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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/31/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: Tommy Pistol, Janice Griffith, Reagan Foxx, Karlee Grey, Mercedes Carrera, Danny Mountain, Small Hands, Derrick Pierce

Writer/Director: Mike Quasar

Release Date: June 20, 2017

Length: 2 hrs. 2 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes, Seven Trailers, Photo Gallery and a Wicked Pictures Promo Reel



Overview: Ingénue is Mike Quasar's story of a man going through extreme midlife crisis. He's a spineless wimp who hates his job, his family walks all over him and he goes through each day stuck in his own personal hell hole. When he starts to feel all hope is lost for him enter a pretty young house guest half his age to rekindle the embers of youth that are dying within him. Is it too late for him to leave his comfort zone and find true happiness? This is a terrific Mike Quasar entry with one of the best screenplays I've seen him present in a while.


The very talented Tommy Pistol narrates his so called life for us. He's a man who regrets the poor choices he's made in his life and wanders through each day in total depression while wearing a fake smile. He tells us of his sham of a marriage to gorgeous knockout Reagan Foxx, who's constantly arguing with their 20 year old collegiate daughter Karlee Grey. He also tells us about his no where job, sitting in a cubicle behind a computer screen, listening to his asshole coworkers, and having to put up with his domineering boss, the smoking hot Mercedes Carrera. As Mercedes berates him for stapling his reports wrong he fantasizes about her having sex with the top salesman, Danny Mountain.


Scene One: Mercedes Carrera and Danny Mountain


In Tommy's fantasy, Mercedes is laying over Danny's lap, him smacking that perfect jiggly ass of hers. She's a total cock whore, loving every slap and telling “daddy” to give her more. He sucks her tits and plays with her pussy, all the while she's begging him for more. Eventually he's going down on her, eating her hot Latina pussy. He licks her clit and fingerbangs her until she cums. She then starts sucking his cock, absolutely worshiping it as she glides her mouth all over it. She then climbs up and rides him cowgirl, Danny feeling, kneading and slapping her amazing ass as she bounces her pussy on his cock. She grinds on it for a while before they start spooning.


Quasar perfectly photographs the action as Danny slams is cock into Mercedes' dripping wet pussy. She rubs her clit until she cums, and then they go into a doggy. Mercedes backs her ass up fucking Danny's cock as Danny keeps slamming her beautiful ass. They then go into a missionary, Mercedes rubbing her pussy as Danny fucks her giving her multiple orgasms until Danny shoots off in her mouth. Mercedes then snaps Tommy out his dream, Tommy cracking a grin as she walks off.


After a long day at work Tommy comes home and finds cute young little waif Janice Griffith sitting on his couch. Reagan tells him she's the niece of her business partner whose parents are divorcing. But since things are very rosy at his place either it was decided she should stay there for a few semesters and hang around with daughter Karlee. He welcomes her to their home and already Janice is feeling the tension in the house. Tommy then narrates to us about Reagan and her business partner Derrick Pierce who he knows she's cheating on him with. Meanwhile Karlee is meeting up with her older bad boy boyfriend Small Hands in a gorgeously shot outdoor scene.


Scene Two: Karlee Grey and Small Hands


Outside of Karlee's truck Small Hands wastes no time getting down to business with her. They start making out and before long Small Hands is already getting her naked. While standing he plays and fingerbangs her pussy through her panties getting her pussy nice and wet. After eating her out from behind she drops to her knees and gags on his cock getting it all slobbery. He then sits her up on the truck's hatch and only gives her pussy a couple of licks before she's begging for his cock. With one leg on his shoulder he starts fucking her missionary, giving her his cock while standing. She's loving his cock as it slams into her young tight hairy pussy making her cum.


They then start spooning on the flatbed. An absolutely beautiful shot with gorgeous natural lighting truly accentuates this sequence. She rubs her pussy and cums again before Small Hands t-bones her. He makes her cum a few times some more before they go into a doggy. He fucks her pussy from behind before they go into a missionary where Karlee rubs her pussy to multiple orgasms. Small Hands fucks her until he shoots stream upon stream of cum on her pussy and belly.


In the hands of someone less skilled this would just be a standard sex scene, but Mike Quasar's brilliant photography and use of natural outdoor lighting make it something special. Every contour is accentuated, giving us gorgeous visuals and masterfully shot angles. A great scene thanks to Quasar's mastery.


Back at home Janice is getting more acquainted with Tommy. Tommy shares with her the discontentment he's having with his life, and Janice is there listening, telling him she has an old soul and can truly relate. Meanwhile Reagan and Pierce are meeting for drinks and talking about the ponzi scheme their cooking up with their business. They start flirting with each other and eventually things get hot and heavy.


Scene Three: Reagan Foxx and Derrick Pierce


Let me say first just how absolutely beautiful Reagan Foxx is in this feature. With her intoxicating blue eyes, raven black hair and amazing body she's arguably one of the best in the biz today. Her and Derrick get a room and start making out on the bed. Clothes start coming off and Derrick nuzzles Reagan's breasts, working his way down to her pussy. He sucks and nibbles on her clit, not blocking her beautiful pussy and allowing us a peek.


Reagan's head throws back with every wave of pleasure he gives her until eventually he fingerbangs her to orgasm. She starts sucking his dick, giving him exquisite head, working his cock with both her mouth and hand. He puts the condom on and they spoon, Derrick pounding her from behind while she rubs her clit to another orgasm. She sucks her juices off and I simply love how Quasar shoots Reagan looking up at Derrick with those gorgeous eyes of hers while his dick is in her mouth.


Derrick then starts t-boning her. With her leg on his shoulder, he grabs her perfect tit while he bangs his cock in and out of her. After giving her multiple orgasms he shoots a white creamy load on her tits. Terrific scene one of the sexiest performers today.


As the story continues Tommy and Janice are really hitting it off. Janice tells Tommy to stand up for himself, and if he wants things to change he needs to grow some balls and do it now. Cue Reagan and Karlee who enter the room arguing about Karlee's boyfriend. Tommy can't take anymore and unloads on both of them, shocking and befuddling them as they witness the new Tommy. They leave the room and Janice gives Tommy a grin. Later Reagan goes to confront Small Hands and tell him to stay away from her daughter. Knowing how much she loves bad boys the sexual tension builds between them.


Scene Four: Reagan Foxx and Small Hands


In the heat of passion Reagan and Small Hands fall on the couch. Clothes start coming off and Small Hands starts feeling Reagan's tits which are just bursting out of her bra. Once her pants and bra are off Small Hands rubs her pussy under her panties. She writhes and contorts herself on the the couch enjoying every stroke until she cums. Eventually the panties are off and Small Hands goes down on her, stroking his cock as he licks and devours her pussy.


He makes her cum with his tongue before she sucks his already rock hard cock. He skull fucks her for a little bit, almost choking her with his cock, before they fuck missionary. Reagan is just so sexy with her breathy dirty talk, telling Small Hands how much she's loving his cock. They then start t-boning for a little bit before they spoon, Small Hands fucking her from the side. There's an excellent shot of Reagan's saturated pussy as Small Hands stabs her with his cock.


After making her cum again they go into a doggy, Small Hands pounding Reagan's pussy from behind until he shoots off on her ass. Another amazing scene brilliantly shot by Mike Quasar and featuring a woman who is the definition of pure beauty and sexuality, Reagan Foxx.


Back at home, Janice is convincing Tommy it's time to change his life now before it's too late, and expresses her genuine feelings for him. Of course Tommy wants to but is still too scared. Janice tells him to follow his instincts and “don't be such a fucking coward.” That's all Tommy needs to hear.


Scene Five: Janice Griffith and Tommy Pistol


In a very passionate and electrifying scene, Tommy and Janice start ravaging each other. It's like all of the years of frustration Tommy has had to endure is being released, with Janice being the willing pestle. Tommy showers Janice's body with kisses, feeling and exploring her entire petite frame before tenderly and sweetly sucking her tiny young titties. He starts going down on her eating her pussy for only a minute or two before she has his pants off and sucking his cock.


She gags on it, sucks it and licks around the head in a great display of cock worship. She climbs on top and lowers her tight young pussy down in his cock, riding it and Tommy pounding her from under making her cum as she grinds and bounces on it. They then fuck missionary, the pretty, exotic and fully tanned Janice having multiple orgasms as Tommy pistons his cock in and out of her. He drives his cock balls deep into her making her cry in ecstasy before she flips over and throws her tight little ass in the air for him.


He starts furiously fucking her from behind letting every last remnant of his previously mundane life out with every slam of his cock into Janice until he cums on her ass. Such an amazing scene with a very impressive performance from Janice Griffith.


Bonus Scene One: “My Name Is Carter” starring Karlee Grey, Carter Cruise and Damon Dice


Bonus Scene Two: “Young, Natural and Wicked” starring Mia Malkova and Tommy Pistol


Bonus Scene Three: “Axel Braun's Cougar Alert” starring Mercedes Carrera and Ryan Ryder


Final Thoughts: In his 20+ years of making film, this year has been one of Mike Quasar's best. With titles like Inner Demons, Friends And Lovers, and Turn The Page he's on a real creative streak making some of his most inspired stories yet. Ingénue continues that streak with some superb dialog, his brilliant trademark photography and terrific performances from all of his players. I recently read that he considered this film to be his Citizen Kane. Well, I wouldn't go that far. It's a great piece of work but it's nothing ground breaking. Overall I don't see it any better or worse than the titles I just mentioned. To me you know if Quasar is involved it's always going to be worth watching. I can possibly see this one getting some attention around award season, mostly for the acting. Tommy Pistol is one of the most talented male performers today, delivering comedy and drama expertly. And while I don't want to take anything away from the other female talents in this feature (Mercedes is ALWAYS great, and Janice and Karlee do a fine job), the real star is the incredible Reagan Foxx, whom I can see getting some award attention also for her phenomenal performance. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is this generation's Kay Parker, which is high praise from me indeed. This is a great title from Mike Quasar, and I Highly Recommend it.

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