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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/20/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong Producer: David Lord
DPs: Barrett Blade, Alex Ladd Editor: Geddy Lee Roth


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Cast:  Asa Akira- Karen
Sarah Vandella - Lisa
Kleio Valentien - Carrie
Ana Foxxx - Sienna
Christiana Cinn - Lianna Moore
Brad Armstrong - Mark Duncan
Xander Corvus - Daniel
Ryan Driller - Tim
Marcus London - Bob Lewis
Derrick Pierce - Alex Hendrix

Length: 2 hours 59 minutes

Date of Release: August 23, 2017

Extras: All are on Disc 2. 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Promo Reel, 3 Bonus Sex Scenes, Table Read 1 hour 25 minutes, BTS 8:48 minutes

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Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Shot in HD and presented in anamorphic widescreen. The dialog is clear. Soundtrack music is nicely layered, if not quite to my taste.

Overview: Brad Armstrong brings us another 3-hour feature that stars Asa Akira. Asa plays one of the "Takers", a group of ladies employed to seduce men for an organ theft ring. That ring is lead by Derrick Pierce. Ana Foxxx and Kleio Valentien are the other "Takers". Brad plays one of Asa's victims. As usual with features I won't get into plot details, I'll just describe the sex scenes.

Scene 1: Asa Akira, Brad Armstrong

Our movie opens directly to Asa gnawing on a man's crotch through his suit. As the camera widens we find that man to be none other than our director, Brad. Asa is dressed provocatively, her movements seductive as she sits on the bed. Immediately we get the feeling that he's a traveling businessman and she's just the hired help.

Asa Akira

Brad uses her mouth to engorge his rod, and then fingers her roughly. Miss Akira climbs on to his now gloved-up member, her leather top looking fabulous as she rides him, Brad's finger planted firmly in her ass. Flipping her over onto her back, Brad dips his stick in and out of her. Aaa's sporting a tiny, triangular patch which points the way to her love shack. Brad's no dummy, he's the guy in charge here, so he takes some time to enjoy her back door as well. Asa's leather corset has disappeared along the way and her nipples are hanging out over the remaining mesh bra, which is a really good look on our starlet! Her eyes roll into her head, as she moans with delight at the derriere reaming she's getting.

Asa Akira

Shoe fans will really like the strappy numbers she's wearing in this scene and how well they are portrayed throughout much of it until she tears them off during a reverse cowgirl when she starts to seriously get her ass pounded. That's what sets Mr. Armstrong up for a fluid-filled finish, his juices dripping off her chin and onto her fantastic tits.

Asa is on fire from the word go here.

Scene 2: Ana Foxxx, Ryan Driller

Ana Foxxx

Luckily, Ryan plays a drug rep in this scene, so he has some little blue pills handy when Ana informs him he's going to need them as she unbuttons her suitcoat to reveal that she's only wearing a lavender bra underneath. Ryan's quick to get rid of that, revealing her erect nipples, as the pair continue to disrobe. With Ana's lithe body fully undressed, the duo kiss passionately, Ryan's fingers tucked up inside of her. Ana enjoys his face between her legs, her lavender toes resting on his shoulder. Ryan unzips to show that his blue pill, or perhaps just the sight of her naked form, has stiffened his shaft. Ana impales her face on his word, slobber dripping as she slurps away.

Ana Foxxx

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Soon enough, her short, black bush is bouncing on his boner. Their bodies slap together, Ryan clawing at her tits. Ana reverses into a traditional cowgirl, head turned back to watch the action as she rides. Her eyes are bright, her smile large as they move into a doggie position. Ryan's hands grip her waist and ass as he pistons into her. That pistoning brings him to fruition, his white load readily apparent on her dark ass. Ryan's face is sweat-drenched as he lies back and Ana heads over to the mini-bar to make them both some drinks.

Scene 3: Asa Akira, Xander Corvus

Asa Akira

Asa's traipsing around the house in a cotton thong and an oversized sweatshirt as she nurses Xander back to health. Xander thinks he's ready to give her 6 1/2 minutes of pleasure and peels her thong off, his tongue lapping at her labia. Either Xander's hair and makeup team are very good at their jobs, or he actually has been laying around the house for days. His face is stubbly and his hair has that unwashed sheen and curl to it. It doesn't seem to bother Asa, who lovingly licks his long dong, throating it softly and sensually. She wiggles her ass as she inhales his shaft, her body firm and tight.

Asa Akira

Since Xander isn't feeling 100% yet, she climbs onto him as agreed upon. She gets into a half kneeling, half squatting position which plays really well to the camera and gives her the bonus of leverage to slide up and down his length. As she rotates into reverse cowgirl, she casually but forcefully flips her hair back away from her face. This isn't her first filmed rodeo, you know. With her bouncing, her locks caress her breasts, small wisps of hair cascading across her face. Apparently Xander's feeling better than his looks would indicate, he pulls her into him as he manhandles her during a missionary pounding. Asa consciously tries to keep her eyes open and focused on him but she has a hard time with it. She pants as his pumping continues, finally bringing himself to unleash a massive load from her crotch past her belly button.

Good scene from both of them!

Scene 4: Kleio Valentien, Sarah Vandella, Marcus London

Kleio & Sarah

Marcus has a high-end escort, Sarah, already in his hotel when Kleio gets sent over to have some fun with him. Since this is a business transaction all around, everyone just decides to go with the flow and they head to the bed where the ladies start loving on each other. Marcus stands, carefully folding his tie and taking off his shirt as the ladies make out on the bed, stripped to their panties. The ladies lose their shoes and Marcus joins them, everyone's hands exploring each other before Marcus decides he wants some pussy and goes down on Kleio. Sarah cutely scrunches up her nose as she sits on Kleio's face while Marcus licks and fingers Miss Valentien. As he fingers faster, you can hear her juices sloshing and the ladies decide to strip his pants off and give him a round of head as Sarah unsheaths a condom in preparation for her mounting.

Marcus is quick to start pummeling into her, Kleio taking some tongue time on Sarah's ass. Sarah's panting and moaning "holy shit" over and over as she slams herself down on London's log. Kleio plays masseuse to Marcus' manbag as her analingus continues. When it comes Kleio's turn to get some cock, Sarah saunters over to the champagne bucket and grabs the empty bottle to fuck herself with. She squats beside the romping duo and diddles herself with the bottle, much to Kleio and Marcus' enjoyment. They're both turned on by it but Sarah's more turned on by watching them and lies back to really get busy with the bottle as they continue to bang like bunnies.

Kleio & Sarah

Sarah's all warmed up now and offers up her ass hole to her client as Kleio helps her rub one out while sitting on Sarah's face. Marcus is starting to work up a sheen and falls into a sideways butt slam position, Sarah's leg stretching skyward. Kleio's just about smothering Sarah, her crotch firmly planted atop her chin. Kleio also gets her rear plowed, Sarah rubbing her clit as she rides in reverse. Sarah gets her face in close to observe the anal action and offer encouraging narration about how hot it is and issuing orders to Marcus to take it harder. She then goes back to fucking herself with the bottle after licking it clean from the last round. That's enough fuel for Marcus' rocket which he tries to launch onto the ladies' faces but for the most part misses. While Sarah and Marcus cuddle, Kleio grabs their undrank champagne for a three-way toasting.

The bottle is a great addition to an already hot scene!

Scene 5: Ana Foxxx, Asa Akira, Kleio Valentien

This scene goes down on a couch, the camera work highlighting the differences amongst our trio of tarts. On-screen left you have the rough and tumble Kleio, on the right is Ana with legs for days, and right between them is the absolutely toned to perfection Asa. I swear, I don't purposely pick out Akira flicks but this girl just seems to look better and better as time goes on. Perhaps that's the reason she keeps ending up as the leading lady in these feature films, or it could be that she fucks great on film. Here, she gets to fuck two other lovely ladies.

Ana - Asa- Kleio

Due to the nature of her role here, Ana isn't the cute and bubbly personality that I'm used to seeing onscreen but she is sporting longer lashes than I've ever noticed on her. Kleio's more interested in licking and fingering these ladies than getting noticed for her scripted dialog, I think. Each of the ladies is wearing stilettos that are definitely capable of killing a human being so they make sure to take them off as the grinding and tonguings get intense.

Ana - Asa- Kleio

There's just too much going on in this scene to try to describe it accurately. Suffice it to say that each starlet offers up their holes, fingers, and tongues at a rapid pace for the others to enjoy. It's a moanfest all around as our lovelies go at each other. After a lengthy lady lovefest, Derrick strolls in and the women quickly clothe up, smiling at one another.

Lesbian fans won't want to miss this threesome!

Scene 6: Christiana Cinn, Derrick Pierce

Christiana Cinn

Christiana's wearing a form-fitting leather getup when she puts the moves on Mr. Pierce. It's not quite a dress, but more than a bustierre. Shoe lovers can rejoice when she lays on the desk and spreads her legs for Derrick's tongue and hands to go into action. Once her clothes are laid on the desk, she kneels and bobs her braided head on Derrick's dick. That desk plays a key role when she gets bent over it for Derrick to enter her.

Christiana Cinn

Christiana aims her false lashed eyes at Derrick as he rams her, turning her head toward him as he slams her up and down in a reverse cowgirl. Her smile is wide as she slides her shaven slit up and down on his shaft, boobs bouncing in time. The chair Derrick's sitting in is notable (yes some people pay attention to weird details) as it seems to have some kind of hydraulic cushion built in. The part you sit on moves with her rhythms, but the base of it stays stable. After a good ride, she kneels on the concrete floor for a facial covering s she smiles while looking up at him.

Final Thoughts: Asa Akira shines once again in her role as the leading lady, in this case, the key character. There's not a moment of screen time that she isn't totally convincing. The story unfolds fairly slowly at the beginning, not really being anything more than some sex scenes until Asa and Xander's comes up at which point the story gets more compelling. Xander doesn't really get to stretch his acting wings until much later in the storyline but his makeup is superbly done in the sex scene!

Our victim Mark (Armstrong) does a good job with his role, as do the other victims (London & Driller) along the way. Our Takers, Asa, Kleio, and Ana are all believable. Kleio doesn't quite have the timing and inflections of some of her past award nominated/winning roles and that's a shame. Derrick Pierce, our Key Villain, seemed a bit wooden to me and after watching the table read that seemed to come at Brad's suggestion. During the table read, Derrick seemed very natural but Brad wanted him to be very stoic and monotone, which he was.

Sarah Vandella did a great job during her threesome with Marcus London and Kleio, fucking herself nicely with that champagne bottle. Marcus, as usual, was totally believable and quite capable in his scene. Christiana Cinn's role seemed to be nothing more than a sexual partner for Derrick. Personally, I think that Derrick's role could have been a non-sex role and the story would have been fine.

Overall, I suspect this will garner some award nods at the end of the year but I just don't think it was as gripping as some of Armstrong's previous feature films. There's not a lot of exterior cinematography to note, although some of the closeups of the "Cutters'" tools are very effective. The look and feel of the film are good, with great camera work all around. As I mentioned before, Asa is the key to this film being as good as it is. She looks and acts fabulously here.

There's over an hour of bonus sex scenes on disc 2, and the table reads and BTS segments are worth watching (although not necessarily right after a 3-hour movie viewing). Both threesomes on the disc definitely pack some replay value, so that makes it worth owning alone. I'm going to say this two-disc set is Highly Recommended but I'd do some shopping around for the best price as the MSRP on it is fairly high.

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