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Stockings 'N High Heels

Studio: Desire » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All-Sex, Fetish, Stockings

Directors: Unknown


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Cast:  Dakota, Kendall Karson, Nikita Von James, Vyxen Steel, Daisy Monroe, Ramon Nomar, Nick Manning, Axel Aces, Marco Ducati

Length: 1 hour 36 minutes

Date of Release: July 31, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot decently, well lit. The disc had issues that are detailed in my final thoughts.

Overview: Five girls wearing stocking and heels as they get it on with four different guys in four scenes. Busty, lusty, thin, cute...the ladies run the gamut here so everyone should find something to enjoy! Each scene has its own distinct vibe to it, so if you aren't reviewing it (like me) it's probably best to pick and choose what you might be in the mood for at the moment and save the others for another time.

Scene 1: Daisy Monroe & Marco Ducati

Daisy Monroe

Big busted, Californian, Daisy Monroe, was all dolled up in her lingerie for her husband but he had to go out of town unexpectedly. Luckily her new neighbor, Marco, is in need of a cup of sugar. Since she answered the door in her lingerie and was complaining that her husband never fucks her, he takes advantage of the situation and his cock is quickly in her mouth as they chat in a nicely appointed living room. After a bit of oral servicing from Miss Monroe, he goes down on her in return. Before you know it, he's plunging his thickness into her wetness and she's begging to be fucked hard. Her beaver is bald, showcasing her clit piercing; her navel jewel shining in the light as Marco motors into her with vigor.

Daisy Monroe

Gripping her own derriere, she climbs onto the dick for some nice high bouncing, Marco grabbing onto her globes as she rides. Occasionally Ducati puts his thrusting into overdrive while his neighbor grinds and slurps on him. She doesn't have many titles under her belt at this point but I'm here to tell you this is a lady that knows how to fuck, thrusting backward in doggie like there's no tomorrow. Marco holds nothing back either, he gives it to her with gusto! They roll through a number of positions with him finally splashing hot cream all over her tits as they try to figure out what the fuck he came over for in the first place.

If you like blondes with big boobs and some meat on their bones then you should definitely check out Daisy! She's a girl that seems to love to fuck and does it well.

Scene 2: Kendall Karson & Ramon Nomar

Kendall Karson

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Another big-boobed Cali girl is up next, Kendall Karson, who is an industry mainstay at this point. In this scene, we find her playing with herself in purples and black lingerie, sporting crotch-accessible panties. While the camera guy moves around, she keeps her face toward him while she fingers and tastes herself. From the sidelines, Ramon rolls in and she gets busy slurping on his stick while he pinches her nipples. She uses a two hand jerk and cradle method while she gags on his engorged rod, her pretty eyes often burning into lens center to keep the viewer engaged. Ramon leans back, peeling off his shirt like it's just another day at the office as the brunette hottie hops onto him and starts talking dirty as she rides like the wind.

Kendall Karson

Kendall's body is long and super lean, with plenty of legs to squat thrust onto a cock with. As she rides in reverse, legs spread wide, Ramon keeps pulling his thick rod out to show the camera in closeup how much he's stretching her hole. As she's hopping around she manages to orgasm a number of times during which she's very vocal. Ramon's bronze skin is glossed over by the time he takes pole position behind her. Her teeth are gritted as she stares into the camera, rubbing her lavender nails across her clit rapidly as Nomar nails her in missionary. Her dirty talk turns to dirty begging as his sword thrusts get harder and faster which results in him erupting to the side of the frame and she has to move her head in order to catch part of it on her tongue for a nice load swallow.

Since Kendall pretty much plays directly to the viewer the entire time, there's no chemistry between the two - any stud could have been featured here.

Scene 3:  Nikita Von James & Nick Manning

Nikita Von James

Fan Favorite, Nikita Von James, is up next with AVN Hall of Famer, Nick Manning. There's no setup they just start going at it in a white bedroom that is bathed in a bluish-white light. There's some oral work followed by a big titty fucking followed by some more head as Nick straddles her face. With plenty of spit flowing, Nick starts nailing into her barren slit; Nikita's Louboutins coming just into frame occasionally.

Nikita Von James

Nikita stays rock steady as Nick's long, slow, methodical thrusts penetrate her in doggie. She's more of an active participant when she's on top, Nick talking more than most male performers telling her how hot she is and good she is. His talk turns to grunts and loud exclamations as her bouncing gets harder and higher resulting in her squirting all over his dick. He yells out "No Mercy" while slamming her down onto his balls and they break into a giggle as they look at someone offscreen and she rolls off of him, their now-obvious roleplay banter continuing as he hammers into her, breaking the bed (according to his exclamation) while they try to keep from laughing about it. I think they really did break a bed slat because they move to the bedside for a final standing doggie drilling that ends with him "dropping...fucking...loads...right in...to...her...mouth" as he motions for the camera to cut.

Nick's talking was a bit annoying early on when it was sporadic but it works to good comedic effect near the end when they both get into the role.

Scene 4: Vyxen Steel & Dakota & Axel Aces

Vyxen Steel & Dakota

Vyxen and Dakota (who's listed in this title as Dakota Skye even though she said she was dropping the Skye awhile back) are chatting each other up in the now famous porn living room, wearing red plaid schoolgirl skirts. They're not quite ready for an upcoming exam and magically a biology teacher appears with a speculum in tow. Vyxen volunteers to be the speculum model and Axel explains some basics of female anatomy as Dakota gets busy licking Vyxen's clit while Axel holds her vagina open with the tool. Axel removes the tool to demonstrate how tight it will feel and as Dakota and he finger her, she squirts and he explains what it is.

Vyxen's curiosity turns to the anus and Dakota can't fit the buttplug that Axel brought in so they're going to have use his cock. Dakota's screaming, Vyxen's giggling and Axel is thrusting his cock in and out of Dakota's ass. Dakota starts to enjoy the ass fucking and her cohort starts roughing her up a bit, talking dirty and smacking her, stopping to suck Dakota's ass juice off of Axel's cock. Biology class just turned into full slut mode!

Vyxen Steel & Dakota

Vyxen takes a ride, which has her squirting gallons all over the floor as she makes out with her gal pal, both girls now topless. Axel's got his Calvin's around his ankles as the ladies hop on and off of his rod. Their dirty words and squeals echo off the glass wall in the background as the cameraman jockeys to keep up with the furious paced fuck session. Axel's given access to each and every hole there is and takes full advantage of it, the ladies eager to suck it between hole trades. During a reverse ride, Vyxen showers Dakota with a massive squirt stream and then they lie stacked on each other for some back and forth hole shots from their tutor. Everyone is breathing hard as the ladies kneel for a mouthful which they swap back and forth.

Fetishist Note: Yes, every girl wears some form of stockings here but there's nothing really special about them. As for the high heels, foot fetishists are going to be sadly left out here. There's no good closeups and more often than not the heels are out of frame as if they forgot they were shooting stockings and heels.

Final Thoughts: This is direct, to-the-point porn. Four scenes that feature ladies and gents that should appeal to a very wide audience. Whether you like your girls small and thin or a bit thicker and juicier, you'll find them on this disc. Each scene is shot pretty well and should have a good amount of replay value but here's my issue with the disc. The disc itself. It wouldn't play in my laptop at all, just spun wildly. It played in the external USB player but it paused an awful lot as if a buffer had to decode some errors almost constantly.

I'd like to recommend this but I'm going a different route due to the technical issue...Watch On Demand. Pick what interests you at the moment and watch that scene, or stream this when the mood strikes. That's what subscription services are good for. Personally, I still prefer physical media but online subscriptions come in handy for things like this!

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