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Video Chat Revenge

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, Affairs, Vignettes

Director: Craven Moorehead
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills

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Cast:  Valentina Nappi, Ashley Adams, Cassidy Klein, Tiffany Watson, Claudia Valentine (Non-Sex), Xander Corvus, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Jessy Jones

Length: 2 hours 22 minutes

Date of Release: July 31, 2017

Extras: 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 16:13 minute BTS, Scene-specific slideshows

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good. Well lit, well shot. Hi-Def capture with an anamorphic widescreen presentation. Small, unobtrusive, logo lower right-hand corner during all scenes.

Overview: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead are back with yet another scripted movie for Pretty Dirty. As with other discs from this studio, there's a main storyline that gets split into a couple of scenes with some thematically related episodes sandwiched between them. Tiffany Watson is our main starlet that gets jilted and vows revenge. Each scene has a good setup and hot, steamy action. I think this disc will have a lot of fans!

Scene 1: Ashley Adams, Jessy Jones, Tiffany Watson (NS)

Ashley Adams

In this scene, Jessy plays a seemingly smarmy guy headed off to college. Tiffany is his needy girlfriend who is going to miss him terribly. Ashley is a horny coed that loves to suck and fuck Jessy. Jessy and Tiffany are videochatting and he says he has class to end the call, only he forgets to actually end the call and Tiffany gets to witness his entire tryst as the trampy Miss Adams comes over like a cock craving wild animal.

Ashley Adams

The sex goes down in a sun-filled bedroom, Ashley's clothes getting peeled off almost immediately as she's been waiting all day to fuck to Jessy. She's so excited to be his little whore and starts sucking his cock like a starving student that hasn't had meat in days. It's a nitro-fueled romping that has them banging furiously in multiple positions, Jessy managing to make Ashley squirt with his hands while he fucks her throat. Tiffany watches in disgust and horror from the laptop across the room as our boyfriend pounds into the brunette Floridian who's sporting a nicely trimmed bush. During the romping Ashley's hair gets hot and sweaty while she screams loudly at how well she's getting fucked. Meanwhile, over on the laptop screen, Tiffany's eye makeup is streaming down her face as her tears roll. Jessy not only makes Ashley squirt with his hands, but she gushes all over the bed as she lifts off his cock while riding in reverse cowgirl. Her big boobs bounce wildly as her energetic ride goes on and Jessy tries to unload on her face, the first couple of streams flying right by before he hits his target. That's when Ashley looks over and discovers the video chat is running...

Scene 2: Valentina Nappi, Xander Corvus

Valentina Nappi

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This scene features 2017 XBIZ Performer of the year, Xander Corvus, along with the Foreign Female Performer of the Year, Valentina Nappi. Xander's plays a photographer who was left high and dry by a no-show model and Valentina just happens to be jogging by and catches his eye. He chats her up and she agrees to help him out and try some modeling although she's never done it before. Back at his studio, our Italian starlet is quite shy at first but starts to warm up as Xander steps out of the room and she browses his laptop and sees Brandi Love's nude photo set and realizes he's a pervert. When he comes back, she starts batting her big eyes and exposes a nipple briefly. Little by little, she removes  more clothing and Xander is a bit awestruck when she exposes her rack. That's when she makes her move on the sexy photographer, crawling over to him and unbuckling his belt to take his sword into her mouth.

Valentina Nappi

Xander puts his camera aside and lets Valentina work her oral magic. Realizing that she can take him all, he starts thrusting into her throat before moving to her honey pot. Valentina's face down and ass up as Xander drills her from above. Switching it up, Valentina shakes her luscious booty as she rides Corvus' cock. In between positions, Valentina continues to demonstrate her oral expertise; Xander hammering into her love hole with vigor afterward. Her false eyelashes bat at him while he's banging into her box. With her warmed up, Xander convinces her to let him take a few pictures of his cock in her mouth. After a couple of shots, he slides back into her for a final fuck flurry that ends with him jerking himself off all over her pretty face. Xander heads off to turn on the shower so she can clean off and she introduces the plot twist...

Scene 3:  Cassidy Klein, Ryan Driller, Claudia Valentine (NS)

This scene features 2017 XBIZ Best Actress - Couples-Themed Release, Cassidy Klein, and 2016 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year, Ryan Driller. They play step-siblings. Ryan's a degenerate millennial who lies in bed all day reading porn and eating pizza, Cassidy's the one who gets tasked by her mother to get him laid. If one of her friends won't do it then it'll be her job. The setup scene between Cassidy and Claudia is played extremely well by Cassidy who finally gives in to her Mom's demand and agrees to fuck her step-brother. Ryan and Cassidy continue the quality acting as she explains that she's going to help him out by teaching him how to fuck.

Cassidy Klein

She starts her lesson with the basics, teaching him how to feel up a girl properly. Their facial expressions are priceless as the awkwardness of the situation hits them. Ryan's convinced this is all an elaborate trick that his sister is playing on him and she gets naked to prove it isn't. She props herself up so he can see a real live pussy and eat it but has to instruct him that eating pussy doesn't involve teeth. Ryan's a quick study and is happily lapping away and throws in some fingering much to her surprise, a trick he learned from a magazine. Very quickly, she's in ecstasy and feels the need to return the favor. As she blows him and he's about to lose his load she tosses out words that disgust him so that he can learn to delay his ejaculation. As the gurgling gets fervent, Mom stands in the hallway touching herself.

Cassidy Klein

Cassidy's lesson plan moves to phase two which involves her showing him what it's like to have a girl ride his rod. She patiently explains different thrusting techniques and tempos which he starts to get the hang of and joins in on the hip movements. His cock hits her G-spot and she's squealing as she cums, offering encouraging words for his technique. Moving into doggie, he demonstrates his newly learned thrusting techniques mentioning that he's afraid they're going to break his bed. He keeps asking questions and she instructs him to shut up and just fuck her. Once he's got the hang of things, she flips into missionary followed by spoon so he can continue his educational experience. She manages another orgasm in spoon which is followed quickly by him shooting on her face much to her surprise and disgust.

Scene 4: Tiffany Watson, Seth Gamble, Jessy Jones (NS)

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany has decided to keep the video chat running and to fuck the next guy that walks by her dorm room. It just so happens that Seth is wandering the halls and she pulls him and gets her mouth busy on his member. Even though Tiffany's face looks like a raccoon from her tears, Seth is happy to help the blonde from Boise work out her troubles. She points the laptop at her bed and the two get busy. Tiffany starts with a wild ride, her bald beaver displayed nicely for maximum shock value to her boyfriend. Seth seems happy to help her get some revenge, slapping her tiny ass as they move into a doggie drilling. Tiffany stares into her laptop and making sure her beau is watching every graphic detail of her getting hammered by Mr. Gamble.

Tiffany Watson

Our little siren is screaming how great she's getting fucked as she cuckolds her man on camera. Jessy's still glued to his screen watching Seth slide in and out of his girlfriend's love tunnel and mouth at will. Seth doesn't care, he's willing to do whatever it takes to get this little revenge-driven whore off. He manages to do that in missionary as she lets forth a geyser of squirt which she says she's never done before and he laughs and looks at the laptop saying "hear that?". Her body is rocking as he bangs away. He pulls out leaping across the bed to pop on her face so she can say her goodbyes in the video chat, covered in goo.

Final Thoughts: Pretty Dirty is back with another fun release that covers four scenes featuring a bevy of beauties. The casting for this works really well. Valentina and Xander work well together, as expected, considering their award winning talents. Cassidy and Ryan pull off a great acting session that deserves to get some award nods this year. It's one of the better step-sibling setups ever committed to film! Tiffany and Jessy play their roles well. Tiffany seems like the needy girlfriend and Jessy plays a dude that says he loves her but obviously has other plans once he's in a different area code. The scripting is fairly straightforward with only a couple of surprises thrown in. Sometimes with this studio I have to omit details in the plot. I did that here in a couple of places but didn't feel that revealing the end of the main story would give away any real spoilers that a normal person wouldn't see coming. As always with this production team, the production values are high and the action flows well. The usual Behind the Scenes are included and are worth watching. The sex is good and the storyline moves at a good pace which makes the replay value high. Everyone here has a large and growing fan base and for that reason I'm going to say it's Highly Recommended viewing.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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