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My Sexy Little Stepdaughter

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 26 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex’ 18+ Teens; Family Roleplay; Older Men

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Jessica Rex with Nina North, Bailey Brooke, Carolina Sweets, Tommy Gunn, Steve Holmes, Ryan Ryder, Toni Ribas

Bonus Scenes: 2 bonus scenes: Marley Blaze and Mark Wood from Daddy Likes My Big Ass; Samantha Rone and Ryan McLane from My Dad is Hot.

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for My Dad is Hot, Daddy’s Favorite, Daddy Likes My Big Ass; Behind the Scenes with over 40 minutes of extra interview footage with each starlet; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Innocence is lost in director Paul Woodcrest’s My Sexy Little Stepdaughter and replaced with horny, sex-craved starlets bent on fucking their stepdads until they both cum. These not-so-innocent daughters tease and entice their stepdads with their tight, teen pussies while their mothers are away. I highly recommend this Woodcrest flick. It runs for over 2 hours and 20 minutes and each scene increases in sexual tension from start to finish. The stepdaughters, featuring Jessica Rex with Nina North, Bailey Brooke, and Carolina Sweets, know how to heat up each scene. From masturbating on the bed to masturbating on the edge of the kitchen island, these girls get their pussies wet just as their stepdads walk in. DVD cover girl, Jessica, has one of the hottest scenes of the flick with her rough throat fuck and standing doggy bang in the hallway with Toni Ribas. Carolina Sweets has a scorcher of a scene with Ryan Ryder that features pussy punishment and a red blindfold over Carolina’s eyes. I highly recommend My Sexy Little Stepdaughter. Woodcrest has been pushing out great flicks for Digital Sin for years with high-level production quality, great storylines, and hot, hard sex. This is another sizzling example.

Scene 1:  Bailey Brooke and Tommy Gunn

Tommy tells his stepdaughter, Bailey, that he’s leaving to go pick her mom up. He tells her if she needs anything, just give him a call. Bailey says OK. As Tommy is walking away from the house, he gets a call on his cell from his wife telling him she’s running late and he doesn’t need to pick her up for a while. Tommy turns around and walks back to the house only to discover Bailey masturbating in her bed, riding a pillow between her legs. Bailey is embarrassed and so is Tommy for a second, but Bailey soon continues to masturbate with Tommy watching her. She fingers her pussy, making herself cum for Tommy’s pleasure. After she cums, he walks out and closes the door behind him. A few minutes later, as Tommy is lying across his bed, thinking about what he just saw, Bailey walks in, telling him “It’s OK, daddy. I won’t tell anyone.” She lies on top of him and kisses him, then makes her way down to his cock, unzipping his pants in the process. Tommy’s dick is already hard and she quickly puts it in her mouth, licking and sucking it without saying a word to Tommy. He watches her put his big dick in her mouth and swallow it. Tommy sits up and rubs her ass cheeks, pulling her panties down so he can finger her pussy while she’s bent over doggy style. Bailey is completely naked now and she lies on her back so her stepdaddy can eat her pussy. Tommy tongues her clit, slowly lapping his tongue back and forth. Bailey moans and squeezes her tits while he eats her cunt.

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Tommy runs his cock across her clit, making Bailey beg him to fuck her. He sticks his dick in her wet pussy and fucks it, keeping Bailey satisfied. Bailey screams out in pleasure as Tommy’s big cock stretches his stepdaughter’s pussy missionary style. He sucks her toes while he fucks her then he positions her in spoon position, driving his cock even deeper in her tight snatch. Bailey fingers her clit and closes her eyes as Tommy drills her. “Fuck me, daddy,” she tells him. Bailey moves into reverse cowgirl position, squeezing his balls as he pumps her pussy. She tastes her own pussy off his dick when she lies on top of him in 69 position and sucks his cock. Tommy tongue smacks her pussy and ass hole then drills her some more in cowgirl position. He pulls out and eats her pussy again then fucks her doggy style. Bailey sucks his cock then lies on her back for more missionary fucking. “Fuck me, daddy,” Bailey says. He bangs her hole then pulls out and cums in her open mouth. She marvels at how much cum is on her then she sucks his dick and promises not to tell her mom anything.

Scene 2:  Jessica Rex and Toni Ribas

Toni is busy getting work done in his home office when he hears strange vibrating noises. At first, he thinks it’s his cell phone, but it’s not. It sounds like it’s coming from upstairs. He walks upstairs trying to find the source of the noise. He doesn’t realize that Jessica is in her bedroom masturbating. She’s using a Hitachi vibrator on her pussy and it’s making her scream. She gets lost in herself, as the Hitachi makes her cum. Toni walks in just as she’s cumming and she doesn’t stop. Toni watches her reach her climax then he walks toward her, close enough for Jessica to rub his cock through his pants. She licks his lips and puts his hands on her tits. Toni rips her shirt off and pinches her nipples then he stuffs his fingers down her throat, making her drool. They kiss more passionately as he chokes and leads her down to his dick. She tries to unzip his pant and suck his cock, but he pushes her away and reminds her that he’s her stepdaddy. “So, fucking what. Mom’s not here,” Jessica tells him. Toni walks away but Jessica stops him in the hallway, telling him she knows he wants to be inside her. She drops to her knees with her hands behind her back. Toni drops his pants and thrusts his hard cock down her throat, gripping her hair tightly into a ball. He fucks her throat and makes her gag. “It’s so fucking good,” she tells him. Toni bangs her throat hard, choking her in the process. “Do I suck your cock better than mommy,” Jessica asks him as she jerks and sucks his cock and balls. He rips her shirt off, exposing her tits then puts her leg up on the window sill and fucks her pussy in standing doggy. After a hard banging, Jessica turns around to get her ass spanked. She loves it. She takes her stepdaddy back to the living room where she deep throats his cock before getting her tight, teen pussy fucked missionary style on the couch.

“Fuck this fat pussy, daddy,” Jessica orders him. She wants his cock deep inside her cunt and she wants him to fuck her hard. Toni pulls out and eats her wet pussy then sticks his dick back in there and rams her hole. She rides him cowgirl style and gets two surprise fingers up her ass while Toni drills her pussy. Jessica deep throats his hard, wet cock again then lies on her side for a round of spoon fucking. There are a few hot close-ups of Jessica’s pussy getting banged hard. She cums all over his cock then rides it reverse cowgirl style before lying on her back for more missionary. Toni squeezes her pussy lips while he drills her hole, keeping her crying out in pleasure. More doggy style banging keeps this stepdaughter satisfied. She takes control, fucking him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl position. Toni chokes her, making her eyes roll back into her head. Then, he stands up and fucks her throat until he pops, cumming on her face and in her mouth. “Yeah, cum on my face, daddy,” Jessica yells. Toni laughs as he splatters her face with spunk. “That’s a lot of fucking cum, daddy,” Jessica adds.

Scene 3:   Carolina Sweets and Ryan Ryder

Ryan’s wife is going to be coming home late. Her flight is delayed and she won’t be back until later tonight. Ryan talks to her on the phone, telling her he’ll be there to get her later on. After hanging up the phone, Ryan thinks about what he could do in the five hours that his wife will be away. He joins his stepdaughter in the living room, telling her that her mom won’t be home for five hours. He asks Carolina if she remembers what he did to her last week. Carolina remembers and she enjoyed it. Ryan tells her he’s got something different for her tonight. She stands in a dark hallway, waiting patiently for her stepdad’s surprise. Ryan walks up behind her and puts a red blindfold over her eyes. Carolina is dying with anticipation. He puts a Hitachi next to her face then turns it on, startling her. He puts it on her tits, then down to her clit, torturing Carolina with pleasure. Her body shakes as she leans on the wall. She mumbles that this is going to be their little secret. Ryan kisses her and pinches her nipples while he keeps the Hitachi on her clit. The sensation gets so intense, Carolina cums, screaming “I’m cumming, daddy!”

After her erotic experience with Ryan, she goes to the bedroom and sits on the bed, still wearing her blindfold. Ryan kisses her body and squeezes her tits, keeping her turned on.Carolina is an obedient little stepdaughter, trusting her stepdad completely. He fingers her pussy, making Carolina’s mouth gape. She tells him she wants his dick, but Ryan punishes her pussy a bit more, fingering it until she gets wet. Ryan drools on her pussy then spreads her legs open wide and finger fucks her until she cums and soaks his fingers. She gets the cock she has been begging for, putting it in her mouth and sucking it. She spits all over it and tries to deep throat it while Ryan pulls her hair behind her head. She sucks his spit-covered balls and smiles as she sits on his cock cowgirl style. Ryan pumps her pussy in deep strokes. Soon, Carolina is riding his pole and screaming out in pleasure. He keeps his fingers on her ass hole while his cock drills her snatch. She gets on all fours so her stepdaddy can fuck her doggy style. She lies her face on the bed while Ryan bangs her from behind, telling him, “Fuck that little cunt, daddy.” After a round of doggy, Carolina lies on her back, opens her legs wide and looks at her pussy as Ryan takes his cock and beats her clit with it. He stuffs his dick deep inside her, fucking her missionary style. “That feels so good,” Carolina tells him as he drills her wet cunt. He lies beside her and spoon-fucks her, “Please, daddy. Give it to me,” she begs. Ryan pulls out and pops in her mouth and on her tits. “Thank you, daddy,” she tells him.

Scene 4:  Nina North and Steve Holmes

Naughty Nina is in the kitchen masturbating as she watches her stepdad, Steve, out of the patio reading a book. She stands near the island in the kitchen and grinds her pussy back and forth over the edge. When Steve walks back into the kitchen, Nina quickly moves away. Steve sits on the couch to finish reading his book. Nina sits next to him and tells him that she really needs a new outfit to go out in tonight. He tells her they just went shopping last week. “Please, daddy,” she begs him. Nina rubs his cock through his pants but Steve tries to stop her, telling her that they can’t do this anymore. Nina is determined to get her stepdad’s cock and she doesn’t stop rubbing it. She leans over and kisses him, putting Steve in the mood. He squeezes her tits while she straddles him. These two soon make their way to the bed where he strips her out of her clothes and sets his sights on her pussy. With her legs wide open, she pulls her panties aside so Steve can eat her pussy. He sucks her clit, making her scream out. Nina gets on all fours so Steve can eat her teen pussy from behind. He tongues her pussy and ass hole and does the same when she turns over into missionary position. Nina opens her pussy with her fingers, teasing Steve with her tight, pink cunt.

She grabs hold of his cock and sucks it, bending over doggy style. After trying to deep throat his long pole, Nina lies on top of him in 69 position, closing her eyes in pleasure with Steve’s dick in her mouth and his tongue in her pussy. He spanks her ass cheeks then turns her over his knee for more spanking. Another round of cock sucking soon turns into spoon fucking. “Yes, fuck my little pussy,” Nina tells her stepdad. Steve stuffs her cunt full of cock. Nina rides her stepdad’s big, hard cock reverse cowgirl style then she turns over for cowgirl banging that keeps her moaning. Steve spreads her ass cheeks open while he pumps her tight pussy. More doggy is followed up by reverse cowgirl fucking with us getting Steve’s POV of his stepdaughter’s ass. He spoon fucks her then pulls out to blow his load all over her face. She sucks his balls like a savage as he jerks his cock. Nina soon gets the reward she’s been begging for. She opens her mouth wide and catches streams of Steve’s cum on her tongue. She sucks his cock then pushes his cum through her teeth, showing it to Steve.

Final Thoughts:

Longtime Digital Sin director Paul Woodcrest produces another hit in his flick, My Sexy Little Stepdaughter. I highly recommend this movie with its sex-craved, horny little stepdaughters who have their eyes set on their stepdads’ cocks. These not-so-innocent little teens tease and take their stepdads dicks deep inside their tight pussies better than their moms ever could.  The movie features Jessica Rex with Nina North, Bailey Brooke and Carolina Sweets and every scene is hot in its own right. Two of the hottest scenes of the movie feature DVD cover girl Jessica and starlet Carolina. Jessica’s hallway humping with Toni Ribas is a sizzler, especially the rough throat bang and standing doggy fuck in the window sill. Carolina’s scene with Ryan Ryder begins in dark shadows as he blindfolds her and puts a Hitachi to her pussy, punishing her up against the wall until she cums. Woodcrest’s body of work for Digital Sin has always been good. The camera work and overall quality of production, including the storylines and the way the sex is shot, make Woodcrest’s flicks something to watch. This movie is another hot example.

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