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Bound For Sex Volume 2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/6/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: BDSM, Vignettes

Director: Paul Woodcrest


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Cast: Ella Nova, Jessica Rex, Olivia Nova, Kristen Scott, Xander Corvus, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue, Tommy Pistol

Length: 2 hours 19 minutes

Date of Release: July 27, 2017

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info, Non-Selectable Trailers, BTS 35:34 minutes

Bonus Scene 1: Jillian Janson & Toni Ribas Bound For Sex 29:53 minutes

Jillian Janson

Bonus Scene 2: Sara Luvv & Xander Corvus Restraint 26:48 minutes

Sara Luvv

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Hi-def capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Overview: Paul Woodcrest brings another bondage-themed title to Digital Sin. As usual, this one features both newcomers and industry veterans on the female side, while relying on top tier male talent to keep the action flowing, the performances up to par, and the safety of the sub always in mind. This is couples-style bondage, not dungeon bondage. There's no crazy devices employed, just pretty ropes, tape, and leather shackles. If you are familiar with this niche that Digital Sin often showcases, this one will be just what you are expecting. Hot girls getting Bound For Sex.

Scene 1: Ella Nova & Xander Corvus

Ella Nova

Xander sits near Ella who is touching herself, looking innocent in her pure white outfit according to Xander. He's pretty sure that underneath that pretty white outfit is a dirty girl. She gets stripped of her white outfit and shackled up with black leather bindings which are captured very well in the audio channels as an eerie keyboard track builds tension in the background. Once shackled, Corvus proceeds to clamp clothespins onto her labia before dipping his stick into her throat. Xander's black attire complements her bindings and contrasts with her milky skin as he enjoys tasting her love nectar. Forcing her to look into his eyes, he slowly unclasps some labia pins, her breath changing with each unclasping. He leaves two so she can spread her lips while he begins his penetrations as he makes her tell him how bad she wants it.

Ella Nova

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The camera pans and tilts, following her chains at times while showcasing the action and her reactions in closeup. Xander ups the ante by blindfolding her and introducing an ice cube into the scene. After she sucks the cube for a bit, he dips his balls in her mouth to check its temperature. Ella's soon whimpering, her ass in the air, Xander pounding his property from behind. Miss Nova is happy to be his property, content to let him use her as his fuck furniture. Her skin is glistening by the time she climbs on to work her ass up and down on his dick. Her hand-assisted oral efforts range from slow licks to an all out assault on her throat. Xander adjusts her bindings each time he changes her position to suit his wants. Her eyes fill with desire, her voice wavers as she begs for him to allow her to cum on his cock. She gets folded, molded, and yanked around by her chain as he builds up his load that will ultimately explode onto her face like a shotgun blast at point blank range.

This is a well done Dom/Sub scene by both performers.

Scene 2: Jessica Rex & Ramon Nomar

Jessica Rex

We find brunette newcomer, Jessica Rex, roped to a vertical log column with a vibrator tucked into her thong. Her legs are shackled to a spreader bar. She's squirming about, causing her vibe to fall. That's when Ramon enters and starts her punishment as she was under strict orders not to move. Ramon starts flogging her nipples and then breaks out a new paddle, each time one of them touches her she flinches resulting in more flogging for moving. He puts his flog in her mouth to free his hands to clamp her nipples. Driving her wild with his hands and tongue and ongoing floggings, she starts getting loud as she begs him to fuck her. He strolls out of frame only to return with a ball gag as her begging continues. He unties her and sits her down, making her search for his cock with her now ungagged mouth. As she gags on his rod, he makes her catch the drool in her hands and then wash them with her spit.

Jessica Rex

Ramon unmasks Miss Rex, revealing her beautiful brown eyes that sparkle in the light. Now that she's earned a reward, she gets pulled onto his lap so she can pound away until she cums. Dirty words stream from her mouth as she rides in reverse. The words stop as she introduces her tonsils to the tip of his cock. Ramon has her stand and drop her panties halfway but not let them fall off as she rides him sidesaddle while slapping her own ass while he sticks a finger in her ass. After riding in a few positions, she gets her wrists bound with rope and gets bent over for a good drilling. The spreader bar which was abandoned at some point in the action gets reintroduced as she lies in missionary, Ramon's ramrodding making her cum again. Her dirty banter becomes more frequent as she entices him to cum all over her face. He manages to get a bit of his love lotion there, the rest splattering across her body and onto the couch. She blows bubbles with the load as Ramon returns her blindfold, giving her instructions not to move as the scene fades.

Scene 3:  Olivia Nova & Mick Blue

Olivia Nova

Like the last scene, this one opens with a newcomer bound to a column. This time, it is Olivia Nova who has been strapped in place by industry superstud Mick Blue. Blue slaps her tits a bit and rubs her crotch before unbinding her so she can kneel and bob. Mick bunches her long locks into a ponytail while she takes his shaft deep into her throat, kneeling in the garden. Her thick booty jiggles as he slaps it and they head inside where he can apply her shackles. Her wrists and ankles get attached to each other as she sits on the couch, effectively locking her into a spread eagle pose so Mick can have his way with her. Mick takes a lot of time teasing her with his hands, making sure she understands that she has to ask permission before cumming.

Olivia Nova

After he fucks her mouth for a moment, he unbinds her so she can show off her further oral talents. Now that she can move, he bends her over to bang her on the couch. With some of her bindings reattached in her new pose, she gets drilled by Mick. Mick then takes the time to show off his oral skills by burying his face in her ass, making her cum, for which she must be punished. Spankings ensue and then he crawls underneath her allowing her to once again enjoy his pole. He lets her ride and then takes her in spoon before she gets to ride again. Another binding adjustment allows him to hammer her in missionary which results in a thorough face covering.

Scene 4: Kristen Scott & Tommy Pistol

Kristen Scott

Kristen's minding her own business, reading a book, when Tommy comes in and demands she put it down. He wants to know if she's earned her rewards today and promises to slap her confidence out of her by the time he's done with her. She gets taped to a chair in a cinematic fashion as he explains that her holes are only for cock and cum. She smiles seductively as he finishes off the roll of whore tape he's binding her with. That does not please him and she gets flogged for her confidence. Her left nipple is pierced, and its bar shines in the sun as Tommy breaks out the Hitachi to put the little whore in her place. Holding it against her crotch, he slaps her legs with his free hand while explaining the need for discipline.

Kristen Scott

After a countdown, she's allowed to have a shuddering orgasm, her body straining against her tape bindings as Tommy grips her throat. With some safety shears, her bindings are cut away and she gets roped face down onto a padded bench. She's made to work to reach Tommy's pole with her mouth, earning a throating while he pinches her nose shut. With his cock buried in her throat, she streams drool as he bends over her to undo her ties so he can begin his fuck session. As he slides in and out of her, he makes her stick her fingers in herself to pull up on her G-spot as he bangs away while yanking her hair. With three or four of her fingers buried inside of her, he moves back to her mouth.
 As promised, he uses her holes for his cock's enjoyment, occasionally allowing her to cum in between body floggings, fuckings, and minor humiliation. During one slobber job, he presses his elbow to the back of her head and pounds her down to his balls with his other hand smacking his fist. That's a move I haven't seen before! Tommy continues to use her mouth and pussy for his own desires before giving her the Hitachi to hold against herself while he fucks her in missionary. By this time, she's a sweat-soaked slut who's screaming as she cums and Tommy moves to her face to jerk himself to fruition.
Tommy plays his role using a vocal intonation like one of those parents or teachers who are trying to employ some kind of psychology while forcing a child to give them the answer they are looking for, not necessarily the right answer. Kristen plays the undeserving sub well.
Final Thoughts: Oddly, I was thinking that Bound for Sex was a more recent title, but it seems as if it's almost two years old at this point and Volume 2 is just hitting shelves now. Digital Sin branched this genre out into a number of titles that revolve around bondage but have their own twist on things, like schoolgirls or hotwives...so I guess they are just now getting back to the original idea.

It's Paul Woodcrest, which means it's well lit and well shot. Audio capture is on point and the minimal soundtrack elements are used very effectively. Kristen and Tommy end the disc with a great punishment scene and Xander and Ella start things off with a scene that is just as good. In between those two, Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue tie their industry newcomers up and show them who's boss. It's a great couples focused bondage release and with the related two bonus scenes, it's almost four hours of fun for not a lot of cash! Pick this one up. Highly Recommended.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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