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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 48

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Older Woman/Younger Girl Lesbian


Cast: Eva Long, Arielle Faye, Cadey Mercury, Mindi Mink, Reagan Foxx, Sydney Cole, Corey Chase, Maya Kendrick

Director: Unknown

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Length: 3 hrs. 56 min.

Extras: Trailer for Cheer Squad Sleepover 22


Overview: In what is possibly one of the most popular lesbian series on the market, Girlfriends Films brings us the 48th installment of Mother Daughter Exchange Club. It's pretty much same song different verse as four mature veterans have sex with four mostly newcomers. One thing I truly admire about the series is that it's still very high quality film making with an emphasis more on nuance than lasciviousness. Each scene is very romantic and very well paced with some fine acting all around.


Scene One: Eva Long and Arielle Faye


We start with Eva Long visiting her friend Mindi Mink and her daughter Arielle Faye. When Mindi steps out Arielle asks Eva about seeing her and her daughter Cadey Mercury on the Mother Daughter Exchange Club website and that she might be interested in taking things further with her. They head to the bedroom and start making out. As the kissing gets hotter and heavier Eva starts kissing Arielle's body, exploring every crevice of her young frame. They both tenderly caress and suck on each other's tits as Eva rubs Arielle's pussy. She eventually goes down on her, licking her pussy before rubbing her clit to orgasm.


Arielle then licks Eva's pussy making her cum before sitting on sitting on her face. Arielle plays with Eva's pussy as she cums in Eva's mouth. She then licks and rubs Eva's pussy again bringing her to orgasm before climbing on top and bumps her clit against Eva's, making them both cum in unison. The scene ends with Arielle on all fours and Eva fingerbanging her from behind, rubbing her pussy until she cums. This is just a gorgeous presentation of sapphic lovemaking that might put some people off with the pacing. It takes them so long to get to each goal, but I think it just adds to the beauty of the scene. It's true lovemaking with no rush to get to the finish line. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Scene Two: Cadey Mercury and Mindi Mink


It's a week later and Eva breaks the news to Cadey about her relationship with Arielle. Though she is shocked by it, she accepts it and wishes them the best. They then suggest to her that she try to hook with Mindi and devise a plan to make it happen. Later at Mindi's, Eva tells her about Cadey's troubles she's having with boys and believes it's because she does really know how to kiss. She asks Mindi to help her, so the next day Mindi shows Cadey all of her best kissing techniques. As she's showing her the heat starts to build between them and eventually they're in the bedroom.


They gently caress each other while sweetly and passionately making out, their hands exploring each other's bodies until eventually Mindi's hand is on Cadey's pussy. She rubs her pussy in little circles over her panties, making both her pussy and panties wet. Mindi then starts playing with Cadey's pretty little tits, licking her fingertips and rubbing her ariolas making her pink little nipples erect. Cadey then starts kissing Mindi's absolutely magnificent all natural tits until eventually Mindi is going down on Cadey. Very tenderly and intimately she gently licks her pussy, nibbling on the clit and gently rubbing it with her fingers.


Mindi licks Cadey to orgasm before she pleasures Mindi's beautiful hairy pussy. Mindi's performance is just so wonderful as Cadey makes her cum.  She's definitely one of the best in the business today and it certainly shows here. After Cadey gently brings Mindi to a beautiful orgasm, eating and fingering her, Cadey starts humping her leg, rubbing her clit against Mindi's thigh until they are both intertwined with each other. Cadey then climbs up and rides Mindi's face. She grinds her pussy against Mindi's mouth as Mindi masturbates until they both cum.


Scene Three: Reagan Foxx and Sydney Cole


Our second story involves cute blond newcomer Sydney Cole and internet fan favorite MILF Corey Chase as daughter and mother respectively. Sydney is a total slut who walks around the house in a see through bra and no panties, much to the dismay of her uptight cold as ice mom Corey. Through a cooking website they become acquainted with mother and daughter Reagan Foxx and Maya Hendrick. During they're meeting with each other Reagan reveals she's a teacher, to which Sydney replies she wants to be one and if Reagan could be a mentor, show her lesson planning, etc. Sydney takes Reagan to her bedroom to “talk”. While sitting on Sydney's bed she starts hitting on Reagan, feeling her leg and kissing her. Reagan starts to get turned on by Sydney's advances and eventually she's kissing her back. As things start to get more hot and heavy, Reagan pulls her top down and Sydney starts sucking on her beautiful tits. The incredibly gorgeous and sexy Reagan starts kissing all over Sydney's body, sucking her tits and rubbing her ass before she goes down on Sydney's pussy.


With her legs in the air Reagan licks and plays with Sydney's pussy until she cums. Reagan then climbs up rides Sydney's face. Reagan's gorgeous, majestic, mature body sits on Sydney's mouth before she climbs off and Sydney goes down on her. There's a terrific closeup of Reagan's beautiful wet pussy as Sydney figerbangs her. Sydney licks and rubs Reagan's pussy to a beautiful orgasm before climbing up and grinding on Reagan's tongue. Reagan then takes her and in an incredibly hot and sexy sequence, she holds Sydney like a baby and rubs her pussy until she cums. They then start tribbing before Reagan is eating Sydney out again, first in missionary, then in all fours eating Sydney's ass and rubbing her pussy until she cums.


This is a blistering hot scene that's a bit more intense than the previous story. Reagan Foxx is without a doubt one of the sexiest women performing today. From her strikingly beautiful blue eyes to her absolutely slammin' body, coupled with her fine acting, make her a true favorite of mine. And I don't want to dismiss Sydney Cole either. She too brings an intensity and fire to her performance as well. Great scene.


Scene Four: Corey Chase and Maya Kendrick


This final scene suffers from a very serious technical flaw. The scene opens about a month later with Corey and Maya chatting on the couch. Maya tells Corey about Sydney's concern with her about not having a partner and suggest they get together. They then head to the bedroom, sit on the bed and talk some more. Here's where we see the flaw. As they're talking the scene jumpcuts back and forth from the previous sequence of them talking on the couch. This is a horrible case of bad editing that the fine people at Girlfriends Films should have caught before releasing the title. Nevertheless, if you overlook that you get to a terrific scene with the very pretty veteran MILF Corey Chase and the very hot Maya Kendrick. Maya starts kissing Corey, melting her frigid demeanor and getting her more turned on with every second. They play and suck on each other's tits before Corey is going down on Maya. Maya then starts rubbing Corey's pussy until she orgasms.


Corey cums with such an intensity it's breathtaking. Corey then starts rubbing Maya's pussy while holding her much in the same manner as Reagan did to Sydney in the previous scene. After making her cum, Corey gets on her knees and Maya rubs her pussy from behind. Maya makes her cum and laps up her juices from her pussy before she lays down for Corey to eat her out. After Corey makes her cum she maneuvers herself up and rubs her stomach on Maya's clit, making Maya hump her belly to orgasm. Maya then flips over and Corey eats her out from behind. In an excellent shot he eats and tongues her asshole and rubs her pussy until she cums again. Maya then flips back over and Corey starts tribbing her. They rub their hairy pussies together until they both have the most intense orgasms. The scene ends with Corey going down on Maya and making her cum one more time. Corey Chase is just incredible giving an outstanding performance that her fanbase simply will not be disappointed with. And an impressive performance from relative newcomer Maya Kendrick. Very hot with an intensity that's second to none. Great performances.


Final Thoughts: Despite the technical error in scene four this is another fine entry in this amazing series. The cast is fantastic, from the legendary veterans as the moms and the fine performances from the newcomers. And while the first story seemed to be more intimate and romantic, the pacing may make some reach for the fast forward button. But if you enjoy intimate sapphic lovemaking the scenes are phenominal. In contrast, the second story is a bit sexier, with the strikingly beautiful and statuesque Reagan Foxx (I could simply drown in those gorgeous blue eyes of hers) and the very pretty Corey Chase. If it weren't for the poor editing in scene four I would highly recommend this title, but instead I'm going to Recommend it for the beautiful photography and great performances.

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