this part of the scene and that is not a terrible thing, nor something that will have any fan left feeling cheated. The end scissoring does add some flavor to things and a true end bonus of this scene is watching just how enthusiastic Uma Jolie has sex on film. Her drive is intense and the banging head board tells you that she enjoyed every minute of the shoot dear readers. Uma Jolie has something and it is not just those big beautiful eyes that is catching everyone's attention, especially in this film. Once you her long pussy licker come out to play, you see the potential a young star like her has already.

Uma Jolie and Mia Malkova 

Part 2: AJ Applegate and Uma Jolie


Scene Features: Tongue Fucking, 69, Big Booties, Pussy Humping, Face Sitting, Squirting


The Story:

Uma Jolie and AJ Applegate As Mia begins to let her obsession get the best of her, the camera takes us to catch up with AJ Applegate who makes multiple appearances. AJ overhears the end of the delicious sexual encounter and decides to check things out. I really thought that Uma shows some talent when it comes to acting skill in these end moments. Her facial expressions are very believable, as is the way she navigates through the scene from set-up to sex, then back again. AJ Applegate opens things up brilliantly, especially when the story twists and we find out AJ wanted to take her step sisters virginity as well. As we see the two stepsisters subdue the amazing Mia Malkova, we are taken back into the bedroom to see AJ gets her dream matchup with Uma. The kissing explodes into something grand and beautiful. Having now been paired with another of the best booties in the business, miss Jolie seems unable to keep her hands off AJ Applegate's money maker and who could blame her? The shots are wonderful once again as Girlsway's brilliance shows in an early camera pan that takes us from a view of Uma's feet resting upon AJ's butt, scrolling right to see the girls passionately kissing. Within two minutes of part two starting, you can tell you are in for something entirely different than what was showcased before.

Uma Jolie and AJ Applegate The Sex:

As you see AJ begin to chow down on Uma's kitty, you see a erotic vibe begin to surface. Something that is both sexy and unique. AJ begins to finger Uma's pussy and as she does, the scene begins a rise to showcase Uma the way the first part did not. So, the spoils do truly come to those who are patient. The joy you see in Uma's face as she kisses AJ passionately is an indicator she is loving this even more than the fans watching the film. Her aggression increases which makes for a very steamy encounter. AJ's dirty talk through the scene is a massive bonus for fans. The amount of wicked cool camera angles in this scene really elevate it to another level. This is truly a scene for those who love booties because you get them tenfold in this chapter. Just listening to Uma lick AJ's asshole will have you climbing the walls with pleasure. I find it something so curious to know when thinking of how Uma cast this scene. She truly shows a deep interest with AJ and that equals money well spent for fans. It adds something to this scene. AJ and that voice of hers. She also takes this scene to another level with not only that amazing butt of hers but also with great acting ability and spirited orgasms. When the ladies grind their pussies on one another, that just gets to become something oh so yummy with the enthusiasm these to have for each other.

Uma Jolie and AJ Applegate

There are few women who have the rock-solid body Uma does. Her six pack is sexy. It brings out something at every other corner of her presentation to fans. When you see those abs wiggling back and forth as she rides AJ's face, your eyes will be glued to following her every move after. Uma also adds such realism to the fantasy as the innocent young sister who everyone wants to steal her virginity from. The true winner of this chapter is the director for putting out such a risqué concept. Porn today has become such a back and forth struggle of who can truly out-do the opposing company in the shock department and Alan and Girlsway put forth something shocking but sexy at the same time. I think this says a lot, because no matter a fans perversion, everyone deserves to have their fantasies become realities in the world of porn and yes, taste can be something that companies keep in mind while doing so and Girlsway simply knows how to do it all with great casting. Uma creating this story shows that even performers think wth the deviance and lust that fans do. This chapter says so much without even a word being uttered. As you see the sex end, we get a perfectly timed squirt of cum from the amazing AJ Applegate. The action is going 100 miles an hour by then and it goes back and forth from AJ tongue fucking Uma's shaved kitty, to miss Jolie lapping up her juices from asshole to slit and back and forth again as the cameras and editing capture it all to perfection. Mia Malkova awakening to hysteria is the cherry on top of a scene featuring three of the best actors in the world!

Uma Jolie and AJ Applegate 

Chapter 3: Written & Cast by: Alexis Fawx


Pairing One: Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate


Scene Features: Squirting, Lesbian Romance, Story, Intense Fingering, Heavy Girl/Girl Kissing, Top Notch Pussy Licking

Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate 

The Story:

Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate

This is truly the story that jumped out to me the most from the first glance at the box cover. This scene features two of the most health consicous, in shape porn stars on the planet. Both ladies always give it their all when it comes to how they prepare for a scene and how wll they present their bodies to the fans. This story has something very close to home for Alexis. It also has a pairing that I have personally seen every fan on twitter demand from many companies. Seeing Girlways give in, recieves them gold stars and some. The story has Alexis narrating a tale of forbidden love within the Air Force. The costumes are great as are the shots of the ladies training as Alexis goes into detail of the things that turn her on and brought her into the hands of AJ Applegate. The woman tease with pure bliss for the fans. You get some passionate kissing, mixed in with these sneak peaks of each ladies gorgeous body! This scene is shot so well and you get a true cinematic feel to everyting that goes down. As the story goes along, we find out that the ladies can never truly let their passion and love be known. We join them taking inventory back at base and AJ starts to come onto Alexis. The ladies acting is pure granduer in this part. Alexis is so hesiatnat and AJ simply drives the imagination into levels that only true porn stars can. As each lady gives into the other, you know that you are in for a treat of epic poreportions. The set-up is slow, sensual, romantic, yet it has that kinky vibe and lust that has come to be the definition of Alexis Fawx. She is truly alive within these pages she wrote and the scene that comes alive from it.

Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate 

The Sex:

Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate

The breast worship, nipple sucking is abundant and sexy from second one. Story leads to the barracks, where their passion for each other can no longer go unbridled or be restrained. The patented first wet kiss Alexis delivers is matched so phenomenally by AJ. It is truly two stars colliding for something that dreams are truly made of. AJ's booty looks amazing even in fatigues. Every film Alexis makes, her boobs look even more amazing. The way she takes care of her body translates so well to a great sex scene in so many ways. Her skin is flawless. The spit running down Alexis's tits is a delicious touch. The way she looks into AJ's eyes as she mouths all her tit is heaven sent. Sticking their hand down each other’s pants is steamy. Alexis' quivers of passion as AJ licks her pussy is something words cannot describe what it brings to the table. Alexis adds zeal with her sexy lips smacks as she kisses AJ's phenomenal ass. The wetness drips from AJ's pussy as Alexis fingers her with exuberance. AJ's tongue is wicked and wet as she gets Alexis on her backside to really gives her pussy what for. Alexis sends your mind into a place of ecstasy with her reactions to AJ's pussy lapping marvelousness. You will be hitting the rewind button instantaneously with how hot this part of the action is. One of the hottest things I have ever seen in a girl/girl scene, is when AJ's use three fingers to jam her way into Alexis pussy and literally pulls her cum out with her fingers. My goodness, now that is sex on film and a fantasy that fans never see shown on film. The sex jumps into the nastiest possible place, in the best possible way from there. Watching AJ squirt, then seeing her wetness drip from the storage bin she is getting fucked on, is erotica done with care from all parties involved. The end of part one comes with a sweet embrace and commanding officer Cherie DeVille sneaking in on the amazing girl/girl love fest with a look that is simply Cherie getting ready to do what she does best.

Alexis Fawx and AJ Applegate 

Part Two:


Scene Features: Seduction, Face Sitting, Aggressive Sex, Story, Aggressive Pussy Licking


The Set-Up:

Cherie DeVille and Alexis Fawx This story sequencing by Girlsway was absolutely genius! Cherie DeVille, she is a Shakespearean style presence that is the land of adult fantasy and film. She is straight forward and flawless as the "bad guy" or girl of this chapter. Her lines are solid and un-stammered. She simply creates an element in these roles and film that are a just essential to your mind clicking that button and thinking what lies ahead, or what could be in an erotic fantasy. Getting to see her paired up with Alexis Fawx is many porn fans dream come true and boy, do these babes deliver. Alexis is summoned to her commanding officers living quarters and we soon discover, sex is something even the "bad guy" craves when it comes the "Faux of all foxes." As the story moves forward, Cherie's character keeps things heated with some sultry interactions with Alexis. Using her bra to tie her up was a very kinky touch. Alexis grows stronger as an actor with each film she makes. The way at which she portrays the intimidated airman who will do as her commanding officer tells her, is very well portrayed. She is already one of the top ten performers when it comes to what goes on in between the sheets. With roles like this, she is truly making a compelling case for herself for some shiny trophies come January. The way to which Cherie punishes Alexis for her insubordination should be a tasty treat for kink fans. As Alexis stands at ease showcasing that 100-million-dollar body of hers, Cherie sits with a diabolic look in her eye, where you just know this fantasy is about to jump start into something grand.

Cherie DeVille and Alexis Fawx 

The Sex:

 Alexis Fawx and AJ ApplegateSweet seduction. That is what is at the core of this beyond amazing climax to Alan's film. When you hear Cherie talk of orgasms and the speed to which Alexis gets naked, your imagination will run wild with what could be. Some of the amazing highlights of this dream pairing is watching Cherie fuck Alexis's tongue. It is as steamy as it gets. The camera angles stay simple in this encounter as they do pretty much this entire scene but where the crew simply shines, is how well they bring the key elements of these ladies of lust to the forefront. Fans will be blown away, just like the scene before with the amount of kinky action thrown into this sex stew. You will truly see dog-tags in a new way after watching this scene. Cherie is a sexual phenomenon and Alexis is truly an equal match lick for lick. This is what a dream pairing is meant to be in a XXX film. Cherie in her lingerie is always the mark of her elegance and demand to always show fans the best of what she must offer. She is aggressive in a way that words cannot describe, especially when it comes to erotica. This scene is very short. One of the shortest I have ever seen when it comes to the sex part of the fantasy with Girlsway. The amount packed into such a small-time frame does leave you wanting more. Cherie gives a wonderful performance and Alexis Fawx shows that she can be any type of character in a film with this much detail. As the submissive, she shows a sexiness that is brought out every time Cherie whips her gorgeous back side with her military issued belt. Cherie's aggression as the one instigating the seduction is like fire & amber meeting to create something so incredibly hot and fierce. The pussy slurping is divine, as are the positions. When you see Cherie sit on Alexis Fawx's face, just unbuckle your seat belt and perhaps a few other things and just enjoy the ride. The shortness of this scene does kill the climax but is truly saved by the dream pairing of such super stars and the things that elevated them to that level.

Cherie DeVille and Alexis Fawx 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:


So few films stick in a critics mind. There is simply too much cinema out there at times. This film, it was a pure joy for so many reasons. One of the biggest, being that you get to see things you never to in today’s adult film world. Girlway’s website has featured these pairings before but what they did on the DVD release was create something that fans will simply push play and be sent into the mind of a porn star. Bree’s intro grabs a hold of the viewer and never lets go. This film features a bit of everything from squirting, rare types of positions and moments, to stories that challenge the boundary of storytelling like any great film should, no matter the genre. Fans will not realize they are literally getting six scenes worth of pussy licking in this lone DVD. Not to mention this gives the purchaser hours and hours to truly get as much glorification out of it as they can, it has true replay value. This film has true dream match-ups and I like the fact that Bree Mills allowed for such a great idea to come out in the open. It is this type of leeway that is allowing Girlsway to move up the totem poll in the land of lesbian cinema. There are such great tid-bits that give insight into the porn star’s life, past and present. A look into who they are. Hearing just that Alexis Fawx was writing a scene that included the Air Force was something I truly had to see. She was an airman and she lived this experience honestly. Alexis will be the first to tell you that she lived such experiences when she was in the Air Force in terms of sex. This gives such reality to this film. When you see Bree Daniels showcase a dark side that truly comes to life in the kinkiest of ways, you realize you are getting a ticket into the minds of these amazing people. AJ Applegate and Jenna J Ross simply steal the show in this film. AJ with her raw, sexy way she devours her fellow performers and Jenna, my goodness, putting on an acting performance that is truly worth looking at come awards season. This are touches that create something grand. When you see that so many people helped make this film, from one of the largest camera staffs to date credited on a film, you get the sense that this is something truly unique and unlike anything that has come from Girlsway before.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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