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Kendra Lust Fucks Couples 2

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 9/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Kendra Lust has the means and drive to always deliver when her fans push her to up her game that is already in hall of fame status. When rumor word got out in the industry that Kissa Sins would be shooting with Kendra, fans minds and imaginations grew intrigued. The bottom line is, that many thought this would never happen and as much as I know these two super stars wanted a piece of each other, I did not see it in the stars as a critic. Once again, Lust Army Productions and Archangel proved me wrong in the best feasible way. Kendra Lust Fucks Couples 2 has since grown into a very anticipated title. The addition of India Summer and Riley Reyes gives fans a little taste of everything in this title. Kendra's directorial sex-capades have begun to become something fans can rely upon in the adult world to deliver the bottom dollar of kink, nastiness, passion and of course, lust to the tenth degree. What fans and critics alike are looking to see in this film, is if Kendra can use each girl in ways that do not only showcase her, especially when it is first time encounters. This film has such great vibes surrounding it. I truly felt as if I were staring at another incarnation of Jenna Loves Brianna with the talent and hype surrounding this film. That is the brilliance of Lust Army marketing.

Front Cover

Film Duration: 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

Director: Kendra Lust

Cameras: Alex Ladd, Mike Quasar and Billy Visual

Don Juan's Phyla: Threesomes, MILF ON MILF, Gonzo, No Condoms, Couples Sex

Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins 

Scene 1: Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins

Scene Features: Sexy Attire, Hot Pussy Licking, Amazing Positions, Spitting, Excessive Moaning, Marvelous Chemistry, No Condoms

The Set-Up:

Kissa Sins

Kissa is a vision as the fade in starts the show. The women and their gorgeous lingerie are a vocal point of beauty and desire. The set-up is minimal and the dialogue does not focus on anything but two women coming together to ravage one another. Kissa has one of the most tantalizing qualities as a porn star, she simply takes fans to a realm of fantasy that is less edgy and more passionate. As we come to find out that Kendra has dropped by to ravage Kissa, Mrs Sins lets her tongue do all the talking and all the walking, as a very steamy lesbian encounter ensues. This is the some of the best pussy licking captured in a brief moment in a scene, that I have ever seen. The way that Kissa sticks out her tongue is soft on the eyes. When you watch it glide all over Kendra's tits, then spread eagle pussy, you feel like a kid at the candy store. Kissa has that soft charisma of hers lead the way. The chemistry is everything and the all-white colored shoot location is a touch of planning that I don't think many directors know the value of. I will say this, when you see Kissa and Kendra start to warm things up, you can see that these two gorgeous ladies could carry the scene all by themselves. You get a little bit of everything to start things off. Face sitting, heavenly pussy licking with Kissa spitting all over Kendra's spread slit. The action to begin this film of fantasy will make you explode in less than ten minutes but before you lose your mind, remember, Johnny has not even walked in the door yet. Kissa's long slippery tongue is the star of this opening intro. When you see her pussy licker slide up and down, left to right, with quick flicks and long strokes, you know you have made a wise decision with this purchase. Kissa's skills are A++ in this one. Watching action from this perspective will have you begging for more. The up-close shots of Riley's kitty are spectacular. As you hear Kendra purring in the background and see Riley getting her nipples pinched as well, you get that feeling that the action is going in a few directions instead of just one. As Kendra guides Riley and Lucas to "lick the cum" off her pussy, she grabs back a hold of the scenes action and the fans to boot. 

Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins 

The Sex:

Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins

As you see Kendra's clit pop up, in enters Johnny Sins. His acting skills and voice are commanding. Just what you want in the male lead with these two women on your agenda sheet. Kissa cute voice adds so much as she greets her "daddy" as he walks in the door. Kissa Sins has a voice that no phone sex operator could compare to. It has innocence behind it that I have not heard since the days of Katie Gold. It really sets the mood for a threesome, where you basically do not know what will happen next. The anticipation shown by Kissa is a visit to cloud nine. She shakes her booty every time Kendra goes in to put Johnny's manhood in her mouth. Kissa's amazing character during this scene is one hell of an additive to this sexually explosive encounter. It contains this touch of goodness which really makes the scene go without hesitation. Kissa is the glue that pieces together this threesome. Not that there is any type of hesitation among all parties involved, but Kissa really gets the action pumping, literally. Her moans of pure pleasure will strike your libido like a rock star drummer going to town on his kit. The way she twerks on Johnny's cock as she licks Kendra's pussy is one of the coolest fucking things I have ever seen in an adult film.

Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins

Kissa is fighting back pleasure in order to lap Kendra's kitty with these quick strokes back and forth, as she moans with ecstasy and her eyes roll back into her head as she orgasms. Kendra adds even more as she watches Johnny drill his wife from the backside with these bed room eyes that haunt your day dreams in the best of ways long after you have watched this film. The biggest selling point of this scene, is all the various positions that are shown. One of the ultra kinkiest I have ever encountered on film is Kendra getting pounded in cow-girl as Kissa sits at the head of the couch as Kendra licks her pussy clean after Johnny just got done fucking her quick and hard. I don't know if fans know this about Mrs. Sins but she is one of the most passionate of personas when it comes to sex on film. When you see her jump onto Johnny's pulsating manhood and begin to ride hard, her cum is flowing down his shaft almost every thrust in and out. Beads of her pussy juice can be seen running down Johnny's big cock. I mean this little lady had to cum at least three times during this part of the scene alone. It is beyond mesmerizing. Kissa's energy takes this scene to a whole new level. Her constant pants of pleasure are enough to drive any fan wild with desire but seeing her tag team Kendra with Johnny and put her into all these wonderful positions is just jaw dropping to watch. It makes the scene stick in your brain. There are few things that define fantasy than getting to see Kissa lick Kendra's asshole, while Johnny tongue fucks miss Lust's pussy in reverse pile driver. The camera angle is divine, as is the action. No matter which way these three get it on, the camera catches the heat with perfection. The amount of times Kissa takes Johnny's cock out to stuff it down Kendra's throat or her own, truly makes this fantasy have one of the kinkiest, nastiest vibes, especially when Johnny man-handles Kissa to finish things off. Watching Kissa anxiously look for every drop of cum to lap up is the perfect end to the perfect threesome. This is not just the hottest scene of the film, this may be the hottest threesome of 2017. This scene is a masterpiece of massive sexual proportions. It lives up to all the hype and maybe even more so. This is a thrill ride that goes for about a half hour and you will not realize because of the fun everyone is having, especially you the voyeur. 

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Kendra Lust, Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins 

Scene 2: Kendra Lust, Lucas Frost and Riley Reyes

Scene Features: Boy-Girl Pussy Licking, Face Sitting, Multiple Angles, Ass Licking, Some Story, No Condoms

The Set-Up:

Riley Reyes

The master of seduction Kendra Lust does what she does best in this scene. Lucas is the unsuspecting grocery delivery boy and she creates this quick scheme to get him undressed. I love Kendra's dialogue and Lucas plays the unsuspecting male counterpart with ease.

As you see the fantasy gain some steam, you see Lucas grow more than just anxious as Kendra gets his pants undone and around his ankles. Kendra's cute little romper adds the perfect touch as the horny housewife to the fantasy.

These are the things Kendra always gets right. When you see her begin to swallow Lucas's sword as he rubs her wet pussy through her panties, the temperature in the room will go up by more than few degrees.

This scene has one of the greatest up-close camera angles of Kendra getting devoured by her male co-star. The shot of Kendra spread wide is just what the doctor ordered to keep the kink factor going in this chapter of the film.

As the oral action moves the story along, we see Riley Reyes enter. Her acting skills are magnificent to say the least. She moves with ease in terms of becoming her character. The suspense is beyond genuine as you know she is about to walk in on a cheating Lucas Frost. 



The Sex:

Kendra Lust, Lucas Frosta and Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes just adds a whole new spin on threesomes in the adult world with her acting. She is not the scorned lover, nor is she bitter in any way. Riley is eager to join the action and as Kendra stops the train to a screeching halt when they are apparently busted, Riley shocks the audience when she enters, then takes the reigns for herself. We see Lucas move in for the kill to start the action off with a bang with all three parties. Riley's smile is something beyond beautiful. It is one of those little perks that fans do not know how valuable its addition is to a fantasy but regardless, fans will know something is taking this scene to places never dreamed of or fantasized about. As Kendra puts Riley on the arm of the sofa to lick her pussy. The camera backs out to give you full view of all the action ahead. Kendra's pussy licking skills have not faltered once since her transition to a director. As she flicks Riley's clit almost with the speed of a Hitachi, we get to see one of the most exquisite bodies in the business. Miss Reyes adds so much to this fantasy. As Kendra is the seductive older woman, Riley is the adventurous girlfriend who wants to make sure everyone is having fun and you see it in her eyes. The movement and editing is flawless in this film. Lucas has a bit of a drop off when it comes to aggression but Kendra has more than enough for everyone in the room. As Kendra and Riley share Lucas's manhood with enthusiasm, Kendra has Riley sit on his face while she rides in cowgirl. Great angles galore, that is all I can say. Kendra commands the action. As she puts Riley on her backside as she gets fucked, then has Riley do the same while she sits on her face, you can't help but let a little steam out from under your collar as the camera men give you a view from heaven with his magnificent camera angle. The action keeps going strong to close. I absolutely love how Lucas just pops without any warning. It does give this scene a touch of reality. I thought this scene had a strong start and strong ending. It goes a few too many places though. There were far too many positions squeezed into a fleeting time period. I think that Kendra steals the show big time in this scene with how she just delivers from start to finish. I think when you factor in the external beauty and the way Kendra tries something different, I think she did enough to salvage the scene and make it oh so sweet the palette. Riley Reyes shows off that she can be plugged into this role with ease. I think for as little as we get to see Riley, we get to truly see what makes her a star on the rise with what she gets done in this scene.

Kendra Lust, Lucas Frosta and Riley Reyes 

Scene 3: Kendra Lust, Liv Revamped and Jay Savage

Scene Features: Interracial Sex, No Condoms, Delightful Story, Up-Close Pussy Licking, Reverse Cow-Girl

The Set-Up: 

Liv Revamped

Kendra is the "sex therapist for couple Liv Revamped and Jay Savage trying to save their marriage. The talk of Liv's sexy attire and personal fantasy she is too timid to share, is porn cinema at its best. Kendra plays her role well as she gets Jay out of the room so that Liv and Kendra can make a fantasy become a reality.

The dialogue is a tad rushed but Kendra can slow things down once a passionate first kiss is shared between the ladies, Liv's shoes and clothes are a sexy as can be. They really add a delicious dimension to this ever-building sexual volcano that is about to erupt.

Liv is something so dynamic. For fans that have never seen her work, she is literally like a cross between porn legends Dee and Heather Hunter with her gorgeous looks and super model frame. Her hair is gorgeous and it will be on your mind from second one of the fantasy. Kendra moves the action along at a perfect pace while she flicks Liv's nipples with her tongue until they get rock hard and as you see Kendra slip her panties off with ease and grace, you know this scene has hit all the cylinders the buildup needed to in order to finish the race strong.

As Kendra pins Liv's beautiful legs together as she slides her tongue up and down her slit, you can see Kendra watching her every reaction with those one of a kind bedroom eyes. The lighting bounces off Liv's skin tone with the most gorgeous reflections. As you can tell Jay is not going to be out of the loop forever, the girl/girl build-up serves as the bridge to spectacular threesome sex that is rarely done this well. 


The Sex:

Kendra Lust, Liv Revamped and Jay Savage

When you see Jay enter the picture, things really get sexual and sensual. Both Jay and Liv have this uncontrollable urge to get Kendra naked and it leads to ultimate tease on screen. The reveal is just glorious with this scene. As you see Kendra smile as her skirt slides down her perfectly curved derriere, you know that Lust is not just her last name, it is what is in air. Once again, the direction that is given by Kendra is magnificent. When you see Jay begin to pound Liv's kitty with speed, Kendra instructs him to slow down and gently fuck her pussy while she licks her tits with a quick, stiff tongue. Liv has a wonderful energy. As she gets into reverse cow-girl the scene just keeps getting better and netter. Both women get a turn with the bull and it makes for some steamy XXX action. Liv really has charisma. No matter if it is her pulling Jay's cock out of Kendra's pussy to lick her cum off it, or it is Liv sucking on Jay's balls as Kendra rides hard, she is right in the thick of the action, enjoying every minute of it. As the sex continues at a rather immaculate flow, you see Liv get thrust into doggie, while she eats Kendra's pussy. This is a great part of the story when we get to see Kendra dig into her sensual bag of tricks. Jay starts to finger her as Jay licks her sweet kitty. The sex moves to Liv sitting on Kendra's face and Mr. Savage being truly as savage as can be when he fucks Kendra in missionary. The lighting is wonderful as you get to see all the action lit perfectly from a distance. Liv has one of the most gorgeous booties of any new starlet. Watching Kendra use her tongue skills at this angle really add some zeal to the whole mix. Once again, the pop comes without notice. Not as quick and unexpected as the last scene but still surprising none the least. As the accumulation happens in a way, the camera man ends things with this slow zoom out as we see Kendra getting her nipples licked and sucked by Liv. It is a truly gorgeous shot. This scene was a bit quick but it delivers none the less. 

Kendra Lust, Liv Revamped and Jay Savage 

Scene 4: India Summers, Logan Pierce and Kendra Lust

Scene Features: MILF on MILF sex, Amazing Oral, Couples Sex, Great Dirty Talk,

The Set-Up:

India Summer

India and Logan are looking for love in all the right places. The fade out from the previous chapter takes us to a horny couple surfing the web looking for "companionship." The setting is beautiful and the camera angles and lighting really create the story by themselves. India is simply the most amazing actress in the MILF genre today. Fans are always anxious to see Kendra and her in any scene.

As we see this gorgeous couple get hotter and hotter as they take a gander at the girl they have gotten online, we cut to a stunning shot right in between Kendra's legs that has the waiting couple gazing at her up and down, with their tongues hanging out.

As Kendra lets them know what they are in store for, the action begins to focus on Lucas getting to live out every man's fantasy. India lets Kendra and Logan go at it for a brief second. Logan plays the part in the most amazing way. He shows his excitement and does not overdue things.

India watching the sinfully sensational breast play is truly something to write home about. You wish it would have lasted longer. India is the key component.

She is literally guiding her man through the fun park known as Kendra Lust's body. Her purrs and moans are like no other as any India Summer fan can tell you. As Kendra gets her bottoms taken off and India goes topless, you truly get a sense of a couple opening a present on Christmas morning. The chemistry is there and it is simply marvelous. 


The Sex: 

India Summer, Kendra Lust and Logan Pierce

The oral is done to perfection in this scene. As India begins to lick Kendra's slit that spread ever so lovely like a pink butterfly, we see Logan getting pants pulled off as Kendra begins a little licking of her own. The camera angle is superb as you do not miss one second of the action no matter what your taste is in a threesome. I just loved seeing India flick Kendra's clit quick and smooth with the tip of her tongue. These two women know what they are doing in the oral department. They both take every square inch of Logan's man meat and do not gag in an unsexy way, nor do they for one second, make it look as if it is something they do not love doing. India blowjob technique is just one of a kind and the sexiest damn thing I may have ever seen. This is what separates the true A list porn performers from all the rest. You feel the passion in their looks and voice from the start of the scene... Then when you see them sharing a cock, it looks like every man's fantasy of his girl and her friend sharing your cock like a lollipop. My goodness what a show! The spectacle is only beginning when you see Kendra begin to ride Logan. The way that Kendra fucks her male co-stars back is bar-none one of the best attractions in the adult entertainment world. Watching Kendra twerk on Logan's huge cock while India sits on his face, talking dirty is one hell of a spectacle indeed. This scene truly gets back to some of the grandeurs that miss Lust is known for. Watching Logan's shaft get creamier every stroke with Kendra's cum is exactly what made her the super star she is. India giving a play by play, then spit polishing Logan's cock, keeping the temperature rising in this delicious scene. That additional spice that India brings to the table is going to be just what ever porn fan dreamed about when hearing this scene was becoming a reality. India licking Logan's wet shaft covered in cum is topped only by her ball sucking as Logan rails Kendra's pussy. This is one great end to the film. These three come together to create a very sexy and unique three-way. India gets her pussy sucked hard and Kendra gets some great in and out motion from behind. Once again, Logan is putting in maximum effort and it makes the girls shine in the sexiest way imaginable. India purrs and sighs add so much more in this scene. Mixed in with her dirty talk, she gives the scene and film a different angle for fans to enjoy. It is just something grand to see what India brings to the table. She is one of the first performers I have seen match Kendra lick for lick and blow by blow in a film. This is exactly what you want in a superstar threesome dear readers. When you see India hop up in reverse cow-girl you will just be beyond satisfied on a level few fantasies ever reach. As India holds her breathe as she gets her pussy fucked, then her clit rubbed by Kendra, you know you are witnessing things few performers and directors ever let come together. They saved the best climax for last and when you see both of these women take command to finish things out, Kendra being bold and brazen is how you end one of the most unique takes on couple’s threesome action I have seen in a long time. 

India Summer, Kendra Lust and Logan Pierce 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Now, does this film live up to its expectations? Yes, it does. The opening and the closing scenes are pure magic. The first is hands down one of the top threesome scenes of the year. It is unique and different in so many ways. Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins have been a pair fans have wanted to see teamed with Kendra for a long time and the scene delivers on all fronts. It is nasty, its beautiful, it has kink, it has patented Kendra Lust, it has patented Kissa Sins. Both ladies share the spotlight in a way so equal, not either performer is over shadowed. That is rare as hell in this industry. This scene alone is worth buying this film on DVD. The end with India Summer is something you never see in the porn world, older woman, paired with older woman. These two babes know exactly how to tease the fans, how to attract their attention. India Summers may be, in this critic’s opinion, one of the women who has pioneered that MILF aspect of performing within the industry. The older woman who takes charge, speaks the sexiest of phrases during sex and honestly takes any man’s or woman’s emotions and turns them into putty. I think the two middle scenes do enough to strike a chord with fans but I think they tried to do too much in a very short time. Riley Reyes has one of the best bodies in the world and we only get to see her for a quarter of the action and when we do, it is too many positions stuffed into ten minutes. I think the three performers did a hell of a job together but it will leave the fans wanting more as will scene three. Kendra Lust continues to grow as a director. She is testing to see what works and what does not, this film showed that. I think that she does such a fantastic job in creation, casting and post production that she really makes up for any miss with what she does in other departments. This film will have you hungry for more as a fan. I guarantee that. It will give you that taste for Kendra’s views. I think when you add up all the little additions, the perks in the scenes, the cool poster of Kissa and Kendra on the inside of the DVD jacket for those fans who spurge and buy the hard copy, you get your money’s worth plain and simple. Kendra does not disappoint and one thing is for sure, she is itching to create something what will truly be the biggest extension of herself to her fans in a way no other performer has ever done. The style of this film gives that away in the first ten minutes. What that means for the fans is that if this is the beginning of her directorial stint in the business just wait until she has mastered this aspect of the adult world like she has every other. That dear readers, will be something to marvel at indeed and that says something, giving the quality of the films, she is creating for us now. Just like this one.

Don Juan DeMarko



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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