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My First Interracial Vol. 9

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 9/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 23 minutes

Cast: Natalia Starr, Giselle Palmer, Hadley Viscara, Lilly Ford, Kira Noir, Mandingo, Jason Brown, and Rob Piper

Directed by: Greg Lansky

Genres: Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: At long last, I'm granted the privilege of reviewing my first DVD from the wildly popular porn company Blacked.com. The ninth installment in their long-running (and arguably most successful) series "My First Interracial," Blacked.com and its MVP director Greg Lansky bring a disc showcasing four fabulous new faces making their interracial debut complete with the always reliable aesthetic and camera-angles the website is known for emphasizing on a consistent basis.

Scene 1: Natalia Starr, Kira Noir, and Mandingo

"Relationships never interested me," Natalia Starr narrates, lying on her stomach with her red bikini resting deep in her cheeks. She's taking a load off before she must work a load out of Mr. M, a wealthy businessman who enjoys hiring young, voluptuous women over, paying them like queens, and saying that all will work out well if they just "keep an open mind." While she awaits Mr. M's call, Natalia is given lotion and a massage by Kira Noir, who moves into massaging Natalia's clit just as quickly as she gets the lotion out of the bottle. The two enjoy a personal, intimate masturbation session with one another until Natalia must be on her way.

The dapper Mr. M makes a pass on the sultry Natalia, which allows a succulent blowjob to ensue. She knows immediately that deepthroating Mr. M, played by Mandingo, will be impossible, so she goes for tantalizing technique and harrowing handwork in response to the challenge. She sinks down on his crotch in reverse cowgirl, flaring her legs in order to gracefully ride the legend's footlong penis, working her body and contorting herself to get progressively more insatiable.

Hopping off abruptly to bend over and twerk is apparently Natalia's request for doggystyle, which Mr. M picks up on rather quickly, He opts for slow, precise penetration while Natalia eeks out whimpers that are just as arousing as the drilling itself. Lansky cycles through a variety of great angles; for example, doggystyle is captured not just from behind but while focused on Natalia's eye-fluttering O-face. Her butt is perched in the air and Mr. M's penetration can still be seen. One wonders what kind of physical acrobatics the stars had to endure to nail such a position, but it comes out beautiful on film and shows Lansky's craft as one of contemporary porn's desperately seldom auteurs.

Mr. M finds the spot yet again when Natalia lies on her back and hoists her legs in the air before finishing in the lovely lady's mouth and chin. With a strong attention-to-detail in cinematography yet a commitment to arousing positions, this is a great scene to kick off "My First Interracial Vol. 9" as well as a solid introduction to Blacked.com's thesis all around. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Giselle Palmer and Jason Brown

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Giselle Palmer is a bartender, smitten by Jake's (Jason Brown) ability to stick up for her when dealing with unruly customers. She decides to repay him by stopping by his house one afternoon to give him a striptease in his backyard, texting him so he can emerge from the balcony of his lavish home to watch the inviting view. This would've been an immaculate opening sequence, on-par with Jules Jordan' and his prowess for showcasing stars parading their bodies on-screen to open a scene, but we cut too quickly from a rushed and squandered striptease. Giselle and Jake proceed to make out before he indulges in a handjob and Giselle commits to further reciprocating his act of kindness with oral favors.

A romantic image to define the whole scene comes when Giselle lies on her stomach, fellating Jake with one hand while her perky butt remains perched behind her in the iridescent glow of Lansky's pale lighting. He dribbles his dick on her tongue before inserting himself deep in her mouth, having fun with that until he decides missionary is a better way to get her smiling like a silly schoolgirl.

Giselle is equally giddy while hoisted in reverse cowgirl. "You like how I take all that cock?," she asks him, before Lansky transitions to an arousing overhead POV during doggystyle that shows Jake's perspective of Giselle with his dick sliding in and out of her backside. This only lasts for a few seconds, making the scene's most recurring problem being cutting away from its main source of energy and arousal.

The scene highlights solid, ecstatic penetration in the meantime, but skimps on seriously good moments and angles in favor of more routine content - something I didn't quite expect from Lansky despite this indeed being his ninth volume. Things conclude with Jake pounding Giselle into the bed whilst on her stomach, wrapping it all up with him busting on her face in enthusiastic fashion. 3/5 stars.

Scene 3: Hadley Viscara and Rob Piper

Hadley Viscara is an executive assistant, who dresses to impress her successful boss Mr. Jackson (Rob Piper), much to the dismay and suspicion of her jealous husband. Little does he know that his wife has flirted and made out with him in the past, but even more oblivious to him, Hadley is planning to stop by her boss' house to continue their little rendezvous.

Upon her arrival, Hadley immediately goes to gag on Mr. Jackson's dick. "I wish my boyfriend had a cock this big," she tells him, eyeing him as she thrusts his shaft deep down her though. Despite a committed blowjob, Mr. Jackson moves to slide in with ease, yet that still manages to make Hadley whimper in delight, her ass jiggling as doggystyle commences. Her milky white skin contrasts beautifully with the darkness of Rob's pigment, and her growling an grimacing add layers to the eroticism of the scene as a whole.

There's a better, longer focus on Hadley being fucked into the bed on her stomach than in previous scenes, with her head and bust soon making their way off the bed to show the vigor yet passion behind a deceptively simple sexual position. Hadley gets the water-works going on a prolific basis, leaking a squirt out in reverse cowgirl and ceaselessly continuing as penetration cycles from missionary to her doing the split over Mr. Jackson's lap. Hadley, remaining in command like she does the entire way through, strokes a load out of him, concluding the first truly great scene of the disc. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Lilly Ford and Jason Brown

"They say college is for experimenting," Lilly Ford states in narration to open her Blacked.com scene. "I've done quite a bit in my first semester." Cutely discarding her panties as she dresses herself naked in her bedroom, Lilly is taking advantage of her parents being gone for the weekend, impulsively inviting her tutor Jake (Jason Brown) over to seduce him. She throws on hip-hugging gray skirt after promising her friend via telephone to reiterate all the nasty details, heading downstairs to see what's in store for her - and it's definitely not studying for an A.

Lilly gets Jake's attention by sitting on the corner of the table, spreading her crotch right in front of Jake's face to arrest his face right on her vagina. Cunnilingus ensues just moments later, with Lilly appearing to be in a rare combination of both shock and lust, even more so when she's tasked to suck Jake's massive member. Absolutely astounded by his dick, Lilly remains loquacious even as she slurps, setting this scene apart from the previous solely on the basis that it's more playful and talkative.

Lilly adds a layer of realism and additional excitement to a conventional scene bent around a sexual awakening with a black man, bringing out her passion during a blowjob and her babbling side as she slides on his erect dick in missionary. Lilly cums many times throughout the scene, once in reverse cowgirl, which has her legs quivering and face shaking in pure ecstasy, again amidst a rough doggy, and even to end things as she spreads her legs in the air for her loyal, skillful tutor.

She cackles in glee when Jake yet again returns to her crotch to feast, and surprises both the audience, and maybe Lilly, for that matter, with a sloppy creampie, which turns Jake into the vocal one. Lilly and all her wide-eyed glory couldn't be more ecstatic and satisfied. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Nine volumes into their "My First Interracial" series, as well as several into their "Interracial Icon," "Black & White," and more, Blacked.com has built a formula that's proven sustainable and successful. They've singlehandedly rebranded the image of interracial pornography by making it a swooning achievement in eye-candy and aesthetic beauty thanks to Greg Lansky's meticulously detailed vision and the willingness of the performers they cast, both male and female.

My First Interracial Vol. 9 does a good job at showing Blacked.com's firm commitment to their successful formula, even if that formula might occasionally overlook deviations that could perhaps benefit it, such as in the Giselle Palmer scene. However, the sheer thesis of the site's approach to the wildly popular subgenre in porn is noted in the latter two scenes, particularly Lilly Ford's, which have an emphasis on dialog and relationship all while maintaining attentive to the same quality standard. Simply put, the disc is a worthy showcase, but with a built-up reputation and the privilege of taking risks thanks to financial security, I'd love to see Lansky take more risks in future installments of both Blacked and other ventures. Such a move which even see him commanding an even larger demographic of the porn-watching population. Maybe he could be the one to make in-car sex and casting couch scenes more than just "rainy day pornography," although only time will tell.

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