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Hotwife Blindfolded 3, A

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 8/9/17

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Genre: Feature

Directors:  Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Stella Cox, Kendra Lynn, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Ryan Ryder, Brad Knight, Haven Rae, Sofi Ryan


Length: 2hrs and 28 mins.

Date of Production: May 23, 2017

Extras: Trailers, Behind the Scenes, Pick Your Pleasure


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No issues or problems, and standard movie.

Body of Review: The viewer gets four scenes that have nothing to do with each other, aside from mostly wives granted permission or in an open marriage to fuck neighbors or friends with the gimmick of blindfolds. I use that term, because this is not a BDSM or remotely kinky avenue, in fact the last two scene involve more rope play, but in a denied of pleasure just another usage into the scene.


Scene One:  Stella Cox and Mick Blue

scene 1

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Stella meets the new neighbor, Mick while her husband is at work, after he leaves she calls Bubby telling him of the guy, how hot he is and basically getting his okay to go give head and fuck the private welcoming party. Oh how nice, of him, so already less of a couples film, with the infidelity and some of the kink spread wide open. Stella, calls him over he does not hesitate, good thing since she’s horny, she asks him to fuck her, and his response open marriage huh… They movie from the kitchen to the bedroom in a flash, quick enough Mick sits on the bed and begins sucking on her titties, especially working over the nipples, as he switches to having her on her back and between her legs, before moving down to her bald pussy. He does a quick job of sucking on her clit and less of just tonguing her pussy. Then from behind kneeling Mick works over her tits again, suddenly out of nowhere Stella pulls out a blindfold, (I do mean out of NOWHERE, suddenly its between them) and she’s teasing him about it, before having it placed on her. Once on, as she kneels on the bed and nestles down to feel his cock and begin to suck on his shaft, so much eroticism squandered as well as some basic light BDSM play, the blindfold truly becomes an accessory (fulfilling the need for title only) and not a sexual tool to heighten the pleasure. Granted Stella does a thorough throat gagging suckfest, with and without using her hands, yet again the blindfold delivers no other sensation or usage. Stella knows to move into a 69 from his change of position. Quick enough she’s being fucked in reverse cowgirl position all spread open with blindfold on for no reason of further pleasure from her sight restriction. She continues with the charade of the blindfold gag, by getting off of Mick, knowing exactly where to go on cue and mark and sucking his cock again giving him pleasure while tasting herself for more pleasure, suddenly the blindfold comes off – wow who didn’t see that coming.  Mick does a bit of ass eating, while Stella on her hands and knees before fucking her pussy in doggie-style and driving it home very well. Then crazy enough after on the side fucking Stella pulls down the blindfold which she kept on but up as a hair braid, and wears them again for whatever reason to ride Mick again this time regular cowgirl. This scene had the potential for something loving and playful, if first husband and wife scenario and bit of clumsy work itself in with little instructions for her, and her playing more to get his cock, unable to see, but this all is far too orchestrated.

scene 1

Scene Two:  Ryan Ryder and Sofi Ryan

scene 2

This one starts with Sofi positioned on a stool in a very large walk-in luxury closet and bathroom with mirror doors behind her and a vanity mirror in front of her while using a small pick vibe all while blindfolded, and the camera for moment shows her looking towards the vanity mirror. WHY??? Meanwhile Ryan enters the massive home calling out for different people, including Sofia and climbs endless stairs until amazingly he hears her deep sighs and moans, get a hearing test. Ryan enters silently, moves the mirror abruptly and tells her to stop, he takes away the vibe a bit of fear and pleasure mix throughout Sofi’s face and body, he asks her where‘s Chris (husband, not home arrange it so they are alone and Ryan will fuck her (oh how nice of him). At least the scene starts with the blindfold already on, and gives a hint of some kinky play, with Ryan taking the power position, of having stand-up and he stands behind her, forcible removes her bra, and not to move, as he then kneels and aggressively removes her panties, all to her fear and excitement. Sofi, tries as told to be a good girl but the blindfold does help to show her as naughty and slutty girl. This time in the bedroom, Sofi gets a bit more of handholding and guiding her to suck his cock, with more verbal cues and instruction. Ryan holding and guiding her head, as she does a fine job of fumble about for his cock, as she should, and wonderfully deep-throating him too, licking the shaft and the working her lips and tongue over his balls before returning to suck and head the head of his mighty cock. But suddenly they ruin the moment with the removal of the blindfold early on, and then again a mix of power play as Ryan insists she wear it again as she mounts him, even she is confused to the reason, as he tries to remain forceful and dominating with the attitude of “because I said so”. Ryan delivers unto her a solid fucking, while teasing her ass; he works to split her open, and then has her on all fours before drilling her thoroughly well and deeply. By the way the blindfold comes on and off often, for no reason and yet even as he keeps saying because, she keeps asking, in a Dom and sub relationship trust given and earn yet punishment never comes, from all her questioning. Although in the end after cumshot to the face she needs to keep to teasing her pussy on her knees with blindfold on till her husband returns, seems misplaced tack-on without any payoff.

scene 2

scene 2

Scene Three:  Kendra Lynn and Ramon Nomar

scene 3

Kendra and Ramon, obviously know each other as how they greet, she in bra and panties tied to a post and blindfold, as the scene opens, she tells why she’s there cause you know it, her husband has kinks and likes to watch her fucked. However, one quick issue he’s not in the room nor a camera set up, so how does that work, never mind. Ramon listens and teases her pussy briefly, before engaging in some breath-play, with Kendra appearing to struggle, as he tries to play the Dom. However, Ramon’s next action discounts that quickly, as he first kneels, and licks her pussy giving pleasure while bound and blindfolded first, before his, though extremely quick. He then stands up and removes her bra and teases her nipples and turning off and on a Hitachi vibe over nipples and through her panties, lightly at first and then pressed harder against. He asks her what she wants and she begs for his cock, he lowers her panties to her thighs and has her spread her legs, as he runs the vibe up her inner thighs slow, all working to regain his control and repeat it is his way, or no way. All used to send shivers through her body and mindfuck her too. Finally a GREAT ANGLE and usage of the vibe on her pussy and clit, seeing clearly her lips swelling excellent cinematography! He leads her over to a couch and on her knees begins showing her delight in sucking his cock giving pleasure, opening nice and wide to work over his shaft and a tongue tease on the tip of his cock, she lovingly works over his balls and gets face fuck with brief gag, a tad sloppy. She needed to reach out with her tongue to find the cock and before order to lay back on the couch and tease her pussy before leaning over to suck his cock some more and show a enduring thanks to him. Sadly, ruined when the blindfold comes off and she rides him before earning another taste of cock, though confusingly the blindfold goes back on and now a ball gag added, to muffle her pleasure as he fucks her again in a reverse cowgirl position while reaching around to tease her clit. Soon enough both devices get removed so she pile drives on his cock. Once more the blindfold is on again (why?) as she’s ordered onto her hands and knees the vibe used again to tease her overworked pussy (she’s made reach under herself and hold the vibe) before he fucks her pussy again. Wait for it, blindfold off, no wait back on, no… on again change position and facial with it off, why keep changing it pick one please. The close out scene her sitting there holding the vibe between her thighs with the blindfold you guess it, it’s back on, with her quivering in ecstasy.

scene 3

scene 3

Scene Four: Haven Rae and Brad Knight

scene 4

A friend of Brad has set it up for him to come over and fuck his wife who he left tied up in her bra and panties and transition into the scene of Haven masturbating under her panties, and not blindfolded, while outside (something different). Brad happens upon her and he blindfolds her takes to her bedroom lays back and eats her pussy as a fine meal. He then positions himself on the bed and she reaches down for his cock to suck, and really wants to enjoy it very much, she does a twisting fist stroking method while sucking. She continues to tease her lips and working over his balls. Brad fucks her on her back fucks with the blindfold on and then of course with off, and she later sucks a quick bit more and then reverse cowgirl before turning over for her to bounce on his cock all without the blindfold. Haven gives another lasting suckfest before getting on all fours and for a quick fuck and ending it with on her back with the blindfold on for a final fuck and cumshot. All in all a tad rushed in the final scene, asking why do that, all the pleasure to rise and not hurried.

scene 4

Summary: Likely not the best film for a couple to enjoy, as its not husbands and wives spicing up the bedroom, or any other room, it does give a new avenue to explore, but best to indulge in one’s one fantasies, as the film doesn’t offer anything new. If you seek eroticism, arousal, and enjoyment for lasting pleasure, this doesn’t assist in that too much, it only gives hints on how to enjoy your lover, though scene three cums to save the day very well, but a sloppy blowjob.


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