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Lesbian Anal

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 9/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The stars have come out big and bright, larger than even the Texas sky at night in this film. I think it is safe to say, when Dana Vespoli wants a piece of the action with one of the hottest porn starlets of 2017, miss Angela White, you know this one is going to be good. The cover is simply delightful and it will reel in any fan with the combination of girl/girl super star Jenna Sativa and the always enthusiastic Abella Danger. Mile High Media really brought the fans something here. From a critic’s stand point, what is on paper is simply some of the best sex performers in the business in many, many different views. These gals are known amongst their fellow industry mates, as gals who deliver. I cannot remember when such a cast was formed. Yes, there have been super team film casts assembled that would bring even the Golden State Warriors to their knees but this film, it is exactly what you would define as fantasy. The type of adult film that makes you wait with anticipation each day by the mail box, or for pay day to arrive so you can down load till your eyes pop out of your head. So, let's take a trip and see if things live up to the hype!

Lesbian Anal 

Film Duration: 1 hour, 59 Minutes


Director: Dana Vespoli


Release Date: 06-07-2017


Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Toys, Sensual Sex, Realistic Encounters, Ass Play, Semi-Gonzo


Abella Danger and Jenna Sativa 

Scene 1: Abella Danger and Jenna Sativa


Scene Features: Toys, Ass Licking and Fingering, Aggressive Sex,


The Set-Up:

Jenna Sativa

Well fans, one thing I can tell you about the opening, is that you can tell Dana gave them the reigns and let them show a personal side. Abella has that spark of aggression from the get-go. In all honesty, she shows why the fans cannot get enough of her with the way she controls the conversation. Jenna is no slouch. She can conform to any style and role and make it work. The glasses are a cute touch as is Abella's shirt. The story goes both ladies begin to get a little hot under the collar after talking about "butt sex" no matter if this scene was improv the ladies or not, they sell it with ease. By the time you blink, the sex has begun and what ensues is aggressive lesbian sex shot to perfection.


The Sex:


Sweetheart prides themselves on these scenes. Watching the girls roll around and kiss, squeeze each other’s tits, asses and bodies with this firm aggression is both tranquil and intoxicating. Abella is one of the best tit suckers in the industry. She is always looking to devour her co-stars, almost literally. Jenna, she rolls with the punches and she gives as good as she gets. The ass play begins immediately as well. Abella gets into some wonderful angles as she sticks her tongue deep in Jenna's ass as she is on all fours. Abella moves to some quick, aggressive fingering from there. If you ever wanted to see why Jenna Sativa is the grandiose, queen pussy licker supreme, look no more that this scene. She licks, sucks and fucks Abella's pussy with her mouth, while she pounds her ass with this teeny-tiny glass dildo. Jenna is one of the first women I have ever seen match Abella Danger's intensity and surpass it in a scene. Not an easy thing to do with a woman who loves sex as much as Abella does. As miss Danger is on her backside, you are treated to some of the best gir/girl sex and camera angles of 2017.

Abella Danger

The sucking noises are just pure heaven as she chows down on Abella's slippery slit. The sex in this scene is sweaty, passionate and real. Fans, you want to see a true sex scene? A scene that has something no other does? Then buy this fucking film? You see raw moments of passion, like Abella having to contain herself before she gives Jenna a hickie, which is huge no-no in the industry. That is the true passion in this scene. Then, as Jenna is getting put on her bottom, her back is covered in sweat and her fake eye lashes are literally coming off as Abella pleasures her pussy and fucks her ass hard and I mean hard with a glass toy. Jenna's facial expressions tell you just how much she is cumming and how often. I think many fans who ask, what is the appeal of Abella Danger, my answer is look no further then this scene. As Jenna puts her back on all fours, you see Jenna get quicker and quicker with her hands as she fucks Abella's derriere. When you see the camera zoom out, you see this look on Abella's face as if she has just taken a shot of adrenaline. Sex is definitely the best of drugs and when you see Abella's look, which is just too unique to describe, watch and you will know what I mean. She has the look of an innocent, yet she does not. She has the composure to look as if she is getting fucked for the first time painfully, but loves every second of it. That is what Abella and Jenna bring out full force in this scene. The action in this opening gem never strays far from one or two angles and that is perfection when you have these two beauties teamed together. The positions Jenna Sativa gets into are mind blowing, from pile driver to her literally doing the splits on Jenna Sativa's face. This scene is one of the best of 2017. These two gals put on a show few can and play to each other’s strengths and show no weaknesses as sex symbols who know exactly what the fuck they are doing in the sack. Jenna showcases why she should win girl/girl performer of the year again. I will predict it here, literally because of scenes like this. Jenna simply flows with a very aggressive counterpart and equally matching their aggression. You can tell the sex went on and on after the cameras stopped rolling. This is lesbian cinema at its best and bravo to Dana Vespoli for letting the girls do what they do best. Award worthy scene here people, guaranteed to line any fans fire.

Abella Danger and Jenna Sativa 


 Scene 2: Cassidy Klein and Georgia Jones


Scene Features: Ass Play, Heavenly Pussy Licking, Fingering, Heavy Kissing, Face Sitting


The Set-Up:

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Cassidy Klein Cassidy and Dana Vespoli start things off with the story. As silly as this sounds, watch both ladies walk into the beautiful mansion where this scene takes place and you will see why they are two of the best adult actors on the planet. The short set-up is perfect once again. Cassidy is a real estate agent as is Georgia Jones. As miss Klein wraps up showing off her latest pitch to Dana Vespoli, Georgia comes running in to meet her lover. They meet with a passionate kiss and as the camera watches them scurry into the next room as the shot goes unfocused, you get this wonderful, hypnotic feeling of fantasy come over you. It is one of the coolest shots I have seen to date of watching both women rush to the next room with the sound of their heels clacking on the tile floor for a lunch time quickie. The passion in once again deep as can be in this scene just like the first. The clothes come off fast, so buckle up porn fans.


The Sex:


The playful nature of these two ladies, mixed with their extraordinary acting skills really sells this scene to the viewer. As they both jump onto the couch and each other's arms the aura of passion begins to spread in every viewers mind. Both women look incredible. Few can pull off the looks these two ladies do. The opening shot of Georgia licking and sucking with Cassidy's legs spread wide, flailing from left to right is the definition of sexy. As she watches every tongue stroke, the view is superb to say the least. Georgia's tongue is wicked as can be, as is Cassidy's to a different extent. Watching Georgia's fast tongue move back and forth across Cassidy's slit is pure pussy licking perfection. Miss Klein's screams of orgasm are yummier than yummy! As Georgia makes Cassidy cum oh so quick, she quickly gets Cassidy on her back side. The in your face shots are wonderful! The move to Georgia's view is porn movie magic.

Cassidy Klein and Georgia Jones

The close-knit shots are splendid. They view of Cassidy sucking on miss Jones pussy will have you taking a cold shower to cool down in seconds. Georgia is so horny, you see her grab Cassidy and shake her head with enthusiasm as she gets fingered hard while both women wetly kiss. Cassidy Klein, is there any scene of 2017 where she simply just does not steal the show? She can bring out the best in her co-stars and this girl/girl romp is simply one of the best she may have ever been a part of! As Georgia gets on all fours, the camera really showcases each lady’s beautiful bodies to a tee! The moaning, the cussing, the eye movement of each girl.

Georgia Jones

This is pure erotica people as Georgia fucks Cassidy's finger as she licks her asshole from behind, you will find that your brow may be lined with sweat from the intensity these two create. The free range that super stars like this have to let loose and fuck when it comes to Sweetheart Video, is what elevates them to a level above almost everyone else. The shot of Georgia fingering Cassidy while she sits in front of her, with her back facing her front, I know, it's unheard of and truly fucking amazing! These two shine bright as the stars they are. Georgia's intensity it adds so much. As she flips miss Klien over one more time to bury her face in her box you get a feeling as a fan that you do not want this to end. Georgia gets another go around and when you see her nose buried deep in her lover’s pussy as she licks her ass. Georgia's tongue is truly a wonder of the adult world. Just one view of her in this film tells story upon story as to why she is a girl/girl favorite. The huge selling point of this scene is the attention each girl pays to the others body. It is just the type of fantasy every red-blooded fan sees these two engaging in, when they have a picture of what their sexual encounter could be. When you see Georgia finger Cassidy's asshole with care, it simply completes the scene. This chapter you could watch over and repeatedly. It is truly something done to perfection. Look at the smile both women beam with as the scene closes and they rub each other's pussies together. It shows they both are in the moment, that they both want to be there and that simply translates to adult film brilliance! There is even a part where Georgia pets Cassidy's pussy. Something I have not seen in many moons. This is by far the hottest scene of the film and one that should get a nomination for girl/girl scene of the year. It is just amazing. The way that each girl brings their A-game to the table. This scene is worth the purchase price of the film alone.

Cassidy Klein and Georgia Jones 

Scene 3: Angela White and Dana Vespoli


Scene Features: Toys of all Sizes, Sensual Sex, Semi-Fisting, Fingering, Realistic Sex Talk


The Set-Up:

Angela White Talk about a fantasy come to life. A pairing like this on paper happens a lot in this business, let’s be honest here and let's look deeper shall we? I don't think a pairing has featured two women who give so much to this industry and have a passion for everything in this business like these ladies.

Two visionary minds are what they are. The set-up is simply. The two real life personas just lying on the bed, talking about where they want the scene to go, it is a perfect 180 to give the film a wonderful change of pace. Not that it needed it but I think fans are taken to another part of fantasy land with how this scene begins. Both women are directors, writers, lovers and pure sexual beings. When I heard this scene was being put together months ago, I stopped and said, my oh my, what will these two come up with?.

It is almost like a behind the scenes intro into something you have no way to describe because it is such a momentous change of pace in the presentation and because scenes like this are so rarely done. You are a fly on the wall as you watch two amazing women discover each other’s bodies.

It has innocence yet playful undertones of two women who you can tell have wanted each other for some time. Listen close to the dialogue fans. You want to know what it is like to get e real woman into bed, this is exactly what this fantasy is and my goodness do these two women just tap into all your emotions with just talk, touching and transparency in who they are. This is some of the coolest shit you will ever see in an adult film, trust me dear readers. This is what it is like in bed with these ladies, that is the visionary presentation they have brought you and enjoy it, because it does not happen very often.


The Sex:

Angela White and Dana Vespoli

As the encounter begins, Dana knows exactly what you want to see. It is Angela's natural, curvaceous body on display for your viewing pleasure. As you see Dana try to stuff all of Angela's milky white breast into her mouth, you know this are going to start to sizzle. This scene is basically a curve ball thrown from heaven's gates. As Angela watches Dana softly lick and gently suck on her perfectly and I mean perfectly shaved pussy, you really get this vibe of sensuality that you know must have filled that room when they shot the scene. The camera angle is perfect and I love the fact the women restrain themselves from devouring each other in a split second. It is the mark of a true porn star! The anal play begins about ten minutes in and you see Dana once again get aggressive, yet soft. It is so sexy to watch four fingers go in while Dana gently pets Angela's amazing derriere while softly kissing it here and there. The music is wonderful that goes with the scene. It builds up into something big in this chapter of the film. The tight shot of Angela getting her asshole massaged by this wild looking toy is so cool yet erotic at the same time. The lube oils up Angela's delicious looking backside in the best of ways. It is eye candy to the orgasmic imagination. The ass play is wonderful in this scene. It will be every anal fan’s wet dream, literally! I love that multiple toys are used on Angela. My goodness, it seems like eons since I have seen that in a film. The small things are what count big time in this scene. Angela getting goose bumps that are as scrumptious as a orgasm to her. Dana getting turned on as Angela runs her cold hands across her body. I found it to be the ultimate voyeuristic view to watch Dana squirm as Angela gives into her fetish. As I said before my fellow X-Rated film connoisseurs, this is just a pure sexual encounter, as real as it gets. Dana really shows some directorial brilliance in how she allows the camera crew to follow Angela as she tastes every square inch of her pussy. The camera does not pan too wide, nor does it force the fans to see your everyday style porn shot. Pure wonder. Angela gets her turn to message Dana's asshole with this great sized toy. Dana lets her hair down and the scene keeps this sensual soft tone that just adds so much to the experience of this film. This scene ends right here with some soft kisses shared. The scene is so unique and different. Showing a side of these performers, you don't see every day. This is a scene where you do not get lost in a fantasy, no, more so you get actually be a part of what love making is to these amazing performers. This is as real as it gets and as the scene ends abruptly you have the feeling of, "Did I really just get to be a part of this?" Indeed, you did.

Angela White and Dana Vespoli 


Scene 4: Maddy O'Reillly and Sara Luvv


Scene Features: Multiple Toys, Sensual Sex, Low Amounts of Pussy Licking, Great Chemistry


The Set-Up:

Maddy O'Reilly We are back to story mode and what a pairing. Two of the most luscious lesbian lovers there may have ever been in adult cinema. Two future hall of famers gracing the screen is a win/win for you the viewer. These two craft a great set-up for the sex portion of the ordeal. Sara Luvv, she just knows how to become any character. Seeing her as the bible thumbing innocent with a little bit of a kooky outlook towards anal sex is just wonderful. Maddy is the "slut" of the group who is going to show Sara how to indulge in anal sex without giving up her virginity. I really liked how Sara portrays the religious, judgmental character. Her insults are just fuel for the ravishing Maddy O'Reilly. Both women look delicious in their attire but Maddy, she stands out the most. Her heels are gorgeous and seeing her top five industry booty peek out of that sexy skirt as she "warms up" Sara is to die for. The set-up is short and sweet again and the viewer is left wondering, what will happen next?



The Sex:


There are very few performers who do things with the grace, softness and kink that lies with Maddy O'Reilly's performances. She has this underlying nastiness that you see on the horizon as her sex scenes start that she slowly brings to the forefront of the fantasy as the count runs down on the scenes timer on your computer or phone. When you see her slide Sara's panties off to get more comfortable, you see the fuse ignite on what will be a memorable encounter. The toy play and camera angles are something to rave about but before we get into that, the way that these ladies keep their characters alive in the scene is witty and funny. The girls show some very honest quirky sides about themselves here. This film is chalk full of reality in so many ways. The up-close shots of Sara getting fucked in the ass with that curvy glass toy is spectacular! Maddy takes so much pleasure in being either the giver, or the receiver. The way she glides her finger tips and rubs Sara's glistening kitty as she slides the toy in and out is orgasmic as can be. Look at Maddy's face, she is focusing on Sara's backside as if she is taking a test or building an engine. She loves what she does and it comes out full force in these sequences of the film. A third toy joins the party and as it does, visuals of dripping wet pussies will be dancing in your head thanks to Maddy's toy skills. As Sara gets her turn to ravage Maddy's body you see miss O'Reilly add in the touches that only she can. When she looks into Sara's eyes, kisses her while she is twisting her nipple, more than your attention will be aroused, especially when you see Sara is rubbing her pussy through her pretty pink panties. The absolute best way you could have ended this film was with Sara doing her patented pussy sucking on Maddy's gorgeous kitty. The way she looks as everything is going on with this gentle purr is exactly how to put a cherry on top of a wonderful film.

Maddy O'Reilly and Sara Luvv 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film has some great twists and turns. Does it go a little too far out of its intended destination? I do not think so but I feel some fans and critics will. This film is something different. This film is anal play done in a manor I have honestly never seen and I have seen many adult films. This is anal play that is not with this attitude that you must get aggressive as hell in order to sell and film. There are no strap-ons, or toys the size of your head. This is women really pushing each other buttons not their boundaries. The huge twist I love of this film is how Dana cast so many performers who are known to have an extreme edge. Look at the line-up, Abella Danger, Maddy O’Reilly, Angela White & Cassidy Klein. These are woman who can keep the speed of scene in fifth gear and never let up. The fans love them for that. Dana Vespoli has taken that edge and sliced a piece of silk with it instead of carving up a sheet of denim. You will have your senses dazzled in this film. The entire movie is literally like being in the room as if you had these porn stars over for brunch and a bowl and they just started having sex right there in your living room. The scenes are calculated, delivered to the fans with some very great angles and direction. There is virtually no story, so this is more of your gonzo style gem from Sweetheart Video. I think the first two scenes are something that will fit any fans passions and day dreams. The final two, they may take a bit of a different view for most fans to appreciate. I strongly recommend fans understand, that this is a unique and when I say that, you may never have seen a Sweethearts film like this. It is that rare of a gem. It borders on sensual and sophisticated. The behind the scenes is wonderful. Dana captures the ladies fucking after the camera stops, something common on most porn sets but not known by fans. That tells you how much these girls love what they do. The real seller of this film is something that diehard fans must own. You get to see these women in ways only they share with each other on most occasions. You get to see Abella’s aggressive demeanor, you get to see Dana and Angela’s shy sweet side. You get to see Jenna’s geeky, quirky personality and Cassidy’s joking, always playful nature. Fans, these girls are not shown this way very often by almost every director and producer. Buy this film so that you can see these girls go from being the girls of your dreams to the beauty that simply is as human as you and I.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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