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Deep Romance

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 8/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Directors:  None


Cast: Tera Joy, Lola, Lexi Dona, Erica Black, Barbara Bieber, Nick, Jason X, Steve Q., Fernando Torreta, Larry

Length: 2 hrs 8 mins

Date of Production: June 20, 2017

main 1

Extras: None

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: They both contain no major issues, although the camera operator needs more work on steady shots and framing, however that tends more for nitpicking.

Body of Review: A collection of five loving erotic scenes, each trying to achieve thereby reach ecstasy, ideal for couples. However, on a side note after pushing play of this DVD, one gets treated to opening trailers showcasing the other similar brands in association with Dane Jones and it successfully enlightens and arouses the viewer.

Scene One:  Barbara Bieber and Nick

Scene 1

Starts right on the bed, with Nick positioned behind her, this film not big on story or setup just giving and delivering erotic moments before the suck and fuck session. While the couple takes a little time to encourage a bit of foreplay, such the caressing and sucking on her perky nipples of Barbara’s tits, and they are very beautiful, she enjoys rubbing Nick’s clothed cock, as she grinds himself between her thighs. As they kiss more, he works over her pussy with his fingers, though under her shorts, the image nicely captures her facial enjoyment as well as her arching back. Barbara mounts him and as an interest and erotic mambo grinding over his clothed crotch, and this all adds a nice amount passion and heat, nothing really hurried, as she begins stroking his manhood while grinding slowly. Soon enough, Barbara helps him out of his clothes so she can show her talents of cock-sucking, taking him inch by inch, a deep throat technique without the gagging, (which is a turnoff to many couples), and this film showing the interest to pleasure and please. She takes the time to make that important eye contact with Nick, before licking and kissing his shaved balls, thoughtful of her not to forget them, knowing a nectar of cum awaits her; eventually. In fact, the eroticism from her sucking already does well as she sucks gently on the balls before running her tongue up the underside of his cock, and doing a wonderful swirling tongue on his cock’s head. The entire scene without words, allowing the passion to build and takeover the viewers, especially as Nick steady pounds Barbara on her hands and knees, maintaining a firm powerful grip of her hips. A great continued action of Barbara fucking back against him, edging up as to keep the head of his cock in her, and slowly sliding herself back taking in the deep penetration to wonderful pleasure. They change positions a few more times, but always with a deep romantic connection, with rhythmic pleasures and eye contact, and deep facial delights, which welcome the lust and love of the kissing and touching.

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Erica Black, Steve Q

Scene 2

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The couple starts kissing while kneeling on a bed and Steve reaches his hand in her shorts and starts rubbing her pussy, continuing to kiss passionately, however Erica quickly moves onto sucking his cock, deep-throat, mixing it with slurping sounds over the head of his cock. This again switches quickly to Erica getting on her hands and knees as Steve tongues from her pussy up to her ass, and does a bit ass licking and eating. This again ends far too quickly as he fucks her in the same manner as Nick did in the Scene-One, though the couple is mostly dressed. For the enjoyment factor early the deep romance loses quite a bit, it all becomes hurried, the passion missing and it losing the couple feeling. Steve does a fever pace toe-sucking before plunging his tongue and mouth on her pussy, Erica makes sure to hold his head in place, before switching to her sucking some more, however it all feels as more of going through the required positions. Nevertheless, Erica does show wonderful tonguing skills with a twisting method of Steve’s thick cock, before sinking herself on his tool and bouncing for a full frontal appearance, and teasing her clit with heighten sighs and moans. While the fucking brings intensity, they seem more apart and not achieving that couple’s romance and eroticism, rather resulting in the standard porn delivery. Likely one should hurry through the scene, uncaring as the actors did in the scene, especially since Erica crude manner of handling Steve’s cock with her hands, as oppose to her mouth and pussy.

Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene Three:  Lexi Dona, Jason X

Scene 3

Once again the couple start the passion on a bed and the same position as scene one except the couple facing the other direction, this time they seem more into each other, with more tender and playful kissing and touching. Jason easing Lexi’s body tonguing the outside of her shorts before using his teeth to pull the strings of them, thereby loosen to slide them off, before returning to lick some more and heighten her wonderful pleasure. Jason assists her in becoming fully naked first while continuing the kissing and touching, then making sure to tease her nipples with a bit tongue flickering action, however not wanting her man to miss on oral pleasures she turns her attention to his member. As he kneels she crawls over to him and begins to kiss and lick his cock outlining in his jeans, she works to free his cock and BOING (out it pops waving in the air), she tongues, licks and sucks with feverish delight and wanton lust. Lexi delivers an eye-catching tongue tease swirling method over the head of his cock, making sure to lick his balls gently heightening his pleasure and allowing him a brief moment to face fuck, before resuming the control and licking the underside of his cock passionately. A very hot tonguing of Jason’s cock, from Lexi she slowly teases her tongue skills on the head before working over his balls and stroking his shaft, an erotically charged scene, well worth the effort to enjoy. Jason pounds himself into as she’s on all fours, and with time we the viewers achieve sound lasting love-making sounds of pleasure from Lexi, she reaches back to playfully encourage more as forcible fucking. Soon the positions change, but the fucking lasts well thorough, and Lexi reaching back to touch his cock and balls for more pleasure and as they embrace with more kissing. Lexi returns the favor with as another cock-sucking treat and plenty of eye contact with Jason making sure his cock rubs her against her cheek, before mounting him and giving him grinding experience to enjoy as well as the viewers.

Scene 3

Scene Four: Lola and Larry

Scene 4

Our couple this time hurries out of their clothes, on the bed again; with Larry spending a brief time working on Lola’s pussy and inner things (I’ve spent longer waiting through this film opening credits and scenes than Larry did on her pussy). Soon enough out pops his cock, thanks to Lola’s fumbling for it and rushing the scene along, but she gives a relatively short blowjob, and lies back for more of Larry’s tongue action, though not a close-up. Lola assists him with inserting his cock into her pussy and it is here the camera-work stumbles majorly, with angle and focusing issues along with odd shadows perhaps from the set, as they appear suddenly and disappear quickly. The fucking starts but the near nothing build-up ruins the scene, the absent of it just make the scene seem dull and following the porno playbook.

Scene 4

Scene Five: Tera Joy, Fernando Torreta

Scene 5

This last scene marks something different with on screen names of Vanessa and Sean, which actually is Tera and Fernando, though aren’t their alias, therefore some confusion, but none of it decreases the amount of wonderful sucking and fucking in the final scene.

Scene 5

The scene starts with the couple standing before moving over to the bed with Tera on top first, a nice change as the men in the previous scenes seem as the dominate one in charge. Tera sensuously kissing down Fernando’s chest and reaches into his pulling out his thick meaty tool, as hungrily attacks slurping on it and stroking giving it a slick glistening shine before sinking her mouth on his cock. Fernando returns the favor, with a clearer licking of her pussy and the passion it gives Tera, he definitely gives more mouth to pussy attention than the previous scene involving Larry, and Tera thoroughly encourages more. Fernando stands up, as Tera crawls across the bed and feeds on his cock some more, with his hand gently placed on her head, she uses her hands briefly but mainly her mouth and lips know the way to pleasure him. This final scene excites the erotic moments and drives the heat of pleasure much higher, even with an odd shot or two, but the lustful moans from Tera more than make up for the pulsing feverish pitch from the fucking she justly deserves. Whether Tera gets fucked on all fours or on her back, she keeps the eyes locked on him, while playing with her clit to excite them both more, and aching for more deep pleasure and romance. Fernando delivers with each thrust, not a hard out-of-control fucking just to fuck, rather loving thumping into her pussy for lasting effect, especially when she’s on all fours, sit back and enjoy the entire deepening pleasures for you and your lover.

Scene 5


As one might realize Deep Romance, brings a lot of deep penetration in regards to pleasure, and hence the title, were some aspects missing perhaps, such as no words, but this allows the viewing couple to invent their own, to create role-playing. Now one would’ve like to see some anal a refreshing aspect to the scenes or spanking, basically mixing up a few different scenarios of Deep Romance instead of repeating the same five sequences over, nevertheless a decent film, with some replay value. 

Scene 3 - A Great Scene to Enjoy

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