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Kristen Scott's Skip Day

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Parody


Cast: Kristen Scott, Melissa Moore, Kimmy Granger, Veronica Rodriguez, Jaclyn Taylor

Writer/Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: June 16, 2017

Length: 2 Hours 13 Min.

Extras: 15 Min. BTS doc. and 2 trailers


Overview: The latest Girlsway production is a very clever and loving all female parody of not only the 1986 teen comedy classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but a tribute to director John Hughes, the king of the '80's teen comedy, with references to Say Anything and 16 Candles as well. You couldn't ask for a better or more talented cast to pull it off, or a director/writer who is obviously as much of a fanboy as we all are. It's a very story driven film with lots of dialog interrupted by some truly scorching sex.


Episode One: “Say Anything In Spanish”


Kristen Scott plays the Ferris Bueller character. It's her 18th birthday and she's decided not to waste it at school and spend it with her girlfriend Kimmy Granger. She's fakes being sick and is able to convince her mother played by the great Jaclyn Taylor to let her stay home. Once Jaclyn leaves for work Kristen is up and in the shower. Kristen Scott really proves how much of a great actress she is, breaking the 4th wall and delivering some truly funny and smug lines to the audience. She calls her friend Melissa Moore, who plays the neurotic Cameron Fry character to a tee, to spend her skip day with her. Melissa though is making out with her cousin's Spanish speaking friend Veronica Rodriguez and tells Kristen she'll be see her in a half hour. Melissa and Veronica start kissing and rolling around on the bed, undressing each other and having fun with each other's bodies. Melissa starts eating Veronica's pussy. Veronica's sexiness meter is off the chart, only speaking Spanish and cooing like a dove as Melissa rubs and fingers her pussy until she squirts, multiple times. Veronica then starts going down on Melissa, fingering and licking her pussy to the same result, a very nice waterworks show from Melissa.


They then start tribbing, Veronica bumping her pussy against Melissa's, sucking her foot until they both cum on each other. Melissa then goes back down on Veronica, making her squirt again before climbing up and riding Veronica's face. Veronica sucks and rubs Melissa until she dowses her with water and they bump pussies again. They then go into a 69 before Veronica climbs up and sits on Melissa's face. Melissa licks Veronica's asshole as Veronica rubs her pussy until she squirts all over Melissa's face. Latina Melissa Moore, being one of the prettiest and sexiest performers today, along with her counterpart Veronica Rodriguez make this a truly scorching scene, especially if you enjoy squirting which is really prevalent throughout this film. In a very funny tribute to Hughes' Say Anything, Kristen interrupts Melissa and Veronica by standing outside Melissa's window a very large and very loud 1980's style boombox. Once upstairs the three girls sit on Melissa's bed, Kristen grinning like a Chesire cat, proudly being the third wheel until Veronica leaves. Kristen then tells Melissa her plan on getting Kimmy out of school.


Scene Two: “Eighteen Candles”


As the scene opens Melissa is on the phone to the school principal, voiced by Stills By Alan impersonating Jeffery Jones. In a deep voice she tells him she's Kimmy's mother and she needs to pick her up because she's going into labor. I won't get too detailed. If you've seen the original you can pretty much guess how they convince him. But they know they need a really nice ride to pick Kimmy up in. Enter THE CAR (Oh Yeah, chick, chick-ahh). It's a red 1995 Acura NSX, and after some resistance Melissa caves in and lets Kristen have it. She picks Kimmy up and they go back to her place where she tells Kristen she has a present for her. When they get there they're sitting on the floor with a birthday cake between them, as in Sixteen Candles. Kimmy reveals that her present is...HER. That she is ready to give her virginity to Kristen. And she starts by making out with Kristen. They take their tops off and suck each others nipples when eventually Kimmy's shorts are off. Kristen pulls them to one side and starts eating her pretty young pussy. She moves down to her asshole and Kimmy rubs her pussy until she cums. Kristen then takes off her pants and Kimmy starts going down on her. When Kristen Scott orgasms it is truly a thing of beauty. She is just so intense, her body shaking and convulsing so violently. Truly amazing.


After giving her multiple orgasms, Kimmy and Kristen start tribbing. They bump their pussies together making each other both cum and then Kristen eats Kimmy's pussy again. They then go into a 69 where Kristen eats and rubs Kimmy until she squirts a fountain of juice. They slide around on the floor in Kimmy's fluid when they're bumping pussies again and making each other cum. The scene ends with both of them embraced in each other's arms kissing when Kristen's phone starts vibrating. It's Melissa, scared out of mind that the car is damaged. They reassure her it's fine, but she doesn't believe them and demand they bring it back now.


Scene Three: “My BF and My GF”


To calm Melissa down Kimmy suggests to Kristen they have a threeway with her. Kristen admits to thinking about having sex with her best friend but is still a bit taken aback. This starts a conversation they have about monogamy and such, but since Kimmy's into it, Kristen thinks this is could be the best 18th birthday ever. So they go back to Melissa's, reassuring her the car is ok. Once there, Kimmy tells Melissa how sexy she is and asks to see her tits, then she and Kristen start making out. Seeing them kiss each other starts to turn Melissa on and soon Kristen's top is off. Kimmy and Melissa start sucking on them and Kimmy sticks her hand down Kristen's pants. She pulls her hand out and tells Melissa to taste Kristen's pussy. This makes Melissa even hornier and now her top is off. Kimmy starts sucking on them and eventually Kristen does too. Once Melissa's shorts are off Kimmy starts going down on her until she cums. Kimmy then gets on all fours and, with her ass and pussy to the camera, Kimmy and Melissa s rub her pussy and asshole until she cums.


Kimmy starts licking Melissa's pussy again and eventually she's fingering her while Kristen rubs her clit until she squirts. I'll cut it short here but I'll say there's just so much squirting and cumming and licking and tribbing going on it's enough to drain anyone several times. Just an amazing threeway scene with three of the hottest young women in the industry today. After they get done fucking each other, Kristen makes it back home just in the nick of time for her mom to make it back. Bringing an end to yet another terrific Girlsway production.


Overview: This is the second Ferris Bueller parody to come from Girlsway, the first being the single scene Sick And Twisted starring Alison Rey and Alexis Monroe on Mommy's Girl. It's obvious they have a true love for the film as well as the filmworks of John Hughes. And the amount of talent involved in this project is off the chart. Kristen Scott is just so great delivering her lines with perfect timing as she breaks the 4th wall and speaks directly to the audience. And the always great Melissa Moore absolutely shines playing her neurotic best friend, a la Cameron Fry. And as usual Stills By Alan's direction is top notch, with beautiful pacing and a true keen eye for comedy. And also as usual for a Girlsway film, the sex scenes are out of this world, with the hottest and sexiest women today delivering some of the best performances in the business. This is a title I thoroughly enjoyed, even more than I thought I would for a Girlsway production, and I Highly Recommend buying a copy of it. It will definitely get multiple plays at my house, believe me. Now if we can get Alan to write an all female parody of Planes, Trains And Automobiles! Fingers crossed!

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