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Psychotic Behavior

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/18/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 39 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Anal; Domination; Female Domination; Fetish; Sex Toy Play

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: John Stagliano

Cast: Angela White, Abella Danger, Angel Smalls, Casey Calvert, Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Markus Dupree, Owen Gray

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Interactive Menus, Website Information; Behind the Scenes; Extra Sex; Cast List; Filmographies


John "Buttman" Stagliano, Hall of Fame member of AVN and XRCO, directs a twisted, visual spectacle of tawdry, naughty, schizo sex that’s actually an exciting turn on to watch. The flick is called Psychotic Behavior and I highly recommend it. Stagliano keeps you hooked on each scene from start to finish as the creepy storylines play out visually. The movie stars industry favorites Angela White, Abella Danger, Angel Smalls and Casey Calvert getting their ass holes punished by Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Markus Dupree and Owen Gray. Each scene is its own deviant yet satisfying vignette of extreme sex and they’re all hot to watch. The best scene of the flick is the opening scene between Abella and Xander. These to go to the extremes with food play, domination, humiliation and deep drilling anal sex that’s a stunner. What begins as a shouting match between Abella and Xander over cooking breakfast and her kitchen cam show, ends in Abella’s ass hole getting stuffed with marshmallows, bananas, cucumbers and Xander’s big hard cock in a round of ass ownership that Abella won’t ever forget. The chemistry between these two is incredible as Xander pushes the limits with each of Abella’s holes. Whipped cream becomes one of his weapons of choice as he floods her throat with it then face fucks her until she chokes. The closing scene between Angel Smalls and Small Hands is another hot scene of debauchery. He spits on a chair, making her lick it up before he stretches her tiny, tight ass hole with deep penetrating thrusts of his cock. Angel takes a big, hot load of cum in her mouth at the end before discovering John Stagliano bound and gagged as Small Hands conveniently escapes. This is over 3 hours and 30 minutes of deviant, ass fetish behavior done only the way the Buttman can do it. This is a must-see flick.

Scene 1:  Abella Danger and Xander Corvus

This opening scene between Abella Danger and Xander Corvus is as nasty as you would expect it to be. These two take the words “food fight” to new heights in this as Xander stuffs Abella’s orifices with every food item he can get his hands on from bananas to cucumbers to marshmallows and more. His dick drills her pussy, ass hole and mouth in messy sex as Abella’s body gets covered in whipped cream. The action all starts innocently enough with Xander sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Abella to fix his breakfast. She reminds him that today is Wednesday and she does a very special thing in the kitchen on Wednesdays. This sets off sparks between these two. They’re at each other’s throats arguing. On Wednesdays, Abella does her webcam sex show in the kitchen, playing with food to turn her audience on. She tells Xander to “do something with his life and go get a fucking job!” Xander is an artist which Abella thinks is a big joke. He angrily leaves the kitchen and goes upstairs. Abella doesn’t let their heated argument stop her sex show. She sets up her computer and camera and pulls her panties down, showing her viewers her ass hole. Stuffed deep in her ass is a butt plug that she shows off for the camera. Meanwhile, upstairs, Xander has logged on to Abella's cam show and is watching her performance. She takes to swallowing dildos next, spitting up on a long, purple dildo that she shoves down her throat. Xander uses her credit card to pay for watching her show, saying sarcastically, “what a talented fucking whore you are.”

Abella’s show heats up when she gets in doggy position on the couch. Her ass hole is still stuffed with a butt plug. Xander continues to watch her when the artist in him comes out. He writes a poem about her sex show. Now, Abella is lying on her back with her legs wide open, fingering her pussy and keeping her cam show watchers hooked on her behaviors. Xander’s screen name is Xman and he keeps tipping her during the cam show. Abella has no clue Xander’s doing this and she puts on more of a show for Xman. Xander is watching her through the sliding glass when Abella sees him. She yells at him to get out of here. She decides she’s going to give him the breakfast he has been begging for. She pulls the butt plug out of her ass hole and then stuffs a boiled egg deep in her ass. She calls him to breakfast and once he sits at the table, she bends over his plate and shoots the boiled egg out her ass onto the plate. This makes Xander even angrier and this time they get into rough play. He starts stuffing her mouth with the boiled egg that just came out of her ass followed by marshmallows. Abella can barely breathe as he turns her around into doggy position and fills her ass hole with marshmallows. He threatens to fuck her on cam so all of her followers can see. She dares him to do it. Xander goes straight for the A, fucking her ass hole doggy style on the couch, sending Abella into ecstasy. She tells him she fucking loves his cock. The chemistry and action between these two are hot. Abella gets pushed to her limits, getting her throat fucked by Xander’s cock after he fills it with marshmallows. More doggy style anal is followed by missionary style fucking up the ass. That’s when Xander brings out the whipped cream and makes a mess of Abella’s wide open mouth. He fucks her pussy while squirting streams of cream in her mouth. He even shoots whipped cream into his mouth then spits it into hers.

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A banana goes up Abella’s ass hole next while he pumps her pussy. A hot episode of squat thrusting doggy fuckin up Abella’s ass leads to Xander pinning her face to the couch with his foot. She is covered in whipped cream now and forced to eat a dildo that’s stuck to the wall. Abella sets out to prove that her mouth can take tens of marshmallows as Xander fills her face with them while beating her cheeks with his dick. Another banana goes up her ass hole while he uses a Hitachi on her pussy and fucks her throat. With whipped cream spewing out of her mouth, Xander drills her throat, banging her tonsils with his dick. Every one of Abella’s holes is getting banged and filled with food and she loves it.  A big cucumber goes deep in her ass while Xander bangs her pussy balls deep, making for a hot missionary style DP. She rides him cowgirl style then shows just how flexible she is by getting into a standing doggy and lifting one leg straight up in the air. Xander goes from pussy to ass and ass to pussy, fucking her holes with his hard cock. One final face fuck leads to Xander’s pop shot in Abella’s mouth. She blows bubbles with his cum then swallows it while continuing to suck his dick. That’s when she realizes that her cam show is still going and has been recording her and Xander fucking the whole time. This has become her most successful show ever, attracting thousands of viewers. In the end, Xander is still hungry and yells at her about fixing breakfast.

Scene 2:  Angela White and Owen Gray

Angela White and Owen Gray get into sexual deviancy in this scene that begins with Owen spending his day covered in Angela’s panties. He sniffs them and jerks off all day, upsetting Angela. As far as she’s concerned, he should be doing more with his time. When she finds him in bed with her panties and bras all over his face and body, she snaps, smothering him with her clothes as punishment. This leads to a heated round of debauchery, and now that Angela’s pussy is so strong now from her Kegel exercises, she’s ready to suck his dick in and push it out on command. The day begins with the busy Angela getting dressed for work. Owen weighs himself. Angela is curious if he has gained any weight yet. He hasn’t. She starts doing her Kegel exercises and reminds him that her pussy is getting stronger.  Owned is pissed because today is Saturday and they should be fucking. Angela snaps back that she has to go to work because she’s the fucking boss. She just knows he feels emasculated because she’s in charge of her own world. Owen walks up behind her and hugs her, rubbing his body against hers. Even though Angela enjoys the feeling, she still needs to get out of the office. She grabs her keys and tells him to do her fucking laundry while she’s at work. Once she leaves, Owen dumps Angela’s dirty laundry all over the bed. It’s her bras and panties. He’s so horny, he rolls around in her panties and sniffs them, rubbing and jerking his cock at the same time.

Angela walks in unexpectedly and is surprised to see Owen rolling around in her underwear. She watches him from across the room, taking pictures of his behavior. After a few minutes, she says, “well I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your Saturday.” Owen is surprised to see her, but doesn’t stop jerking off and sniffing her panties. Angela threatens to send the picture she just took of him to his mother. “You talk about how much you want to fuck, but all you do is make love,” she yells at him. Owen doesn’t fuck her like a real man, and that’s what she wants. She straddles him then smothers him with her lingerie, making it hard for him to breathe. She beats his face with her boobs while keeping him smothered, telling him not to breathe until she tells him to. Owen continues to jerk off while Angela has her way with him. She lies on top of him in 69 position, sitting her pussy on his face while she sucks his cock. Owen eats Angela’s pussy through a torn slit in her pantyhose. He spreads and tongues her pussy, making Angela moan. Owen punishes Angela for her bad behavior, bending her over his lap in doggy position and spanking her ass cheeks until they turn red. Angela lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed and gets her throat fucked by Owen’s cock. She can barely breathe as he stuffs her mouth full of his dick.

She lies on her back missionary style and gets her pussy banged by Owen’s cock.  He chokes her while he fucks her, keeping her satisfied. Doggy style fucking is next. That soon turns into doggy up the ass for Angela. Her wet ass hole creams all over Owen’s cock as he fucks her. He pulls out and sits on her face, making her lick his ass hole. Angela wraps her giant jugs around Owen’s cock and titty fucks him, sucking the head of his dick as it bursts through her boobs. Owen explores Angela’s ass hole some more, pounding it in reverse cowgirl position and doggy style, but Angela is hungry to taste more of Owen’s ass hole. She eats his ass again before taking more cock up her ass in cowgirl position. Owen wraps Angela’s pantyhose around his cock and balls, pulling it tight as she sucks and jerks his dick and swallows his balls. She tongues his ass hole and finishes him off by jerking his cock until he cums. He pops in her mouth and Angela swallows his load as she continues to stuffs his balls in her mouth.

Scene 3:  Casey Calvert and Markus Dupree

Casey puts on a helluva solo show at the beginning of this scene, working out her anger against her boyfriend Markus. When the scene opens, Casey is dressed in latex lingerie, standing in front of the mirror. She looks at her body then bends over in standing doggy position, showcasing her pussy in front of the mirror. She stands up and starts to talk about her boyfriend Markus, who can’t even cum when he’s fucking her. “Who’s he fucking,” Casey wonders. Then we cut to Casey’s memory of the whole incident. Markus is banging her missionary style in the bed but is looking over at a porno magazine while he pumps her in order to stay hard.  “What’s that piece of trash magazine doing in our bedroom, anyway,” she says. That day was supposed to be her day to cum and he couldn’t even do it. “I fucking hate you,” she screams. That’s when she grabs a dildo and sticks it on the mirror. She takes out her aggression on it, sucking it until she chokes all over it. She spits on the mirror yelling, “you’re fucking worthless,” referring to Markus. Casey bangs her own throat with the dildo then she lies on the floor with both legs pulled all the way back. She spreads her thighs, switches to doggy and is soon lying across an ottoman on her back sucking the dildo upside down. Her spit drains down her face and into her eyes. Casey continues to talk to herself, venting about all the bad things Markus has done to her. Markus drives up with a surprise cake for Casey, but she doesn’t like that he has come home. She hides in the kitchen as Markus comes in. While Markus sits in the dining room, Casey sneaks outside to smell the seats of his car to see if they smell like pussy. They do. We get a great shot of Casey’s pussy as she bends over the car door to smell the seats.

Markus brings her inside as she accuses him of fucking around on her. He grabs a handful of cake and smears it around her mouth. Then he takes the dildo she’s been slobbering all over, stuffs it inside the cake then shoves it in Casey’s mouth. He is bent on punishing her for her bad behavior. These two start a cake war, smearing cake all over each other’s face. With cake all over his face, he lies Casey on the table, spreads her leg open and eats her pussy and ass hole. His face smears cake all over her clit while he tongues her ass hole. He fingers her pussy until she cums then he sticks his dick in her ass hole and fucks it. Casey looks up at him as his cock bangs her rectum. She fingers her clit and moans, enjoying her ass banging. Markus continues to make an example of Casey’s ass hole, drilling it hard and deep. He fucks her in a standing cowgirl next, keeping her ass hole stuffed full of cock. Casey gets her mouth fucked by Markus’ cock next. He pumps her throat until she gags. Doggy style up Casey’s ass hole leaves her ass gaping wide open. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position next, taking it up her ass and moaning in pleasure. He makes her ass hole gape, even more, when he pulls his cock out of her hole. Casey moves to missionary fucking up her ass hole then when Markus pulls out, she stuffs marshmallows in her butt, pushing them out for his pleasure. Markus fucks her marshmallow stuffed ass hole deep and hard, pushing the marshmallows further and further in her rectum. A round of cowgirl fucking in her pussy keeps her satisfied before Markus finishes her ass hole off in doggy position. He fucks it balls deep then pulls out and cums in her mouth and on her face. Casey tells him that all she ever wanted was his cum. Markus lies her on her back and fingers her pussy until she squirts again.

Scene 4:  Angel Smalls and Small Hands

Angel Smalls gets into an interesting twist in this final scene of the flick. She shows up at John Stagliano’s house for a job. The place looks abandoned and Angel considers it a dump. She walks around the house knocking on windows and doors but no one answers. Small Hands appears out of the bushes behind her and startles her. He tells her he works for John and he knows how to get inside. He leads her through the garage and takes a screw driver and literally breaks into John’s house while Angel is rummaging through all the junk in the garage. She doesn’t notice that Small Hands has just broken in. Once inside John’s house, they come across a table full of all sizes of butt plugs. He tells her that John likes sluts and he wonders if she’s one. Pretty soon, he’s rubbing his hands all over her body and spanking her tits. He takes a butt plug and puts it in her mouth. Angel is getting turned on by the rough way he’s handling her. He picks up another big butt plug and puts it in her mouth, telling her that it’s been up Angela White’s ass hole. He tells her to taste Angela’s ass. He takes the butt plug out of her mouth and fingers her pussy then stuffs his fingers in her mouth, making her taste her own cunt. They walk into the living room where there are several dildos stuck on the mirror. Angel starts sucking a long, purple one while Small Hands finger bangs her pussy. She deep throats it while he watches her and orders her not to stop sucking it. He spits on a chair and makes her lick it up.

Angel jerks his cock while licking up his spit then she puts his dick in her mouth. She works her lips down his shaft. He asks her if his cock tastes better than the dildos on the wall. He fucks her throat and makes her spit up on the chair again then deep throat his cock. He bends her over an ottoman doggy style and fucks her pussy from behind while stuffing her ass hole with his thumb. He bangs her hard and calls her a good little girl. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then bends over for another round of pussy drilling. He spits on her pussy and fucks it some more before lubing her ass hole up and pounding it doggy style. Angel is cumming from her ass stretching. They please each other orally in 69 position with Small Hands on top then he goes back into her pussy and ass hole, fucking them missionary style. Rounds of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in Angel’s pussy and ass hole follow, keeping her in ecstasy. She’s cumming again from the ass banging he’s giving her. They get into lots of interesting positions on a chair, banging and spoon fucking. He fucks her face then turns to slamming her pussy missionary style. Angel makes him pop in her mouth when she jerks and sucks his dick. She catches his load in her mouth, plays with it then swallows it. After he shoots his jizz down her throat, Angel hears noises coming from the other room. She tells Small Hands they should check the noises out. He grabs his clothes and runs out of the room quickly, telling her he’s got to leave. Angel investigates the noises for herself and stumbles across a man bound and gagged on the floor. The man loosens the gag just enough to tell her he’s John Stagliano.

Final Thoughts:

There aren’t a lot of porn flicks that I would label as must-see movies, but John "Buttman" Stagliano’s Psychotic Behavior is a must-see movie that I highly recommend. Stagliano puts us in a twisted, psychotic world of deviant debauchery with industry faves that are a pleasure to watch from start to finish.  This visually graphic flick stars Angela White, Abella Danger, Angel Smalls and Casey Calvert in extreme sex scenes full of food play, dick domination, and humiliation that leaves each starlet’s ass hole stretched to its limit. After all, this is a Buttman flick. Ass play is at the top of the list and gaping ass holes abound throughout. The deviant dick drivers are Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Markus Dupree and Owen Gray and they pound every girl's orifice until they submit. Abella’s opening scene with Xander is my favorite of the flick. Things heat up when Abella offers Xander the breakfast he’s been begging for by pushing a boiled egg out of her ass hole onto a plate in front of him. Xander proceeds to stuff her ass hole full of marshmallows, bananas, cucumbers, and cock until she yields. Abella pushes her limits in this scene and the chemistry between her and Xander is hot to watch. A mouthful of whipped cream is topped off by Xander’s thrusting cock down her throat, making Abella beg even more. Angela White smothers her lazy lover, Owen, after he’s caught sniffing her soiled underwear and jerking off to it. He shows her who’s boss by turning her ass hole into a gaping pipeline for cock. The vignettes are shot well, creating an addictive story that you can’t turn away from. This is over 3 hours and 30 minutes of deviant, ass fetish porn that’s a must-see for Buttman fans and avid porn lovers alike.

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