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Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 6

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 8/28/17

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Genre: Feature

Directors:  Eddie Powell

Cast: Amber Swift, Angel Smalls, Cadey Mercury, Chloe Scott, James Deen, Jessica Nyx, Lucie Cline, Ramon Nomar, Ryan Ryder, Toni Ribas


Length: 2hrs and 13 mins

Date of Production: May 1, 2017

Extras:  Behind the Scenes; Two Bonus Scenes; Trailers; Gallery; Pick Your Pleasure


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The audio ranges from poor to fine, the first scene to sounds muffled requiring an increase in volume and in that scene the camera tends for a one direction place, with little movement, the framing fits okay. As for the remainder of the film the video and audio all work fine without problems.

Body of Review: Likely one of the favorites to many viewers, the perverse love of the catholic pleated skirt fetishes, it always seems to work, especially in the actresses portray the roles with lustful desires. Herein a collection, of four-unrelated stories of these women learning their ABCs and 123s… of 8-inch throbbing meaty lessons requiring cramming sessions of pounding intensity.


Purely as a side note, director Eddie Powell directed in this series from New Sensations, parts 1 and 3, hence knows how to deliver the command for pure lustful moans.

Scene One:  Chloe Scott, Toni Ribas

scene 1

Chloe leads off sixth installment of this series, with her and Toni in the room (supposedly a classroom) and her loudly slamming a book close walking up to his desk dropping off a note and his eyes appear alarmed over it, before quickly cutting to her arriving at his home. The note gives almost a reference to I Know What You Did Last Summer, as it mentions, “I know what you did to Violet”, and secondly one thinks that Chloe was in detention as no one else in the room, but let’s move onward to the setup from her concerning her pleasure seeking lessons. Arriving with a blue pleated skirt, a white button down blouse and the customary white knee high socks, the typical and fun loving fantasy of many men and likely women too. Hence the actions starts, with her obeying Toni’s order to spread her legs on the couch, exposing her white panties, and then a lesson on sucking his thumb, using her tongue first, and then taking it in to suck, they begin kissing passionately. After a brief inner thigh slaps a quick touch to her pussy, more of foreplay, he rips open her blouse and she responds by sitting up back straight and on the edge of the couch, he uses the blouse to blind her slightly (really not that much). More kissing and nipple tugging, to heighten her pleasures this all occurs in various positions and then he has her stand reaching under to pull off her panties, before having her bend over his lap, in an poor version of spanking, more image than substance. A couple of winces from Chloe and some sort of play from Toni, but Chloe grinds herself against more than discipline and restraint, again less more not pleasure, never allowing the viewer to see the finger fucking he does nor the spanking impact it’s all present from one camera stationary camera position. UGH! Chloe performs a throating fucking sucking good ‘ol time on suck Toni’s cock, all before Chloe sinks herself onto his cock for a thoroughly fast time of bounce pouncing along with a rocking back and forth on his pogo stick. They finish out in various positions including on hands and knees in manner likely unpopular with women, hence less of a couples’ movie from this scene.  

scene 1

Scene Two:  Angel Smalls, Ryan Ryder

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scene 2

Angel awakens in Ryan’s bed distraught over spending in the night in his bed, and this leads into endless drivel, about being from different parts of town, her mother being upset and his father not please – WTF! So she goes from getting dressed to undressing faster than getting your car fueled, and she’s wearing a black and red checkered pleated skirt. Once again Ryan plays with her pussy under her panties; they mutually play with each other.  Soon enough after the sucking, Angel rides Ryan’s cock, begging him to go deeper and the results delivers satisfying glee to her face as she continues riding with a wetness echoing in the room. After switching position to her on her knees and her head resting on the bed, she teases her clit and begs him to play with her ass he briefly does with increasing feverish pace of fucking.  A sloppy blowjob, from Angel with her slurping in disgust and an awkward looking up from her no way to see Ryan’s eyes before launching into a reverse cowgirl fucking, actually  not a bad scene the dirty talking makes it work better than it sounds, and that helps. As for the ‘schoolgirl’ aspect, nothing but a skirt no other reason for it, and provides nothing for reference of actual sense of play.

scene 2

Scene Three:  Lucie Cline, James Deen

scene 3

Lucie returns home from a private (supposedly catholic) school because of her outfit (similar to the one in the first scene), and walks over to James (her dad’s business partner) who sits working on forms surround by sex toys and vibes, informing her that her dad is at the warehouse. She acts saddened and depressed about walking past her old school then friends calling her a “rich girl” (oh how terrible – oh please) this leads to James retrieving her a vibe and encourage her to have an orgasm to cheer up, UGH. Lucie calls for James to return and help her get off by asking what time does her dad get home and with that it all starts with her getting the pleasure she richly needs, he of course happily administers the right amount of tutoring lessons. She spreads her legs on her bed and James uses a purple nondescript vibe on her clothed white panties teasing her pussy, and kissing her and moves it extremely briefly to her left nipple before returning to her pussy and yet sadly definitely missing any sensitive areas. He aggressively tosses the vibe away and rips off her panties before tongue fucking her pussy, with intense eagerness the looks Lucie generates for the camera from the pleasure wonderful, a solid lusting quality. Lucie deliciously enjoys sucking on his cock, stroking his tool, and caressing his balls, making sure not to forget about the underside portion of his meat, eagerly giving an oral exam of his cock. She gets on her hands and knees while James fucks her tender pussy with feverish piling driving rawness, her sighs, moans, and facial expression well worth the price of to view it any chance one gets. James deserves some credit to keep an even tempo and never too fast or quickening to a solid finish, and with Lucie’s delights on display she keeps the viewer entertained.

scene 3

Side Note, Lucie a relative newcomer, with about 20-something appearances in films, and starting in 2016, one can image the cummings of this future starlet, who has no tattoos, in December of 2017 she’ll turn 20, but brings incredible energy to the scene 3 of this film.

scene 3

Scene Four: Cadey Mercury, Ramon Nomar

scene 4

Cadey starts by telling a confession, and how she started with a blowjob on the side of the building to her professor, a young stud named Ramon, not your typical teacher, but again this is all fantasy, not reality. She tells of how they fuck all the time, and finally we the viewers see a scene of hers play out as he doing the deed for her by her rules in her home. Ramon sucks on her tits for a little while before she straddles his face and gets a tongue lashing. This all occurs for awhile before she returns the favor with a sucking fest on Ramon’s cock. Cadey puts in the extra credit to pound on his cock, for a fucking fast fucking, before launching into all fours and a lasting reverse cowgirl, all of it working to achieve a solid finished putting it near to the top of the enjoyable scenes in the movie. The scene works but the start off a bit clumsy and again to some the viewers the schoolgirl needs a more naughty style rather than common standards, pushing the boundaries can never hurt, especially when trying educate one’s students.

scene 4

Bonus Scene One: Jessica Nyx, Mark Ashley

bonus 1

A scene from Dirty Little School Girls 5, with Jessica undressing in front of a bathroom mirror with headphones and massaging her bare tits she appears to dance with the camera showing her from different angles and she sits on the counter to tease her bald pussy. The scene clearly not working, the music playing very lame and mirror play never showing her own pussy in it, her position for the viewer only, not very good. This reviewer never saw part 5, but scene would definitely result in a failing grade, suddenly she realize Mark in the shower, and a yelling session erupts. Fret not Jessica grabs his rock hard cock and kneels down to suck him, resulting with Mark fucking her in various positions, but by this point I was already disinterested from the lengthy sluggish opening of scene.

bonus 1

Bonus Scene Two: Amber Swift, Alex Gonz

bonus 2

Amber stars in a scene from Dirty Little Schoolgirls Stores 2 (from 2009, eight years ago) and with her knowing the only way to pass the class is giving the Alex an oral exam, she works to entice him to pleasure with ideal role- playing fantasies language and desires. At least the scene feels more of a classroom than any other scene in the entire movie, Amber delivers a blowjob complete with close-ups of her on her knees and taking in all his cock, all complete with different angles. He gives a close up of tonguing her pussy, before working Amber over thoroughly well and at times the scenes reminds one of the more retro moments in porn, the style and color of the set and images all work to generate a remembrance of the work of then. Alex fucks Amber in the various positions of cowgirl and on fours, with her cooing different phrases, all excelling at the fantasy delivering a good way to end the film overall. Fret not she cleans on up with a passing grade, for all his cream.

bonus 2

One side note, Amber had quite red bumps on her pussy and surrounding area as well as her ass, it becomes a tad distracting.


Summary: Well, that brings to a close, a mix bag of pleasures some of the actresses understanding their role, in playing of schoolgirls, (though many likely prefer teaching lessons to shy innocent students rather than “anything but innocent” it takes away from the fun in this common fantasy). Yet if one saw any or all of the previous 5 movies, you likely know what you have in this film, aside from an attention grabbing title. It tends to align itself with a good production, not stunning or even provoking, it all for the most part becomes a standard fair, yes enjoyable, and repeat viewings perhaps, however it never got the zenith level. How could it, simply include a scene with anal, how about a lesbian domination scene complete with a strap-on, basically push the standard aside and go for something lasting and memorable, instead of repeating the same old thing.

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