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Squirt For Me 4

Studio: Hard X » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/2/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Anal, Squirting

Director: Mason


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Cast: Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Holly Hendrix, Zoey Monroe, Manuel Ferrara, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Release: July 11, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Slideshow, 12:03 minute BTS

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts.

Overview: The masterful director, Mason, points her camera at some of the hottest starlets on the planet at this time in order to catch them in that oh-so-elusive squirt. This title is here to show you that female ejaculation isn't a myth. It can happen over and over again with no camera or editing tricks. These starlets unleash bucket loads and it's all captured in high definition as it happens. Squirt fans are in for a huge treat in this fourth installment of the series.

Scene 1: Adriana Chechik, Markus Dupree

Adriana took home 3 golden trophies at AVN last year, including Female Performer of the year, so I'm sure you are familiar with the brunette beauty by now. Here, we find her outside, teasing in a blue mesh suit with gold and pink boots on. Mason's camera explores her body in both near and wide shots, Adriana's nipples erect and pubic hair shaved into a nice triangle as she sits on a wall rubbing out her first squirts of the scene. The droplets glimmer in the sunlight as they stream toward the camera lens.

Adriana Chechik

Nude, on a couch inside, Markus licks her coochie a bit getting sprayed as if he were at one of those overly powerful drinking fountains. Now that they are both soaked with Chechik's coochie fluid he just rams right into her ass in his usual jackrabbit style manner. Adriana's screaming, moaning, her vocals fluctuating between screechy and demonically possessed as he hammers in, her gash gushing again and again. She's managed to shower herself head to toe and when she kneels for a  blowie, her hair looks as if she just got out of a water balloon fight. Markus switches between his fingers and phallus as he rapidly works her nether regions to volcanic explosions of clear fluids. Adriana has clearly gone to another mental plane, as evidenced by her eyes, while Markus drags her around mopping up her puddles on the couch with her hair and tongue. She doesn't have to be very active, Markus is just pounding into her at the speed of sound and she just has to hold on for dear life in whatever position he yanks her into as she continually gushes over and over and over and over again. They are both so soaked at this point that it's like playing twister while having sex on a slip 'n' slide. As she slides down his legs, her crotch lands on his face and he pulls her ass open wide so he can get a couple inches of tongue into as the drenching commences yet again, Adriana shrieking wildly.

Adriana Chechik

To be honest, I gave up counting Adriana's orgasms, squirts, or any of the many positions the two tango in. Some of those positions are sitting, others lying, others standing. They traverse between them so fast and wildly I have to give huge props to Mason's camera skills. Somehow she's always in a position to capture the non-stop, furious fucking without getting her camera broken or her teeth accidentally kicked in! Adriana's geysers are unstoppable and she's bordering on tears but probably has no fluid in her tear ducts at this point. After about half an hour, Markus yells out a Tarzan scream and finally unloads his own fluid on Adriana's face before he rams back into her ass for one final squirting.

Scene 2: Zoey Monroe, Manuel Ferrara

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Zoey's teasing by the keyhole arch in a shiny, V-front, black outfit.  Her eyes shine, unwavering from the lens' center. Once inside, Manuel attacks her nipples with his teeth and hand slaps. After a few playful spankings which show off the colorful trail of flowers that cascade down her back, he moves his face between her legs, and then the crack of her bottom. She eagerly hops across the couch's length to get his length in her throat. He chooses to sink the pink in a spooning, resulting in her first eruptions.

Zoey Monroe

Apparently, Mason is aware of the projectile forces involved when Zoey squirts because she stands well back when shooting directly in front of her as she streams forth. Manuel, on the other hand, takes a different approach, lying with his face beneath her and catching the streams to spit the entire stream right back at her. He manhandles Miss Monroe as he feeds his cock into her ass. As the camera moves around the action, droplets can be seen everywhere as they catch the light of the room. The couch and Manuel's body hair are soaked, as is Zoey's entire torso.

Zoey Monroe

Zoey takes Manuel's thick cock into any hole he chooses with ease, gladly receiving her own squirt each time he spits it to her face. Zoey is on track to match Adriana in the volume of fluids expelled, she just seems to do it in much more forceful, concentrated streams. Manuel has a much different style of fucking than Markus does and so the pace isn't as fast and furious but results in huge streams of his own bathing Zoey as she lies showering herself with pints of her own juices.

Scene 3: Cadence Lux, Ramon Nomar

Mason's camera explores Cadence's sheer-covered body in extreme closeup as she leans on a textured, silver wall, pressing her milky-white breasts together. The tease continues on a white couch as she rubs herself. That's where Ramon's tongue comes into the picture as he motorboats between her thighs while inserting two fingers into her. Those fingers are replaced quickly with his cock after she gushes forth her first pint or so. Another cup follows soon after, and then another. The third puddle gets scooped up in his hand and poured back onto her as he mounts her for a serious drilling. Her high-pitched squeals become a throaty "oh fuck" as she unleashes again, Ramon capturing it in cloth and wringing it out over her.

Cadence Lux

He gives her a reach around as she gags and jerks on his rod before she mounts him for her rhythmic ride. She pulls off his fuck stick to release another load onto his crotch hair which she follows up with even more the next time. Mason's camera lens is sporting droplets as our starlet moves into sidesaddle, Cadence's head framed by that metallic art piece avid porn fans will be familiar with; the one next to the stainless steel curtains. Ramon's sexual technique is similar to Manuel's, very controlled and methodical as he works toward the goal of getting a girl to gush forth. Cadence is happy to do whatever her veteran co-star asks or directs, as long as she can keep gushing and cumming. She wiggles her ass excitedly each time he lifts her off his cock as she squirts all over the place. I think I've mentioned before that Cadence sometimes gets a distinctive sound when she's having a good time: it falls somewhere between a trained dolphin and a horse whinny combined with her own elated words. It's actually quite endearing.

Cadence Lux

Ramon continues to take the cute blonde through her paces. Under her, over her, on top of her, next to her. Fingers, tongue, cock; all employed. Every once in a while he pauses to enjoy her tonsils with his cock tip. Her sparsely haired bush is on full display as they fuck standing up, him cradling her leg in the crook of his arm as she unleashes more and more female ejaculate onto the tile and rug. Ramon uses her like an interactive, speaking, fuck doll that squirts constantly. That fuck doll ends up squatting on the floor, her face plastered with his juices as she continues to unleash her own by the bucket load.

Scene 4: Holly Hendrix. Mick Blue

Mason is talking to AVN's 2017 Best New Starlet about her win as she hangs out by the pool in a black mesh bodysuit. The convo turns to how Holly is excited for her first onscreen squirts and learning to control them with the help of the Male Performer of the Year, Mick Blue. It takes Mick about 18 seconds on the couch with the pink wall background (yes that one) to make her first one happen with his fingers. The little tart's hole is audibly sloshy as she drips forth the first couple of times and then Mick takes the time to throat fuck her fast and deep as her thighs glisten with her own wetness.

Holly Hendrix

Enter The Hitachi as drool streams from her mouth. Finger fucking, and pussy spanking, aid the artificial stimulation and soon she is spewing forth streams of squirt as she exclaims "oh my fuck" and starts praying to her god. She's soon wailing like a damsel in distress as Mick pounds into her while she holds the Hitachi against her clit. He moves his cock to her ass, pumping like the sex machine he is, as he whispers stuff to her in her ear. His ass blasting pauses as he enjoys watching the vibrator action and rubs the tip of his dick against it before pummeling her back door some more. Holly's face twists into that "Exorcist face", teeth gritted and eyes rolling as Mick gets serious about his slam session.

Holly Hendrix

It seems as if Mick has been watching Markus' technique, as he goes with the jackrabbit method of fucking as she kneels in doggie, screaming how much she likes it. Miss Hendrix molds herself into one position after another as Mick manhandles her while pummeling into her holes, slapping her tiny, Latin ass. Mick manages to bring forth squirt after squirt with his hands and cock. Holly's squirting not nearly as controlled as the other starlets on this title but we were already from her interview that she hadn't achieved that level of control anyhow. She's dripping drool from her lips, uncaring, as Mick fingers her ass while she brings forth her first massive gusher with the aid of the Hitachi. The squirting and cumming gain frequency as Mick shows her why he's garnered top awards year after year as the FPOTY kneels at his staff of power as it unloads on her face. Mick's a true gentleman and hands her the Hitachi for one last vibe session which results in her literally sitting in a quart of her own fluid on the couch as she exclaims it's the best sex of her life.

Personal Technical Sidenote: If you read my reviews regularly you may have gathered that I'm a huge fan of "that pink wall" in Holly's scene. While writing this, it occurred to me that my infatuation with it is not only visual - it's probably mostly audible. Unlike many "famous porn locations" where I complain about the echoes, I don't do that when the wall is involved. I think it has to do with my audio background and the fact that the curves on the wall produce really interesting audio reflections. Anyone that has ever painstakingly programmed a professional reverb unit from back in the day will understand where I'm coming from. The majority of you couldn't give a fuck less and I'm cool with that.

Final Thoughts: There's not a lot to say here. DO you like squirting with no camera pull aways, continuous shots, hot girls and great capture? Want high-end porn locations with hot chicks? Look no further. Mason and HardX have another fucking winner on their hands. Brunette bombshell, Adriana, opens the disc with a fabulous display of squirting and Best New Starlet, Holly, gets fucking schooled in the art of how to squirt by Male Performer of the Year, Mick Blue, at the end. In between, you get two hot blondes, Zoey and Cadence, that give up bucket loads. Just buy it already. Highly Recommended.

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