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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Stormy Daniels

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Cast:  Cherie DeVille, Lauren Phillips, Ella Nova, Kenzie Taylor, Edyn Blair, Tyler Nixon, Marcus London, Michael Vegas, Lucas Frost (non-sex)

Length: 1 hour 38 minutes

Date of Release: May 10, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Trailer for Movie, Promo Reel

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Bonus Scene: Cherie DeVille & Bill Bailey Inner Demons 23:07 minutes

Cherie DeVille

Bonus Scene: Jenna Sativa & Lauren Philips The Driver 18:29 minutes

Jenna & Lauren

Bonus Scene: Cassidy Klein & Ryan McLane Conflicted 16:17 minutes

Cassidy Klein

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Hi-Def capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation. Soundtrack nestles nicely below any dialog and musical accompaniment is present during all sex scenes.

Overview: Stormy Daniels is back with another feature release for Wicked. This is a tale of a girl (Ella Nova) who is on the verge of her dreams coming true until they get shattered when some risque photos hit the interwebs. It's a porno whodunnit, so I won't give away any character development or plot details.

Scene 1: Ella Nova & Michael Vegas

Ella Nova

Ella and Michael are having some bedtime fun with each other snapping photos and giggling as they discuss her going away to college and his need to stay put in preparation for taking over his dad's company. Their snapshots and banter soon turn to Michael vigorously fingering Miss Nova into a state of ecstasy. She returns his favor with some mouth to member action, his hand holding her hair and pumping her head up and down his shaft before he sticks his sac into her mouth. He figures now is a good a time as any to snap some more pics as he prepares his love glove.

Ella Nova

Background music fills the air in between the sounds of his balls slapping against her as he pounds into her from behind while she rubs herself. After a nice pound from the rear, she climbs on for a ride; the camera moving from one POV to another through a series of crossfades which works but it's not a technique I would have chosen. As the couples swap positions and a fade to missionary happens, Michael's body is aglow with sweat while he sucks on her toes, his pumping continuing until he peels off his glove to send his love juice to her chest.

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Scene 2: Edyn Blair & Tyler Nixon

Edyn Blair

Tyler and Edyn are staying in for a movie night alone but Edyn spots a mirror next to the couch and proposes they scrap the movie in favor of fucking in front of the mirror. Once our redhead is freed from the confines of her clothing, Tyler decides it's snack time and opts for the box lunch. In between tongue lashings, he employs a two handed bald beaver rub technique that she seems to really enjoy and she decides to reciprocate, dropping to her knees for her own hot dog lunch. Her eyes are attentive, big, and bright as she slurps and jerks her man while a piano track plays.

Edyn Blair

With snack time over, it's time for her to get into doggie and stare into the mirror as her man takes her from behind. She seems to enjoy the mirrored viewpoint but he lies her on the other side of the couch for some nice, deep penetrations. She is breathing hard and whimpering, holding her legs apart wide, while he plows into her. She smiles and bats her false lashes at him as she answers the question of where she wants him to cum. With that question answered, she slides to the floor to get her boobs bathed in white.

Scene 3: Lauren Phillips & Michael Vegas

Lauren Phillips

We find Michael getting busy with the busty Lauren on a couch, exploring her love canal with his fingers and tongue, her juices streaming from between her thighs. After a quick rim job, she lies him back for a bit of oral work of her own. As her tonsils get acquainted with the head of his cock, slobber streams down his shaft onto his balls. With a love glove strapped on, she hones her riding skills, her ballet slippers tramp stamp bouncing in and out the frame.

Lauren Phillips

Her fiery locks and large breasts bounce about as she rides Michael's rod. They are both shiny with sweat as he moves into the driver's seat for some doggie drilling followed by some slow missionary strokes into her back door. He's pumping hard into her tight rear entry and that causes him explode all over her chest.

Scene 4: Ella Nova & Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie & Ella

Ella is intrigued when she finds out her friend Kenzie has been with a girl before and wants to kiss her. The kiss flushes her face and Kenzie's hands start exploring. The exploration continues as Kenzie's mouth finds its way to Miss Nova's nipples. Ella lets out a "wooooww" as Kenzie unleashes her own globes and pushes her backward to place her face between her thighs. Ella's face scrunches up with wonder and bewilderment that gives way to joy as she enjoys a lady between her legs for the first time. After enjoying some new thrills, Ella wants to learn how to do that to another girl and she tongues at Kenzie's hairy hole.

Kenzie & Ella

With the soft learning curve out of the way, the girls get a bit more into it, climbing on the couch and trading tongue time. Ella's a quick learner and soon has her face buried in the crack of her friend's ass, licking the length of her crotch and crack. After the ladies share their intimate tonguings Ella mentions how amazing it is to be with a girl as they share soft kisses.

Scene 5: Cherie DeVille & Marcus London

Cherie DeVille

Cherie, wrapped in a towel, is sharing a moment with Marcus. The moment gets seized and the towel cast aside to reveal that body that so many fans are so fond of. Marcus peels off his own shirt to reveal his own fan-adored physique and teases the blonde's box with his fingers and tongue, driving her wild. After she's had a chance to cum once or thrice he unbuckles his pants and Cherie shows off her oral abilities. Marcus grips at her tousled hair with both hands as she rotates her head around his cock, bobbing and weaving. He removes one hand to finger the foxy lady as she slurps happily away.

Cherie DeVille

Soon enough he's machining his member into her, their gazes locked and Cherie's teeth gritted as the sweat beads on their bodies. Miss DeVille's milky white flesh is on display as Marcus powers into her in spoon, gripping at her boobs. Sweat soaked, Marcus slows his tempo a bit and Cherie takes her turn at the helm. Her ass grinds and gyrates as she straddles his cock, pumping like a piston. The couch cushion is pumping up and down with them as Marcus gives her a furious pumping in doggie that culminates in a puddle on her ass.

Final Thoughts:  First off, I'm going to mention the things that drove me nuts about this flick. The first one was it's a story that centers around a college age girl, her friends, and her parents. Okay, fair enough. Here's the catch to that: there are multiple instances during scene setups when the characters are at a bar or restaurant and everyone is drinking water. Really? Because none of them are 21? Cherie isn't going to have a glass of wine when she takes her daughter out to celebrate? I'm not buying it. The second thing I mentioned in my discussion of the first scene. The nearly constant crossfades. I stopped counting how many fades were in each sex scene but it was an overly annoying amount.

With that said, this is a couples film that is story-based. It's a decent story with decent acting. WIll the acting win an award? I'm not sure but it may get some nominations. The sex is tame and often loving, the chemistry's good and the casting worked well. The timing seemed about right when you weigh the plot vs. the sex in screen time. It's really the ending that didn't work for me. I saw it coming but I was waiting for it all to be wrapped up in a bow. That would have entailed at least one more setup and sex scene, so I kind of understand. Overall, it's a decent couples flick but I'm not sure if it will get much replay. I'm not going to tell you it's a must have for the shelf because it really isn't. If you're looking for some story based porn I can Recommend this but you might want to stream it due to limited replay factor.

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