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First Anal 5

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 19 minutes

Date of Production: 2017  

Genre: All sex; Anal; Teens 18+

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Chloe Scott with Haley Reed, Pepper Hart, Ivy Aura, Jean Val Jean and Christian Clay

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Feature Trailer


A starlet’s first time is something she’ll always remember and in Greg Lansky’s First Anal 5, these starlets will never forget getting their ass holes explored and stretched by hard cock. Lansky’s fifth installment in the series brings four exclusive anal scenes to the screen featuring DVD cover girl Chloe Scott followed by Haley Reed, Pepper Hart, and Ivy Aura. These girls take cock up the ass for the first time in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position, working their way up and down each shaft until their ass holes are stuffed balls deep. Jean Val Jean dominates this flick, contributing his cock to Chloe, Haley and Pepper’s ass holes in the first three scenes of the flick. Christian Clay brings up the rear with an anal stuffing of Ivy’s tight ass hole, an ass hole that she has warmed up for him with a butt plug. I recommend First Anal 5. Lansky doesn’t miss a beat with his signature high-quality style of production and each scene is shot well. The extreme close-ups on each girl’s gaping ass hole getting pumped helps add some heat to a couple of scenes that move along at a slow pace. Overall, this is still an enjoyable flick featuring high-end anal porn.

Scene 1:  Chloe Scott and Jean Val Jean

Chloe Scott talks about how conservative her parents are. Chloe, on the other hand, is the complete opposite and it’s only gotten worse the older she gets. When she went off to college, she got even wilder, but as long as she maintained the image her parents wanted, everything was just fine. Chloe loves ditching class, but she really loves fucking frat boys. The best part is that her parents have no clue. One day, she’s at her parent’s house fucking one of her frat boy lovers when Jean walks in unexpectedly and catches Chloe in the act. Chloe’s dad invited Jean to spend the weekend at their house while he’s in town on business and Chloe had no clue. The frat boy runs out of the house and Chloe asks Jean to promise not to tell her parents. She admits that the frat boy who was eating her pussy when Jean walked in wasn’t really that good. He didn’t even make her cum. Jean isn’t surprised by that. Chloe asks him if he’d like to pick up where the frat boy left off. Jean makes her promise not to tell her parents. They get naked in the bedroom and enjoy each other’s bodies. Chloe kisses Jean and jerks his dick. Once Jean lies on the bed, she sucks his hard cock, facing him and looking him in his eyes as her lips glide up and down his shaft. Jean likes the way she’s sucking his dick and licking his balls. “I’ve always wanted to suck your cock,” she tells him. Chloe deep throats his prick, taking Jean’s orders well as he tells her, “do it again.” He promises to make her pussy cum on his dick. Chloe eagerly lies on her stomach near the edge of the bed and waits for Jean to fuck her throat. He thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth in slow intervals, leaving a bigger and bigger trail of drool hanging from his cock each time.

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Chloe takes her first round of fucking sitting on Jean’s cock in cowgirl position. She looks back over her shoulder at his cock as it spreads her pussy open. Chloe takes over by twerking her ass on his cock, telling him it feels so good. Jean spreads her ass cheeks open and drills her pussy, making it cream all over his cock. He stuffs her pussy with every inch of his prick, making Chloe cum. After sucking his cock and tasting the flavor of her pussy off it, Chloe is ready for her first anal. She sits on Jean’s pipe in reverse cowgirl position. He works his cock deeper and deeper into her ass hole and keeps her legs spread open wide. Chloe’s eyes are closed in total pleasure as she experiences an ass banging for the first time. She turns over onto all fours in doggy position for more anal stuffing. Jean spreads her ass hole open and fucks it with his tongue before aiming his cock for it again. Chloe grips the bed sheets while Jean pumps and stretches her ass hole with his hard dick. He pulls out, showing us her gaping ass hole. “Yes, stretch my little ass,” Chloe tells him. Jean has worked his dick deep down in Chloe’s ass hole, filling her up balls deep. She turns over onto her back, holds her legs open and watches Jean penetrate her ass hole missionary style. He fucks her ass harder and faster until he pops, cumming in her gaping asshole. Chloe pushes his jizz out of her ass hole just as Jean sticks his dick back in.

Scene 2:  Haley Reed and Jean Val Jean

Haley is a babysitter. She’s been babysitting for Jean and his wife for over a month now. The pay is OK. It’s nothing great. Once Haley starts sexting Jean, he becomes more generous with the money. This has become their little thing. One afternoon while Haley is at Jean's house, he tells her that his wife is out of town and he’s going to get straight to the point. He offers her $1,000 to go to the bedroom and play around. Haley strikes a hard bargain, telling him to make it $2,000. Jean pays up and takes her to the bedroom. Haley promises never to tell his wife as he kisses her again and again. He leads her into the bed and tells her to suck his cock. Haley is happy to do it and can’t wait to feel his cock in her mouth. He lies on his back and Haley licks and sucks his dick. “I’ve always wanted to suck your cock,” she tells him as she deep throats his hard pole. He orders her to look at him while she eats his meat. Soon after she licks his balls, Haley opens her mouth wide for a tonsil banging. Jean fucks her throat, making her gag and drool then helps position her on his dick cowgirl style. Haley moans in pleasure as Jean fucks her pussy. Her wet cunt creams all over his shaft as he drills her tight hole. “Daddy, give me that cock,” she yells at him. Jean fucks her pussy hard and fast, making her cum. He sucks her tits while she bounces up and down on him.

Haley climbs off, sucks his cock then looks up at him and tells him she wants him to fuck her in the ass. She straddles him in cowgirl position again and before Jean fucks her tight ass hole, he beats it with his dick. Haley grabs his cock and guides it in her ass hole. Once in there, Jean pumps her rectum, working his cock deeper and deeper inside her. He squeezes her ass cheeks and holds them open while sucking her nipples. Haley is headed for an assgasm already. Her first anal turns to doggy position with Jean doing cock squats over her ass hole. His dick drills her ass hole until it gapes. She turns to missionary position and holds her ass cheeks open while Jean’s cock opens her ass hole. “Give it to me as deep as you can,” Haley tells Jean. He bangs her ass until every inch of his cock disappears inside her. Haley's first anal climaxes with a big pop shot on her face and in her mouth when Jean blasts her face and coats her tongue in cum.

Scene 3:   Pepper Hart and Jean Val Jean

Pepper loves her babysitting job. It’s a really easy job and the pay is good. She admits to herself that she has wanted to hook up with Jean ever since she started working for him. She promises herself that if the opportunity ever presented itself, she would take it. Today is that day. Jean’s wife leaves the house to run errands and as soon as she walks out the front door, Pepper runs up to the couple’s bedroom and sits on the bed, waiting for him. Jean comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his body and is startled to see Pepper sitting on his bed with no panties on and her legs wide open, putting her pussy on full display. She looks at Jean and tells him they’ve only got about an hour to do this. Jean lies on the bed and enjoys getting his cock and balls sucked by Pepper. She takes off her glasses and focuses on Jean’s dick, licking and sucking it slowly. After getting her face fucked, Pepper gets her pussy fucked by riding Jean’s cock cowgirl style. Her tight pussy envelops his dick as she glides up and down his shaft. “I’m about to cum on your cock,” Pepper moans. She wants his dick so bad, she’s creaming on his prick. “Oh, please fuck me,” she tells him. This is Jean’s opening to really pound her pussy hard. “Yes, take it, take it,” Pepper screams as she cums. Pepper’s wet pussy is melting all over Jean’s hard cock as he pumps her pussy.

Pepper’s first anal happens reverse cowgirl style. Jean penetrates and stretches her tight ass hole, holding her legs open and drilling her hole deeper and deeper. “It feels so good in my ass. I’ve always wanted your cock in my ass,” Pepper mumbles. Her eyes roll back into her head as she tells Jean how good his cock feels. “Please fuck me, please fuck me,” she adds. Pepper cums from Jean’s hard and fast anal pumping. She experiences ass to mouth then continues her anal expedition in doggy position. Jeans starts off slow, opening her ass hole with his pole. Once he gets deep inside her, he drills her even harder as she begs for more doggy style flogging. His balls slam against her ass hole as he fucks it. A missionary style anal fuck keeps Pepper cumming again. Jean fucks her until he’s ready to pop. He grants her wish of tasting his cum by pulling out and spraying her face and tongue with hot jizz. She looks up at him and sucks his cock, swallowing the cum that’s pooled in her mouth. Lucky for Pepper, she was able to fuck Jean and experience her first anal all before his wife returns home.

Scene 4:  Ivy Aura and Christian Clay

Ivy is a college student. When she started school, her parents agreed to pay her tuition but Ivy would have to pay for everything else. She has never had a job before and she didn’t want to stock shelves or butter popcorn in order to pay the bills. Lucky for her, she found an adult toy store downtown and got a job working there. Everything is perfect until things got a little complicated. One day when Ivy was at work at the store, in walks her dad’s best friend, Christian. She is horrified that he might tell her dad and makes him promise to keep the whole thing between the two of them a secret. She decides she needs to take things even further to make sure this secret doesn’t go any further. She shows up at Christian’s house to have a chat with him. It doesn’t hurt that she has always found him attractive, and there’s a chance she can turn this whole situation around to her benefit. She meets with Christian and tells him she hopes he can keep her sex shop job a secret. Christian realizes that Ivy is an adult now, and she can do what she wants. Ivy takes that opportunity to tell him that she has noticed the way he looks at her. She bends over doggy style on the couch, revealing her pussy and ass hole from behind and showing Christian the butt plug that’s lodged in her ass. He can’t resist this open invitation. She bends over his lap with her ass up in the air. He spanks her until her cheeks turn red, but Ivy wants it even harder, telling him she’s been really bad lately. Christian spanks her harder then plays with the butt plug, moving it in and out of her ass hole.  

She stays in doggy position to bend over and suck Christian’s big, hard cock. She savors it in her mouth as he spanks her ass cheeks again. Ivy deep throats his dick, choking on it as she reaches the bottom of his shaft. With the butt plug back in her ass hole, Ivy sits on Christian’s cock cowgirl style. Both her holes are stuffed now as she works herself up and down his dick. He pulls the butt plug out of her ass and tongues her ass hole then makes her lick the butt plug. She gets back in doggy position and Christian spreads her ass cheeks open, making her ass hole gape. He tongue fucks her ass, drilling deep down her rectum. Ivy takes her first anal in cowgirl position and sits moaning as Christian pumps her tight hole. She turns around to reverse cowgirl position for more ass pounding. Christian spoon fucks her ass hole then stuffs his big cock up her ass doggy style. The downward doggy fucking makes her scream out with each thrust of Christian’s pole. A deep penetrating missionary fuck up the ass follows next and the camera angle puts the action front and center as Ivy’s rectum gets rooted. Ivy’s first anal is topped off by Christian’s wad of cum in her mouth when he pops. With cum dripping off her chin, she promises that this whole experience will be their little secret.

Final Thoughts:


I recommend director Greg Lansky’s First Anal 5 with its extreme close ups of deep penetrating anal sex. Those close-ups of doggy up the ass and wide-spreading missionary style ass drilling help heat up a few scenes that move along at a slow pace in this flick. All four of the scenes are first anal exclusives, making for something of a turn on as you watch each starlet’s ass hole get stretched open for the first time. DVD cover girl Chloe Scott is up first, offering her gaping ass hole to French stud Jean Val Jean’s hard cock. Haley Reed and Pepper Hart give up their sphincters to Jean as well. Ivy Aura closes the flick with a butt plug up her ass followed by Christian Clay’s wide cock which spreads her open even further. There’s no mistaking a Lansky flick with his high-end, artistic approach to porn. All of those elements exist in this flick. In addition to the production quality, those extreme close-ups of dick-stuffed ass holes getting spread open for the first time help make this a flick I recommend.

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