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Axel Braun's Inked 3

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/7/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Tattoos

Director: Axel Braun
Camera Guy: Chris Streams


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Cast: Amber Ivy, Honey Gold, Leigh Raven, Draven Star, Rizzo Ford, Ryan Ryder, Ramon Nomar, Small Hands, Tommy Gunn, Ryan McLane

Length: 2 hours 9 minutes

Date of Release: July 6, 2017

Extras: 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery

Trailers Menu

Bonus Scene: Juelz Ventura & Bill Bailey "Spin Class Ass" 17:47 minutes

Juelz Ventura

Bonus Scene: Katrina Jade & Ryan Driller "Axel Braun's Busted" 19:43 minutes

Katrina Jade
Bonus Scene: Christy Mack & James Deen "Skin Tight" 21:44 minutes

Christy Mack

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Very Good. I noticed 2 audio dropouts over the course of the disc but both lasted less than a second each. The camera is handheld but its movements are fluid.

Overview: Wicked is back with the third installment of this series that features pretty, tattooed ladies. Axel Braun again is at the helm with Chris Streams on camera duties. The disc features five scenes that follow the familiar porn pattern: Tease and then sex. There are no setups. Each tease is short and to the point with some flashy editing and then the performers get down to business. If you like your girls inked up, then you should check this title out!

Scene 1: Amber Ivy, Ryan Ryder

Amber Ivy

I've seen the Cleveland Cutie, Amber, in a few titles now, and she looks different in every one. Here, her cascading cherry locks and makeup look as if she is a Hollywood superstar of yesteryear. The whole look is very pin-up-esque, the kind of girl that graced many a foot locker's lids during the war. After her brief tease sequence, Ryan and she trade oral work, her bright red lips wrapping around Ryder's rod. Ryan "gloves up" and starts nailing her on the couch, the now instantly recognizable globe chandelier hanging behind them. As she gets driven into in doggie, her lips get pressed into the white couch and leave a circular print.

Amber Ivy

Her ass jiggles as she does the boner bounce, the tattoo on her right side undulating with her love rhythm. Amber doesn't do any dirty talk but she does make the occasional comment to Ryan as his cock plunges in and out of her. She manages to have an orgasm in reverse cowgirl, falling back against Ryan for a moment as she pauses. The pair shares a stare and a smile before she goes back to a rapid bouncing. When she drops for the pop, she holds her brown eyes open wide right up until Ryan's man juice hits them directly, forcing her to blink before opening them back up with a smile.

Scene 2: Honey Gold, Ramon Nomar

Honey Gold

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The only time I've seen Honey Gold besides this one was in a Burning Angel title where she chats with Joanna and then gets hammered by Small Hands. Here, Honey gets paired up with the Venezuelan, industry veteran, Ramon Nomar. Our cat-eyed starlet does a quick tease on the bed to a hard rock track which swaps to a spacey electro track as Ramon joins her for some fun. Her artistically made up lips quickly smear as the pair kiss and he pulls her around to enjoy some tongue time. His tongue play on her ass has her quickly whimpering with delight that continues as he starts deeply fingering her. Pulling her to the bed's edge, Ramon rubs his chin stubble across between her thighs leading her to an almost instantaneous orgasm. She returns the oral action with a head twisting technique that could very well become a trademark for her if she continues in this biz.

Honey Gold

Ramon straps on his rubber and the fit little fuck doll climbs aboard his thick rod, cumming quickly and loudly as he rams her from below. That's when Miss Gold goes into action, slamming herself up and down in order to achieve another O. Ramon grips her short hair with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other, making her have even more whimpering orgasms. Ramon gives it to her deep while gripping her tightly, waves of orgasmic bliss enveloping her. Nomar smiles knowingly and repeats encouraging words as he works his magic inside of her young, little box. Just when you think she couldn't possibly cum anymore, Ramon fingers her roughly, causing her to gush forth her lady juice. In one position after another, he just keeps making Honey cum again and again. Finally, after innumerable amounts of orgasms for her, he finally releases himself into her mouth and onto her wrist tat.

Scene 3: Leigh Raven, Small Hands

Leigh Raven

As you might expect, Leigh's tease goes down to a guitar-heavy rock track. While she only has a few dozen credits to her name as of this, she's pretty much poised herself to climb right to the top of the industry. She got early critical recognition with titles like Cindy Queen of Hell and I expect much more will come her way this year. In this scene, she gets paired with one of my favorite male performers, Small Hands. The amount of skin art in this scene is astounding, the colors on each of them vibrant. It's obvious to even a casual viewer that these two obviously know each other and like each other. Their playful nature plays well to the camera.

Leigh Raven

Small Hands gets right to the point, cramming four fingers inside of her as she rubs herself and begs him to smack it hard. You can hear her getting wetter by the second until she finally squirts and flips over to suck his cock. It's a slobbery jerk and slurp followed by a throating from Small Hands as he tests her gag reflex. Once the penetration begins, her eyes roll into her head as she begs to cum, again squirting all over the couch. As the scene went on, I got the feeling that these two seem like they may have "friends with benefits" relationship off screen because Small Hands works hard at complying with her requests to keep fucking her until she cums again. Both of them smile frequently while staring at each other, Small Hands finally unleashing his load all over her tattooed tummy.

Scene 4: Draven Star, Tommy Gunn

Draven Star

Draven's been in the industry for close to a decade now but viewers who don't watch a lot of Burning Angel titles may not be familiar with her as most of her credits are for that studio. She has some of the most colorful ink in the industry so it makes complete sense that she would be cast in this title for Axel Braun. Following her tease sequence, she joins up with Tommy who is strumming a guitar and the two start exploring each other. Once the guitar is hung back in its home, Tommy can take some tongue time between her thighs; her knee high boots spread wide for him. Turnabout is fair play so she makes sure to take the Hall of Famer's shaft into her mouth before crawling into a 69 with him.

Draven Star

She whimpers softly as he slowly enters her, her eyes bright and wide as he does. Her whimpers turn to breathy moans as his manhood starts getting rammed into her harder. Once in cowgirl, the guitars on the wall create a backdrop for her bounce fest, her tongue piercing gleaming in the light. Draven alternates between bouncing and a kind of shuffle grind on Gunn's groin. In doggie, Tommy thumbs at her ass hole and even pauses to lick it making it seem like this scene may take an anal slant to it but it never does. He just continues his drilling mission until he has her kneel before him to catch his jizz with her face.

Scene 5: Rizzo Ford, Ryan McLane

Rizzo Ford

Rizzo has managed to rack up almost two dozen credits over the course of the few years she's been performing and here she gets paired with fan favorite Ryan McLane. The duo enjoys some deep kisses and then Ryan admires her juicy booty and tiny nipples. McLane laps slowly between her labia, Rizzo squeaking with delight. The passion seems palpable as they stare into each other's eyes as she readies herself for her balls deep oral assault. Rizzo stares into lens center as she inhales his shaft, long streams of spit bridging the gap between her lips and his tip as she lifts her head off.

Rizzo Ford

She giggles as he pulls her to him on the couch, ready to ram his rod into her like a piston. Rizzo grips the back of his head and the arm of the couch as she gets pounded in a spooning, sounds of joy emanating from her mouth. Titties flailing, she bounces on his boner high and hard while rubbing her clit. Rizzo grips her garter belt like a set of reins as she rides, her breathy squeaks as consistent as a metronome. Her riding style varies between bounces and reverse thrusts, Ryan's gaze unwavering as she works him over. The ride is capped off with her swallowing his load with a smile.

Cover vs. Content: Amber Ivy adorns the cover and gets the opening scene. That alone should grab your attention. The action inside is just as good as you'd expect from this production team.

Final Thoughts: Axel Braun has gathered five inked ladies here, some may be more familiar to viewers than others. Amber Ivy is like a chameleon, every time I see her she has a new look but they are always great looks! Honey Gold may be unknown to you now but I suspect you'll see a lot of her from now on! Leigh Raven is steamrolling her way through the industry and should be familiar to anyone that enjoys tattoos. Draven Star has been around for quite awhile but she may not be on a lot of viewer's radar screens. Rizzo has been around for a bit but doesn't have many credits to her name, this was my first viewing of her that I'm aware of. Those five ladies are joined by an all-star roster of male talent that put them through their paces. If you're looking for some straight forward porn with colorfully inked starlets lighting up your screen, you're in the right place. There are three bonus scenes included for a total of about 3 hours of viewing. That's a pretty good deal and makes it worth a purchase. Highly Recommended.

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