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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 33 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Feature; Big Budget; Cowgirls and Cowboys

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Dick Bush

Cast: Misha Cross, Jessa Rhodes, Susy Gala, Canela Skin, Jasmine Webb, Emilio Ardana, Nacho Vidal, Juan Lucho, Nick Moreno, Luke Hardy

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Photo Gallery; Web Access


The booty bounty in Digital Playground’s Rawhide is high and this movie paints an interesting tale of fast talking, fast shooting lawbreakers in a showdown for the wild west. This country western frontier is set in the town of Bareback and it’s the backdrop for a fiery cowgirl, Jessa Rhodes, bent on bringing one man to justice. Gunshots and popshots rule the day as the drama unfolds in the center of town.  I highly recommend Rawhide. This flick is a well thought out feature directed by Dick Bush. Jessa is a standout as the gun wielding cowgirl who takes the law into her own hands. The sex is hot throughout the flick, beginning with Misha’s barroom bang on the card table with Emilio Ardana and Jessa’s hot threeway sex with the town sheriff, Luke Hardy, and the jailed Misha Cross. Susy Gala’s frontier fuck in front of the fire with Nick Moreno is a sizzler and Canela Skin’s scorcher of a fuckfest with Nacho Vidal, the lawless cowboy with the biggest bounty on his head. When the gunpowder settles in the end, Jessa has a threesome bang with the newly engaged duo of Jasmine Webb and Juan Lucho. This flick is a winner with its great storyline, old west backdrop, hot cowgirls, and sex worth watching. I highly recommend it.

Scene 1:  Misha Cross and Emilio Ardana

Rawhide opens with an action-filled, hot sex scene set in an old country western saloon. When the movie begins, we see Misha walking into the old town. She is looking for a certain someone. She walks into the salon and says she’s looking for a man with a scar. Emilio is playing a round of cards with a group of guys at the table. One of the guys invites her over to the table, saying that Emilio can help her find the guy she’s looking for, but she’s got to play a round with them. Misha wins the round and is accused of cheating. She is adamant that she didn’t cheat at all and starts a bar brawl that has her punching her way through the salon. With most of the guys in the bar knocked out by Misha’s one-two punch, she’s held at gunpoint by one of the guys who is convinced she cheated. Misha distracts him with a slight of hand card guessing game then knocks him out. She walks up to Emilio and tells him he’s going to give her the information she wants about the man with the scar one way or the other. Emilio knows exactly what she means as she reaches for his cock and grinds her ass up against it. He hugs her from behind and squeezes her tits then turns her around and spanks her ass. Misha is out to get her man and she sucks her way to her bounty. She drops to her knees and puts Emilio’s hard cock in her mouth, taking a long lick up his shaft then sucks his cock. She jerks his cock and spits on it then deep throats it, gagging as he bangs her tonsils and beats her tongue with his dick. Misha is a cock-loving cowgirl who knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to take it. Her wet mouth is hungry for Emilio’s cock and she swallows him up.

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After taking a spanking that turns her ass cheeks red, Misha forces Emilio to sit on the chair and she rides his cock like a true cowgirl, taking it deep inside her cowgirl style. He continues to spank her ass, keeping her cheeks red while she bounces up and down on his prick. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it in reverse cowgirl position, vigorously fingering her clit while she bounces up and down on him. She orders him to squeeze her tits while she rides his pole. The pair of lawbreakers turn the tables into a hot standing doggy fuck over the card table. Misha puts a leg up on the table while Emilio slams her pussy from behind. Misha loves her doggy bang, screaming out in pleasure and gripping the edges of the table as Emilio fucks her from behind. Misha sits on the edge of the table next with one leg up over Emilio’s shoulder. He grips her around the waist and drills her cowgirl cunt. Misha’s reward is next and she drops to her knees to receive it. Emilio jerks his cock until he pops in her mouth and on her face. She stands up with her jizz covered cheeks and says to Emilio, “Where’s the man with the scar?” He whispers the answer into her ears just as an angry cowboy bursts into the salon and says that Misha is a wanted criminal and he suggests she be hanged. This leads to a chase as Misha runs for her life from Emilio and the other cowboy. She runs into Jessa who puts herself between the guys and Misha, calling for a gun showdown. Jessa is quick on the draw and she shoots both men before they know what’s coming. Misha is so thankful for what Jessa did, but Jessa ties her up and escorts her back to the town jail, putting her into the custody of the Sheriff, Luke Hardy.

Scene 2: Jessa Rhodes, Luke Hardy, and Misha Cross

With Misha behind bars, Jessa and Luke have a lot of time on their hands, and as it turns out, that midday gun showdown has made Jessa horny. She’s happy to see her old friend Luke again. It’s been a long time. With Misha watching the couple from behind bars, Jessa sucks Luke’s cock in the doorway to the Sheriff’s office. After covering his cock in her mouth juices, she begs him to give it to her as she leans against the wall in standing doggy position. He spits on her cunt then pumps it with his cock, slamming in and out of her. She turns around, drops to her knees and tells him to feed her his cock. Luke skull-fucks her. “What are you looking at?” he asks Misha. Jessa says she believes Misha wants some. Jessa turns back around into standing doggy position in the doorway and holds her ass cheek open as Luke fucks her from behind. “Baby give me that cock,” she tells him. He leads Jessa back inside the office over to the jail cell. Jessa kisses Misha then she watches as Luke feeds Misha his cock, stuffing her face with it. Misha initiates a little girl-on-girl action as well, eating Jessa’s pussy from behind as Jessa bends over doggy style, pressing her cunt up against the prison bars. Luke bangs Jessa’s throat from the front end while she gets her pussy licked. More standing doggy ensues with Jessa leaning up against the prison bars and kissing Misha through them as Luck bangs her pussy from behind.

This is a threesome of the lawless and the law abiding and things begin to heat up. Jessa rides Luke’s cock in reverse cowgirl position and Misha reaches her hand through the bars and fingers Jessa’s clit. Now, it’s time for Misha’s pussy to get some action. Misha stands against the bars so Jessa can finger bang her cunt. Luke doggy fucks Jessa from behind then lies her on the bench missionary style for more pussy stretching. Another round of doggy fucking quickly turns into a standing reverse cowgirl with Jessa perched high up against the bars, bouncing up and down on Luke’s hard cock. Jessa moves back to the doorway and gets into a standing scissor, telling Luke, “Don’t you stop fucking me!” He drills her until he’s ready to pop, pulling out and watching Jessa finish his cock off in her mouth. He blows his load in her mouth, putting a smile on Jessa’s face. Jessa walks up to Misha and spits Luke’s cum in her mouth. Jessa tells Misha that’s the last meal she’s going to have because it’s time for a hanging.

Susy Gala gets herself on the wrong side of the law and Luke arrests her, putting her behind bars. Then, he gets down to the business of hanging Misha. He puts the noose around her neck and kicks the stand from under her feet. Jessa realizes that Misha may have the information she needs about the man with the scar. She shoots Misha down, convinces Luke to release Susy and the three of them walk out of the jail to find the man with the scar.

Scene 3:   Susy Gala and Nick Moreno

Jessa, Misha, and Susy run into Nick and another cowboy in the mountains. They know what they have to do to get the information they need about the man with the scar. Misha goes off with the cowboy and Susy pairs up with Nick near the campfire. He wastes no time introducing his cock to her throat, sitting her down and stuffing her mouth with it. Nick bangs her throat hard, making her gag. She grips his cock and licks his balls while he stands over her. He slaps her face while his cock thrusts in and out of her mouth. Susy spits on his dick and opens wide for more cheek stretching. He bends her over a bale of hay doggy style, slaps her ass then fucks her pussy from behind. Susy is left moaning in pleasure as every inch of Nick’s big cock slams into her cunt. Susy holds her ass cheek open as Nick slams her pussy. The cunning Susy is using her assets to get what she wants in the end. Nick pulls out and licks her wet pussy, then sticks his big dick back in her snatch and bangs it from behind, pulling her hair and stuffing his fingers in her mouth. This time when he pulls out, he drives his dick down her throat, fucking and slapping her face again.

He sits on the hay and Susy sits on his cock, riding it like a true cowgirl. Her big, round ass bounces up and down on his hard pole. She climbs off and sucks his cock some more then goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on it. Nick tells her to fuck him just like that. More throat banging is followed by a missionary leg up on the bale of hay. Susy moans in pleasure while Nick drills her pussy. He spoon fucks her then pulls out and pops in her mouth. The girls continue their tactics of trying to find the man with the scar, but the cowboys are starting to get suspicious. They pull their guns on the girls and the girls pull their guns on the cowboys. The standoff ends when Nacho Vidal, the man with the scar, and his posse show up. Jessa, Misha and Susy’s guns are taken away from them and Nacho threatens to shoot up the town of Bareback in retaliation for the girls’ behavior.

Scene 4:  Canela Skin and Nacho Vidal

Later that day in the town of Bareback, Juan proposes to Jasmine in the town square. Just as the two of them talk about their future together, the man with the scar, Nacho, walks into town with his posse and starts shooting up the place, killing everyone he sees. He pulls the sheriff out of his office and kills him in the center of town then he orders his posse to kill everybody else. It’s up to Jessa now to save the town from the likes of Nacho. He gets turned on by the way Canela takes control of the streets, wielding a gun like the best cowboy ever could. He squeezes her tight and tells her he wants to fuck her right here, right now. She drops to her knees in the town square and sucks his big, fat cock. He spanks her ass while she jerks and sucks his dick. Nacho’s monster meat has Canela’s mouth drooling. He speaks in Spanish to her while fucks her mouth. He bends her over in standing doggy position against the rail and eats her pussy from behind. Canela grabs his head while he licks her pussy. Nacho stands up and starts fucking her in standing doggy position, slapping her face. Canela gets a hard banging from the most wanted man in Bareback. She kneels on a bale of hay for more doggy banging that has her screaming through the streets.

The naughty pair turns things around and this time, Nacho sits on the hay and Canela sits on his dick, riding it in reverse cowgirl position. He fingers her clit while she grinds around and around on his cock. She stands up and sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then wraps her big tits around it for titty fucking. She sits on him again for a cowgirl ride on his cock, using his big cock as her pleasure stick. He spoon fucks her on the sidewalk on a piece of cow hide. They get into a hot standing doggy session and soon, Canela is on her knees with her mouth wide open as Nacho pops in her tongue and face.

Misha and Susy return to the town and get into a shootout with Nacho and Canela.

Scene 5:  Jasmine Webb and Jessa Rhodes and Juan Lucho

Jasmine is tired of running, so she picks up a gun and starts shooting, killing several cowboys. Nacho starts firing at Misha and Susy just as Jessa walks up and shoots Nacho in the shoulder. When he finally gets back on his feet, he finds himself in a standoff with Misha. He wants to know why she wants him dead. She explains that it’s because he killed someone she loved. Misha is quicker at the draw than Nacho and shoots him, killing him in the street. Jessa congratulates her. This whole showdown has made Jessa horny and she needs to blow off some steam. She kisses Juan and leads him and Jasmine over to some bales of hay for some fun. She sucks Juan’s cock then orders Jasmine to do the same. Soon, both girls are sharing the bounty, sucking Juan’s cock and licking his balls.

Jessa is first up to get fucked, lying over the edge of the hay, watching Juan bang her pussy. Juan pulls out so Jasmine can taste Jessa’s pussy off his cock. He sticks it back inside Jessa, fucking her hard. Jasmine sits her pussy on Jessa’s face and Jessa licks it. Jasmine gets in position to get fucked. She takes his cock in standing doggy position, screaming “fuck me!” She eats Jessa’s pussy while enjoying Juan’s dick from behind. The girls share his cock again, sucking and licking it all over then they take turns riding it cowgirl style and in reverse cowgirl. The girls get into a hot double stack in standing doggy position with Jessa on top of Jasmine. Juan goes from pussy to pussy, eating and fucking them. Jessa does a leg up over Juan’s shoulder, telling him to use her fucking pussy. He drills her hole then pulls out and cums in Jasmine’s greedy mouth.

Later that day, Jasmine hands Jessa the reward money and asks her to stay around for a while longer. Jessa says she’s just tumbleweed, blowing from town to town. She gives Misha the reward money and walks off into the sunset.

Final Thoughts:

Digital Playground’s Rawhide is a fuck flick set in the old frontier where cowgirls and cowboys take the law into their own hands and exact their revenge swiftly. The one with the fastest draw wins and this flick is full of fast shooting lawbreakers bent on taking control of the town of Bareback. This movie has the kind of fast-paced action, great storyline and sizzling sex that will keep you watching it from beginning to end. Director Dick Bush did a fantastic job bringing this story to life through the action of lead cowgirl Jessa Rhodes and her posse Misha Cross and Susy Gala who become fast friends focused on finding the man with the scar who happens to have the biggest bounty on his head. I highly recommend Rawhide. It’s a refreshing take on the wiles of the old west full of gunshots and popshots that make this a flick worth watching.

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