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Teens Like It Rough 4

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex; 18+ Teens; Fetish; 18+ Schoolgirls

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Featuring Haley Reed with Violet Starr, Cadey Mercury, Chloe Scott, Mandy, James Deen, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Logan Pierce

Bonus Scenes: Iggy Amore and Tommy Pistol from Teens Like It Rough 2; Mandy Muse and Mick Blue from Teens Like It Rough 3

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Teens Like It Rough 3, Teens Like It Rough 2, Teens Like It Rough; Behind the Scenes with over 16 minutes of interview footage with each starlet; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Long time Digital Sin director Eddie Powell brings us the fourth installment in the Teens Like It Rough series. This movie has just the right mix of BDSM as all four starlets experience their fantasies of submission and dominance at the hands of their cock masters. Teens Like It Rough 4 is a flick I highly recommend and one that will leave you satisfied. The movie features DVD cover girl Haley Reed in an incredible bang with pussy punisher Toni Ribas. Haley’s cunt isn’t the only one being dominated. She’s joined by Violet Starr, Cadey Mercury, and Chloe Scott and each of their scenes is as hot as the other three. Haley’s ass cheeks and tits turn red from Toni’s spanking and she wants more of it as he fucks her. Chloe’s closing scene with the merciless James Deen is hot. He’s her master and she must ask permission to cum even as he drills her pussy harder and deeper. She finally gets a blast of jizz in her mouth. Cadey’s scene with Ramon Nomar is just as hot with her submitting her pussy to her porn star neighbor after a not-so-innocent request for baking soda. Violet opens the flick explaining to her boyfriend that not all girls want romantic sex. Some girls like it rough and she’s one of those girls. Logan proves his chops by pounding her pussy into submission and putting a smile on her face. Powell continues to show he has the creative chops and the cinematic knack for producing top quality porn making Teens Like It Rough 4 a flick to add to the rough sex porn stash.

Scene 1:  Violet Starr and Logan Pierce

Violet isn’t having any luck with her job hunting. There’s not a lot out there for people with no experience. Logan tells her there must be something out there. She should keep searching. When she puts in her search terms, Logan notices that she has been searching for rough sex porn. He thinks it’s funny. He tells her that porn is fake and no girl wants sex like that. Violet tells him he’s wrong and that not every girl wants romantic, loving sex all the time. “Sometimes, we want our control taken away so we can be vulnerable,” Violet explains. Logan still isn’t sure about this. Violet asks him what’s the problem. Is it that he can’t take control? He assures her he can take control. He forces her onto the bed, pulls down her top and slaps her tits. Then he slaps her face as he straddles her, keeping her pinned to the bed. Violet loves being submissive and she lies back, moaning in pleasure as Logan sucks her nipples. He takes his belt off and uses it to tie Violet’s hands behind her back. Bending her over doggy style, Logan eats her pussy from behind then drops his pants and turns her over so she can suck his hard cock. Violet’s hands are still tied and she eats his cock like a starving whore, opening her mouth wide to swallow every inch of it.

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Violet has soon made a sloppy mess of Logan’s cock, covering it in drool. She stays in doggy position while he bangs her throat and shortly after, Logan drills her pussy with his cock. He uses his foot to pin her face to the bed while he fucks her wet pussy. Violet is in complete submission now, asking Logan for more. She sucks his toes as she moans in pleasure. After a hard round of doggy slamming, Violet’s eyes roll back in her head when she gets fucked in spoon position. A hot downward doggy happens next that sees Violet’s pussy completely stuffed full of Logan’s cock. She goes on a reverse cowgirl ride then sucks her pussy juices off his dick. Missionary pounding ensues and the camera zooms in close on Violet’s pussy as Logan’s dick pumps up and down and in and out of it. He slams her pussy faster and faster, then pulls out and shoots his load on her face. She sucks his cock, swallowing his load and tells him that the sex was amazing.

Scene 2:  Cadey Mercury and Ramon Nomar

Cadey gets dressed in the mirror, putting on her tank top, shorts and tube socks then she makes her way over to her neighbor, Ramon’s house. When he opens the door, she stands there in amazement, just looking at him. She finally gets over her infatuation and asks him to borrow some baking soda for a science project. Ramon is happy to help and goes to the kitchen to look for it. “I know who you are,” Cadey tells him. This gets Ramon’s attention and he walks up to her asking her what she means. Cadey says she has seen all his movies and she knows what he does for a living. Her favorite porn movie is “He’s in Charge” with Dahlia Sky and she wants Ramon to fuck her hard just like he fucked Dahlia in the movie. Ramon tells her they shouldn’t do this, but Cadey begs him. She tells him she’s 19 and she even shows him her test results, just like in the industry. Ramon realizes she is serious and he grips her around the next, spanks her tits and rubs her pussy. Cadey is like putty in Ramon’s lap as he kisses her neck and fingers her cunt, making her submit. They kiss some more and he spanks her tits again. Ramon pulls her panties aside and beats her pussy with his cock then he sticks his dick deep inside her, fucking her reverse cowgirl style. “Oh, fuck, your cock is so fucking big,” Cadey yells. He fingers her clit while drilling her pussy. Cadey bounces up and down on his cock telling him how good it feels. He chokes her and fucks her, making Cadey cum. Ramon wants her to cum again so he bangs her pussy even harder, telling her to cum.

She climbs off and puts his cock in her mouth. Ramon fucks her face, telling her to open her mouth wide and keep it open. He gags her with his cock, making her spit up. Cadey sits on his hard pole cowgirl style and after Ramon drills her tight, wet pussy, Cadey cums again. Standing cowgirl keeps Cadey in ecstasy. She gets on all fours, doggy style, and Ramon pummels her pink pussy. A final round of standing cowgirl gets hard and passionate until Ramon sets her down and pops all over her face. She sucks his cock then says she still needs that baking soda.

Scene 3:   Haley Reed and Toni Ribas

DVD cover girl Haley has just been inducted into the rough sex club with her best friends. Once a year, the girls gather to find and fuck as many guys as they can in one month. Then the girls add the guys to a short list of men who will be used for that year to please them in the bedroom. Toni is at the top of the girls’ list and Haley can’t wait to see what he has in mind for her. She is sitting on the couch, waiting in anticipation. Toni walks up behind her slowly, pulls her hair then covers her nose and mouth, making it hard for Haley to breathe. He pulls his hand away as Haley gasps for air then he spits in her open mouth and slaps her face. He chokes her and pinches her nipples and spanks her pussy. Haley’s body shakes each time Toni spanks her teen cunt. He joins her on the couch and focuses on her ass next, putting her in doggy position and spanking her ass cheeks. Haley waits patiently to be dominated. She holds her ass cheeks open for Toni’s pleasure. He takes his fingers, one by one, and stuffs them in her pussy then stuffs them in her mouth, making her lick them clean. He spanks her ass cheeks, making them turn red before leading Haley to his cock. She bends over doggy style to suck his dick, spitting all over it and lubing it up. She deep throats his meat and gags, trying to breathe as Toni jams his cock down her throat.

His dick is covered in spit lube and Haley sits on it cowgirl style. She holds on to the back of the couch as Toni slams her pussy hard and spanks her ass cheeks, keeping them red. Haley sits up and rides his dick, causing Toni to tell her to use his fucking cock. She lies on the couch missionary style and screams out in pleasure as Toni drills her pussy and slaps her face. “It’s so fucking good,” she tells him. Toni shows her why he’s one of the girls’ favorite guys when he fingers her pussy until she squirts. He pinches her clit and fingers her again, watching her shoot all over herself. Spoon fucking is followed by a hot round of squat thrusting sex. He fingers her again, making her squirt then pounds her pussy some more. She rides his cock reverse cowgirl style and cums again then takes a pounding from behind, doggy style. She rides him cowgirl and gets her ass hole stuffed with Toni’s fingers while he bangs her. More doggy ends in a big popshot all over Haley’s face and in her mouth.

Scene 4: Chloe Scott and James Deen

This final scene of the movie with Chloe and James is one of the hottest ones of the flick. James puts her in total submission, making her ask permission to cum. When the scene begins, Chloe is getting dressed, pulling her panties up her legs. She puts on her blouse and tube socks and waits on the couch for her master. James walks into the room and sits next to her. He gives her some very simple rules for the day. He tells her that her orgasms belong to him. She can only cum if he gives her permission to, and she must ask permission. She must address him as “yes sir” anytime she talks to him. He holds her chin in one hand then slaps both sides of her face, forcing her onto the bed. He picks her back up by the neck and holds her close to his body and opens her legs wide. He spanks her tits and her pussy then starts fingering her cunt, making her wet. He turns her over into doggy position and spanks her ass, asking her who she belongs to. She belongs to James and she tells him she wants to get fucked by him and him only. He takes off his tie and uses it to bind her hands behind her back. He uses her blouse to gag her and then he spanks her tits again and again. Chloe is sorry for all her bad behavior and she apologizes to James every time he spanks her.

Chloe begs him to please put his cock in her mouth. She is still tied up and lying next to him in bed as James fucks her throat, making her gag. “Thank you, sir,” Chloe tells him as he chokes her with his dick. He unties her, sits her up on her hands and knees doggy style and tells her she’s ready to be fucked. But before he fucks her pussy, he fucks her throat some more, making her drool all over herself then he eats and spanks her pussy. He lies on top of her missionary style and drills her wet cunt, slapping her tits at the same time and making Chloe cry out in sexual abandon. James drills her pussy hard and deep then lies her on her side for spoon fucking. Chloe closes her eyes in ecstasy. He fucks her doggy style next and Chloe screams out “Yes, sir! Yes, sir!” as he bangs her tight, pink pussy. Rounds and rounds of reverse cowgirl and cowgirl keep Chloe’s pussy stretched. She takes a minute to suck her master’s cock in between rounds, deep throating it each time until she drools. Back to where they started, James fucks her pussy missionary style, making her beg him for his cum. He stands up, fucks her mouth then cums in it. Chloe opens her mouth, showing it full of cum.  James walks away asking her if she got everything she wanted today. She says, “yes, sir.”

Final Thoughts:

Not all girls want romantic sex. Some girls want rough, pussy stretching sex that leaves them cowering in submission. That’s what Violet Starr tells her boyfriend, Logan Pierce, in the opening scene of Teens Like It Rough 4 and, as it turns out, Violet is not alone. Directed by Eddie Powell, this movie features DVD cover girl Haley Reed along with Violet, Cadey Mercury, and Chloe Scott in 2 hours and 16 minutes of rough sex that’s a turn on to watch. Powell has the creativity and the technical savvy to produce hot sex on film and his skills are evident in this movie. In addition, the great choice of coupling the four starlets with cock masters James Deen, Toni Ribas, Logan Pierce and Ramon Nomar makes for great chemistry on film and scenes that keep you pinned from start to finish. I highly recommend this movie. It has the right mix of BDSM and high-quality production that make this one to add to the rough sex porn stash.

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