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Young Fantasies 2

Studio: Vixen.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 46 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex; 18+ teens; Cumshots

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Uma Jolie with Sofi Ryan, Cadey Mercury, Evelyn Claire, Christian Clay, Xander Corvus, Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Information; Interactive Menus


I got the chance to review Greg Lansky’s second installment in his Young Fantasies series and it’s another one of his sex on film flicks worth watching. There isn’t much to detract from a Lansky movie. He matches beautiful, sexy and horny young starlets with interesting storylines, top quality production, great backdrops and most importantly, hot sex. What more can porn fans want? Young Fantasies 2 stars Uma Jolie in the opening scene getting banged by powerful fashion designer Christian Clay. Fucking him is the only way Uma can guarantee that she’ll have the most talked about red carpet gown for the biggest event in town. She makes her move by sucking him off in his studio and letting him fuck her throat, then back in his bedroom, she seals the deal with rounds of hot cowgirl, doggy and more that gets her the gown of her dreams. Sofi Ryan, Cadey Mercury, and Evelyn Claire round out the movie, with fantastic fantasies of fucking their professor and best friend’s older brother. Lansky films his flick so you won’t miss any of the deep penetrating action that gets each girl off, from banging reverse cowgirl until they cum to downward doggy that stretches their pussies. I recommend Young Fantasies 2. Get a hold of it and enjoy.

Scene 1:  Uma Jolie and Christian Clay

Social media is the new frontier, according to Uma. She has become IG famous and she has gotten so much attention that she has been invited to an event that’s the who’s who of fashion celebrities. She needs the perfect gown for this event and Christian is the only one who can create the amazing dress she needs. He’s the red carpet king and he has A-list clientele a mile wide. The more she tries to contact him, the more she realizes that she’s just not his priority. Uma hatches a plan to change all that. She shows up at his studio unexpectedly. She tells Christian that he has been neglecting her and this gala coming up is too important to her and she’s super worried. Christian tells her he has just been so busy with work. Uma accepts his apology and tells him that for the next hour, he’s all hers. If he makes her the best gown of the gala, she will give him whatever he wants. She kisses him and enjoys the way he’s stripping her out of her dress down to her G-string. He kisses his way down her naked body to her pussy. Uma is standing near his clothing rack and she puts one leg up on his table and moans as Christian tongue lashes her young pussy. She turns around so he can eat her pussy from behind. He stands up and unzips his pants. When Uma sees his cock, she smiles and says she didn’t expect his dick to be so big. She shows Christian how important that red carpet gown is to her by licking his cock from his head to his balls then gagging on it. She is kneeling and eating his meat, keeping her pretty eyes glued on his. Christian stuffs her mouth with his big cock, thrusting it slowly down her throat, choking Uma with it. He tells her to look at him while he fucks her face. Uma’s eyes roll back into her head as he bangs her throat.

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The pair move to the bedroom and Uma can’t get enough of Christian’s prick. “Your cock is so fat in my mouth,” she tells him while she lies on her stomach and sucks him off.  More ball licking ensues. Christian wonders how such a beautiful girl like Uma has gotten so nasty. She gives him exactly what he wants by riding his cock cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his cock, telling him that ever since she walked into his office, she couldn’t stop looking at him. He spanks her ass cheeks while his big cock spreads her pussy. Christian goes into pussy drilling overdrive, slamming her young cunt hard and fast and sending her into the stratosphere. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it cowgirl style. She can barely sit on his monster meat but soon is riding his tower. Her wet pussy creams all over his cock. Doggy is next and it’s nice and slow at first. Christian stretches Uma’s pussy with his cock then spreads her ass cheeks open, making her pussy gape. She loves getting fucked nice and deep and Christian pleases her with his heavy drilling that she cums. He stuffs her pussy balls deep and keeps thrusting harder and faster. After a final round of missionary over the edge of the bed, Uma sucks his cock and begs for cum. He pops on her tongue, giving her a thick load of cum. She smears it all over her tits and asks him if they’ve got a deal for that red-carpet gown. She’s happy to hear that they do.

Scene 2:  Sofi Ryan and Xander Corvus

Sofi gets dressed in sexy, black, see through lingerie. It’s a special weekend for her. Her best friend’s parents are out of town and she’s going over to her house to party for two straight days. Even though it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, that’s not the real reason why she’s going over to her best friend’s house. Sofi has a huge crush on her friend’s older brother, Xander. She puts on the sexy lingerie to get Xander’s attention. Later that day at her best friend’s house, things work out just the way Sofi had hoped. Xander sees her sitting on the couch in her lingerie and she is irresistible. His sister is running an errand and Xander and Sofi don’t have much time to explore their attraction for each other. They are attracted to each other like magnets and kiss passionately on the couch. Xander doesn’t waste any time. He quickly positions her missionary style on the couch as Sofi squeezes her tits and moans, “faster, faster.” Xander’s tongue is doing summersaults on Sofi’s pink pussy, much to her pleasure. Sofi drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide so Xander can fuck it. He stuffs her mouth with his hard pole, banging the back of her throat with it. Sofi is spitting up all over his cock and she squeezes his balls as she slurps on his dick. She makes him promise he’s never going to tell his sister about any of this. “What sister,” Xander asks.

They kiss their way to the bedroom where Sofi jerks his cock. Xander kisses her tits then he lies on the bed. Sofi is enamored with the size of his cock and she keeps squeezing it and jerking it back and forth, looking at it with hunger. “Do you like the way I massage your balls,” she asks. Xander confirms that he has been waiting for this for a long time. Sofi gets intimate with his cock and balls, licking and kissing them all over. Shortly after that, Sofi is experiencing her wildest dreams, riding Xander’s big, hard cock cowgirl style. He helps guide her wet pussy all the way down his shaft. “Oh, it’s so good,” she tells him as his cock drills deep in her pussy. He fucks her hard, making her scream in pleasure. She sucks his cock again then rides it in reverse cowgirl position. “Go slow,” she tells Xander. He stretches her pussy as far as it can go. “Fuck me,” is what she says next. He eats her pussy doggy style then spreads it with his hard cock. He tells her to look at him while he fucks her. “It’s so deep,” she says. He slams her pussy from behind. The engage it hot downward doggy then Xander fucks her throat. Sofi lies on her stomach near the edge of the bed and Xander is standing in front of her fucking her face. She sits up and wraps her big boobs around his cock for a round of titty fucking. He fucks her missionary style then stands up and splashes her jugs with jizz. She smiles then sucks his cock. He fucks her tits again and Sofi reminds him not to tell his sister about this.

Scene 3:   Cadey Mercury and Xander Corvus

Cadey is in college and she has developed a tradition with her friend. Toward the end of each semester, she would sleep over at her friend’s house to prep for finals. They always get a lot of studying done during those late nights. Cadey especially likes this arrangement because her best friend’s older brother, Xander, is usually there and he helps them out. He teaches at a local college and he’s always good about giving them pointers. Cadey and her friend usually leave the house early that next morning after a late night of studying, but this time around, Cadey hangs out at the house after her friend leaves. She gets into mischief when she sees Xander’s wallet on the table. Cadey takes a hundred dollar bill out of it, not realizing that Xander has been watching her the whole time. He confronts her about it and she is so sorry. Xander tells her to keep the money, but he has to punish her for her bad behavior. Cadey admits that she has been a really bad girl. Xander puts her over his lap, pulls down her shorts and spanks her ass until her cheeks turn red. He gags her with panties then finger bangs her pussy while she’s bent over his lap doggy style. He spits on her cunt and finger fucks her hard. He stands up and tells her he wants to see her thieving mouth in action. She drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide to accept Xander’s big dick. Cadey proves she can be a really bad girl when she tries to deep throat his big dick. They move upstairs to Xander’s bedroom and Cadey continues to massage his cock with her hands. She lies on her bed for another round of throat fucking. “Let me see those eyes,” Xander says. She opens her eyes and her mouth as he fucks the back of her throat.

Cadey turns around into doggy position and moans as Xander fucks her from behind. “I’m surprised it even fits,” Cadey says of Xander’s big cock. She is in ecstasy and tells him she loves the way he’s stretching her little pussy out. He pulls out and eats her gaping pussy then fucks it doggy style some more, continuing to spank her ass, reminding her that she’s been a really bad girl. She screams then turns around to suck his creamy cock. Then Cadey takes every inch of his big dick in cowgirl position. “Fucking pound my pussy. I’ve been such a bad little girl,” Cadey yells. Xander slams her pussy cowgirl style and spanks her ass. All that pounding makes Cadey cum. He pounds her deeper and harder in reverse cowgirl position. “It’ so fucking deep,” Cadey moans. “Stretch that pussy out. You make me so fucking wet.” More oral pleasure happens next with Cadey tasting her own pussy off his cock and Xander eating her wet pussy. He fucks her missionary style until she asks for his cum. “Oh baby cum inside me,” Cadey tells him. Xander pounds her harder and faster until he pops in her pussy, filling her up with cream. Cadey’s creampie comes oozing out once Xander pulls out of her tight hole.

Scene 4:  Evelyn Claire and Jean Val Jean

Evelyn is up against hard deadlines for her grad school applications. She needs the best possible recommendations in order to get into ULA. The program is super competitive and perfect grades are just not enough. Luckily, Evelyn is a teacher’s assistant to a well-respected math professor, Jean Val Jean. Evelyn knows if she pushes the right buttons, she can get what she needs from him. There is a lot of sexual tension brewing between these two but nothing has come of it. Somebody has to make the first move and Evelyn isn’t afraid to do it. One day, during one of their sessions, the tension has gotten so heavy between these two that it can be cut with a knife. Evelyn recommends they take a break from all the work. Jean agrees and tells her that her letter of recommendation will be ready for her tomorrow. He hopes it won’t be too late. Evelyn assures him it won’t be and asks if he could make her letter very special so it’s a standout from all the other teaching assistants. Jean tells her he can’t give her preferential treatment. She walks up to him, looks him in the eye and says, “What if I give you preferential treatment?” She decides to show him just how motivated she is by dropping to her knees, putting his cock in her mouth and sucking it. “You like that, professor?” she asks him. Evelyn is out to get the best recommendation possible from Jean and sucking his cock is one way she’s going to get it. Jean enjoys fucks his assistant’s mouth and soon he’s telling her to open her mouth wide while he thrusts in and out of it. He grips her hair and bangs her throat until Evelyn drools. She looks up at him with his cock in her mouth and smiles, then closes her eyes and sucks it. He wants to see her body now and he whisks her away to the desk, lies her on her back, pulls her panties aside and devours her young pussy, driving Evelyn crazy. He stabs her cunt with his tongue then beats her pussy with his cock.

Evelyn moans out, “Professor!” as he penetrates her pussy on the desk. She fingers her clit while he slams her hole. It feels so good to Evelyn, she’s cumming. With her first orgasm behind her, Evelyn follows her professor to his bedroom for more sex. She sucks him off first, jerking and spitting all over his meat, then massaging it with her lips. After covering his cock in her spit lube, she sits on it cowgirl style, calling her professor dirty as he bangs her college cunt. He spanks her ass cheeks and fucks her deep, keeping his assistant’s pussy satisfied. Evelyn is well on her way to getting that special recommendation letter. She changes position to reverse cowgirl but not before she sucks his cock. The reverse cowgirl banging is making her wet pussy cum again as she screams, “Right there! Right there!” She turns around into doggy position and watches Jean tongue her pussy. It feels so good to her. She calls him a naughty professor as he smacks on her cunt and ass hole. Jean fucks her doggy style, slamming in and out of her wet pussy. The downward doggy is hot to watch as he drills her pussy from behind. “It’s so fucking deep,” Evelyn screams. He bangs her some more in squat thruster action, filling her up completely. After a deep penetrating round of missionary style fucking, Evelyn begs her professor to cum. He pulls out, stands up and shoots cum all over her face and in her hair. She grabs hold of his creamy cock and sucks it, swallowing his load in the process.

Final Thoughts:

What would a girl do for a dress? It all remains to be seen in Greg Lansky’s Young Fantasies 2.  Featured starlet, Uma Jolie, is a famous Instagram star and she’s got a huge red carpet event to attend. She’s got to have the perfect red carpet gown and only the famous fashion designer Christian Clay can make that one-of-a-kind dress. When Uma can’t get through to him, she shows up at his studio unannounced and makes a move that will guarantee she’ll be the brightest star at that event. Uma gets face fucked near his clothing rack then rides his cock in the bedroom and finishes her scheme with a popshot in her mouth. Now, Christian will give her whatever she wants. Sofi Ryan, Cadey Mercury, and Evelyn Claire also star in this second installment in the series. I recommend it. It’s got all the Lansky hallmarks from interesting vignettes to hot, horny girls to hot sex. Everything is packaged into this two-hour and 45-minute movie. Meat vendors Christian Clay, Xander Corvus and Jean Val Jean fill each young girl up with the kind of cock that makes them cum.    

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