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Bush League 9

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex; Hairy; Fetish

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Saya Song, Julie Kay, Jay Taylor, Kendra Lynn, Tyler Nixon, Tommy Gunn, Mark Zane, T. Stone

Bonus Scenes: No



Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Devil’s VOD; Trailers for Bush League 8, Bush League 7, Bush League 6, Bush League 5


Devil’s Films is one of the studios that continues to keep hairy pussies in the spotlight by producing a niche series that fetish fans love. Bush League 9 is the studio’s latest collection of hairy pussies getting fucked and splattered with cum and this is an installment I recommend. Shot in 4K HD with lots of hairy close-ups and hair pulling, each girl’s pussy gets bush whacked in four unique scenes that are a pleasure to watch. There’s bush whacking in the bushes, poolside bushwhacking, hair pulling on the front lawn and good old-fashioned bedroom bush that you’ll enjoy watching. Kendra Lynn, Jay Taylor, Saya Song and Julie Kay star in the flick and host the cocks of Tommy Gunn, Mark Zane, Tyler Nixon and T. Stone. Each scene has a short setup that leads to the girls pulling out the bush and getting fucked. The opening scene with Kendra Lynn is literally in the bushes as she fucks T. Stone in the wooded hills of a nudist camp. This was a fun and satisfying flick to watch.

Scene 1:  Kendra Lynn and T. Stone

This opening scene literally starts in the bushes. Kendra is hiking up a bushy hill into the nudist colony bush canyon. Her bushy pussy is on full display as she walks through the tall grasses and shrubs. Once at the top of the hill, she takes in the beautiful scenery, looking around at the great view from atop the landmark. She starts running her hand across her naked body, pulling on the hair that’s covering her pussy. T. Stone is taking the same naked nature hike in bush canyon as well and he runs into Kendra at the top of the hill. She’s lying naked, soaking up the sun’s rays.  T. Stone admires her body and her bushy pussy from afar then he makes his way closer and closer to Kendra. He’s never seen her at the nudist colony before. Kendra explains that she decided to check it out and also get a sun tan. He tells her that in all his years of coming to bush canyon, he’s never seen a bushy pussy like hers. Kendra looks up to see T. Stone’s boner in her face. She wonders if it’s a faux pas to have a boner at a nudist colony. He tells her when he sees a bush like hers, he can’t help but spring to attention. Kendra invites him over to say hello to her bushy pussy. T. Stone jumps at the chance, kneeling over her and rubbing his hard cock across her bush. He pulls her hair and fingers her clit, making Kendra moan. The camera gets great close-up shots of Kendra’s pussy as T. Stone’s cock presses against it. She grabs his dick and rubs it all across her pussy and hair.

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T. Stone tongues her cunt, working his tongue in circles around her clit. Kendra is left with her mouth gaping open in pleasure from the sensation. He fingers her pink pussy, stuffing it with one then two fingers. “Let me taste that hard cock,” Kendra tells him. She sits up and sucks his dick while he pulls her hair back. She kisses and licks his cock and forms strings of drool off his dick head. She sits her bushy pussy on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and rides it, bouncing up and down on his hard pole and moaning, “Oh, yes.” “Shove your fucking cock in there,” she tells him. T. Stone pumps her pussy in the grass. Kendra lies on her side for a round of spoon fucking. T. Stone rubs her bush with his hands then puts her in doggy position, pumping her pussy from behind. “Yes, get deep inside my fucking pussy,” she tells him. We get great close-up shots of her pussy getting slammed. A closing round of missionary fucking yields a popshot on Kendra’s bush. T. Stone shoots his load all over her hairy pussy. “Nothing looks better than a bush with hot cum all over it,” Kendra says.

Scene 2:  Jay Taylor and Tyler Nixon

This scene opens with a lot of energy as Tyler shows his skateboarding chops in the driveway. Everything is going great until he falls off his skateboard in front of Jay, who is lying on the grass reading a book. He joins Jay and starts kissing her, telling her they should go back to his dorm room and have fun. Jay says she’s got work to do and whenever she goes to his dorm room, she never gets her work done. His kissing is slowly winning her over, but she’s worried that someone might see them in the open. Tyler assures her that this is the most secluded spot. No one will see them. He puts his hand down her panties and feels her bushy pussy. She stops him and tells him she’s really hairy right now and this isn’t good. She needs to get shaved. Tyler is fascinated by all that hair. He pulls her panties aside and pulls her bush. He eventually pulls her panties off and starts licking her bushy pussy. Jay is in a giggly mood, smiling and laughing as Tyler smacks on her cunt. It makes her feel sexy when Tyler grabs and fingers her bush. He turns to fingering her pussy next, stuffing it with two fingers while he licks her clit. Jay is giggling again, enjoying the feeling of Tyler’s wet tongue. Jay sits up and takes off her top so Tyler can squeeze her tits. He goes back to fingering her pussy and clit and Jay is on her way to cumming.

He drops his pants and Jay quickly grabs his hard cock and puts it in her mouth. She sucks him off while he plays with her hairy pussy. “You don’t have any shame about fucking me on the lawn,” Jay tells him. She licks the head of his dick then focuses on deep throating him. Tyler crams her throat with his meat, fucking her face and making her gag. He beats her tongue with his dick then sticks it back down her throat. Jay is having a lot of fun in this scene. She sits on his cock cowgirl style and grinds her big ass around and around on his meat. Tyler takes over and fucks her pussy hard, making Jay giggle again. She climbs off, sucks his cock then sits her bushy pussy on it again but this time in reverse cowgirl position. The pussy banging feels good to her. When his dick slips out, she grabs hold of it and guides it back inside her wet cunt. Tyler fingers and pulls her bush while he bangs her hole. Jay gets on all fours and closes her eyes while Tyler fucks her pussy doggy style. He stuffs his thumb in her ass hole and that sends Jay into ecstasy. “I fucking love that,” she tells him as he slams her pussy and finger fucks her ass hole. The camera is positioned behind Jay and zooms in close on her pussy. Tyler is fucking it balls deep. Missionary fucking is next until Jay demands his cum in her mouth. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her tongue. She plays with his cum in her mouth then spits it out all over her stomach and tits.  

Scene 3:   Saya Song and Mark Zane

Saya is sunbathing near the pool in her bikini. Her bushy pussy peeks out from the top of her bikini as she lies there. Mark lies next to her and tells her he’s exhausted from unloading that container all by himself. He wonders where Saya’s boyfriend is. Her boyfriend is away and Saya tells him to just hang out for a while. Mark is star struck by Saya’s bush and he can’t take his eyes off it. She asks him if he likes her bikini because she’s planning to wear it at the hotel this weekend. Mark really likes the way her bikini looks on her. She invites him over to sniff her bush, but Mark worries about her boyfriend. Saya tells him not to worry. After all, he’s just sniffing her bush. Mark comes over, pulls her bikini aside and starts licking her pussy. The close-ups on Saya’s pussy are hot as Mark’s tongue wags back and forth across her clit. Mark fingers her pussy and continues to suck on her clit, making Saya moan. It’s not long before Saya is squirting all over herself as Mark finger fucks her pussy. He drops his pants so she can suck his cock. Saya sucks him off while fingering her pussy. She spits on his shaft to lube him up then she deep throats his prick. “Stroke that dick,” he tells her.

Saya’s pussy has gotten so wet for Mark, she can’t wait to fuck him any longer. She sits on his cock and rides it in reverse cowgirl, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure as her wet pussy creams all over his cock. “Fuck me deep,” Saya tells Mark as she grinds her pussy on his dick. The feeling takes control of Saya and she squirts in ecstasy then bounces up and down on his cock harder and faster. This makes her squirt even more. Saya changes her position and lies back on the lounge chair, puts her leg over Mark’s shoulder and squeezes her nipples as he bangs her hole. She squirts like a geyser this time around, screaming out as Mark puts his cock back inside her pussy. “Oh, yeah. Right fucking there,” she screams as she squirts straight up in the air. A round of doggy fucking feels good to Saya. She sucks his wet cock, rides it cowgirl style then lies back for more missionary fucking. Mark pumps her pussy until he’s ready to cum, pulling out and shooting his big load all over her bush.

Scene 4:  Julie Kay and Tommy Gunn

Julie joins Tommy in bed and asks him what he’s watching on TV. Tommy is frustrated because there’s nothing good on. Everything is horrible and depressing from the bombing to the Russian meddling; he just can’t take it anymore. Julie rubs his shoulder and tells him they should talk about something new, like her hairdo. He looks at her hair and tells her it looks different. She says, “not that hairdo, silly.” Should points to her bushy pussy and says, “this hairdo!” Julie lifts her leg up as Tommy bends over and smacks on her cunt. It’s not long before Julie is screaming out as Tommy spreads her pussy lips open and tongue whacks her clit, keeping Julie in pleasure. They kiss and Julie unzips Tommy’s pants, takes out his cock and lubes it up with her drool while she sucks it. Tommy gets more comfortable, lying on the bed so Julie can climb on top of him 69 style and suck his cock. She works her lips down his shaft trying to deep throat him while he eats her pussy and spanks her ass.

She sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and gets her pussy pounded hard by Tommy’s cock. Julie takes control of the action and rides his dick, bouncing up and down on it until she cums. She climbs off his cock to suck it then she sits on it for more pussy stretching this time in cowgirl position. Tommy bangs her pussy missionary style next and turns her on her side for spoon fucking. Julie’s pussy is still wet and creamy and we get a close-up shot of it when she gets on all fours doggy style, waiting for Tommy’s big, hard cock. She kneels doggy style near the edge of the bed and Tommy walks up behind her and slams her pussy, banging her and making her scream. She fingers her clit while his cock stretches her pussy. More missionary and spoon fucking send Julie into rounds of ecstasy. Tommy fucks her cunt, pulls out and pops all over her bush, leaving her with a creamy, hairy pussy. She runs her fingers through his cum and licks it off her fingers.

Final Thoughts:

After watching Bush League 9 and enjoying it, I recommend this flick. You’ll appreciate this niche series that Devil’s Films continues to produce, putting hairy pussies at the center of the action. This ninth installment is shot in 4K HD with lots of close-ups. Three of the four scenes are shot outdoors. Kendra Lynn, Jay Taylor, Saya Song and Julie Kay each get bush whacked in the film, and it’s a pleasure to watch their hairy pussies get splattered in cum. Jay has the most fun in the movie, fucking Tyler Nixon on the front lawn. When the fucking gets good, she giggles and cums, enjoying Tyler’s banging. Tommy Gunn, Mark Zane, and T. Stone serve up more hard dick, much to each girl’s delight. I enjoyed watching this flick and believe you will too.

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