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Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/18/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Big Budget, BDSM, Couples, Feature

Writer/Director: Jacky St. James
DP: Eddie Powell


Chapters Menu

Cast:  Riley Reid as Nadia
Penny Pax as Emma Marx
Violet Starr as Mariah
Mick Blue as Emma's Finale Man 1
John Strong as Emma's Finale Man 2
Van Wylde as Ray
Jay Smooth as Nicolas
Damon Dice as Mariah's Plaything
Ricky Johnson, Mike Mancini (non-sex roles)
Length: 2 hours 0 minutes

Date of Release: September 18, 2017

Extras:  Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Non-Selectable Trailers, Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info, 17:04 minute BTS

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Narration and dialog are crystal clear. Video is shot in what I think is 2.40:1 aspect ratio, giving it a very cinematic feel.

Overview: Jacky St. James is back with yet another installment of the Emma Marx series, which can no longer be called a trilogy. This film, as implied by the title, is about Emma's evolution. She has given up her submissive lifestyle but holds on to some of her favorite toys and accoutrements for sentimental reasons. Her friends and family are also undergoing life-altering changes and they band together in a sense on their way to whatever destinations fate has in store for them. The majority of the tale is narrated by Richie Calhoun - a key player in the earlier installments of this series. Jacky has brought us yet another couples-friendly peek into the world of domination and submission and I think you'll like it.

Scene 1: Riley Reid & Van Wylde

Riley Reid

Riley and Van are arguing over who gets the house after their divorce which leads to some heated "hate sex" between the pair. Before you know it, clothes are getting torn off and crotches rubbed. The camera movements are fairly frenetic in the early parts of the scene which brings a sense of the intensity of the moment. The cameras calm down a bit as they showcase our wonderful starlet just romping up and down on Van's cock, making herself squirt, and then sucking him clean before he enjoys a taste of her love tunnel.

Riley Reid

Van and Riley are recurring performers in the Emma Marx series and have garnered some awards and nominations for their work in them, I expect that might be the case again this time around as the pair exudes genuine chemistry during their hate-fueled fuck and suck session. Van gives her a good, hard dicking; Riley's nipples ready to cut glass as he pounds into her bush-covered hole in a few positions on the couch. After a good slamming in spoon, he pulls out to pop on her patch much to her delight.

Scene 2: Violet Starr & Damon Dice

Violet Starr

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Violet plays a new character in this fourth installment of the series and she has brought home a plaything to have some fun with. Her idea of fun involves a bit of everything including being bitten while handcuffed on her bed. Damon's happy to oblige that request and shows her his cunnilingus skills along with his nipple nipping. Moving onto some finger play, Violet begs to be choked while he makes her cum and she rewards him by introducing his cock to the back of her throat.

Violet Starr

Much of the action is shot in closeup, resulting in pans back and forth and tilts up and down while Violet gets throat fucked. After a good throat fucking, she breaks out a leather paddle and a wireless wand vibe to get her nice and stimulated before she mounts her man. Violet lets her freak fly, asking for her hair to be pulled as she bounces on Damon's pole. Damon gives her a good slamming from below, their bodies pressed tightly together (which is a fairly uncommon occurrence in the world of porn). That rabbit romping is followed up with a 69 that leads directly into a hair-pulling, bedsheet-gripping, doggie pounding. The doggie brings them both to climax, nearly simultaneously, with Damon coating Violet's ass cheek.

Interlude Scene: Violet Starr & Penny Pax

Penny & Violet

Without giving away any more than the box cover description does, I feel that I can mention there is a point in the movie where Violet and Penny come to an agreement that will allow Violet to explore the psychological side of being a submissive rather than just having random guys spank her ass. It's told through a series of cinematic BDSM shots while Penny narrates followed by Penny and Violet having a conversation about why she's no longer active in the lifestyle. Their D/S relationship evolves, as was originally agreed upon, and it becomes time for Violet to choose a permanent Dom.

Penny & Violet

Scene 3:  Violet Starr & Jay Smooth

Violet Starr

Violet has chosen Jay as her Dom in a blindfolded audition in a commercial dungeon. She's eager to have him play with her pussy but first, she must earn that reward. Her body, bathed in soft side lighting, has a flog dragged across it to make her wet. Erogenous zones are lightly tapped with a small leather paddle, a soft touch to her clit with a finger has her begging for more. More comes in the form of her straddling a leather horse and having her throat used as a sex doll for just a moment before a multi-bladed Wartenberg wheel gets chosen from a nearby table. (This is a device I was unaware existed until just recently when I spied one in a case at a local adult shop.) Either the wheel is extremely stimulating, or Violet's one hell of a performer. I have a feeling it's 50/50 on that front. She is breathing in shallow gasps while she begs for Jay to fuck her.

Violet Starr

Once enough proper begging has occured, Jay uses her holes for his enjoyment, but only for moments at a time. His real task here is to further the education of Violet as a submissive and he does that really well. Riding crop in hand, he bends her over the horse, much to her enjoyment, as he uses her hole for his pleasure not hers. Violet gets bridled before she's allowed to bounce on his bone, her erect-nippled boobs bobbing with each bounce. She has a good ride but its the final missionary banging that leaves her pubic hair covered in cum.

Scene 4: Penny Pax, Mick Blue, John Strong

Penny Pax

The men, dressed in black suits, have Miss Pax in a white bra and panty set. She's sitting on a white-covered couch which is surrounded by hanging, heavy-duty plastic sheets. If you watch as many movies as we do in this house then your arm hairs should be tingling about now because that scenario usually doesn't play out well for the main character. Mick takes the initiative and binds Penny's hands with one of the hanging sheets before grabbing a flog as John takes off his suitcoat. The alabaster-skinned redhead is soon naked with her legs tied in the air, a jeweled butt plug gleaming in the light. Mr Blue (film buffs will get it) acts entirely with his eyes and facial expressions as his cohort disrobes and holds a Hitachi to our now-blindfolded starlet's coochie. Penny's begging to cum and Mick whispers his okay, John tossing the Hitachi aside after her release. He only tossed it aside to he could plunge into her sparsely-haired hole while Mick grips her by the throat. Mick calmly whispers questions and narrations as John pulls her butt plug out, placing it in her mouth, replacing it with his shaft.

Penny Pax

The guys start ass and mouth fucking her simultaneously, Mick with the Hitachi held to her clit. Penny's pooper, cooter, and throat are now theirs for the taking. As always, Mick leaves his watch on...which bothers me a bit but not as much as others in the industry which are just way too big and flashy and become visually distracting. Lifting her ass onto his shaft, John chooses her rear door, allowing Mick to use her front door. Penny's false-lashed eyes are bright and attentive as she works one rod, then the other, with all of her holes. Strong remains silent while Mick continually whispers his wishes and instructions to her. Penny, once again in her submissive place, expresses her gratitude to the men at using her as they desire. With her ass in the air, kneeling on the couch she gets each butt cheek covered with their loads.

Final Thoughts: It looks like New Sensations has another award capable title here. The acting is great, Violet Star really showing off what "the new girl" is capable of when given a decent platform. Penny, as always, also shines in her role. Riley Reid is Riley Reid. Even when she's perhaps overplaying one of her many ehtnicities, she just freaking shines onscreen! Van Wylde gets to reprise his role in the series and Damon Dice gets to play a character role that always fits him well. Jay Smooth is totally believable in his role and Mick and John fit right in theirs as well. People are either going to love this or write it off as some kind of money grab. I'm in the former camp. I think the title says it all: it's an evolution of Emma Marx. I think it's a heartfelt tale that is beautifully portrayed.  Overall, the look and feel of the flick is cinematic. It's well lit, well shot, and well acted. Feature film fanatics will find this a great fit for their collection. BDSM fanatics may find it a bit tame as far as hardware is concerned but the psychological exploration and explanation are well-covered and that should really play well to that crowd. There's not much else to say - totally worth owning. Highly Recommended.

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