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Anal Pleasure

Studio: Erotica X » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Couples

Director: James Avalon


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Cast:  Jillian Janson, Summer Day, Jade Jantzen, Amirah Adara, Damon Dice, Danny Mountain, Jessy Jones, Michael Vegas  

Length: 2 hours 32 minutes

Date of Release: July 19, 2017

Extras: Cumshots, Slideshow

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Super high-quality capture and presentation of the video. Audio is good, the dialog is a bit low in certain scenes. I do have to mention that this studio seems to master their DVDs in a manner that my review players don't seem to like. Often (as in this case) they will play in one computer but not the other. I've never had any trouble with regular home players though.

Overview: A couples-leaning, anally centered, coming together of four different scenes. The last two scenes share a common thread. It's very passionate and loving. It's shot very well and the sexual chemistry is near the top of the charts at times. I think couples will definitely want to check this out if they are up for exploring the backside of things in a manner that's not hard and rough.

Scene 1. Jillian Janson, Jessy Jones "Something Different"

Jillian Janson

Jillian and Jessy are seeing a couples therapist and when they get home Jillian mentions that one time when Jessy hit the wrong hole it kind of turned her on. He's intrigued and ignores the therapist's rule of "no touching" and they head off to the boudoir. The dirty blonde vixen gets the party started with a bit of gurgling and gagging before sliding onto Jessy's rod in reverse. With her heels digging into the mattress, she lifts off his log to squirt on the white comforter as she changes her position slightly so she can bounce higher. Jessy moves to the bedside so he can unbutton his shirt that got doused during her squirting and he pumps her methodically, his face looking as if he's counting reps or figuring out a trig problem. She flips over and he pumps her some more, applying light ass spankings and hair holding as he does. After a bit, he spreads her ass cheeks to check out her back door and he figures it's ready for him and plunges his cock into it.

Jillian Janson

Jillian moans and rubs herself furiously while her husband inspects her anus with his rod. She spreads her cheeks wide with her hands for the camera, although the camera work has been fine all along. It's been capturing every stroke with pinpoint precision, the canyon below visible through the French doors behind the couple. Flipping over, she spreads her legs wide, using her heels as handholds so she can watch the backdoor action she's getting while hubby rubs her clit with his thumb. It's at about that point I notice Jessy's fitness watch and wonder what it's tracking at that moment, steps? thrusts? heart rate? He doesn't seem concerned with it, he's gazing intently at Jillian's lovely face as she rides the border of orgasmic bliss. As he joins her for some anal spooning on the bed, he glances off to the side as if to check the time or an off-camera direction but the rhythm of love never stops. Jillian holds her top leg to the sky, showing off her bush as Jessy continues his anal assault. Her nipples poke skyward also and her eyes glass over as she crosses the threshold of orgasmic bliss. Gripping her tightly, Jessy's eyes burn a hole in the back of her skull as he drives himself nearly to the brink but rolls her on top of him to delay his explosion for another moment. The final straddle brings him to the edge and she rolls over to catch his load on her ass.

Scene 2. Summer Day, Michael Vegas "Swipe Right"

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Summer Day

Summer's face lights up the screen in closeup as she talks on the phone and then a throwback porno soundtrack kicks in as she hangs up so she can dress for her meetup tonight. Now, I've seen Summer in a lot of outfits and I can tell you this girl can make anything look good. Clothes just seem to love her. Don't get me wrong, they look just as good once they are on the floor and so does she but damn girl. She's rocking that LBD! As she meets her random date in the hallway, Michael is also rocking his suit and there's an instant spark between the two. The sexual attraction between the two is palpable as he immediately starts feeling her up and they had back into her place. Summer's smile lights the room as Michael explores her with his fingers and tongue and her eyes light up, lash extensions batting seductively as he reaches into his sport coat to pull out a glass butt plug. She positions herself on the sofa and he lubes up her ass and then slides his fingers into her front and the plug into her rear. Whew. Never been on a first date like this one! His fingers flexing, her hips pumping, she enjoys the dual hole action she's getting and the clothes come off. Michael explores her holes with his hands as she easily engulfs his length with her mouth.

Summer Day

Michael relubes and reinserts her butt plug and then inserts himself into the nearest available hole. He muffles her moans with her panties and then replaces the butt plug with his pole. In doing so, he places the plug in her mouth - which always makes me nervous when it's made of glass. It's an emergency dentist visit waiting to happen. They hump softly for a while and then Michael turns up the power, pausing only to lick her ass before the serious plowing of her back forty begins. Summer's locks are getting limp and lifeless before she lifts herself onto him in reverse cowgirl; his hands working her erogenous zones as she works her ass up and down on his stiffie. Their gazes are attentive toward one another as their anal coitus continues, Michael even managing to wedge some fingers into her ass alongside his cock as she inserts hers into her pussy. Apparently, that pussy needs some attention too, so she spins around and fucks him in a more traditional manner before he lifts her up and then tosses her back down for some more anal explorations. It's those final anal pumps that cause him to unload all over her: tummy to ears and back. Some of that explosion is featured in slo-mo right before they enjoy a satisfied kiss.

Scene 3. Amirah Adara, Damon Dice "My Sexy Neighbor"

Amirah Adara

Danny's checking out his foxy neighbor's workout with his telescope as a jingle plays that seems to be a cross between "Get Smart" and "The Pink Panther". He continues to scan neighboring windows, landing one that features Amirah in her sexy bra and panties as she gets joined by Damon. The telescopic view lends an erotic charge as he follows them to an adjoining bedroom where Damon gets busy taking off the Hungarian hottie's top and she gets busy jerking his johnson as the soundtrack fades. Her jerking becomes slurping and he starts fingering her ass. Soon enough, she's pumping on his pecker in doggie, gyrating as she goes. Damon seems to be watching their action in an unseen mirror before she decides to take a ride. I just reviewed another Amirah scene and man; this girl can work a dick. Damon grips the bedsheets and basically holds on while she works her magic, his hands moving to her hips, and then her ass; his mouth agape as he tries to figure out the best way to control the rodeo ride that's happening on him.

Amirah Adara

The action is being caught from multiple angles which work well as they transition into a standing bang and bounce before dropping to the bed's edge where Amirah's fuck momentum continues. Damon manages to break that momentum by poking his fingers into her lower holes while reaching for a long, glass anal dildo. After some teasing and poking into her with that, he inserts himself into her ass while she takes over dildo duties on her barren front hole. Damon's working up a sheen going from hole to hole, Amirah's wavy brunette locks bouncing as they go. Her dangling navel jewels sway to and fro as he hammers into her, their gazes locked, her teeth gritting in passion as he pounds away. With both of their bodies shining with sweat, he lifts her hips to his mouth for a quick snack before folding her in half for some deep anal drilling. They transition to a traditional pose and Damon really goes at it all she can manage to blurt out is "shit" "fuck" "oh" as he unloads all over her tummy and she lovingly milks his manhood with her hands.

Scene 4. Jade Jantzen, Danny Mountain "My Sexy Neighbor Part 2"

Jade Jantzen

Danny's till manning the 'scope when he discovers Jade moving into her apartment and touching herself, green eyes ablaze as the soundtrack kicks back in. She seems to know he's spying on her, as she shows off all her assets which are clad in awesome black lingerie. On the brink of bringing herself to orgasm, she reveals her hand with a sly wink directly into his scope and before he can run away she's at his door calling him a pervert and jumping into his arms. Getting the hint, he carries her to the couch known as grope central at this point in time. As this German-Russian girl starts jerking on this English dude, this scene would already be over for most fellas. He would have just splashed on her lacy black pantied ass but this is porn and these are trained professionals so she squats for the BJ. Soon, he's naked on the couch, holding her tight ass as she slobs his knob - his eyes rolling in ecstasy. He returns the oral favor as she peels off those panties and then he sinks the pink. Her tiny ass bounces on his boner, the top of her head moving out of frame for a bit and another camera providing alternate coverage as she tosses her bra off as she slaps herself down on his dick.

Jade Jantzen

Jade moves into a spoon and Danny carefully, ever so slowly, slides his rod into her rectum because that's what you do when you meet a neighbor. His slow strokes progressively get harder and faster as her false lashes bat at him encouragingly. Since his neighbor's a freak, he takes her ass in a number of positions, sweat beading on his brow as he bangs away. Her lithe body looks good in the body-bathing light as she rides him in reverse, a gasp escaping her lips as he lays her down to re-enter her rear. His strokes are short and consistent, never getting his whole length into her ass but finally blasting a huge load to her crotch and tummy in slo-mo as the scene fades and the credits roll.

Final Thoughts: Hmmm...I'm not sure where to go with this one. For couples looking to explore anal, this is probably a must watch. It's loving anal sex with just a hint of hardness to it. A tiny hint. The voyeur scene that occupies the latter half of the disc is a nice touch and unlike many other James Avalon titles I've reviewed, this one never rides the rail of getting too washed out with ambient light. The girls are hot, the guys are on point. The chemistry at times is palpable but present in every scene, palpable or not. It's a title I feel is squarely aimed at couples that wonder if anal sex can actually be an intimate moment shared. For those viewers, I'm going to Highly Recommend it. For you hardcore anal fiends - you should check this out and see what's possible with high production values rather than relying on up close and personal anal intrusion footage. This is a good disc. Overall I'm going with a very solid Recommended.

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