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Interracial Icon 5

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 15 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial;

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Nicole Aniston with Kendra Sunderland, Lana Rhoades, Brandi Love, Jason Brown, Flash Brown, Rob Piper, Mandingo

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Information; Feature Trailer


In a recent interview for Forbes magazine, multi-award-winning director Greg Lansky talks about the art of making porn and his focus on creating a high-end product for discerning porn fans. He calls his work art because it’s about making the viewer feel something when they watch it. You definitely do feel something when you watch Interracial Icon 5, the latest installment in the director’s well-known series for Blacked.com. This flick is done impeccably well and deserves a highly recommended rating. DVD cover girl Nicole Aniston’s scene alone is worth the price of admission. The internationally known starlet with an incredible body has a smoldering sex scene with big black cocksman Jason Brown. Perhaps the best part of the scene is the build up to the sex which features Nicole in a tough, sweaty, workout session that has moments that remind you of films like Rocky and Flashdance. The sexual anticipation keeps this scene hot along with Nicole’s perfect body. Other fan favorites like Kendra Sunderland, Lana Rhoades, and Brandi Love round out the rest of the movie, getting their pussies stretched by BBC from Flash Brown, Rob Piper, and Mandingo.

Scene 1:  Kendra Sunderland, Kira Noir, and Mandingo

When this scene opens, we’re reminded of a previous scene between Megan Rain and Mandingo (Mr. M). The sex was so good with Mr. M. that Megan can’t contain herself. She tells her friend Kendra about it. Kendra is intrigued by sex with Mr. M. and decides to set something up. When she gets to Mr. M.’s house, she is greeted by Kira Noir, who looks her over to be sure she meets Mr. M.’s standards. She does. “You’re even better looking in person, “Kira tells Kendra. “Have a seat over there,” Kira instructs her. She watches Kendra walk away, taking a good look at her ass. Kendra’s gorgeous tits are bulging out of her dress. Kira tells Kendra that Mr. M. likes things in a very particular way. Kendra explains that Megan told her all about it and she’s prepared for it. “Good,” Kira says as she hands her an envelope of money. But before she lets Kendra loose to experience Mr. M., Kira wants to try the merchandise. “Let me taste you a little before I send you up,” Kira explains. She rubs Kendra’s big tits and starts kissing her, telling her that she needs to be a dirty little girl for Mr. M. today. Kira spreads Kendra’s legs open and fingers her pussy, remarking that Kendra is getting wet all ready. Kira takes her finger from Kendra’s pussy and puts them in Kendra’s mouth, making her lick the taste of her wet pussy off it. She tells Kendra she can go freshen up in the bathroom and that Mr. M. is waiting for her.

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A few moments later, Kendra meets Mr. M. in the bedroom. She tells him his assistant made sure she was nice and ready for him. Kendra unstraps her bra and squeezes her tits for him, then she turns around and strips naked. They kiss while he strips naked and soon his big, black cock is bulging out of his pants in front of Kendra. It’s so big, Kendra is beside herself. She grips it with both hands and jerks it back and forth in her mouth. He starts fucking her throat, making her spit up. Kendra spends some time sucking Mr. M.’s balls and telling him to do whatever he wants to do to her. He orders her to turn around and get in doggy position on the bed. That’s when he stuffs his big, long dong in her pussy from behind. “Oh, fuck,” Kendra screams out as Mr. M. drills her tight, wet hole. “You’re so big!” He stuffs his cock deeper and deeper into Kendra’s pussy, stretching it out while she fingers her clit. He pulls out and puts his creamy cock in her mouth, having her swallow the taste of her pussy off it. Kendra lies on her back and fingers her pussy some more, getting it ready for more of Mr. M.’s monster meat. He spreads her pussy again, this time in missionary position, slamming her hole. Kendra rides his big, long pole in reverse cowgirl position, then turns around for more doggy style pounding. His cock is keeping a smile on Kendra’s face as Mr. M. pumps her pussy. He pulls out one final time and pops on her tongue. Kendra looks up at him as his cum drains down her lips and chin. She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it, catching his remaining cum and swallowing it. She says, “Wow, Megan was right. You are amazing.”

Scene 2:  Lana Rhoades and Flash Brown

Lana is a college student. She has had a steady boyfriend, Logan Long, for over a year now. Lana realized just recently that Logan is obsessed with gambling and he is losing a lot of money. Things took a turn for the worse when Logan lost a shitload of money to Flash, a successful gambler. Flash decides to give Logan one more chance to earn his money back in an all or nothing game of pool. If Logan wins, he’ll get all his money back, but if he loses, Flash gets to take Lana as a prize. Lana admits that she’s really nervous for Logan but she’s also turned on by this whole wager. The game of pool begins and Lana watches Flash and Logan play from across the room. Logan ends up behind the eight ball, losing again to Flash. With the game over, there’s only one thing left to do. Flash claims his prize and tells Logan it’s going to be a while before he finishes with her. He takes Lana to the bedroom and unwraps her like a present, ripping her out of her blouse and sucking her nipples. He lies her down on the bed on her back, spreads her legs open and licks her pussy feverishly, turning Lana on. She grips his head while his tongue whips back and forth across her clit. Lana is in ecstasy and happy that her boyfriend lost his bet. He stands up and unzips his pants, letting his big, hard cock flop out. Lana grips it with both hands, marveling at how big it is. She starts sucking his pole, working her mouth halfway down his shaft. She starts spitting up and soon she has spit falling from Flash’s balls. Lana continues to eat his meat, telling Flash how much his dick is filling up her throat. She wants more of it and goes in for a deep throat, working her way down his shaft as far as she can go. She licks the head of his dick then continues to suck it when he lies down.

Flash wants to fuck her pussy and he helps her get in missionary position on the bed. Lana raises both legs up in the air and Flash bangs her pussy hard. “It’s so fucking big,” Lana yells at him as he drills her tight pussy. He invites her to sit on his cock cowgirl style. Lana rides his big dick, bouncing up and down on it for pleasure. Flash helps guide her on his cock, making her scream louder. She sits up and slams her pussy up and down over his hard meat, covering it in her pussy lube. Flash grips both of her round ass cheeks and squeezes them together as Lana rides him. She climbs off and sucks his cock before getting on a reverse cowgirl cock ride that sends Flash’s dick deep inside her again. This time, Lana is cumming from the deep penetration. Flash bangs her some more then tells her to suck his dick. She sucks him off until he cums in her mouth, coating her tongue in spunk.

Scene 3:   Nicole Aniston and Jason Brown

This scene with Nicole is by far the hottest one of this movie and one of the hottest scenes I’ve seen from Lansky. It’s not only how sexy Nicole is that makes this scene attractive, but it’s the whole theme of this scene with the fighter in Nicole shining through. Lansky sets a seductive mood in this scene as we watch Nicole in the early morning hours on the rooftop of a building overlooking the city. She’s in her sexy athletic gear including a hoodie and her G-string bikini and sports bra branded with the Blacked label. There’s a feeling of the movie Rocky as Nicole powers through the rooftop. She talks about all the successes in her life. She’s a hard worker who has achieved everything she set her mind to. Her perfect body speaks to how hard she works to reach perfection in every aspect of her life. We get great close-ups of Nicole’s ass as she walks into the large studio where she’ll meet Jason for her workout. The way the scene is shot with Nicole in the studio warming up reminds me of scenes from the movie Flashdance as Nicole stretches on the floor.

Beads of sweat pool all over Nicole’s body as she does jump rope and pulls up, explaining how she took control of her destiny. Jason watches her every move, demanding a high performance from her workout. Nicole knows that Jason has been responsible for her perfect body, pushing her every step of the way through her workouts and encouraging her to go further than she’s ever gone. He hands her a bottle of water as she sits gasping for air. She admits that she has been attracted to Jason ever since he became her personal trainer. Every time she looks at him, she gets the feeling that something hot and passionate is about to happen, but she walks away every time. Today is different. She is determined not to deprive herself anymore. This time, after her intense workout, she calls Jason over. Without warning, she kisses him passionately, finally getting the one thing that has been on her mind day after day. She puts her hand down his pants, gripping his big black cock and telling him she has waited for this for too long. His cock is even bigger than she imagined it would be.

The chemistry between Jason and Nicole is hot. She gets in doggy position on the bed and Jason eats her pussy and ass from behind, spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Nicole bites the bed sheets in ecstasy as Jason tongues her holes from behind. Nicole’s body is incredible and we get a full view of just how in shape she really is. Jason buries his face in her nice ass. She mumbles out how much she wants his big, black dick right now. Jason finally drops his pants, letting his monster meat dangle in front of her. Nicole licks his dick from the tip of his head all the way down his shaft then she puts it in her mouth and sucks it. She’s still in doggy position, feeding her face with Jason’s cock. She covers his dick in spit then tells him his cock tastes so good. Jason sits down and Nicole continues to suck his cock until she decides she’s ready to fuck. She sits on his dick cowgirl style, taking it inside her slowly but surely. His dick feels so good to her, she sits with her mouth gaping open and her eyes closed as Jason pumps her pussy. Eventually, Nicole takes over, grinding her pussy on his dick. She takes a hard pounding from Jason in doggy position next and the sex gets hotter when the pair moves into downward doggy. The camera doesn’t miss any of the pussy stretching action, zooming in close on Nicole’s pussy, showing us all the balls-deep drilling from behind. She screams, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She hosts his dick missionary style next, telling him she wants every last drop of his cum deep inside her. Jason pumps her pussy then cums inside it, filling her up with a hot creampie. When he pulls out, his jizz squirts out of her pussy as Nicole fingers her clit.

Scene 4:  Brandi Love and Rob Piper

The sexy Brandi Love opens her scene talking about how hard it is being a stepparent. She recently got married and is trying to win over her new stepdaughter. She decides to be the good cop in her stepdaughter’s life, allowing her to do everything she wants to, including having her boyfriend Rob over. One day, when Rob is over swimming in the pool and Brandi’s stepdaughter has left the house, Brandi decides to get to know Rob better. She joins him at the pool and the two learn more about each other. Pretty soon, Brandi notices that Rob can’t stop staring at her. Soon, he’s leaning in and kissing her and even though Brandi knows it’s wrong, she can’t stop her emotions. They make out at the pool, tonguing each other’s throats. Soon, Rob pulls down his swim trunks and Brandi kneels in the water to suck his hard cock. She jerks it and sucks it, moaning as his cock hits the back of her throat. He grips her head and fucks her throat, making her gag and spit up. Brandi is really getting to know her stepdaughter’s boyfriend and she’s enjoying every minute of it. Things have gotten so heated between these two that they decide to take the action inside to the bedroom. Rob makes Brandi promise she won’t say a word about this to her daughter. Brandi, promises to keep this between the two of them. She leads him over to the bed and tells him he’s got to let her suck that cock. She lies on her stomach near the edge of the bed as Rob fucks her face. Brandi opens her mouth wide as he bangs her throat.

She spits all over his cock and balls, sucking his meat and telling him that him that she sucks his dick better than her stepdaughter ever could. Brandi rides Rob’s cock cowgirl style. These two take it slow at first as Rob pumps her pussy from underneath. Doggy style is next, leaving Brandi moaning, “your cock is so deep inside me.” Rob fucks her hard and bangs her even harder in downward doggy. We get great shots of the pussy drilling from behind as Rob’s cock stretches Brandi’s pussy. It feels so good to her, she laughs and cums as he fucks her. A round of missionary fucking leaves Brandi with a load of cum in her mouth as Rob pulls out and shoots his load on her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

In a recent interview for Forbes magazine, director Greg Lansky says porn is art because art is about making the viewer feel something. He continues to take an artistic approach to the making of porn, even calling his adult performers “performance artists.” Art and porn collide in his latest installment for Blacked.com. Interracial Icon 5 puts interracial sex on a level to be longed for, maintaining Lansky’s high-end approach to the art of sex. I highly recommend this movie. DVD cover girl Nicole Aniston is incredible in her scene with Jason Brown. She showcases her amazing body in a scene about power, overcoming obstacles and good, old-fashioned fucking. Her sweaty workout reminds you of scenes from movies like Rocky and Flashdance, except in Interracial Icon 5, Nicole works up a sweat that leads to pussy-drilling hot sex. Sirens Kendra Sunderland, Lana Rhoads and Brandi Love join Nicole in the march for big black cock, taking a pounding and a load from the likes of Flash Brown, Rob Piper, and Mandingo.

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