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Hollywood Hills Hijinx

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Threesomes

Director: Jay Allan


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Cast:  Riley Reid, Blake Eden, Alex Grey, Nina North, Kristen Scott, Selena Santana, Tyler Nixon, Rob Carpenter, Alex Davis

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Release: April 28, 2017

Extras: 21 minute BTS, Photo Gallery, Non-Selectable Trailers, Club Offer, Web Info, Phone Sex Info
Bonus Scene from Love On The Rocks: Alix Lynx & Johnny Castle 26:08 minutes

Alix Lynx

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good. Good exterior shots, including underwater footage and aerial shots. Well lit and filming is on point. The soundtrack masks some of the lower whispers that happen.

Overview: Blake Eden plays Kelsey, a college student who is house sitting her parents' mansion for a while they galavant around the globe. Since there's plenty of room she invites her friend and playmate (Nina North) to bring her boyfriend (Tyler Nixon) over and hang out for some fun in the sun. Nina and Blake stroll through the Hollywood hills, taking in the sights from the Griffith Observatory and then they leave, to meet up later at the house. As the title implies, when the parents are away, hijinx ensue.

Scene 1: Blake Eden, Nina North

Blake & Nina

While Tyler's spinning around in the hanging globe chairs taking in the valley views from Blake's house, Nina and Blake start pawing one another on the couch. He abandons his spinning to go check out the girl on girl action up close and personal. Tyler sits quietly, watching intently, as the ladies start stripping one another's clothes off, their hands and tongues exploring each other as they go. Miss Eden's milky white skin contrasts nicely with Nina's darker complexion as she gets her snatch expertly eaten by Miss North. The ladies share kisses, their asses purposefully pressed together and aimed directly at Tyler before Nina gets her nookie tended to by Blake. Blake's long tongue swirls and twirls across and around her playmate's clitoris for a while and then the girls get into a 69. They change up the position a bit, the sectional couch having slid apart so Blaske braces herself on a sculpted table as Nina sits on her face and has a fairly intense orgasm. As the pair lie cuddling, Nina thinks it would be so hot to watch Tyler fuck her friend.

Astute viewers might notice the boom mic's shadow moving on the back wall and also notice that it goes from midday to night as Tyler joins in on the action.

Scene 2: Blake Eden, Tyler Nixon

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Blake's already revved up from her time with Nina, so Tyler's able to slide a couple of his fingers right into her glory hole as his pants start to tent up. Unzipping his trousers, Blake gets busy bobbing. At first, I thought she was going to keep her hand wrapped around his cock, not able to deep throat him, but after a bit, she removes it and plunges down his shaft. It's at about this point that I start scanning the scene for Nina, who was wanting to watch originally but seems to have disappeared entirely. With Tyler's stick nice and lubed Blake climbs on for some bouncing. Her boobs bounce rapidly as Nixon hammers into her hole, Blake announcing to Nina how great it is although Nina's still not in frame even in the wide shots. Blake's an active bouncer, her tiny ass jiggling as she rides and pauses mid stroke to have an orgasm.Blake Eden

Tyler's chest has broken into a sheen as the pair move into doggie; Blake's hair having gone flat and stringy along the way. Nixon's chest sheen progresses into a full on stream of sweat from his hairline to his thighs as he thunders into his girlfriend's girlfriend. Pressing Blake into the couch he jams his log into her in what seems like a cross between a push-up and a planking. Flipping over, Blake has him straddle her chest so she can taste herself before he starts grinding back into her, gripping her tits tightly as her eyes roll into her head during an orgasm. Tyler hammers his way home and Blake drops for the pop with Nina all of a sudden sitting in frame before joining the pair on the couch.

Scene 3:  Alex Grey, Kristen Scott

After a brief scene that has Nina telling Kristen about the amazing house Kelsey has she calls up her friend and they make plans to head over as Nina exits at the corner they arrive upon. The acting seems totally unnatural and very scripted, Kristen and Nina each giving each other forced hugs at the end.

Alex & Kristen

Rather than knocking on their friend's front door they casually scale the mansion walls to check out the pool. With nobody around, they take a dip in the pool with the camera following them in. As the bathing suits come off the camera captures the action from above and below the waterline as a soundtrack plays. The ladies rub their tiny boobs together as their tops drift around them in the water. Moving back to the deck the pair share some soft, sensual kisses and caresses. The caressing turns to clit rubbing and Alex sits atop Kristen's face, a mirrored tabletop in the lower part of the frame offering interesting visuals as the camera pans the action. Alex's body looks great as she deftly works Kristen's clit with her fingers and tongue. Kristen's body quivers and convulses as her gal pal works her over. The city skyline behind the pair frames the action nicely as the duo make love to one another and cuddle poolside as the sun starts to set. When they hear Blake's front door opening they make a beeline for the wall they scaled to get in.

Scene 4: Riley Reid, Selena Santana

This scene takes place concurrently with scene 5 as it is a porn scene that Blake is watching on the big screen.

Riley & Selena

Riley and Selena are having playtime on a bed. Riley is wearing red lingerie, Selena's clad in black. When Selena drops her bra, Riley attacks her nipples with her teeth and tongue. Soon, her bra gets dropped to reveal her hard, perky nipples. Riley lies back and tucks her head between her knees so Selena can lick between her thighs while fingering her rapidly. A well-placed mirror again offers interesting visuals in the background. The two trade tongue time, Riley rocking her whole body as she goes laps at her scene mate. She casually flips her hair from one side to the other as she grinds on Selena's face, her tiny titties jiggling. As the pair swap positions, Selena rubs Riley furiously while she grinds on her face. Selena sits up and Riley grinds her ass on Selena's crotch while getting her own crotch rubbed and fingered. Faces pressed together and gaze locked, the pair seems to be really into each other as they settle into a snuggle.

Scene 5: Blake Eden

Blake Eden

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Blake's watching them go at it while rubbing herself while sitting on an artsy metal sofa. She takes off her jeans and panties as the action onscreen heats up and starts fingering herself slowly and deeply. She fingers herself sitting and then moves to a two fingered approach as she kneels on the couch. Flipping back over, the two fingered action continues aided by plenty of clit rubbing to get herself off.

Scene 6: Kristen Scott, Alex Davis, Rob Carpenter

Kristen Scott

I can't tell you the setup for this scene without spoiling the plot twist but it involves Kristen having her first B/B/G scene. As they sit on the bed, the guys start rubbing and kissing on Miss Scott. Soon enough, she's going down on one guy as the other strips off her shorts. The camera swaps between closeups of her blowjob, her coochie getting licked, and a wide shot showing the group. The guys trade places and one of them starts pumping into her. She moves to squat on the guy lying down and spins to suck the other one. Kristen bounces while bobbing and jerking, screaming as the man below her starts pounding into her harder. Her eyes roll into her head as one man pinches her pierced nipple before taking his turn in her honey hole. After she's ridden them both, they spew copious amounts of cum on her face as she kneels between them.

Final Thoughts: It's two hours and forty minutes of storyline porn. It's not that complicated of a story and shouldn't have taken up that much time. It really seems to be a showcase of sorts for Penthouse Pet, Blake Eden, as the cover points out that she is featured in three scenes. I thought the best sex on the disc was Riley Reid and Selena Santana and that scene was supposedly a porn scene Blake was watching on the TV. The acting between Nina and Kristen in their setup scene just seemed like it was written 4 minutes prior to filming and kind of improv'ed between two performers who had never met before. It's not a bad flick, it's just not something most people are going to watch more than once. It features some good looking girls, and Tyler Nixon is always one of my favorite male performers. He always falls into these roles where he gets to play a "surprised guy" and he does that very well. I wish the threeway with Kristen would have used guys with more screen presence and more experience under their belt. Overall, it's worth a peek but Watch On Demand.

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